Top Hermès Fragrances for Women 👩 Best Hermès Perfumes

Top Hermès Fragrances for Women

The Hermès name has been an all time favourite as early as 1837. The Hermès business, first saddles, then leather goods, then… the luxury item galore we now know and, let’s be honest, dearly love, entered the perfumery world thanks to one man you might have already heard about if you are a dear follower of my articles.

That man is the genius perfumer Ernest Roudnitska, who, a few years previous to his collaboration with Hermès, was working along with M. Christian Dior to give birth to two of the French maison best fragrances: Miss Dior and Diorissimo! 

So was born Hermès’s perfumery, a touch and a vision that the world still embraces at each new fragrance launched. Clever, focusing on perfumes for women, men and both with their “Colognes” eau de cologne line, Hermès sure knew how to conquer our hearts and necks. Just as any product born at Hermès, the fragrances are precious and luxury items that bear the guarantee of excellency.

A Hermès fragrance is never born just for the sake of it – it is the story of an encounter, an object or a place where the brand takes inspiration from. Every perfume is a celebration of the Hermès woman and man as well as a true manifesto of what Hermès is at its core.

What better way than perfumery to say, with all the available poetry of this world, what truly matters and amazingly overwhelms you? Hermès perfumers are magicians encapsulating gardens, fresh waters, souvenirs of a great walk around Paris with their deeply artistic talent and the everlasting Hermès savoir-faire.

Dwelling on Hermès’s legacy is one of my favourite pastimes – but I know you are here to read my Hermès fragrances review so I won’t keep you hanging on ancient stories no more.

But do keep in mind that having a Hermès fragrance is something rare, a bottle you can cherish and a scent that sure will become your everlasting signature. Many fragrances exist and selecting a few was a hard job… but there you go, and I hope this will help you: c’est parti

Eau d’Orange Verte Perfume: the feminine and spicy cologne 

Who thought a cologne was also a woman’s best friend… and actually smelt nice? Eau d’Orange Verte was the first cologne that Hermès launched, thought of as a scent for both men and women.

Very different from an actual fragrance, a cologne as a less lasting scent… but this Eau d’Orange Verte has something irresistibly fresh, like a spring morning outburst in a bottle, that you will never get tired of

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Eau d’Orange Verte – literally “Green Orange Water” in English – has a very spicy, sweet, obsessive citrus tone that lightens up any mood and skin, made up of a mix of mandarin, lemon and orange, obviously.

A touch of oak moss and patchouli in the background come to perfect the woodiness of this cologne and definitely helps the citrus notes to linger a bit longer on your skin. 

Eau d’Orange Verte is like experiencing some moment in our childhood – peeling tangerines in sweet fresh cut grass, having a laugh and feeling the rays of sun on your face – which, whether ever lived or not, is going to stick to your mind and with no doubt make you lovestruck with Eau d’Orange Verte right on spot. 

EAU D’ORANGE VERTE Cologne By HERMES Fragrance Review

Twilly Perfume: the modern young woman in a bottle

Twilly is the most recent of Hermès’s fragrance collection… and definitely one of the most spicy and youthful that Hermès ever launched. At once floral and oriental, Twilly is resolutely modern, feminine and charismatic. Christine Nagel, the perfumer, said the girls of today, “free, bold, connected, irreverent” inspired her to create Twilly.

The spirit of the audacious and free-spirited girls of today gave out a very complex scent. First, a blast of ginger and bergamot followed then by the very profound and sweet flavour of tuberose, mysterious and candy-like. A woody background of santalwood and oud then make the perfume last quite long on the skin. 

Thanks to a floral, oriental and woody vibe, Twilly encapsulates the spirit of girls who don’t wait to be told what to do and set their own rules.

Mischievous and witty like its composition, this fragrance has nothing less of a best-seller… and a best-friend. Keep that cute bottle at anytime in your purse or living-room like the fanciest of accessories. 

