Top Thierry Mugler Fragrances for Men 👨 – 2020 Best Perfumes

Top Thierry Mugler Fragrances for Men 👨

Thierry Mugler Fragrances for Men The Best 2020 Perfumes Audacity, myth, enchantment and originality are all words that characterize the world of Thierry Mugler. This soulful artist is not lacking in originality and can boast of having revolutionized the world of fashion as much as the world of perfumery.

Thierry Mugler opened his first boutique in Paris in 1978. In the 1980s and 1990s, he positioned himself as an essential element of the international scene and his collections were extremely successful.

Thierry Mugler was then described as a “shock creator” by the press as his ideas were innovative. It was then in parallel with his fashion made of multiple materials that Thierry Mugler decided to develop his first perfume.

In 1992, firmly decided to launch his first perfume, Thierry Mugler came to meet the Clarins group to collaborate with them. Thierry Mugler then had the idea of ​​creating a gourmet essence, a great first in the world of perfumes.

The result of this idea is known to everyone today: it’s the famous Angel. This paved the way for many other sweet juices. Similarly, it was quickly joined by three other fragrances within the Thierry Mugler brand: the masculine A * Men, incarnation of a hero half man half God, Alien, the second great feminine of the house, and Womanity, celebration of all women around the world.

Today, we’re going to focus on the best male fragrances created by Thierry Mugler. Are you ready to take your dose of extreme sensuality ? 😉 


Angel was the very first female perfume to dare to display the scent of what we eat. In this case, it’s the first fragrance designed by Thierry Mugler and with an appetizing smell of praline, cotton candy and apple of love. Despite the reluctance of perfumers to develop it, it’s clear that it was a huge success

Also, in line with this perfume UFO, Thierry Mugler developed A * Men in 1996. It is Thierry Mugler’s first male juice. This materializes a sort of contemporary and timeless hero.

In reality, it results from the creator’s passion for comics, famous comics from America in the 1950s and featuring superheroes in a legendary universe halfway between myth and reality.

To make this essence, Thierry Mugler therefore called on perfumer Jacques Huclier. He imagined a contrasting juice today described as the first gourmet oriental fragrance for men and having paved the way for many other essences.

This has a falsely sweet sweetness associated with a more powerful and dry woody accord. It all starts with a metallic and spicy freshness based on peppermint.

This is associated with the freshness of bergamot and draws its aromatic facet from lavender and coriander. From then on, a full-bodied flavor of coffee appeared. It coats a woody accord containing patchouli and Atlas cedar. Finally, A * Men ends with the explosive power of styrax.

However, the latter is softened by the sweetness of the tonka bean and the animality of musk. The whole thing turns out to be particularly modern and very masculine.

A*Men by Thierry Mugler Fragrance Cologne Review


With A * Men Pure Malt, Released in 2009,, Mugler introduces our curious nostrils to a completely new aging technique, close to the winemaking.

The result A * Men Pure Malt is tasted from the heart by a distinguished and deliciously woody man, a grand cru of men’s perfumery !

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‼️SCENT OF THE DAY‼️ . ▪️Name: A*MEN PURE MALT ▪️House: Mugler ▪️Type: Designer ▪️Country: France 🇫🇷 ▪️Group: Oriental Woody ▪️Category: Eau de Toilette ▪️Year: 2009 ▪️Size: 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) ▪️Season(s): Fall, Winter . 🔹Notes: [TOP] Fruity Notes, Orange, Bergamot. [HEART] Malt, Whisky, Patchouli, Coffee, Cedar. [BASE] Peat, Vanilla, Amber, Musk. . A*MEN Pure Malt is a fruity, sweet, woody fragrance for men; said to be inspired by the world of luxury spirits and to honor the tradition of whiskies from around the world. This fragrance is often regarded as one of the best (if not, the best) flanker from Thierry Mugler’s Angel Men fragrance collection. It smells slightly sweet and boozy, with a masculine trail of smoky/woody-spicy aromas. A*MEN Pure Malt smells absolutely amazing, and it’s a fragrance that will definitely garner you compliments. I enjoy wearing this sensual fragrance, both casually and dressed-up; particularly, during Fall and Winter evenings. Whether it be on a date or at a fun, social event…I think what makes this charming fragrance special, is its playful and charismatic nature; therefore, I believe this is an excellent choice for anyone to have in their collection! 🥃 . Are you familiar with this fragrance by @muglerofficial? Do you have any cool stories to share, while wearing it? What’s your Scent of the Day? 🤔 . #scentoftheday #fragranceoftheday #cologneoftheday #perfumeoftheday #fragranceaddiction #fragranceaddict #fragrancelover #fragrancereviews #fragrancecollection #fragrancecollector #fragrancereview #fragrancelovers #fragranceblogger #mensfragrance #fragranceobsessed #instafragrance #fragrancejunkie #fragranceformen #colognes #colognecollection #menscologne #cologneaddict #fraghead #fragfam #mrcologne76 #mrcologne76perfumeblog #thierrymugler #thierrymuglerperfume #thierrymugleramen #amenpuremalt

