Top Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances for Women 👩 Best YSL Perfumes

Top Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances

Yves saint Laurent was a ground breaking character with a sense of modernity very few have had in fashion. You might not now, but he is the one person we owe ready-to-wear and naked guy in perfume ads to! Not kidding, Saint Laurent was the first ever designer to literally get naked in front of the camera and go for that full monty beauty to advertise his first male fragrance. 

But let’s get back to Yves Saint Laurent and hiss women fragrances. Created in 1961, the designer’s eponymous brand released its first perfume in 1964, a juice very simply called ‘Y’. Rive Gauche, YSL pour Homme… many fragrances will follow and they will all be just like the man who created them: innovative, scandalous, androgynously feminine and so very utterly desirable. 

Lately, Yves Saint Laurent beauty was separated from the Saint Laurent brand and so has a life of its own outside of the Saint Laurent creative director – but let’s not fool ourselves, the YSL DNA is so very perfect and has such an ability to infuse the minds of those working for the brand that the latest fragrances created are as luxury and scandalous as the ones directed by M. Saint Laurent. 

Yves Saint Laurent mostly launches oriental and deep floral fragrances with many sides to it and above all calling to your inner bad girl-child at heart-parisienne self with a strong and attractive voice. Whether you are already and Amazon or long to be, these are the fragrances to help you. Follow the guide to know exactly which nectar to fall in love with! 

Opium Perfume: an orange haze of poisonous femininity

Opium was a straight out scandal when it was launched by Yves Saint Laurent in the seventies: this oriental fragrance with citrus fruits notes bears the name of a drug that used to be raging and common sense would have prevented anybody to name its creation ‘Opium’… anybody but Saint Laurent!

Opium calls out to your dreams of a wild Asian west, of hazy nights and blunt sensuality. Like a myth put in a bottle, it is a secret of many bewitching women, those who are not afraid to reveal their animal nature, their sense of voluptuousness. The first scents you get of Opium are plum, coriander and pepper, soon opening up the way to myrrh, jasmine and rose on a deep and mesmerising background of sandalwood, amber and cinnamon. A poison and en elixir at the same time, well balanced and unforgettable.

Opium is a myth in itself, made for women at its measure. Decadent, unique, it is a signature fragrance and lingers on your skin and around you like a poisonous yet fascinating aura. Opium has this opulent and sensual sense femininity that will sure please any daring woman.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: Perfume Review

Black Opium Perfume: the cloud of warm sensuality

I don’t think any other fragrance would have been a better fit to follow the steps of the original Opium. Black Opium, the even more scandalous little sister to the original perfume has something spicy, deep yet decadently sparkling that really fits the mood of its predecessor, in a younger and even more twisted way. Black Opium is for the child-at-heart Black Widows of this world, whatever their age.

Addictive, its sweet and yet very profound scent has something of a drug be it for you or those around you: its is a signature fragrance that will revolve around you and your entourage for a long time. Coffee’s adrenaline, white flowers’s delicacy, white musk and vanilla leave’s opulence are the very bases for Black Opium – and here, they are not meant to give a scent rather than set a mood for you. 

Black Opium’s cloud of warm sensuality is a delight as much for you than your partner, friends and everyone around you. You own it but Black Opium owns you too: you won’t ever be able to forget its lingering notes at the crook of your neck, and that comfort and confidence that it brings you. This, ladies, is an addiction to a highly recommended drug

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance Review

Parisienne Perfume: floral with a purpose

Parisienne is the acme of your womanhood, like your favourite piece of lingerie, your secret lipstick, your go-to heels. Seductive yet delicate, Parisienne’s creators Sophia Grojsman and Sophie Labbe took for an inspiration the atmosphere of a morning in Paris when you flee out of your secret lover’s apartment to go wander along the Seine

Very couture, the Parisienne’s bottle is facetted like a gems and ornamented by a leather label on which the YSL signature lays in golden leather. And this precious bottle holds one of perfumery’s best juices.

Juicy blackberry, and cranberry give a spice that is backed up by the intense sensual notes of violet, rose and peony. A background of leather, patchouli, sandalwood and musk keep these very light a feminine scents on your skin bringing them something more, very sensual and deliciously androgynous yet utterly feminine

Parisienne is a fragrance for dreamy women and driven women alike: there is no better scent encapsulating such modern and vivid sense of femininity, freedom and youthfulness than Parisienne. Like your very best friend, it will blend on your neck like a second skin

Parisienne Perfume YSL Fragrance revieuw

Mon Paris Perfume: for the dreamers with a taste for roses

Mon Paris is the ultimate Parisienne’s elixir – something spicy and deep, floral and musky, a scent that will take you from one end of the French capital to another with voluptuousness, audacity and elegance.

The bottle itself is a reference to Yves Saint Laurent’s vision of the Parisienne woman, always dressed with her male lover’s clothes: the black knot at the cap is a simile lavallière, these opulent dandy’s ties made of laces. 

Mon Paris is the story of an encounter, an hypnotic sensuality meeting with deep and overwhelming emotions. Feminine and floral but also oriental and profound, Mon Paris’s scents are very well balanced and set together. Fruity raspberry and pear are entangled with a spicy Calabria bergamot followed then by datura flower, peony and Sambac jasmine. This pink and floral blossom is backed up by white musk, patchouli and amber for a lingering and daring Amazon fragrance. 

