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Top Lancel Backpacks
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Lancel stands amidst the oldest Parisian luxury brand. Lancel has been designing the French fashion world for as long as 1876! First and foremost an accessory business, Lancel was first making cigarette cases and then turned into the well-known luxury brand that wrote her history along with Paris’s.

Arletty, Edith Piaf… in the 40s, these French icons were faithful customers who loved their precious cigarette cases to match with their pretty handbag, both made in Lancel, of course! 

At first, Lancel was a big success thanks to the Parisiennes’ love for smoky terrasses, partying all night long on the Grands Boulevards and being elegant at any time : free-spirited women all went to Angèle Lancel’s small shop at Opera… a boutique that soon grew into a really big four stairs store with a workshop above. 

Lancel thrived because Angèle was a woman and then knew what women needed. It is as early as in 1927 that she launched the iconic bucket bag – easy going, very supple with great feature and a very refined leather, this bucket bag soon was the the brand’s best-seller.

That spirit of avant-garde and very thought of design was to be the corner stone of all Lancel creations from then on, and that mix of highly desirable and practical is still today what lays behind any Lancel creation. 

Lancel’s acute sense of modernity and its status of promoter of the sophisticated yet not boring French-Boulevard spirit around the world as made it a total hit and an inevitable star amongst star of the French fashion pantheon.

That is why today their collections still are as vividly demanded by all women… and how they got into doing backpacks that actually fit our expectations in terms of coolness and usefulness! 

Know that models from my selection will be issued from the women’s and men’s collection… because who doesn’t like to steal a thing from their boyfriends or brother’s wardrobe, for a more trendy look? There we go! 

Lancel’s Mia backpack: the utterly feminine sport-chic backpack

Lancel is known for their uber femininity mixed up with very practical features and easy-going pieces that will make your silhouette memorable. This Mia backpack by the French brand definitely is in the line of Lancel’s creations and pops out as one of the coolest revisitation of the sporty backpack… with a French luxury and elegant twist.

Very recent, it is yet another token of how clever and cute are Lancel bags and they have always been through time. Made for the city life and the busy days when you surely will not give up on your style but do need a practical handbag, this Mia backpack is your perfect backpack. 

Lancel’s Mia is made of grained smooth cow skin, a material that really conveys the luxury touch to the bag – literally, you feel it when you touch it.

Mia is a recent line that aims at going for a cool and restless femininity that has an audacious take on graphic lines and clean cut pieces. Sport-chic, this bag has a classic ovid shape with a 3D front pocket on which the Lancel logo – modernized – is stuck onto. This very graphic detail is key to the overall design and reminds how forward Mia is. 

If your day resemble a marathon or you love to commute with a comfy handbag by your side, this very handy Mia backpack is made for you. Whatever is your working environment like, Mia is at once a formal and fun backpack that will help your silhouette stand out as well as help you have all you need with you at all time, from your computer to your evening heels.

With a lot of very chic details, Mia is not your regular backpack; it will become your luxury best friend. What is really, really cool with Mia is that you will have it whenever you need it, be it at your office or out with friends, and actually find it very suiting on all occasions

Lancel’s Grand Hôtel backpack: your go-to 48h travel backpack

Lancel’s Grand Hôtel is a very cool and practical handbag that I picked from the men’s alley at Lancel. Why? Because its androgynous look and very useful numerous pockets offer you a chance to spend your best weekend getaway with style and without missing anything nor having to carry a heavy and space wasting suitcase.

Whether you are going on the plane or on your lover’s side-car (you might like risk and romance) you will enjoy its beautiful and handy design

First, the luxury and design: made of smooth grained leather, the Grand Hôtel touch is very luxury-made and is utterly enjoyable. On the top of the bag, the Lancel classic logo is embossed in leather and really convey a sophisticated line to the bag. Now, practicality.

There. Are. So. Many. Pockets! That is personally what I love about men’s bags (and men’s jeans), they are meant to make life easier and jacket’s pockets lighter. A first secret pocket for your passeport is followed by a computer padded space, five inner pockets and two front zip pockets that add an adventurous vibe to the overall classic rectangular shape

This very cool and very big backpack by Lancel is really a tribute to its great history of making travel easy and simple thanks to brilliantly designed handbags. Who cares that you are taking this backpack from the men’s collection? If you own it, you will never leave it again, I can assure you.

With its easy look, rigid and androgynous but very well though and luxury made, it will be you weekend’s best friend. You only risk one thing: your boyfriend might try and steal it after he sees it! But what do you care – you will have bee the one to show him the path to good taste… and will always have the last word!

Lancel’s Pop backpack: a cute revisitation of your teenage years backpack 

The idea between Lancel’s Pop backpack is to ease your days. Thought of as a sort of origami bag (yes, like Longchamp’s Le Pliage), this Pop backpack is a “pop in, pop out” bag that will be as easily placed back into your ward robe as fold out to be worn negligently and with much cool on one shoulder, bouncing at the rhythm of your steps.

This Pop backpack is a very lean and simple design that will not be weird either at your weekly picnic with friends nor at your utmost serious work meeting (the kind when your boss’s boss’s boss is there, you know). Practical and very easy going and easy to wear, this Pop backpack is made for every one, women and men with a sense of style. 

Lancel’s Pop backpack is a piece that stands out for its ingeniousness and resolute style. Made of a very supple and high-quality leather, Pop’s overall look is a sleek design inspired from our teenage years backpacks… with a sophisticated twist and less obvious brand signatures: the Lancel signature actually stands in the fine and refined details. An outside pocket is the only sign of originality with its cool zip and the inside is made of tree pockets that help you get organised.

Whether you are traveling with your computer or just having an afternoon out running from one museum to a café to another museum, you will have all the space you need

This Pop backpack by Lancel is a very versatile and easy to wear backpack available in a wide range of vivid or more discreet colours and four different sizes – in a word, you will compulsorily find the one Pop backpack that suits your wishes and life style.

The Lancel’s Pop backpack was launched as a men’s backpack… but why restraint ourselves from having their bold, cool, colourful, good looking items because it was labelled  “men”? You will love its very supple leather and witty ways of folding that will make it your ideal travel backpack: put it in your suitcase thanks to its small size and get it out when you need it for more style and practicality

Longchamp, the brand of the cool, practical, busy and stylish women

Longchamp has a long lasting history with practicality, travel and femininity. A witty woman created it and made the whole world fall in love with her creations, and so the Lancel history goes on today with witty designs made for outstanding women with a brilliant sense of joyfulness and life… and a very practical sense and a very busy life! 

Versatile, good looking and adjustable to your everyday life style, the Lancel backpacks are really made for your every day enjoyment and definite practicality with style. What I recommend with Lancel’s backpacks is really not to stick only to the women’s pieces: you have to really go forward and look everywhere because the talent of Lancel is in any and every of their piece! 

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