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Top Saint Laurent Women Sneakers

Yves Saint Laurent used is the inventor of prêt à porter. His idea was that the street dictated fashion in a way, through the way the women’s condition changed, women’s profession and interests changed. Indeed when Saint Laurent invents prêt à porter, it is for the women who now work and have less time now to manufacture their own clothes like their mother did. 

Then, decades later, at the end of the heel tyranny, it is so very logical that the actual Yves Saint Laurent – now just Saint Laurent – designers, Slimane and today Anthony Vacarello, launched utterly desirable sneakers for the YSL woman. 

Concrete, rock and roll, black and white, skateboarding… the very Californian vibe at Saint Laurent these last few years – a change initiated by Hedi Slimane as he took the head of creative direction before, after a few years, it was Anthony Vacarello named as head creative – really drove the French iconic brand to develop new product, less luxury but nonetheless refined such as cool sneakers. 

Cool and casual, the Saint Laurent sneakers are easy to wear all day long everyday and really match either formal or radically bohemian outfits. That is what the unique French brand’s DNA is about: making fashion simple, fun and flattering for all women with a play on genres, male and female wardrobes and codes. So be ready to break the rules and look elegant and cool with your YSL rubber soles! C’est parti for the top Saint Laurent sneakers selection.  

Saint Laurent’s Bedford: the sneaker for irreverent grown-ups

Saint Laurent, as I have told you, took a very fine take on the making of sneakers and twisted classic shapes with a destroy luxury fine taste.

The Bedford sneaker is definitely an example of their clever design for mid-top laced sneakers – a high school lover classic that many of us let down at eighteen years old… to better be reunited with today in the Saint Laurent version of that sneaker!

“Bedford” is the name of a charming town in England between Birmingham and London. And definitely, the Bedford Saint Laurent sneaker is made for those with a British pop-rock soul and style. Mid-top (or low-top, but I would rather advise you to go for the high ones) canvas upper shoe available in black, white, zebra pattern or checkerboard pattern and a white or black rubber sole, the Bedford is a revisited iconic sneaker with that lovely Saint Laurent’s touch

Easy to wear and easy to fall in love with if you are a bit nostalgic of the Pete Doherty and Oasis years – forgive me not to cite all the other amazing British pop-rock bands you might enjoy too – the Saint Laurent Bedford sneakers are a nice addition to any wardrobe. Bringing something cheerful and adolescent yet not childish, these sneakers will be perfect with a nicely cut marine coat and cigarette jeans or a long bohemian skirt and a perfecto.

Saint Laurent Bedford Sneakers Unboxing

Saint Laurent’s SL24 : the ultimate used and 80s sneakers

All Saint Laurent sneakers have a clear DNA and really are meant for one type of woman – the Yves Saint Laurent women are known to be plural with boldness, elegance and sexiness as common features – and the SL24 sneaker will definitely not be for anyone… but sure are worth mentioning.

A Back To The Future and Blade Runner vibe revolves around their design and that is simply perfect… especially in the silver lamé version! 

Made in plain and perforated leather finely cut and assembled, the Saint Laurent SL24 sneakers are laced shoes with a velcro band fastening the top, embossed with the Saint Laurent Paris logo and, at the heel, a printed golden star. Androgynous yet utterly feminine, the SL24 is available in used white or black and in the very cool silver version showed in the picture above for a maxi dose of surprising femininity. 

With their unique and used look, the Saint Laurent SL24 are sneakers for women with a very urban and modern look tinted with eighties references… graphic and tasteful yet irreverent, you will not be able to wear it at your office if you work in a formal environment but make sure to let your wilder self enjoy their presence at your feet at night and during weekends for a cool and easy look as well as a fashionable comfortable footsteps! 

Saint Laurent’s Venice sneaker: the Venice Beach skate shoe

As you might have noticed so far, the Saint Laurent sneakers all have something nostalgic to their design and definitely brings up memories of your teenage years.

The Venice low-top sneaker is no different and adds some Californian spice to the mix for an irresistible look. Finely made, the Saint Laurent Venice sneakers are your everyday go-to style if you like semi-urban semi-formal sneakers that can fit any outfit even the most formal of your clothes

Laced up, low-top with a decorative Saint Laurent Paris-embossed tab at the back of the shoe, up above the heel, the Venice sneakers were thought and designed in order to add a luxury touch to their simplicity

To perfect their sophisticated details, the edges of the sewings are embroidered in different colours depending on the colour and pattern you pick. From plain white to brown rubber sole and black top as well as army or zebra patterns, you have many options regarding how wild you want your Venice to be!  

Venice Beach is the hot spot for skaters, stylish people, surfers and rock stars to thrive and have fun. With the Saint Laurent Vince sneakers, let your inner Californian cool side thrive and shine with an elegant and luxury touch. Whether with a very formal outfit or completely loose jeans and white tee-shirt, these Saint Laurent sneakers are made for your day-to-day life and will not ever let you down. 

Saint Laurent’s Court Classic SL06: the white urban and sexy sneaker

And hop! as the French say, another very vintage and very cool sneaker on the go – here it is, the Saint Laurent Court Classic SL06 and its sleek, simple yet really fashionable and trendy design.

The Court Classic SL06 are the Saint Laurent best-selling sneakers: white, easy to slip on and matching with all styles, these sneakers are made for the urban and contemporary women… meaning all the Saint Laurent women, and even the ones not convinced yet by the French brand’s DNA

Low cut, made in leather, these sneakers tick all the boxes to become your everyday favourite shoes. On the side of the most selling model – and the most present on the Instagram accounts of accountable fashionistas! – a handwritten “Saint Laurent” inscription is embroidered on the exterior side, like a very rock and raw signature that breaks the Court Classic SL06 simplicity. An embossed tab on the heel finish the sneakers and state once more their irreverent luxury belonging: “Saint Laurent Paris”.

The Saint Laurent Court Classic SL06 are sneakers made to fit all of your daily situations. Running errands, going to work, grabbing coffee, having drinks with friends… you can really adapt the Court Classic SL06 to all your outfits and their simple design allow to wear them even at work. If you were looking for a pair of sneakers that is as rock and roll as it is sleek and easy-going, the Court Classic SL06 are definitely the ones you have to chose!

Saint Laurent Court SL06 – Unboxing, Review

Saint Laurent’s Venice slip-on: the slip-on you will never slip off!

The Venice sneakers have twin little sisters… and they really are made for the younger and more teenager Venice sneakers fan! The slip-on shape definitely originates from California and the surf and skate culture so that the overall look of the Venice slip-on conveys this look of a radical cool and easy-going style

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The slip-on look is simple: leather canvas for the upper shoe, elastic bands on each side to slip easily your feet in it, thick rubber soles that structure the sneakers’ design, you can’t make it more bare (and efficient!). For a refined detail, a Saint Laurent Paris-embossed tab at the back of the Venice slip-ons perfect te overall look. 

The Saint Laurent Venice slip-ons are surprisingly versatile sneakers. If you are not used to this Californian shape of sneakers, you might not know it yet but I can testify these – when plain white or black – are even formal outfit material! Really easy to match with your whole wardrobe, these Venice slip-ons will bring a cheerful and cool touch to your silhouette.

Saint Laurent, the cool sneakers for cool girls

At Saint Laurent, the key word for the sneakers design resolutely is “cool”. Easy to wear, versatile, varied in shapes and colours, the Saint Laurent sneakers always will match with your entire wardrobe and can’t ever let you down.

Whereas which model you would rather go to… it is for you to question your inner Saint Laurent girl to decipher what your feet and style need the most! 

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