Made for a resolutely urban and modern woman, every big cities’ Amazons will find themselves in the mood set by Mon Paris – there are no heart that can stay insensitive to the very witty mix of notes and the adventurous, sweet, spicy fragrance delivered by the Yves Saint Laurent’s noses.


Rive Gauche Perfume: a legacy become an icon

Do you know exactly what “Rive gauche” means? If you are familiar with these two terms, you’ll figure out it refers to the left bank of the Seine in Paris. And if you really are familiar with French and Paris especially, you might also know that the Rive Gauche is where artists, bohemians, students, intellectual and trendiest people of Paris live and thrive. And of course, where Yves Saint Laurent preferred to be. 

Rive Gauche was launched in 1971. Crafted by Yves Saint Laurent and Michel Hy, it is as hymn to the Rive Gauche spirit. Outstanding accords and soft yet deep mixes make the balance of the nectar: galbanum, peach, bergamot open up to deeper flowers like geranium, jasmine, ylang-ylang over a background of profound tonka bean, sandal wood and amber. 

The Rive Gauche and its women are free-spirited, intellectual, modern, sensual, independent: this fragrance and its daring notes are made for you to let your inner Rive Gauche girl thrive and lead your steps. Audacity, elegance and intelligence – if these are your most valuable assets, search no more, Saint Laurent captured your essence in Rive Gauche for you to lay it at the crook of your neck. 

Manifesto Perfume: the spontaneous lady’s elixir 

Manifesto is an invitation to say yes to everything and boldly run into every adventure passing your way. Made as an ode to spontaneous women and their sense of audacity, wild femininity and adventurous mind, Manifesto bears its name for it is the manifesto of the spontaneous and spicy woman encapsulated in the bijou-bottle, chiselled like a precious gem

Black currant, fresh bergamot and green leaves are entangled with the delicacy and outragous femininity of lily-of-the-valley and Sambac jasmine. To perfect these very first and outbursting notes, the background is a nod to Yves Saint Laurent’s love for mixing men and women scents: sandalwood, cedarwoor, tonka bean and vanilla make the first sparkling notes linger on your skin and mind for a long time

Manifesto is an assumption: you are your own leader, you think according to your rules and your whole life is an adventure. “No” does not stand in your vocabulary – you are daring, bold audacious and won’t either take no for an answer since you wouldn’t ever pronounce these three letters. True Amazon, Manifesto is your measure-made fragrance.

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto L’Elixir Perfume Review

Cinéma Perfume: fruity and spicy like the movie-stars 

Cinéma is an ode to a certain vision of the film industry, an idea of a Nouvelle Vague meets Hollywood glamour to have a perfect, radiant baby that would be th scent of stars, of their elegant, spicy, extraordinary essence.

Created with a myth in mind, Cinéma is an expression of the perfect movie star to wear at the crook of your neck – a push on the cap and there you are: Cinderella… with no expiration date. 

Cinéma is an hymn to glamour, spotlights, confidence – women who are eye-catching and know how to be the centre of attention. Instead of a decadent evening gown it is the scents of Cinéma that will bring you up into being unforgettable: almond blossom, clementine, jasmine, peony are the citrus and floral notes first bursting out. Then, an opulent base of benzoin, amber, white musk and vanilla will bring the depth Cinéma needs to confer its confident charm.

Cinéma was made for an elegant show-off, a glamorous lady, women with a sense of style and loving to attract people. This very complex and clever nectar will take you back to an imaginary place where you are the star of the day

YSL Cinema PerfumeFragrance Review

Paris Perfume: the joyful charm of France

When launching Paris, Yves Saint Laurent said:I chose your name for this new fragrance because there is nothing more beautiful. Because I love you. Though of as an hymn to the city rather than the actual women in the city, Paris is a unique and loving tribute to the city the designer loved and cared about so much

Paris is about Yves Saint Laurent’s own love story with the city – the city personified as a kind of being which scent Paris would encapsulate. Roses and violets with bergamot for the core of the fragrance, blended with iris, May rose and a background of deep and comfy sandalwood. Unique, with character yet delicate, spicy yet very sweet, this elixir is a joyful and light mood

Paris is for any woman with either a sense of the French capital’s spirit in the first days of springtime, when the wind blows through the gardens and flower petals dance in the streets, as much as women who will find an echo of their personality in this light-hearted, playful, floral and woody fragrance. Paris is a harbour for elegant women, and so is Yves Saint Laurent’s fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent Paris perfume Review

Yves Saint Laurent, a women’s best-friend

Whether with his fragrances or clothes, Yves Saint Laurent made an habit to let women thrive, expand, become themselves thanks to his creations. The Yves Saint Laurent perfumes are amongst the most known, unique and delightful that exist nowadays – no denying you won’t help but fall in love with one of the scent launched by the brand. 

It may sound like the Yves Saint Laurent perfumes are crafted for audacious women – it rather is that they are crafted for you to reveal to yourself and other your true daring nature. These fragrances are here for you to leave your trail – go, girl! 

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