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Top Yves Saint Laurent Womens Sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent Womens Sunglasses. At Saint Laurent, innovation is key. Inventor of the couture prêt à porter, the French designer was one of great importance to the 70s and 80s fashion revolution. 

Today, Anthony Vacarello is the head of the brilliant creative direction and sets a mood that is both modern and a real ode to the DNA of the French fashion brand.

The accessories matter more and more at Saint Laurent and the sunglasses took a good place in the accessories collection. 

For you to make your mind easily, let me introduce you to the best sunglasses available at the moment for you to make your mind and go on a Saint Laurent signed shopping spree! 

Saint Laurent’s SL 364 sunglasses: the futuristic over-oversize lenses

You would never have guessed that this kind of sunglasses would one day go desirable and actually be sold. Like actually really be sold and above all that women would wear them.

But surprisingly enough, Saint Laurent managed to design actually cool huge square sunglasses that resemble old people’s shades after a laser eye surgery more that actual cool sunglasses and yet have their success. 

With their square shape and huge single glass – not lenses, a rectangular glass with a triangle where your nose fit – these sunglasses by Saint Laurent are really a futuristic take on the sunglasses that you will wear.

Either made of a metal frame upon which sits the lenses or an acetate frame. Quite aerodynamic looking and definitely windproof, these will prove useful in a very hot and blazing weather. Or just for you to show off, actually. 

These shades are unique, in a cool and a less cool sense, meaning they definitely will not suit everybody. But that is the core of the SL 264 Saint Laurent sunglasses very charm: they will never be found twice at the same place and you will enjoy their singular and distinctive design if futuristic big squares are of your liking.

Be reassured as to their adaptability to your looks: a very urban or weird retro in a Betty Catroux way style will be the perfect match for these peculiar beauties that are the SL 264

Saint Laurent’s SL 372 sunglasses: the graphic butterfly-shaped neo retro sunglasses

Well, I started this selection with very peculiar and maybe to you (and I must say to me) ugly sunglasses, but now you can get ready to be overwhelmed with love all of a sudden with these SL 372 Saint Laurent sunglasses.

You would never have guessed that this kind of sunglasses would one day go desirable and actually be sold. Like actually really be sold and above all that women would wear them.

But surprisingly enough, Saint Laurent managed to design actually cool huge square sunglasses that resemble old people’s shades after a laser eye surgery more that actual cool sunglasses and yet have their success. which you will absolutely wish to get very, very soon. 

A wide range of colours is available for this Saint Laurent recent model and that is the best thing about them: whatever your style, you will find your own.

Sharp edges, a retro look twisted to be one of the most modern you can find, the SL 372 sunglasses are very, very well built.

An acetate frame – best chose in a tortoiseshell colour, to be honest, or sleek all black that conveys a very dramatic touch to your gaze – and trapezoidal lenses which can seem very simple but actually make the most sophisticated design

These butterfly shaped SL 372 will fit any style and match very well with women in love with a retro yet modern touch infused into their look.

There is no denying that these sunglasses are the utmost femininity and will leave no one indifferent.

Their sharp style sure will please fashionistas as well as more timid fashion lovers: if you are in love with basic pieces for example, these sunglasses by Saint Laurent will give you a very edgy yet discreet je ne sais quoi that sure will add to your style. 

YSL Wave SL 181 Loulou sunglasses: Debbie Harry’s favourite Heart of (Sun)glasses

Remember the sunglasses on the billboards of the Lolita movie? These heart shaped red beauties that were utterly feminine and cool?

Saint Laurent decided to revisit them in a modern and more Saint Laurent way, as femme fatale as they are childish: modern, edgy and unique, these are really made for women with a girly edge and a strong style.

Graphic and modernised, these SL 181 Loulou sunglasses are for sure what you need if you are looking for a pair of singular sunglasses that will add a real something to your everyday look

Available in red, white and black acetate, these sunglasses can fit your mood easily and you can either pick your favourite or get them all for a very wide range to chose from when you feel like a Lolita all over look with the red glasses or a pristine white pair of SL 181 Loulou when you decide on being a child at heart kind of woman.

Tending to a butterfly shape, the exterior corners of the heart-shaped frame expand a little for a cat’s eye effect. 

Made for the countryside, the beach or the city, these sunglasses are at once a playful and very serious piece of fashion. Actually protecting your eyes from UVAs and UVBs and yet infusing the girly, childish, edgy look we all love, these SL 181 Loulou frames by Saint Laurent are really the epitome of fun made couture.

Echoing their furry red heart-shaped coat, Saint Laurent manages to render a really nice butterfly-shaped pair of sunglasses that really resonates with the modern taste as well as our childhood nostalgia

Saint Laurent’s SL 302 sunglasses: diamond sunglasses for your deer eyes

Shine bright like a diamond… with your diamond-shaped sunglasses! Saint Laurent offers us a very modern and yet very 2000s version of sunglasses that resolutely screams high-fashion. Here, with the Saint Laurent’s SL 302, simplicity is key.

The DNA of the Siant Laurent woman is really present here: the outrageous luxury of this pair of sunglasses lays in the androgynous simplicity of the frames, lenses and temples.

Retro-ish, with their 2000s look and Catroux – Yves Saint Laurent muse amongst others – style, these SL 302 are worth the look

As long as colours are concerned, three versions are available: you have the black metal and black lenses version, the silver metal and black lenses version and then the silver metal and gradient pink lenses version.

Of course, the black lenses protect more from the sun, but who really cares when we know a pair of sunglasses is made for style much more than protection for the sun?

The basic line is really basic: the silver frame is light and thin, the ear part is a bit padded and the lenses are really thin cool looking diamonds

Made for the girls in love with simplicity and women with a classic cool style, you can not be be wrong with the both edgy and very simple style of these Saint Laurent SL 302 sunglasses.

They are the perfect best friends for the everyday life and will not let you go unnoticed… and well as they will protect your gaze from undesirable curious passers by you might be observing from your favourite terrace.

With their sleek design, you will be able to wear them whatever your style and mood… and, let’s be honest, whatever the weather

Saint Laurent’s Wave SL 303 Jerry: your Los Angeles futuristic cat’s eyes sunglasses 

Much alike the SL 302, these Saint Laurent sunglasses have something of the ideal very sleek and discreet and yet unique and edgy pair of couture sunglasses.

Their twist is their femme fatale cat’s eyes shape that is made very graphic, almost pure triangles, and so cuts the too Hollywood or Italian glamour from making this sunglasses model too cheesy.

Sharp edges and bare simplicity make the best assets of this design and sets the SL 303 Jerry as one of the best sunglasses available at Saint Laurent at the moment. 

Made of a very thin metal frame, these sunglasses are very light and looks really light and discreet at first. But when you look into details, there are some things that must go noticed and sure gets them to stand out from regular butterfly-shaped glasses.

The frame is thickened in some place for a more couture look and yet that remains very discreet and the temples are made so that your ears allow the sunglasses to rest tranquilly

Made for the urban ladies with a strong sense of style or the wanderers or the minimalist lovers or… well, made for any sort of women with any kind of style, these SL 303 Jerry sunglasses will suit any of your moods in any season.

Recently launched by Saint Laurent, these slightly retro shades will seduce you in their all black version or their pink-ish version.

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