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Saint Laurent has an aura in fashion. On any of our minds, Yves stands amongst the ten most prolific and amazing fashion designer there was in the 20th century.

But here it is : Saint Laurent cared very little about handbags and never launched an actual collection when he was still at the head of the maison.

The recent creation of their handbags collection is due to Tom Ford’s work as the brand’s artistic director : he was the first to make shoes and handbags lines in the 2000s.

But the Yves Saint Laurent maison โ€“ now Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane cut the โ€œYvesโ€ from the name in 2013 โ€“ made up for the delay : their finely crafted creations manage to convey the brand’s unique identity. 

Saint Laurent’s creation then carry a DNA but are not, as other brands’ handbags, decades old best-sellers. Yet there is much to say and love about the designs. Clever but most of all a jewellery-like work on leather is the very definition of the handbags lines at Saint Laurent. 

YSL Sac de Jour ๐Ÿ‘œ : a classic bag to get you through the day 

Just leather, two handles, a square shape with lateral gussets and a strap โ€“ don’t forget the little padlock and there you have it : simplicity and sophistication bound in a single made in Italy piece of French chicness. 

The classique Sac de Jour โ€“ โ€œclassic day bagโ€, you’d say in English โ€“ is one of Saint Laurent most discreet and basic handbags… though as any Saint Laurent’s piece it sure stands out.

The handles are not as mere as they seem, designed to be as decorative as useful, the padlocks brings some fun and a metal detail like a jewel and the strap is removable for you to carry your bag as you see fit. 

This bag will be your daily companion and a great style asset : you can modulate your look and it’ll just adapt ! To fit Saint Laurent’s spirit and allow the Sac de Jour to match all your outfits, I recommend you have it in black leather. 

Sac De Jour Saint laurent Bag YSL Unboxing

Saint Laurent Monogram Bucket bag ๐Ÿ‘œ : show your love and style

The Monogram Bucket bag is like precious frangrances : you will only find it in specific Saint Laurent shops. Its pattern is a print of many little โ€œYSLโ€, the Saint Laurent monogram as it was designed by Cassandre, the well-known 1960s publicist hired at the time by Yves and Pierre Bergรฉ. 

Made of thick camel canvas and black leather, it has a classic bucket bag shape with a long adjustable strap. Golden details make the preciousness of the handbag : the rivets, strap adjuster… they are all crafted in the dedicated YSL Italian leather workshops. 

Quite big for a bucket bag, the Monogram design allows it to be a real companion in which your whole life can fit : from your books, iPad or even baby bottles โ€“ being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t have style anymore !!

Witty, the Monogram has an inside movable pocket for all the little things you don’t want to be lost in the depth of your handbag : made of leather, it is just the best of pretty and useful attentions. 

Saint Laurent Le 61 Camera Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ : the prettiest shoulder bag

Round angles, a pretty leather medallion with the YSL monogram engraved ; the 61 Camera Bag is purely charming, easy and cute. A vintage vibe and oh-so fine veal leather guarantee its uniqueness. 

The 61 has something of another era: vintage, simple, reassuring almost โ€“ it is a calm yet outstanding woman’s bag. The mere fact it is called a โ€œcamera bagโ€ suddenly makes me wish of strolls around the Jardin du Luxembourg, shooting couples having a nap and old people reading books with some vintage Leica. The 61, as simple as it looks, is an invitation to reinvent yourself

This handbag is made to be easy : it matches with any outfit you want. Whether a saharienne, a tuxedo or a pleated skirt โ€“ the 61 is a friend, flatters you and will never let you down.

And even if you’re not a vintage Leica camera fan, just think that this bag is tiny enough not to hinder you and big enough for you iPhone X ! 

Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ : the jewel bag

The Lou bag is like an Yves Saint Laurent fragrance bottle : sexy, finely crafted, decorative… and contains treasures ! Lou is a shoulder bag a bit bigger than a pouch so that it is light and convenient but still allows you to carry your stuff around easily. 

What is the prettiest detail โ€“ sorry, central piece ! โ€“ of the Lou bag, is definitely the golden Yves Saint Laurent monogram. In metal, it echoes to the golden plate of the zipper and brings a little more luxury to the bag.

The quilted leather also conveys this mood of extremely refined luxury, just like that one little fantasy that is the leather pompom at the clasp. 

Pure style asset, Instagram-corporate accessory and decorative fashionista’s item, the Lou camera bag surely seduces young women with a exuberant sense of femininity. Pick it in vintage white or vintage pink for a perfect girly choice. 

Saint laurent (YSL) Lou Camera Bag Review

YSL The Enveloppe ๐Ÿ‘œ : the style messenger

The Enveloppe โ€“ it comes with no surprise โ€“ has an envelope shape with a triangular fold over a rectangular main pocket. Good-looking and easy to carry, the Enveloppe soon became a real best seller along with Lou and Niki at Saint Laurent. 

Its metallic chain resembles that of another very well-known Chanel bag but clearly stands out thanks to the graphic leather shoulder pad on top of it โ€“ and let’s make it clear, Yves Saint Laurent hated Gabrielle Chanel and we can surely think that the designers at Saint Laurent wouldn’t get inspiration from her work ! 

You can wear the Enveloppe for any occasion, from a cocktail evening to your day at work : really, this versatile yet luxury handbag has everything to seduce you.

