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Top Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Some brands just radiate French Art de Vivre with their intrinsic elegance, sense of detail and refinement. But far from being quaint and conservative, they knew how to evolve and turn into protectors of the savoir-faire as much as keeping on eye on the future to always provide you with the best avant-garde and modern items. This definition, ladies, sure suits the Louis Vuitton spirit. 

Today, Louis Vuitton offers fashion shows that are on the edge of something definitely futuristic as much as absolutely classic and in the line of their more than a hundred and fifty years old attitude.

Since 1854, the brand has always showed us how to be the utterly feminine and free traveler – light malles, iconic clothes, amazing handbags – and it was but something logical for the French brand to offer women decent sneakers for us to take over the world in fashionable and comfortable shoes! Because who needs heels when you can beat anyone at anything in stylish flats? 

With Nicolas Ghesquière as its female line artistic director and Virgil Abloh in the men’s wear department, Louis Vuitton shows its attachment to modernity, avant-garde and fine design. Above all, their collections – and so their sneakers – are a pledge for the women and men of today and how life has evolved into a perpetuate (elegant) race.

There are no denying some of the items of the latest collections are surprisingly very sportswear oriented and inspired but, eh, isn’t the very set of mind of Vuitton to conquer the world with its unique charm and uncommonness? 

Louis Vuitton’s LV Archlight: the futuristic nineties

The sole of these sneakers make everything… and will make you yearn for these Louis Vuitton sneakers! The LV Archlight have a wave-shaped white gum sole with an engraved monogram at the heel that structure and give a lot of character to the shoes. Sculpted like a reversed “V”, this peculiar and charming sole acts like a Louis Vuitton signature.

Total best-seller, the LV Archlight are all over instagram fashionistas accounts and definitely will know how to make their way into your life.

But let’s not forget that Louis Vuitton has at heart to reveal you inner femininity and elegance even with big nineties sneakers at your feet. To that extent, the ankle is revealed in a wavy low cut to let your whole leg appear and so definitely sublime it like a pair of black high heels. Shaped up, your figure is as avant-garde as it is seductive: the LV Archlight will make you the queen of concrete catwalks.

The avant-garde and almost architectural design of the LV Archlight make it the most desirable sneaker in the whole Louis Vuitton collection. The turbo sole, the various versions of canvas for the upper part of the shoes (leather, nylon,… pick your favourite) and the round vintage-like laces will make you heart miss a beat… and your heart open wide to that very special pair of sneakers.

Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker LV Unboxing

Louis Vuitton’s Stellar sneaker: the ones for the beach party

If you were the ultimate Converse fan in your high school years, if you still crave radically and resolutely pop rock romantic sneakers to take you through spring days with a light foot and free spirit, you might – careful, this is real – be lovestruck by Louis Vuitton’s Stellar sneaker design. See that as the upgrade your womanhood earned you in terms of footwear, with a luxury twist and girly colours to die for.

Fresh like the first sunny days of May, the Stellar sneaker is a canvas shoe with a wide rubber sole. Monogrammed all over with the famous LV, either blended in the colour of the canvas or coloured on white canvas, the design of the Stellar is somehow childish and very grow-up at once. Wether in an eye-popping pink shade or bright white, you will feel deliciously adorned.

You will love its metallic rivets, thin laces and the various shapes you will find: classic low-top, high-top (I will talk to you about the high-top model a bit later, it is worth it I swear), open back…  The Stellar Louis Vuitton Sneaker will make your steps cooler and eye-catching, confident and yet carelessly elegant! Very easy to accommodate to any outfit, the Stellar is your ideal white (or pink!) sneaker for your daily errands. 

Louis Vuitton Unboxing Stellar Sneaker

Louis Vuitton’s Frontrow sneakers: the urban woman’s fantasy 

Sneakers, as you know, really are not just a runner’s accessory anymore and the place where most women wear their precious sneakers nowadays isn’t the gym but definitely the streets of big cities… where these sneakers often are the core of their outfit.

Dress smart with sneakers at your feet, you will be the ultimate cool woman around, whatever your style and age! Louis Vuitton well got that and the Frontrow sneakers was definitely designed for urban wanderers. 

The Frontrow has something timeless – even a little vintage – that is precisely the goût du jour – in fashionistas’ closets. White canvas, leather or monogrammed leather are various optious you can pick for your pair – even a large leather band covering the laces with “Louis Vuitton” written on them.

A lace accessory, a cool round and sympathetic vibe, the Louis Vuitton signature in golden letters on the sole… The Frontrow look is both very detailed and extremely easy to wear.

If you are a real fashion addict and big city dweller there is no doubt that you will love and most likely pick out these shoes of all the sneakers in this selection! Made for any look – casual, office, even a gown! – the Frontrow have no limits but those of your imagination. Versatile and made for a daily use, these Louis Vuitton shoes are here to make your style sharper and your pace faster!


Louis Vuitton’s Time Out sneakers

The Time Out sneakers are a variation on the Frontrow sneakers… with some very delicious twists. The sole, laces, rivets… the Time Out sneakers have really been designed so that you get a more nineties spirit with a playful and trendy DNA which is simply utterly desirable.

