Top J茅r么me Dreyfuss Women Sneakers 馃憻 Best of JD Sneakers

Top J茅r么me Dreyfuss Women Sneakers

J茅rome Dreyfuss is a French designer. Living in Paris since his late teenage years, he grew up meeting amazing women with a strong style and even stronger personalities. When none of his girl friends were finding a handbag that suited them, the young fashion designer turned from fashioning clothes to maroquinerie, as we say in French.

In the early 2010s, the French fashion designer turned to 鈥渟oulier鈥 鈥 a very fancy word in French to say 鈥渟hoes鈥 鈥 making. And, like everything he designed, these sneakers that Dreyfuss offered us are really amazing.

Creating according to his only will and never really finding inspiration in trends, J茅r么me Dreyfuss wants to be off of the regular schemes, and creates for women from women he saw and found inspiring.

His very first shoes and sneakers collection was called ‘wild wild west’ and really captured some fairy tale version of the early days of the American continent 鈥 these creations very much echoed to his wife’s, brilliant designer Isabel Marant who managed very well to translate that ‘wild west’ vibe without ever being clich茅 or guilty of cultural appropriation.

It is the same very good and cool taste that brought j茅rome Dreyfuss’s first shoes collection to life, and it is the very same gift that pushes all his new shoes and sneakers designs to life too. 

Since 2002, Dreyfuss has made our dreams come true, mixing with a unique taste practicality and style.With his very little yet very cool collection of sneakers, he proved the world once more that he knows what fits women, what pleases them and above all that he is the designer of the active urban woman. Let’s get a look at these shoes, and do not fear falling in love with these!

J茅r么me Dreyfuss’s Run sneakers: your teenage years cool revival

The Run sneakers by J茅r么me Dreyfuss are just like all of his women handbags: beautiful, comfortable, very fashionable as well as out of time and so endlessly trendy.

In a word, they are everything. If you dream of having as regressive as they are cool and feminine sneakers, you have to at least give them a try: these sneakers are pure genius in suede or simile croco leather! 

These velcro sneakers with three velcro fastenings and an iconic stud design, the J茅r么me Dreyfuss Run sneakers are rubber sole shoes with a very young, round and cool design. All Run designs are made of lambskin with a lot of different design that were crafted to be from very very discreet to very, very flamboyant like the flamingo brilliant pink of classic brown suede. 

The Run sneakers by J茅r么me Dreyfuss have that very unique and signature three golden dots in the back that really make them an iconic J茅r么me Dreyfuss design.

The Run sneakers are made for easy and low key women as much as urban daring fashionistas who will love the bright pink, golden or bandana models. Very childish with their velcro fastening as well as modern and city-proof look, they will seduce basically any cool and style loving girls that want to bring some fun and comfort into any of their outfits. 

J茅r么me Dreyfuss’s Jacqueline sock sneaker: the surf shoe that looks like a sock

The Jacqueline by J茅r么me Dreyfuss is a very fun and unusual shoe. In fact, you definitely would not have expected it and especially not in a J茅r么me Dreyfuss collection.

This special sneakers are special sock sneakers since they are not sorted out from te trendy weird Balenciaga sick sneakers but actually originate from the surfers and divers shoes, the actual plastic or neoprene sock they slip on when out at sea or in the ocean ! 

A knit thermoplastic sock that makes the upper shoe is sealed to a supple and flat rubber sole that really fits your feet at every step. Adherent and designed to be concrete as well as beach proof, the Jacqueline have as odd a name as their silhouette is unique and actually very well-thought. A bit slimmer at the heel and toes, the Jacquline by J茅r么me Dreyfuss will be the perfect fit for all your stylish and trendy outings. 

Elegant and unique, the Jacqueline’s designs will offer you a light and very versatile silhouette and will match your bathing suit as well as your most feminine and classy dress.

Do not fear to go wild and crazy with your look when you wear them, there are absolutely no rules regarding how you match them: the Jacqueline are made for your every day glee. 

J茅r么me Dreyfuss’s Davina: the classy high-top

The Davina are the first sneakers that J茅r么me Dreyfuss made: really cool and versatile, they are meant to accompany you in any situation even at work.

High-top, a bit thick but not too much, they clearly are inspired from the American basketball shoes like Jordans issued. But with a far more feminine and Parisian twist. 

They are either fastened by velcros or laces and so adapt to your mood: childish and cool, more urban and adult. Definitely seventies inspires, they are made of suede and smooth leather with a velcro fastening at the ankle and Indian American pattern on the core of the shoe. 

The Davina by J茅r么me Dreyfuss is made to fit all your outfits and especially your favourite jeans and skirt. They are only available at vintage retailers since J茅r么me Dreyfuss doesn’t produce them any more but do give them a try… they will become your life long favourite sneakers. 

J茅r么me Dreyfuss, elegant regressive sneakers

Playful and light with a very Parisian vibe, the J茅r么me Dreyfuss sneakers are made to be your daily companions all day and all year long. The Run are your fun and easy days friends, the Jacqueline are your trendiest pair of shoes and the Davinas are your go-to every day shoes.

The only thing with J茅r么me Dreyfuss designs is that it will be hard no to rush to buy all of his sneakers… they are rare, nice and very versatile!聽

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