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With each new flanker Mugler innovates and the least can say is that for A * Men Pure Malt the house is not spared on daring by aging fragrances scented like precious liquors.

Previously already, the house had offered Angel La Part des Anges in partnership with Rémy Martin Cognacs. For A * Men and the other bottles in the sublime Les Liqueurs de Parfums collection, the aging process in barrels will be the same and the result obtained as magnificent as the discovery of a grand cru.

So the beautiful A * Men Pure Malt will reveal itself to our noses like the nectars of the gods on our lips … Smoky, woody and sweet scents, A * Men Pure Malt is a grand cru flavored with character!

A * Men Pure Malt opens with fruity notes offering a sweet and gourmet tone to the fragrance. Then, the aging in oak barrels offers notes of barley and wood that are both mysterious and very distinguished.

Finally, we discover the enigmatic depths of the perfumed liquor built around peat and smoky notes.

This amber alcohol will mingle with A * Men original oriental chords in order to offer A * Men Pure Malt a trail with an intense character.

Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Malt Angel Fragrance


Each of the flankers perfectly illustrates the perfumer’s taste for original scents, and the least that can be said is that A * Men Pure Havane will not be outdone ! A * Men Pure Havane, built in tribute to the beauty and knowledge of the cigar world, offers its scented scrolls to a distinguished man.

In order to push the pleasant new sensation offered by A * Men Pure Havane even further, Mugler offers to savor it like a good cigar, under the three-thirds tasting rule. So, no top or bottom notes but three stages of different discoveries.

The first third therefore offers vegetal and amber power of fresh tobacco leaves accompanied by aromatic notes. The second third will offer a voluntarily honeyed tobacco note whose smoked delicacy will be wonderfully complemented by a sweet and exotic vanilla note.

Finally, the third third will be even more intense thanks to the powerful marriage between a note of bitter cocoa and a woody and sensual patchouli.

Thierry Mugler Pure Havane Fragrance Review


A * Men Pure Shot (now A * Men Pure Energy) is a scent of champions which is consumed like a magnificent energizing cocktail. 

2012 is the year of all sporting prowess, notably of course the year of the famous London Olympic Games. During these new Olympiads some athletes will stand out as much for their prowess as for their amazing strength of character, it’s precisely these strong human qualities that will be the sources of inspiration for the new variation of A * Men, A * Men Pure Energy.

A * Men Pure Energy opens with a whiplash accord composed of ice mint punctuated with aromatic and powerful juniper berries.

At the heart, we will have the pleasure of discovering the adrenaline accord that will indulge in our senses like a spicy discharge of white pepper and cardamom. Finally, the trail will propel us with its sensual and woody waves of patchouli and sequoia.

Originally, the perfume was embodied by paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius. But when he was convinced of murder, Mugler decided to change the name and the visuals of the fragrance

Thierry Mugler Pure Shot Fragrance Review


A * Men Pure Tonka is an innovative juice that turns out to be particularly attractive. It’s halfway between sensitivity and virility. Thus, it’s like a contemporary man and is simply irresistible.

To do this, Thierry Mugler has incorporated into its composition one of the most sensual ingredients there is: the tonka bean

Also, it’s to perfumer Jacques Huclier that we owe this fragrance. A * Men Pure Tonka is a very addictive and bewitching juice belonging to the family of oriental perfumes. It likes to play on contrasts and displays as much a torrid heat as a fresher and aromatic accord based on lavender

Indeed, this plant is emblematic of male perfumery from its premises. Lavender also evokes the smell of soap from barbers of yesteryear. This explains the attachment of men to it. Here it is embellished with a bewitching hint of patchouli as well as the exoticism of vanilla.

The coffee also gives more character to the whole. Nevertheless, everything turns out to be perfectly balanced and gives us a harmonious and warm rendering.