Urban and youthful, these Time Out have the sporty vibe you need and that nostalgic spirit that will remind you your high school years.

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Thick laces, thick sole, round shape and refined details: these are the ingredients to the Louis Vuitton Time Out sneaker recipe. The trendy elevated sole is definitely what makes at once the feminine and nineties bad boy style of this Louis Vuitton creation.

Half-skate, half-tennis shoes, and a hundred percent high-fashion, the Time Out will seduce you with their uniqueness and bold features – who would have guessed thick would be the new chic? 

With their elevated sole, the Time Out sneakers will magnify your figure. Indeed, just like a pair of kitten heels, they will grant you a higher silhouette with then more charism.

Their quite thick design is not to be taken for a problem: whatever your shape and body size, the Time Out will actually accentuate your femininity, especially if worn with a formal outfit or a precious dress!

Louis Vuitton Time Out Sneakers Review

Louis Vuitton’s Stellar boots: the luxury high-top shoes 

As I told you, I am going back to an other Stellar pair of sneakers, the high-top ones called ‘boots’. Made from the Louis Vuitton emblematic Monogram leather canvas, the Stellar boots are really like a love declaration to the high luxury and refined crafting that Louis Vuitton has always offered fashionistas.

The very simple design of the Stellar boot makes it an easy daily footwear item that you can slip on with any outfit. 

The Louis Vuitton Stellar boot is a very versatile and easy-going shoe for a look that will fit just as well for a walk in the countryside, at the beach or in the city. Easy to slip on – a gold side zip with a white lace detail echoes the golden rivets and white laces and sole.

Monogrammed all over, there is no denying that you have to love Louis Vuitton to be lovestruck with this model… as will your existing wardrobe which will no doubt match very well with the Stellar. 

With its neutral yet signature colours, the LV Stellar boots are somehow as eye-catching as they are easy to accommodate with any other colours and style of outfit.

Cute, youthful but not childish and definitely avoiding the “clown effect” that some high-top sneakers convey, the Stellar boots will find a dear and comfortable place in your wardrobe if you are looking for high end and high style luxury sneakers. And, girls, who is not

Louis Vuitton Stellar Sneaker Boot Review

Louis Vuitton’s Run Away sneaker: to actually run errands

True interpretation of an actual running shoe for actual runners who do actual running and definitely not a purely urban sneaker alike the Stellar or Frontrow, the Run Away sneakers by Louis Vuitton are an invitation to put some aerodynamics at your feet and in your life.

Colourful, cheerful and very sporty, the Run Away have but one goal: let you run away from the usual footwear dullness

Don’t be fooled by the very sportswear look of the Run Away – these sneakers are indeed designed to be flattering urban footwear for women. Precisely cut at the ankle – to let the sides of your ankle show but maintain your back and front ankle – and very cleverly elevated inside the sole to shape your legs the way a pair of heels would. Feminine and fierce like you, the Run Away Louis Vuitton sneakers will lead your steps all day long with comfort, sexiness and style. 

The Louis Vuitton Run Away sneakers are like these amazon shoes you needed and eventually brought to you in the finest leather, details and technical features.

Both luxury and sporty, elegant and irreverent, casual and sophisticated, the Run Away are as modern as you are and as paradoxical and cool as you are! You will find the Run Away in various colours from blue to pink, for you to match them with all of your outfits!

Louis Vuitton Run Away Sneakers Review

Louis Vuitton’s Aftergame sneaker boot: the ultimate futuristic sneaker

If anyone told me that I would one day be writing about a half-sock half-sneaker shoe with a futuristic look that is so futuristic I thought it would forever stay in sci-fi movies, I would have lauged very, very much.

That said, I am going to introduce you the half-sock half-sneaker shoe with a futuristic look that is so futuristic I thought it would forever stay in sci-fi movies that Louis Vuitton issued recently under the direction of Ghesquière, the Aftergame sneaker boot

A black stretch textile is used for the top canvas for the Aftergame. Supple and very lightweight, this peculiar black fabric create that sock-like look I was telling you about. Very simple, the black Aftergame is plain black textile with two elastic bands on the foot with “Louis Vuitton” written on it in the signature font of the French brand. Finally, the rubber sole is engraved with the traditional Vuitton Malletage pattern to wink at the brand’s historic trunks.

You will have guessed the Louis Vuitton Aftergame sneaker boot is quite a unique piece of footwear… that sure will not suit every woman in the world. But if you are into very high end sportswear style with a taste for uncommon items… well there you go, you found sneaker soulmate. 

Louis Vuitton Aftergame Sneaker Boot Review

The unexpected sporty and elegant Louis Vuitton footwear

Of course, when you think of Louis Vuitton, you probably won’t think of sneakers in the first place but rather bags, trunks, luxury leather… and that would be just fair.

But it is safe to say that Nicolas Ghesquière and Virgil Abloh really managed to bring up something cool and yet sophisticated that rejuvenates the Louis Vuitton footwear.

Whether you are a fan of sneakers or not, what Ghesquière did for women is offer a wide range of luxury to adopt and wear. 

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