Top Hermès Women Sneakers 👟 Best of Hermès Sneakers 2020

Top Hermès Women Sneakers

Across the world, few brands resonate as Hermès does. The French luxury brand has been a brilliant, cherished, innovative leader in the fashion industry for decades on, with no intention of letting go their supremacy. But did you know fashion was not actually Hermès’s trade in the early years? 

When he founded Hermès in 1837 Thierry Hermès made… harnesses and saddles ! His lasting success crowned him as the best craftsman in Europe and brought him a customer base including tsar Nicolas II, and many other kings, princes and presidents from all over the world.

The fashion part of Hermès came along with the maison‘s taste for refined and sophisticated objects as well as their amazing craftsmanship abilities regarding leather and fabrics of all kind. 

The great force of the French luxury leader is a taste for simple rather than tacky, innovative rather than iterative, for the respect of the past and the love of answering the needs of modern life.

Hermès‘s soul always stayed true to itself and this surely explains its lasting success. Of course, as the years go by, fashion changes and that was only a matter of time for Hermès to jump on board with the sneakers design trend amongst luxury houses. 

Indeed, it is only recently that the running footwear invaded up to the Haute Couture runways all around the (fashion) world. And if some creators were too lazy to go beyond the shapes that already existed back in the sixties, some pushed forward the luxury sneakers design and managed to create new shoes that are really worth the work.

Hermès is part of these brilliant brands, and so let’s not wait anymore, here are the top Hermès sneakers! 

Hermès Avantage sneakers: the urban white sneakers

The good thing about the reign of the sneakers is that you can now have office-friendly shoes that will not make your coworkers and boss raise an eyebrow at your feet whenever you come across them at work.

Less sporty, more urban, the 2019 sneakers match with all your wardrobe. Hermès really caught this trend and gave us their very own version of the city sneaker with the Avantage

The hermès Avantage sneakers are sort of a take on the tennis court shoes… but in a more contemporary and downtown version. White and silver or white and orange, the Avantage sneakers are made in precious veal leather with a structuring rubber sole. Round and graphic, they are cute pieces of high-end sporty urban footwear

The Avantage sneakers would be a Parisian’s go-to: cool and easy to slip-on, sophisticated and signed on the side with a geometric H for Hermès, they make each of your steps a statement of how chill and fashionable you are. You can wear them at the office, running errands in the city or walking around with your kids. The Avantage sneakers are good to go with all jeans, skirts, dresses or whatever you are in the mood to wear!  

Hermès Velvet sneakers: the ones that carry Hermès’s wings

The Hermès Velvet sneakers go way back into Hermès history… and actually even Ancient Greek and Roman symbols. Do you know Hermès, the messenger god? Legend has it he had wings at his heels to deliver all messages to the Olympus or down on Earth and these very mythical wings are the heart and soul of the very cute Velvet sneakers… by Hermès! 

The Hermès Velvet sneakers have a very round, cute and feminine design. Somehow similar to the Avantage in the way they are more tennis-court shoes that running shoes, the Velvet yet have a lot of personnality. Made of velvet and leather, they are embroidered on each side with wings in the black, red and blue version. The white Velvet are a bit different: the wings are embroidered patched sewed onto the shoe and are actual silver wings attached to your sneakers

Made for the trendy and dreamy women, the Velvet sneakers also can aim at a younger and more teenage custom base for they really convey something nice, easy and friendly. Definitely statement shoes, they will lighten up any outfit and be friends with any of your clothes. Their rubber sole is very comfortable and so the Hermès Velvet will accompany you all day… and maybe even every day

Hermès Volte sneakers: nineties shoes turned luxury sneakers

Hermès made a risky bet with the Volte sneakers since they really are statement nineties Dad shoes. But like everything the genius French luxury brand decides to revisit, these fat running shoes from a time when you might have frowned upon have become iconic high-end footwear and now star in the wardrobes of many a Hermès fan!

The Volte sneakers are like a madeleine de Proust at your feet: from another era and deliciously fashionable.

The Hermès Volte sneakers are shaped like classic running shoes: a rubber sole compensated at the heel and a lower front with sportswear lines and graphic play on layers and leathers.

Sporty yet very feminine since their design shape up your leg and butt, the Volte are available in white and silver or warm grey and orange. Their beautiful lacing and sophisticated making will be the last details that will make you fall in love with these

The Hermès Volte sneakers are maybe not work place material but they will resolutely be your absolute go-to shoes for any other time of the day. Now that sneakers are the new heels, you will be able to wear them even with formal gowns and yet never lose you cutting elegant edge. Whether you are a late teenager or mature Femme Fatale, there are no way you can not have even a slight crush on these Hermès beauties.

Hermès Voltage sneakers: jungle look for the urban elegant jungle

The Hermès Voltage sneakers are really a unique creation that, if I may, are really my favourite Hermès’s take on graphic and cool sneakers. Quite heavy with their compensated sole they are at once a teenage dream, a woman’s precious and comfortable accessory and a pure fashion design success

With their round 3 centimetres thick sole, the Voltage sneakers are really not your go-to light shoes. But who wants light and discreet pair of sneakers when you can have statement shoes with a clear cut and amazing design? Available in five colours, the Hermès velvet sneakers also offer you a choice about their look: either plain leather with an embossed “H” on the sides or, instead of the H, an illustration of two mingling panthers that you will find on the camel and black version

If you dare – and you should – definitely go for the illustrated Voltage which have a lot to say about Hermès love for nature and refined creation. For a more urban and simple look, the white, silver and beige and pink versions will suit you more. Know that like any Hermès sneakers, the Voltage have the chance to fit any look, style and piece of clothing! 

Hermès Quicker: the city-wanderer’s and work friendly sneakers

The Hermès Quicker sneaker carry well their name: they may not look like running shoes but they will sure take you anywhere with style and a light speed pace! The Quicker sneakers are made for the city and are definitely office-friendly. Refined, thin, sophisticated with the illustrated sides, the Quicker are your ultimate luxury sneakers

The Quicker’s design is very simple: a thin and comfortable rubber sole, a white smooth veal leather with a coloured back tab (either navy blue or camel).

This season, this emblematic Hermès sneakers style has seen their design upgraded with the same panthers illustration that was found on the Voltage sneakers. Available in blue or natural tones, this illustration conveys a lot of charm to the design of the Quicker. 

If you are a city wandered, running all day long and loving to have flat shoes with a lot of style and comfort, you need not search further: the Hermès sneakers were made for you. Wether you are wearing your favourite skirt or your easy to go jeans, you will love matching the Quickers with them! 

Hermès, a house of refined sporty footwear

Hermès is expected, collection after collection, to deliver the finest of designs and items. Known for the sophistcation of its designs ever since the 19th century, the French luxury saddler has made a bet on offering us its take on the very trendy sneakers… and as always, Hermès has let no one down with its brilliant creations that fits any kind of woman and style. 

Offering yourself a pair of Hermès sneakers in acknowledging once more their supremacy over the handcrafting of leather and mastering of design.

There really are no other brands that would give you so many opportunities to express yourself with a pair of sneakers… and if you needed that one more argument to run to the Saint Germain des Pré boutique, well you have no more excuses now not to go, it has been said! 

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