Top Louis Vuitton Womens Sunglasses 🕶 Best LV Shades 2020

Top Louis Vuitton Womens Sunglasses

There are brands that scream “couture” as soon as you see one of their creation, and Louis Vuitton, the French fashion brand born in 1854, definitely is one of these happy few.

Their amazing craftsmanship and savoir-faire brought the leather maker to become one of the fashion’s leading brands very soon and a total French icon.

At first dedicated only to the making of leather goods, Louis Vuitton then started creating full silhouettes, from clothes to accessories to bags…

Known for their travel and leisure lines – the iconic travel trunks are one of the most desirable Vuitton item! – it is simply logic that the French brand started making sunglasses to go along your travel bag. 

With a lot of different shapes – from the most radically modern to the very utterly vintage shape – Louis Vuitton secured their reputation of being a couture brand which knows how to play upon references from pop culture and from their own legacy to offer us clever and edgy, sophisticated pieces of fashion. No more talking: here is my Louis Vuitton sunglasses selection! 

Louis Vuitton’s Grease sunglasses 🕶: the ultimate Vuitton signature sunglasses 

As far as Louis Vuitton goes, there always has been this signature LV monogram that followed the brand, costing the French luxury giant to be the victim of many counterfeits.

But they never let their signature down and always renewed it to make it an emblem of couture and their very DNA.

These Grease sunglasses by Louis Vuitton are the ultimate ode to their logo and a way to have sunglasses as visibly signed as your favourite Vuitton handbag… 

First, let’s tackle the details, starting with the temples. Made of gold metal and engraved with the famous monogram LV, they look very thin and lightweight.

The upper frame is simply a metal bar (aviator-shaped) to which the lenses are attached thanks to metal rivets in the shape of the star nail that also is amongst the Vuitton’s most used designs. 

The very peculiarity of these glasses are the lenses: their gradient purple is imprinted with the same print as the classic Louis Vuitton handbags, that is to say the LV monogram and flower-shaped nails. Couture and discreet, yet obviously luxury signed, these lenses are unique. 

These Grease sunglasses by Louis Vuitton are the embodiment of the French brand’s ability to respond to the current trendy logo mania and yet do it as they have always done, with taste and elegance.

The aviator shape of the glasses is also very clever: this form adapts to most faces and give something edgy, cool and rock and roll. You can go for these if you are in need for unique and yet easy sunglasses to go with every modern couture outfit. 

Louis Vuitton’s Paris Texas sunglasses 🕶: the traveller’s easy and elegant oversize sunglasses 

Sunglasses from the 2000s still run wild and steady as one of the top trends. If you are looking for cool Eva-Longoria-as-Gabrielle-Solis style sunglasses, these Paris Texas by Louis Vuitton sure will catch your eye(s).

Indeed, made of classic round and black acetate, this modern revisitation of the classic slightly oversized shape is something worth the look: easy to wear, as French and couture as they have this American je ne sais quoi, the Paris Texas are a must have.

The overall shape of the Paris Texas is very round with very slightly butterfly-shaped top corners. Gradient dark grey lenses are inserted in a thick acetate black frame with golden metallic hardware on both sides, that goes all the way to the temples of the sunglasses.

This gold hardware actually becomes a pretty ornament made in gold metal, nailed like the metal plaques on the very well known Vuitton travel bags carrying the “LV” signature

Both a wink at the traditional Vuitton travel trunk and a very modern and cool revisitation of a classic sunglasses shape, the Paris Texas by the French luxury leather maker will suit most women.

Their easy shape, nice materials and very couture details will have you fall in love with them on spot. Feminine and yet bold, discreet yet oversize, these Paris Texas are made for the summer and ski days when the sun is as bright as your mood and style! 

Louis Vuitton’s Bohemian Vuittony sunglasses 🕶: when sportswear meets couture

The Bohemian Vuittony sunglasses by Louis Vuitton have as fun and eccentric a name as the very known song Bohemian Rhapsody by British band Queen. Designed for the latest collection, these sportswear meets high couture sunglasses are absolutely unique and very, very cool.

