Top Louis Vuitton Women Backpacks ๐ŸŽ’ LV Backpack 2020

Top Louis Vuitton Women Backpacks

Some brands just radiate French Art de Vivre with their intrinsic elegance, sense of detail and refinement. But far from being quaint and conservative, they knew how to evolve to turn into protectors of the French craftsmanship savoir-faire.

What is good is that they also keep on eye on the future to always provide you with the best avant-garde and modern items… Just like they have always done, often from the 19th century up until now. Amongst these amaznig French brands, I here summon Louis Vuitton, absolute genius of the French fashion industry since 1854. 

Today, Louis Vuitton offers fashion shows that are on the edge of something definitely futuristic as much as absolutely classic. The brand’s guidelines never changed: provide women and men with high quality fashion and accessories that last and make you want to throw your entire wardrobe away just to make it a hundred percent Vuitton.

Modernity as always been a cornerstone at the Louis Vuitton’s designers office and keep on being in their very DNA today, especially with the arrival of designers Nicolas Ghesquiรจre and Virgil Abloh at the head of creation in respectively women and men creation.ย 

Nicolas Ghesquiรจre has a fun and pop culture take on the Vuitton DNA when Abloh has revolutionised the Louis Vuitton men’s department with very urban and raw, radical pieces. Both brought to the runway a new kind of it-bag that very much suits the modern women needs: the backpack.

How convenient and cute are these little bags that you can carry all day without carring much about it, that are out of the ordinary and useful? Well, let me show you my top Louis Vuitton backpacks, so you can go on and pick the one that will stick to you for the rest of your life!

Louis Vuitton’s Montsouris backpack: the tiny piece of chic

Louis Vuitton’s Montsouris backpack is an iconic model that has had an already long history. Its very classic and retro look conveys something very charming and easy to wear that sure will suit all women looking for convenient and luxury backpacks.

You might not know it, but Montsouris is a park in Paris and this bag is an invitation to go have a tour around this park, with nothing to carry in your hands but the flowers you just picked or your kid as you have fun enjoying a bit of greenery in the heart of the capital of style… Convinced yet? 

The current Montsouris backpack is an update of the historic model and sure will please you with its very feminine and old-fashioned look. Its natural cowhide leather trim, monogram coated canvas and golden metal hardware scream luxury crafting and make the very high-end look of the Montsouris backpack.

Adjustable leather shoulder straps are the convenient perk of this very finely thought backpack for you to be as comfortable as possible. Lots of little pockets are hidden at the back and inside the handbag. The masterpiece of the Montsouris is the buckle clasp in the front, that mixes plain beige leather and the monogram coated canvas with gold-coloured details

The Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack is at once a Lady and a young girl’s best friend. As classic and practical as it is elegant and trendy, the Montsouris is made for versatility of style and use. Whether you go for a picnic at the park or you are running errands, the Montsouris will take you wherever you have to or want to be with style, comfort and everything you need at its heart, well protected by the precious leather and bijou buckle clasp.

Whatever your style, you can match the Montsouris to your whole wardrobe without any hesitation: the monogram canvas is so well know and trendy, it will suit you pale pink dress as much as your working girl man suit!


Louis Vuitton’s Clapton backpack: the most versatile handbag ever

The problem with backpacks is that they take you back to your high school years rather than to the idea of a chic and charismatic womanhood that knows her fashion classics.

Louis Vuitton really got this and managed โ€“ with all his backpacks, but above all with the Clapton โ€“ to have you forget everything about teenage canvas backpack and have you look fabulous and sophisticated with luxury high-quality handbags.

What is very nice about the Clapton is that its design has something as youthful as it is serious and crafted for every women to look fabulously elegant

The Clapton handbag is made of the signature checkerboard leather canvas, revisited with a chocolate and mocha coloured leather that has something warm and youthful to add to the overall design. Versatile, you can chose to only use the elbow handle or the shoulder straps to wear it any way you want according to the occasion and your outfit.

The grained cowhide-leather trim and cream or magnolia top are the the luxury and feminine touch that the design needed to be very charming and elegant. What really make the luxury finish to the Clapton handbag is the tuck lock closure in gold metal that is really like a jewellery piece at the very core of the design

The Clapton backpack by Louis Vuitton will satisfy all your chic lady’s need as much as your modern woman’s responsibilities. Quite small but very practical with its hidden pockets and useful design, the Clapton is as much a signature piece with the tuck lock inspired by the heritage Vuitton trunks as much as a very modern take on what bags should provide women today.

Lightweight, decidedly trendy, the Clapton backpack will fit your work uniform just as well as your romantic weekend outfits… what more did you need? 


Louis Vuitton’s Moon backpack: the one that will have your heart crumble

Born in 2019 for the 2020 Cruise collection โ€“ a collection made by Ghesquiรจre with lots of backpacks! โ€“, the LV Moon is an update on the half-moon shaped Alma Vuitton backpack. This bag is another retro-pop revisitation of the Louis Vuitton DNA with a playful touch that will sure catch your fashionista’s eye.