What’s more, note that the tonka bean present in this juice comes from a conservation program in the Caura region of Venezuela.

Mugler A*Men Pure Tonka Fragrance Review


In 2017, Thierry Mugler has decided to make a new version of his iconic fragrance that he  called A * Men Kryptomint. Prepare to welcome an unprecedented cold spell: A * Men Kryptomint intends to energize your daily life ! A * Men Kryptomint talks about kryptonite.

The latter is the only material capable of upsetting Superman’s supernatural powers. Besides, it can even in some cases prove fatal for the latter. This tells you the power of this new nectar !

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‼️SCENT OF THE DAY‼️ 🗓 [Last Reviewed: 10/21/18] . ▪️Name: A*MEN KRYPTOMINT ▪️Brand: Mugler ▪️Country: France 🇫🇷 ▪️Type: Designer ▪️Year: 2017 ▪️Perfumer: Jacques Huclier ▪️Category: Eau de Toilette ▪️Group: Oriental Fougere ▪️Size: 100 mL (3.4 fl oz) ▪️Season(s): Spring, Summer, Fall . 🔹Notes: [TOP] Peppermint, Sage. [HEART] Egyptian Geranium. [BASE] Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee. . A*MEN KRYPTOMINT is a fresh, green, aromatic fragrance for men; which is described as an icy-cool reinterpretation of the original A*Men Eau de Toilette, and a burst of freshness for connoisseurs only. ☺️ I think this fragrance is awesome! It smells mostly of mint and chocolate, with a touch of sweetness and perhaps a little bit of coffee; which comes across very cool, delicious, and invigorating! It’s incredibly versatile too. It could be worn by any age, male or female, and it works exceptionally well on both warm and cool days throughout the year. For me…the performance is above average, as it projects really well during the first couple of hours and seems to last a full workday. 😊 However, I still like to reapply a spray or two after lunch and get a refreshing blast of that crisp minty opening. 👍 This is a very fun and playful smelling fragrance; which is perfect for Spring and Summer. Although I prefer to wear this one casually and think it appeals a little more towards the younger crowd, A*MEN KRYPTOMINT can really be worn by just about anyone who enjoys the smell of mint; plus, it also works pretty well a bit dressed-up. 👌 . Have you ever smelled this vibrant fragrance from @muglerofficial? Is it also one of your favorites for this time of year? Which occasion do you enjoy wearing this one the most? 🤔

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As the name of this new fragrance suggests, it clearly highlights the incisive presence of mint. This new juice is described as “the scent of a daring hero“.

It appears to be the freshest version of its entire category, highlighting peppermint. A real boost in everyday life, it aims to reveal all the power that is in you and to stimulate your energy day after day.

Mint is present there from its top notes and is quickly followed by the presence of Egyptian geranium. This plant spices the whole while giving it a certain elegance.

Its base, on the other hand, gradually softens, immersing us in a dark and creamy wake of patchouli and tonka bean. As usual, everything is offered to us in a bottle dotted with a glass star. Iconic sign of the Thierry Mugler brand, this time it is tinged with a totally frosted green blue.

Thierry Mugler A*Men Kryptomint Review


In 2019, Thierry Mugler launches his new interpretation of his most iconic male fragrance. This time, we have a contrasted fragrance made for a thrilling and sensual man. Let’s focus on A * Men Ultimate !

