Top Longchamp Women Sneakers 👟 Best of LGP Sneakers 2020

Top Longchamp Women Sneakers

From Pipe accessories for Elvis Presley to witty handbags with Kendall Jenner as a muse, Longchamp has a long and eventful history. Today, Sophie Delafontaine is the witty artistic director behind all fashion and accessories collections. She notably helped her father create the famous Le Pliage bag, the brand’s all-time best-seller since its launch in 1993. 

The last collections were presented in a campaign starring Kendall Jenner as the face of 2018’s Longchamp. Forward thinking and never letting its fans down, Longchamp knew how to reinvent itself years after years with people like Kate Moss or now Jenner. Technics and luxury, these are the key words to any Longchamp-made item and so sportswear sure was something the brand had to turn to eventually.

Sneakers were the a formality… and like all good things, quality prevails over quantity: with only a dozen of models and two types of sneakers so far, the Longchamp collection is scarce… but how so desirable. Sporty and made to resist the city or countryside life, for a stroll on the beach or the Champ de Mars, Lonchamp’s sneakers are made for women to be trendy and comfortable. Here is my selection. 

Longchamp Freeminder sneakers with cavalier: the signature sneaker

The Longchamp Freeminder have a clear inspiration which the French brand is really at ease with in spite of its first weird aspect: the Dad shoes. Doesn’t ring a bell? The dad shoes are these nineties sneakers with thick rubber sole and let’s say it, quite an ugly look.

But the cleverness and derision of our times turned these formerly ridiculous sneakers into a graal of fashion – and Longchamp’s take on the Dad shoes really is an interesting one

These particular Freeminder sneakers really are worth starring in this selection because not only of their design but also their DNA and inspiration, which really resonate with the Longchamp spirit. Contemporary, the Cavalier Freeminder are made of plain shite smooth leather and a just as bright white compensated rubber sole. The elastic laces are hold up together by a jewel clasp that reminds me the Longchamp bags clasps

But why CavalierI? Because, in order to really let the Longchamp’s DNA radiate from this pair of sneakers, the signature logo Longchamp rider is printed in big on the exterior side of the sneakers, at once making a belonging and fashion statement. Pop-art meets sportswear and French luxury symbols, and that is for the best. You will enjoy wearing these in any situation with a real or formal outfit.

Longchamp Freeminder Reptile: the sporty French chic sneakers

What? Twice the same shoes in one selection? Well, ladies, yes! And that really is done on purpose for, with only two models of sneakers, Longchamp made a fine job creating very different and cool variation for each design.

The Freeminder Reptile sneakers have actually nothing to do with the above mentioned Freeminder. Sportier, the Freeminder Reptile are luxury running shoes rather than Dad shoes and that is due to the refinement of the sophisticated play on leather and canvas of the upper shoe.

Some details don’t change: the white rubber sole and the jewel clasp in the shape of a piece of bamboo are still there on the Freeminder Reptile and still convey respectively a nineties sportswear meets French luxury vibe. 

The big difference is the upper shoe design and making. Made of different leathers and textile in black and white shades, the Freeminder Reptile stands out. Smooth black leather embossed in the pattern of snake skin waves around the white laces and beneath it, a just as graphic and wavy band of velours leather counterbalances its shape to create something very graphic. 

Way more alike running shoes and definitely more luxury-looking with the details and refinement of the cuts of leather, the Freeminder Reptile will suit the more urban and contemporary women searching for elegance, sophistication as well as bright modernity in her sneakers

Longchamp Le Pliage LGP sneakers: the ones as clever as a Longchamp bag

Lately, Longchamp redesigned their monogram in a very graphic, modern and urban way. That very cool and avant-garde look was printed all over the latest collections… and the Longchamp Le Pliage LGP sneakers did not miss the call for a makeover with this cool new print!

The Le Pliage LGP are half-slip-ons half-running shoes sneakers that you will enjoy for their very urban look as well as ultimate comfort

With a compensated rubber sole that gives structure and fantasy to the shoe, the Le Pliage LGP convey something at once sporty and very feminine. The overall look is futuristic and technical, with elegance: no laces but clever play with neoprene layers give easiness and comfort as well as the new Longchamp monogram printed all-over the neoprene parts give an almost architectural graphic style that is to die for

Light and feeling like the neoprene upper shoe was moulded on your feet, the Le Pliage LGP sneakers are the most stylish and comfortable sneakers you will find at Longchamp. Designed for you to walk, run, dance all day long, these sneakers are proof of the high-level technics and refined luxury design that Longchamp has always put forward in its products. And just as a personal note: these sneakers are the best!

Longchamp, the unexpected genius sneakers maker

It is true that you might not have thought Longchamp as a fashion brand that would dwell on the sneakers trend. Known for their high-end leather bags and refined clothing lines, Longchamp knows it has to do the unexpected to always earn again its spot amongst the best French fashion maisons.

With their clever and luxury sneakers design, Longchamp proves itself capable of top-quality footwear with a sporty and yet sophisticated vibe. Whether you rather go for the technicality of the La Pliage LGP or the more nineties vibe of the Freeminder, you know you will find one that fits and that you will love. And that is Longchamp’s power: make items for you to enjoy living with everyday! 

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