Dramatic, graphic, feminine but raw with its black all-over look and golden hardware, the Louis Vuitton Moon backpack is for your inner femme fatale wanderer of the night’s whims to thrive at the crook of your elbow or up on your shoulders

A veal leather canvas embossed with the LV Monogram Midnight logo feature and a brand new signature design coined by Nicolas Ghesquiรจre make the very essence of this Moon backpack. The shiny black leather is given depth and relief thanks to the embossed details.

The new โ€œVโ€ โ€“ in a very 80s kind of Stranger Things font โ€“ is the background for a giant โ€œLouis Vuittonโ€ written in the same new font and the Monogram Midnight coated plain back leather canvas add again to the drama and so very luxury look of the Moon.

A golden lock on the lop with the iconic LV engraved on it is the finish touch echoing to the gold-coloured zip locks of the front and main pockets of the bag

The Louis Vuitton Moon backpack is a classic yet outstanding design that sure will have you very soon fall in love with it. High-quality and definitely luxury-made, the Moon backpack is for adventurers of the night and women with a femme fatale look who do not fear red lipstick, high heels and Saint-Laurent women suits.

Dramatic, graphic and baroque at the same time, the Moon backpack by Ghesquiรจre is pure high-fashion embodied in embossed veal leather

LV Moon Backpack Unboxing Vidรฉo

Louis Vuitton’s Lockme backpack: the working woman’s best accessory

Hear, hear all working girls around, you are about to fall in love with this radically elegant and high-fashion backpack, wether you thought backpacks were already cool or you hated them for how childish you deemed they would make you look.

Well, Louis Vuitton knew your possible concerns and issued a backpack that is pure geometry, elegance and sharply on trend. Your working girl vibe will shiver and your strict lady’s style tremble โ€“ with the Louis Vuitton Lockme backpack, be ready to be the best you that you have ever been

The Louis Vuitton Lockme is really not that big, but do not let yourself be fooled: it has all it takes to allow you to go from morning to night time without ever missing anything you needed. Its supple veal leather will offer you comfort and a luxury fine grain finish, ornamented with a silver metal โ€œLVโ€ miniature signature at the clasp.

Black and silver, two colours that assure you elegance and versatility at any time.The adjustable shoulder straps can be removed for the bag to be carried at your elbow thanks to the top handle, in case you need to step by a very formal place in the middle of your busy day. Useful, sophisticated and comfortable, the Louis Vuitton Lockme really is your daily ally.

When you work all day and have a style that goes according to it โ€“ quite classic, elegant, finely thought of โ€“ you need either a thousand bags or just one, very practical, versatile and sophisticated one.

The Louis Vuitton Lockme was designed to fit all silhouettes, all lifestyles, all occasions. If you actually need just one bag in your closet, it would be this super easy Lockme backpack. Spacious yet tiny and lightweight, mind not your steps and fly from one meeting to another without fear and with a lot of style โ€“ and say โ€œthank youโ€ as you come across a Louis Vuitton boutique on your way

Louis Vuitton LOCKME Mini Review

Louis Vuitton’s Christopher backpack: the one you will steal from the men’s alley

Aren’t you used to stealing some items from your father’s, brother’s or boyfriend’s closets? Well, men jeans are not the only piece of clothes you can adapt to your wardrobe, it appears bags and especially Louis Vuitton backpacks also do the trick if you are looking for edgy, androgynous fashion items to lift your feminine ward robe up to another level.

With the Christopher handbag, it is not just another backpack you will be adding into your fashionista collection โ€“ it will actually be a wide, cool and rad bag to take you through trips to the countryside or really busy days.

Uber big but not too heavy or tedious to carry on your shoulders, Louis Vuitton’s Christopher backpack is like a luxury school bag featured with hiking bag equipments to convey a vibe that is precious and adventurous at the same time. Inside you will find loads of pockets, including one for your computer or iPad, and outside… just as much, with buckles and details that give the retro look you love to this Christopher backpack.

Clever and elegant with this black all-over design and silver hardware details, this Louis Vuitton men creation will actually fit all your woman’s need be it in terms of style or practicality

If you are an adventurer or a vintage style lover, the Louis Vuitton Christopher backpack will be your ultimate busy day or weekend bag. Very practical, trendy, comfortable to carry around… this bag also matches any outfit you have since its plain black with silver details design allows it to fit any silhouette.

Carry your heels, your sneakers, your iPad and everything you need on your back thanks to the pretty Christopher... who needs a boyfriend when you can just have the boyfriend’s bag and all its features along with you all day? 


Louis Vuitton, the historic French luxury bags

When thinkg of Louis Vuitton, the first things on your mind are probably the trunks and that very, very well-known โ€œLVโ€ signature monogram. Since 1854, the French brand has crafted ingenious bags and luggage that adapted to the needs of the people travelling around Europe and across Oceans, and so they still do today… with a great addition of everyday handbags for both women and men. 

Backpacks are a logical following to the modern women handbags: easy to carry around without forgetting to be high-end luxury items, the Louis Vuitton handbags are piece of history as well as piece of excellent fashion that you sure will not regret getting for yourself!

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