Twilly d’Hermès Perfume Review

Eau d’Hermès Perfume: unisex perfection

Created in 1951 by Edmond Roudnitska, Eau d’Hermès is at once a fragrance we all know and a scent that is purely unique and never seen.

The complexity of Hermès’s simple luxury is embodied in every note of Eau d’Hermès and wearing it is really like wrapping yourself in the most delicate of fragrance for the day, as well as adding an irresistible je-ne-sais-quoi to your attitude.

This unisex fragrance as something as fresh and green as it is sensual and deep… and the inspiration behind it is perfect: the inside of a Hermès leather handbag.

Hermès starting as a leather good company – well, Eau d’Hermès is a tribute to that legacy as much as to the rest of Hermès later DNA. First , spicy citrus notes get entangled with a scent of fine leather and cardamom

Powerful, fresh and spicy, Eau d’Hermès is really a go-to that will never be out-of-date since it was never meant to reflect a fleeting moment or personality trait: Eau d’Hermès is, Hermès in a bottle, it captures the very essence of Hermès’s creations.

Refined, unique, it will offer you a signature fragrance that you sure will never get rid off. Eau d’Hermès is having the very luxury and delicate set of mind of the french brand at the crook of your neck.

EAU D’HERMES Fragrance Review

24 Faubourg Perfume: your white secret garden

24 Faubourg encapsulates light. The sun light, the light in your eyes when you see your loved ones, the sunset light in the spring, the rays of light shining through your blinds in the summer morning.

Maurice Roucel created 24 Faubourg in 1995: more than twenty years later, 24 Faubourg remains one of the most delicate, well-balanced and unforgettable launches of perfumery. 

Refined and floral, round and deep, 24 Faubourg as a very elegant as much as generous composition. First, hyacinth and orange offer a fresh and shining opening to the fragrance, followed by a symphony of white flowers: ylang-ylang, orange flower, iris, jasmine… all of them embraced by a warm and profound background of vanilla, woody notes and grey amber. The complexity of the mix is here only to enhance and pay a tribute to the delicacy and charism of the white flowers

Born at a time when perfumery would rather go for candy-like fragrances or heady mixes, Hermès, as usual, took a step back – rather ahead! – and offered us a fragrance that resembles a vision rather than a mere scent.

24 Faubourg has something more: this floral fragrance with a strong and sophisticated character will make you leave a trail of elegance and freshness wherever you go, making you unique and unforgettable.

Hermes 24 Faubourg EDP Review

L’Ambre des Merveilles Perfume: take it or leave it (but take it)

L’Ambre des Merveilles is simply something you have never seen. This is not a Hermès, this is a perfumery alien. First, it is the first feminine fragrance with absolutely no floral note and one of the only fragrance ever focusing as much on grey amber, a mysterious and opulent scent.

Nathalie Feisthauer, the perfumer, offers with L’Ambre des Merveilles a bold creation for women at least as bold as this uncommon fragrance. 

Very warm, almost sirupy and wild. That is how I would describe this composition. L’Ambre des Merveilles opens up with citrus notes – lemon, bergamot… – and warm spices. At the heart of the composition you find the grey amber, surrounded by a woody accord of vetiver and cedarwood that gives out something unsettling and masculine at the heart of this amber-citrus mix.

Audacious and never seen before, L’Ambre des Merveilles is a fragrance that you will most likely be lovestruck with at first sight… or never want to go back to. Heady but not pungeant,

L’Ambre des Merveilles leaves a powerful trail and lasts long on your skin and clothes. That is why it is a “take it or leave it” fragrance. L’Ambre des Merveilles was tailored for one of a kind women with a keen sense of their charisma and self-assured femininity

Hermes L’Ambre Des Merveilles Perfume Review

Jour d’Hermès Perfume: the ultimate floral

Jour d’Hermès was created by perfumer Jean-CLaude Ellena as the ultimate ode to femininity and floral scents. Hermès’s nose made no secret of his talent for floral composition and captured the very essence of the most feminine flowers in the Jour d’Hermès bottle.