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TESTER THIERRY MUGLER A*MEN ULTIMATE H EDT 100ml. на цена 108.00 лева Аромат A*Men Ultimate за мъже от Thierry Mugler беше пуснат през 2019 г. А*Men, това е аромат, подчертан от букет ароматни, дървесни и топли пикантни ароматни тонове, които ще внесат енергизиращо, топло и дълбоко парфюмно усещане. Ако го разгледате по-близо, веднъж приложен, ще забележите трайно качество на по-меките ароматни балсамови, гурме и горчиви нотки, които крият същност на елегантни, леки и чисти чувства. Въз основа на комбинацията от нотки Thierry Mugler A*Men Ultimate е класифициран като дървесен аромат. Излъчването на аромати и ароматни нотки за A*Men Ultimate се развихри в полъх от цитрусови отварящи горни нотки, включително бергамот. Гурме и подправечни нотки на сърцето се смесват с мляко, кафе и тъмен шоколад, докато дълбоките дървесни базови нотки оставят впечатление за кедър и ела. Преди да купите A*Men Ultimate, пробвайте го и вижте дали той се съчетава с химията и характера на тялото ви, ако A*Men Ultimate изглежда приятна миризма за вашия вкус или може би специален повод, тогава най-доброто е да ароматизирате себе си и да го опитате! A*MEN Ultimate Eau de Toilette е изключително въплъщение на съвременния супергерой. Жива, магнитна тоалетна за вода за модерна, съблазнителна мъжественост. Директно вдъхновен от колба с уиски, емблематичната бутилка A*Men е мъжки тотем, обозначен със звезда, символът на супер силата MUGLER. В версията Ultimate, бутилираната с гума бутилка е сдвоена с ярко тюркоазено блокиране на цвета, за интензивно магнитен ефект. Бележките за дървесния пресен гурман включват жизнени размери на хармония (зелен бергамот и кедър) и пристрастяващо измерение на хармония (мокачино и балсамова ела). Дизайнерски аромат A*Men Ultimate беше пуснат в концентрация Eau de Toilette, докато бутилката е дизайн на Thierry Mugler. #edt#luxuryfragrances#thierrymuglerperfume#thierrymugleramen#loveperfume#parfums#perfume#perfums#fragrance#fragrantica#fragrancearmy#fragrancelover#fragrancelovers#mydailyperfume#scentoftheday#scent#духи#парфюм#парфюми#парфюмерия#loveperfume#loveperfumes

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Just like its elders, A * Men Ultimate is inspired by the fantastic universe of superheroes of American comics. So, it seems to have extraordinary powers.

The man who wears A * Men Ultimate sees his power of seduction increased tenfold, just like his athletic abilities. Designed by perfumer Jacques Huclier, A * Men Ultimate is not lacking in temperament. it plays on an accord of very contrasting smells to give birth to an explosion of sensations.

At first, it relies on freshness to provide an ever stronger liveliness every day. For this, it contains bergamot. Unlike this limpid and airy ingredient, the cedar here gives off a more woody, dry and virile vibe.

It also considerably increases the tenacity of this perfume. For a more gourmet touch, A * Men Ultimate also contains coffee, a powerful and sensual ingredient. Finally, a base of lemon balm makes this fragrance more addictive and modern.

Thierry Mugler A*Men Ultimate Review


Through this perfume, Thierry Mugler wanted to transcribe exactly the same message as with his feminine equivalent. Alien Man “is inspired by a fabulous imaginary journeys, bringing together the origins of the world as well as a bright future. It invites you to explore the strange and the wonderful, and to discover the impenetrable. ”

Released in 2018, Alien Man is a real adventure. It symbolizes male light and the hope of a new infinity. It reveals to us the part of mystery that each man preserves in him, an intimate and deep otherness. Alien Man highlights a new way of looking at masculinity.

Alien Man by Thierry Mugler is a particularly virile fragrance. It plays on contrasts and assembles a vibrant sensuality and a more electric freshness.

It first flies away on a dark scent of beech wood which gives off a smoky breath. Dill joins the part and makes the whole more aromatic. Then, Alien Man turns out to be just as woody in its heart.

It’s, however, a milder ingredient: cashmeran wood. Finally, its base rests on a duo of white amber and osmanthus, leaving a tangy sweetness floating behind it, close to that of apricot jam, but preserving a slightly animal and leathery facet.

Thierry Mugler Alien Man Fragrance Review


Alien Men Fusion is for a man who is not cold in the eyes and who likes to be noticed! Alien Men Fusion is a man who is both strong and fascinating. In the same line as its female counterparts, it’s a hero, half-man, half-god, in search of a new light.

Magnetic at will, it mixes strength and fullness and becomes all the more fascinating. Day after day, it lives in the man who carries him with new energy, with this insatiable desire to discover infinite horizons.

On a purely olfactory level, Alien Man Fusion is both powerful and intriguing. Alien Men does not go by all means and immediately announces its very seductive side with a duet of ginger and cinnamon.

This aphrodisiac ingredient is then joined by a breath of osmanthus known for its slightly apricot aspect. The leather still gives the whole more animality, playing clearly in a more sensual register.

The smoked beech finishes to establish the masculinity of its recipe while a touch of green coffee brings a hint of passion in the base of Alien Man Fusion.

Thierry Mugler Alien Man Fusion Review

Now you know a bit more about Thierry Mugler magical universe ! We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best male fragrances made by Thierry Mugler. Don’t forget to tell us in the comment which fragrance is your favorite. 😉

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