The metallic golden โ€œYSLโ€ monogram on top of the triangular fold will be the jewellery to your casual outfit or just another glimmer on your lamรฉ evening dress

Saint Laurent Envelope Bag (YSL) Unboxing

Saint Laurent The Kate ๐Ÿ‘œ : rock and glamorous like Moss

Classic as can be, elegant as can be… and definitely rock’n’roll. The Kate is a night bag, one of those in which you only carry smokes, a phone and a bottle of perfume for when you leave your lover’s flat in the early morning while they are still asleep. 

Why pick the Kate if you can’t wear it in the daylight? Well because il is a night bag : Kate allows you to stand out, glamourise any outfit and your whole self in the process.

Its varnished or raw leather, veal grain or crocodile-like leather, golden or silver pompom… just pick the night gal you want to be and there will be a Kate for you

So simple, with its metallic chain and single clasp, you won’t be carrying work stuff in your Kate bag โ€“ but be sure you will be carrying the spirit of the Saint Laurent woman, a night owl always ready to party and knowing when to be very nice or very naughty.

The Kate bag is for enjoying yourself so… do enjoy the Kate bag !

YSL Small Kate Bag Unboxing Vidรฉo

Saint Laurent Loulou ๐Ÿ‘œ : quilted luxury

You know of the concept of comfort food? That single meal which relieves your mood and gets you in a state of bliss for hours on. Well, think of Loulou as the blissful comfort bag that will lighten your mood and steps as soon as you slip it on your shoulder.

โ€œLoulouโ€ is a name that brings back the personality of Loulou De La Falaise, Yves Saint Laurent’s muse and Parisian icon. Her free spirit and softness made her a real inspiration… and definitely inspired the designers at Saint Laurent. The Loulou bag has an inner sense of chic and coolness โ€“ just to die for. 

The Loulou bag is already a best-seller : all over Instagram, influencers and fans expose their Loulou bag with pride and a definite glimmer in the eye… and gosh yes, I guess you know just as I do why they’re so happy to ! 

Saint Laurent Lou Lou Bag Unboxin (YSL)

YSL Folk Teddy ๐Ÿ‘œ : a bag for the free-spirited… and luxury addict

You might have noticed now my love for bucket bags, especially if you have read so far my previous top ten handbags. If they are made of leather in the finest of Italian workshop by specialised craftmen, even better. Well, here we go : here is another one… with a twist ! 

The Teddy is special in the sense that is has two functions : not only is it a bucket bag with a cool leather or raffia look, but also a backpack or a bag to wear at your arm ! You will never get bored with this handbag. 

A really glamorous metal chain with leather details gives the bucket look, two discreet and clever shoulder or elbow handles allow you to carry your Teddy the way you want.

Moreover, the various colours and fabrics Saint Laurent offers for the Teddy allow you to go from the most easy or complex looks. 

Better than your boyfriend, Teddy offers versatility and adjusts to all of you style mood swings to be there always, everyday at any time of the day ! 

Saint Laurent Teddy Review Vidรฉo (YSL)

Saint Laurent Manhattan ๐Ÿ‘œ : for women who never sleep!

Manhattan is the heart of New-York โ€“ finance, fashion, restaurants… the best is set there to thrive. It is a century-old history of dreams come true, classy men and working gals with amazing destinies. Well, please do join the club with Saint Laurent’s Manhattan bag. 

Very classic in its shape โ€“ a rectangular main pocket with gussets on the side, hand handles and a thin leather shoulder strap โ€“ it is a matter of vibe with the Manhattan.

Golden plates and leather details give its originality to the bag… and, absolute perk, you can have it in cool classic black leather or a femme fatale leopard print to die for

Versatile, it will be your daily errands companion and be of the better taste at any party you are attending, be it charity or your best girlfriend’s 30th birthday party. 

Attitude is everything with the Manhattan : you set the rules and feel as greater a woman as you’ve ever been while carrying this purse at your arm. You don’t need no man, you don’t need no one to show you the path : got get it girl

Saint laurent (YSL) Manhattan Bag Full Review & Styling Vidรฉo

YSL Duffle ๐Ÿ‘œ : for the busiest โ€“ and most elegant โ€“ of women

The Duffle has a bowling bag shape : you know, that very trendy ovoid yet so graphic bag standing on little metal feet. No? Well thanks to the above picture you will be able to figure out yourself… and isn’t it charming ? 

Duffle is a full on leather genius design with clever and oh-so pretty golden details for a retro-meets-uber-modern look. Absolutely cute with its round angles and two small hand handles, the Duffle adds immediately something nice, sympathetic to your look. 

You can also wear it on your shoulder but I do recommend the elbow style for a better silhouette given the Duffle’s shape. Because your whole outfit and attitude matters with the Duffle.

It is not a go big or go home women handbag but it definitely is a style asset you can’t forget about โ€“ it shouts โ€œI’m a busy but cute but don’t come to close if you were not invitedโ€. Bref, a perfect modern days women purse

So very Saint Laurent 

With its irreverential attitude and everlasting elegance, Saint Laurent‘s design are definitely a must-have and do suit all personalities and style as far as handbags go.

The maison’s creations are quite versatile and always finely crafted so that all women can find their chosen one amongst the brand’s collections. It is a matter of knowing what you want : tiny, huge, shopping bag, bucket shape… 

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