As its name indicates, Jour meaning “day” in English, this fragrance is a woman’s best friend from dusk to dawn, meant to enhance her very self.

The first bursting scent of Jour are a sparkly and fresh mix of grapefruit, rhubarb and blackberry, conferring some sweetness and lightness to the overall fragrance.

Then a rich and opulent bouquet of gardenia, rose, tuberose and jasmine really stand out as the zenith of the fragrance. Jour offers as a final touch a deep and witty background of vibrant musks and soft cotton-like notes that gives it a lasting power on your skin

No patchouli, no sandalwood nor too much rose – against the stream of modern perfumery, Hermès launched once more an alien in 2012 that now reveals itself as one of the most singular and mesmerising ode to femininity.

The mood encapsulates in Jour has something bright and refreshing, floral and not maudlin… Jour is something more for the ultra-woman

Jour d’Hermès Perfume The Film

Un Jardin sur la Lagune Perfume: nature at the crook of your neck

Christine Nagel managed one really bright master move along with the creation of Twilly in 2018: Un Jardin sur la Lagune. Inspired by a Venice garden called “Eden”, Un Jardin sur la Lagune is the sum of all the new scents and flowers the perfumer discovered there.

What the perfumer offers here are notes of a deistic womanhood, like a ancient goddess scent that will take you in another world and time

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Пролетта идва, нищо, че навън пак е зима.. на мен ми е пролетно от няколко дни, защото не мога да се откъсна от новата градина в колекцията на Къща @hermes . Имам удоволствието да я пробвам предпремиерно, малко преди международното й лансиране, което е на 4-ти март 2019г. Un Jardin sur la Lagune ни отвежда зад тайнствените стени на скрита градина във Венеция, която ни кара да мечтаем за спокойствие, слънце и свобода. Парфюмеристката @Christine.Nagel умело съчетава нотки на Магнолия, Бяла лилия и Питоспорум (красив средиземноморски вечнозелен храст, чийто цветове са с много приятен аромат, подобен на жасмин) със свежи морски и дървесни нотки. Ароматът лично на мен ми създава усещане за нещо свежо, леко горчиво и въздушно. Ароматният почерк е #hermes и дори “на сляпо” мога да позная марката! А вие имате ли си любима градина на Hermes? 🧡💛💚💙❤️ #hermes #hermesperfumes #jardinsurlalagune #cruelbeautyblog #venice #secretgarden #freshness #magnolia #madonnalily #pittosporum #woodynotes #seabreeze #myperfumecollection

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First, Un Jardin sur la Lagune opens up with fresh citrus notes and then lets burst out a wild bouquet of wild flowers like those found the the Eden Venetian garden: pittosporum flowers, Madonna lily, samphire and the earthy, green scent of dewy tree roots.

The mythological mix of all these scents is like a very profound yet fresh idea of what a the Eden garden Nymph’s trail was like.

The Hermès Jardin collection started with perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Seen as encapsulating the scents and atmosphere of different gardens all over the globe, Un Jardin sur la Lagune is Nagel’s first Jardin… and one that will definitely not leave you indifferent.

The very mystical scent will leave you dreamy, as much as it will add something more to your attitude and silhouette. Nature’s child wrapped up in the earth’s scents, you will be nothing but unforgettable yourself. 


Hermès, luxury as the most simple sort of elegance

All of Hermès scents resemble the set of mind that always has been the key to the French luxury brand excellency: simplicity and very high-end quality products, designs and settings.

It would be foolish to state that Hermès is in that way the only luxury brand being in that branch, but they sure knew how to make their thing in such a unique way that they definitely are the only one today that can offer products as refined as their own are. 

Hermès does not offer fragrances for a typical kind of woman and actually often launches fragrances that are made for both men and women.

But what is unique and so defines the woman that will wear a Hermès fragrance is the rareness of the complex composition encapsulated in each bottle – a woman wearing Hermès has taste, and most of all a sense for quality and poetry alike. 

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