Top Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrances for Women 👩 Best JPG Perfumes

Top Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrances for Women

Jean-Paul Gaultier is a very unique and amazing character – not even person, character – of the fashion industry. His entry in the world of perfumery had to be amazingly exclusive and uncommon… and so was it! With his Le Classique, launched in 1993, Jean-Paul Gaultier reached the very tops of any best-seller fragrance in the world… for it was so superb and unseen. 

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s avant-garde and irreverence was his trademark and still is now, with his solely haute-couture positioning, a daring and very respectable choice considering his incredible savoir-faire and taste for the utmost eccentric and unusual. Spectacular, his fashion needed fragrance as unforgettable as his audacious collections – he managed a coup taking over the fragrance industry with such elegance and power, thanks to his powerful and sense-full creations.

At the same time Madonna made him king of the 90s fashion wearing all of his corsets and bras, Jean-Paul Gaultier decided to enter the world of perfumery… unconventionally, obviously. With a woman’s mannequin upper body contained in a tin can, his very first fragrance set the tone for all of his later creations: a Jean-Paul Gaultier’s fragrance is something as relevant as it is out of the afore set rules and he was to be a ruling master ever since. 

Nowadays, haute-couture and perfumery are two stones of the Jean-Paul Gaultier edifice – there is no denying that one does not go without the other and that Jean-Paul Gaultier’s mind, two-facetted, oxymoronic, full of laughs as much as filled with sensuality and eroticism. Deeply keen on oriental scents, Jean-Paul Gaultier has issued amongst the most feminine and best fragrance of all times. And for you to manage to pick your very own fragrance, let me guide you through some of his best works… c’est parti

La Belle: a luminous fragrance for radiant women 

La Belle was born from a couple known as La Belle et Le Beau, the masculine version of this uber feminine fragrance. La Belle is a bewitching oriental with very deep notes and a natural vibe to it that is purely delicious.

You can’t get bored of La Belle: she is the ultimate women, made of innocence, temptation, elegance, audacity and a very keen sense of irreverence. A very Gaultier woman, encaptured in La Belle’s precious bottle. 

First, La Belle bursts out as a bouquet of citrus notes with a leading and strong, refreshing bergamot. A very radiant and solar scent is born from the attachment of bergamot and the sweet and spicy scent of pear that gets entangled with that citrus start – it is so very androgynous and resolutely feminine at once that really it will strike you straight. For a rounder, deeper, more oriental touch – the oriental touch that will actually take over the first notes without fading them out – a powerful vanilla comes to wrap all scents up and create a very elegant and candy-like fragrance. 

La Belle is actually a variation on the Classique Jean-Paul Gaultier’s perfume – the bottle, that very same mannequin upper body wearing a very refined red corset, reminds very much the Classique’s bottle – but with a stronger sense of sensuality and femininity. Actually, not femininity: womanhood. Garçonne and Lady at once, la Belle is a woman to be noticed and you will forever be unforgettable thanks to its powerful and lasting scent – a best friend, a daily companion you won’t ever get bored of! 

Jean Paul Gaultier “La Belle” Fragrance Review

Scandal: the fragrance of powerful and unapologetic women

Carnal and innocent at once, sweet and deliciously acid, Scandal is scandalously marvellous. Flowers all entangled with sweet or woody, earthy notes make the very best combination to express the spice of a modern days garçonne ‘s life.

A unconventional life, with lovers, affairs, work, whims, anything that builds up the definition for the Jean-Paul Gaultier muse, an audacious and exuberant girl. And this muse has find her perfect mischievous fragrance really recently as Jean-Paul Gaultier added this precious new perfume to his collection. 

When Scandal opens up, it is to reveal notes that are rare and rarely well used in perfumery. Very sweet, Scandal is built around a surprising and quite unusual scent: honey. The round delicacy of honey gives the whole fragrance a very unique scent that is to die for. Addictive and rare, honey gets mixed up with a vibrant gardenia that brings something light and delicate, enhanced by the earthy background of the fragrance made of sandalwood and patchouli. 

Deep yet spicy and unapologetically sweet, sweet, sweet, Scandal is a fragrance for the women who enjoy being two-facetted, with no restraint and love to break the rules. Not a rebel but a very-belle de jour who can mesmerise crowds and take the power. Are you the Jean-Paul Gaultier amazon? Scandal will tell you as soon as you try it on. This fragrance will be yours to help you let yourself thrive – your Jean-Paul Gaultier irreverent and sophisticated self, obviously! 


Classique Eau de Parfum: the bast-seller floral-oriental

How funny is that, that the first ever fragrance by Jean-Paul Gaultier is named “classic”? If the fashion designer had not yet made his point on his fantastic eccentricities, that oxymoronic name sure did.

Classique tells the story of women as Jean-Paul Gaultier sees them: it is the first attempt at capturing the essence of the unconventional, sexy and unapologetic Gaultier woman

Classique is an oriental and floral fragrance that stands out for his spicy sweetness and very sensual notes. The bottle itself, in the shape of a woman’s body wearing a oh-la-la corset, really sets the mood for the uniqueness of Classique… but the magic happens in that refined and mesmerising nectar! 