Ultra-feminine but not mawkish, your inner child and fashionista’s voices will rise and order you to rush to the store to go and get them

The Bohemian Vuittony is actually a line of sunglasses with different variations, from the most sporty to the most urban and low-key. What all Bohemian Vuittony sunglasses have in common are the distinctive sculpted lenses.

Indeed, a very graphic petal-shaped cut on the exterior side of the lenses turn them into flower lenses. A very discreet LV monogram is engraved on the right corner of the frame.

The sporty looks comes from the very aerodynamic temples and the mirror effect on the lenses, like cycling glasses have. 

Very distinctive and unique, these Bohemian Vuittony sunglasses are made for the trendiest girls out there wishing to ornament their look with singular accessories.

There is no denying you will not be able to wear them in your everyday life, but whenever you fancy wearing a piece of whimsical and couture like fashion, you sure will turn to these pretty sunglasses made for you to enjoy and shine

Louis Vuitton’s Le Magnifique sunglasses 🕶: the seventies elegance at the tip of your nose

The Le Magnifique sunglasses are real piece of utter elegance with a vintage touch that reminds me of the seventies tapestry patterns that became so trendy a few seasons ago.

Modern with their lightweight appearance and cool couture details, this Le Magnifique sunglasses were designed for sophisticated ladies with a keen spot for neo-retro pieces.

With many details referring to the Louis Vuitton legacy, these sure will catch your eyes. 

The Le Magnifique’s overall look is very simple and minimalistic: a thin golden metal frame encapsulates gradient light black lenses in the shape of Ds opposing one another.

The way this frame is attached to the thin equally golden temples is a very personal Louis Vuitton signature: in the shape of the attaches on the travel trunks, these golden pieces that articulate the glasses are a direct reference to the legacy of the historic Vuitton creations

These sunglasses are made for the elegant women and the girls who like oversized pairs of sunglasses with a couture and fun twist.

Very finely designed, these Louis Vuitton Le Magnifique sunglasses are ideal at any time of the year for your style to be perfectly on point.

Whether you are enjoy a ski vacation or the first sun beams of spring-time, you will adore you Le Magnique Vuitton sunglasses. 

Louis Vuitton’s Nouvelle Vague sunglasses 🕶: the colour block fun and elegant sunglasses

The Nouvelle Vague sunglasses by Louis Vuitton carry very well their name: edgy and so very seventies, these funny sunglasses are colourful and versatile.

Unique in terms of colours and shape these oversized shades will absolutely please the trendiest and most daring fashionistas who dream themselves perfect jet setters.

If you like couture tackiness which only flirts with kitsch but manages not to be just kitsch, these frames are for you!

Wide and imposing, the Nouvelle Vague’s frame is a gradient pink or violet transparent acetate which contrasts with the thin and delicate golden metallic temples.

The gradient lenses are an echo of the frame in which they are inserted. Detail to be noticed: these lenses are very straight and these sunglasses’ profile is graphic and angular, adding something dramatic and very modern to the vintage inspired pair of Nouvelle Vague sunglasses. 

Thin and thick, vintage and modern, dramatic and romantic… these Louis Vuitton Nouvelle Vague sunglasses are playing with contrasts and their design seems to assert that this was the ideal combination for these shades to be perfect.

You will adore wearing these girly oversized frames as you go for a stroll and Mini car rides, or any time you just want to show off a little with your unique and cool sunglasses. Obviously designed to be year long accessories, this sunglasses are your everyday style asset. 

Louis Vuitton, the iconic fashion brand

Few brands – even the most historic French fashion maisons – can say that they radiate upon fashion with such power than Louis Vuitton.

When you think that they have become so well known a loved a brand that they actually wink at their own history when putting little historical references in their creation, you can not deny how important and cool brands like these are.

Vuitton’s sunglasses are as any Vuitton item: the perfect way to add some couture and cool in your life! 

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