At first, lemon, mandarin and bergamot tied up by a trail of orange flower give a sense of spice and freshness as well as a quaint powdery vibe to Classique. Then, the powdery notes will rise up even more as much as the delicacy of flowers: sophisticated jasmine, opulent tuberose and sweet ylang-ylang burst out, spiced up by touches of ginger. Last but not least, the very oriental background – cedar wood, amber, vanilla and cinnamon – really wraps up all scents for Classique to be perfectly balanced

Classique is the ultimate Jean-Paul Gaultier fragrance. Unmissable obsession, it has been for years one of the worldwide perfumery best-seller… and it is no secret why when you consider how powerful, self-assured, elegant and irreverent that fragrance makes you! Eccentricity is Jean-Paul Gaultier’s classic… and the force that lays behind that marvellous fragrance. 

Jean Paul GAULTIER ‘CLASSIQUE’ eau de parfum REVIEW

Scandal by Night: the very essence of the daring girls 

Powerful and fearless, the Jean-Paul Gaultier amazon is one who loves a little trouble… and she does not hesitate to misbehave be it day or night!

Yet, nights have this little fantasy, that mystery and anyway the shadows were made for the radiant women to rise and shine: Scandal By Night is the fragrance you need, you bold and amazing lady, to perfect your apparel and double the effects of that sassy and sexy freedom you already grow inside your heart

Bewitchingly oriental and opulently floral, Scandal by Night is a fragrance that lingers on your skin for hours before fading out. First, tuberose open the night out with its round and elegant scent that is lifted up right after by the suave and sweet honey notes. Sensuality and audacity are then embodied in the background by sandalwood and tonka bean, an oriental and mesmerising bed for the precious tuberose and honey. 

If audacity is your second name, be sure to get one of Scandal By Night bottles as soon as you can: this heady and charming fragrance with warm, sensual, bold notes will be your best friend wherever you go. Long-lasting and unforgettable, Scandal by Night is an ode to nights out and nocturnal folies… your very own folies. This Jean Paul Gaultier perfume enhances your femininity as well as pushes you forward, saying ‘be the best you want to be’. And you will love it. 


Ma Dame: Jean-Paul Gaultier’s very own lady’s fragrance

“Ma Dame n’est pas une madame. Elle est ma muse. Elle m’amuse” (“Ma Dame is not a madam. She is my muse. She amuses me.”)– that is how Jean-Paul Gaultier explained the Ma Dame fragrance when it came out.

The very essence of the Gaultier woman is encapsulated in Ma Dame’s precious notes: irreverent and funny, whimsical and elegant yet having no sense and no regard for conventions… Ma Dame is for the Gaultier lady but not all Ladies!

In the sculpted bottle – a pink square with the “Classique” fragrance figure engraved inside the bottle – the Ma Dame nectar is already a jewel in itself… and is definitely a perfumery jewel. First, a very fresh start of citrus fruits with a very acid and spicy orange taking the lead. This very citrusy beginning opens up to an outburst of roses entangled with a sweet and surprising grenadine which are magnified in the end by a woody and male-ish background of cedar wood and a musks overdose. 

There are no denying that Ma Dame will either strike you with love or disgust for it is so very sweet and deep– but it is her very nature to play with contrasts and stop at nothing! Ma Dame is a floral fragrance with a lot of temper and it will best be put to use at the crook of your neck and wrists to take your irreverence, charm and femininity to the next level – the Jean-Paul Gaultier level.

Perfume Review MaDame by Jean Paul Gaultier

Gaultier 2: the very personal fragrance created by Gaultier 

Careful with this little one, you might wonder how to pronounce that name: don’t go for “Gaultier square”, it is to be read “Gaultier to the power of two”. A little bad English from a charming French brand is always so irrésistible.

So, this Gaultier to the power of two fragrance is a very early release from Gaultier – early 2000s – and its first unisex perfume. Gaultier 2 is like the fusion of a male and female skin, a merging of the soul and sensualities to create a unique fragrance from a unique experience

This fragrance then owes to deliver something rare and bare… and so does it with only three major notes that reveal themselves incredibly powerful and unforgettable. Raw, natural, very much sensual – so much so that it could almost be said erotic! – the accord of Gaultier 2 is composed of a rich and opulent amber, that embraces the very sexual and raw scent of a refined white musks. To punctuate this mix, a sweet and round vanilla to add some femininity in this very carnal mix.

Gaultier 2 is a fragrance for all women – and men, since it is unisex! – who find an echo of themselves in refined and powerful scents with androgynous notes as much as voluptuous scents. The delicacy of the vanilla and animality of the amber and musks is something rare and powerful that will linger on your skin and take you to anywhere you wish to go for Gaultier 2 is daring and so full of love… and sensuality! 

Jean-Paul Gaultier, the maison of uber femininity

Jean-Paul Gaultier has always done his best to represent and cover the whims and very self of all women – all shapes, sizes, colours, contours, personalities – and so do his fragrances.

Created to help you the best you can be, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s perfumes are really the essence of a free spirited and deeply sensual and unapologetic womanhood. 

Femininity has everything to do with his perfumery work… as much as androgynousness and masculinity: gender doesn’t matter the only aime is for you to be the woman, the girl you always wanted to be thanks to a unique and uncommon scent that will become your signature.

That is what Jean-Paul Gaultier is about: embracing all women to help them be the most amazing they can be. 

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