Top Hermès Backpacks 🎒 Best Of Hermès Backpack

Top Hermès Backpacks 🎒
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Hermès has a resonance that very few other brands can brag about as well: it has been almost two hundred years that the French luxury brand exists and provides us with the ultimate elegant items that we sometimes didn’t even know we needed but sure craved after we had seen what Hermès managed to make out of those.

At first a harnesses and saddles maker, Hermès was soon so known and praised that Tsar Nicolas II actually went all the way from Russia to get his horse riding apparel from the French luxury craftsman. 

With more and more celebrities and royals amongst its clients, Hermès grew a reputation and the appropriate funds to develop its activities and so become the generously amazing fashion and life style brand we know and love.

This big family business is one of the most versatile brands of the French luxury landscape without ever getting mixed up – each collection and each item has a DNA and a belonging that is a hundred percent Hermès. 

Discreet over tacky, innovation over iteration, quaint and yet resolutely modern, sophisticated to the extreme but very simple looking… the creations of Hermès are masterpieces of the art of managing the luxury paradox to make each item a pure testimony of their sense of elegance and style, without ever trying to match with trends but rather the very inner needs and whims of the time. And what more would you expect from a brand that has been successful for nearly two hundred years? 

From scarves, clothes, jewels, lifestyle items such as furniture, leisure items such has saddles, fragrances… Hermès does everything, and does it with their discreet yet luxury signature touch – and all of it wrapped in orange, please!

This French brand is really one of the most innovative and capable there is – along with being one of the oldest and coolest –, and whatever item they tackle revisiting, it ends up being a work of art and craftsmanship.

Ready to discover their precious backpacks? Hang onto your seat ladies, you might fall either in love or fainting. 

Hermès’s Cityback 27 backpack: the UFO bag that makes simplicity a luxury 

Originally meant for men, this City pack 27 backpack by Hermès is so utterly desirable that I do not see any reason why we should let men have it and not rush to get it ourselves as well!

This backpack is a very modern, futuristic design that will fit all women from the ones who are fully sporty-streetwear fans to the most radically classic and minimalist.

Made of luxury leather, this very original and yet discreet piece of chic means for your life comfort, fashion and practicality. Aerodynamics and fashion melted together, here I introduce you to the Cityback 27! 

This backpack is made of grained Maurice cow skin, a very soft and regularly grained leather that is used for the first time by the French luxury brand with this model in 2017.

With its adjustable shoulder straps and zippers, the Cityback 27 is a masterpiece of today’s ingeniousness as well a a great take on the classic backpack.

Thought for you to keep it for years, the precious leather of the Cityback 27 wears off prettily and gains more satin-like touch and look as it grows older.

Pure aerodynamic lines, a very flat design, an asphalt like leather… simplistic and yet very complex, you sure will be amazed by this Hermès design. 

Very spacious thought the Cityback 27 looks very flat and light, this backpack was thought for you to carry it all day long from work to drinks with friends or your kids recital and remain very, very good-looking and adapt to any situations.

Whatever you are wearing, there are no ways that this very lean and modern bag will not fit your lifestyle or wardrobe. With its elegant leather and irresistible design, the Cityback 27 is made for you, all of you – and will last in time, getting prettier and prettier as it is used and getting older. 

Hermès Cityback 27 backpack Detailed review & try-on

Hermès’s Bridado backpack: the most classic of them all, with its luxury pouch look

The Hermès Bridado is the ultimate must-have and have been one of the French brand’s best-seller for a long time. The perks of this backpack that also can be used as a cabas bag are as numerous as this bag is simplicity embodied – to the extreme.

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Made of leather, it rather looks like you classic shopping pouch: supple, practical and very light. You can not be wrong with this kind of Hermès piece on your shoulders – this Bridado is really the allegory of how the French leather making genius brand manages to always turn the most simple of items into pure luxury

The Bridado let you choose” that is how Hermès presents its bag and clearly is the best way to describe how this backpack works in terms of design and style.

Made of a very supple leather that adapts to any of your movements and gestures, it is also very lightweight and elegant, giving its cool vibe to the Bridado backpack.

The leather straps are adjustable and allow you to choose how you want to carry your bag, be it like a cabas bag or a backpack. The leather is stitched in saddle stitching for a wink at the equestrian world and Hermès DNA

Committed to the needs of today – easy bags to carry around all day long and a wish for elegance and out of the box designs – this Bridado backpack by Hermès is made for you, all of you, whatever your style but especially if you are a free-spirited busy woman with a need for versatility in every of her bags and practicality in her everyday life.

The Hermès Paris hot stamp will be the only detail that stands out of the Bridado backpack utter simplicity, and that is, definitely, for the best of taste. Another info that might definitely make you fall for it: from pitch black to sunny yellow, all colours are available in stores for your Bridado to be yours entirely! 

Hermès’s Flash backpack: the ode to the travel trunks that looks like a leather diamond

Backpacks, you probably think, are not items that, alike the handbags that some brands and especially Hermès know how to manufacture, can look like piece of leather making jewellery.

Well, know that, first, you are wrong and, second, it is Hermès we owe this jewel diamond-shaped treasure of a backpack I am about to tell you about. Architectural, imperial, practical – this Flash backpack has everything you could wish for. 

Inspired from travel trunks, the vintage look of this purely Hermès creation is undeniable. Half schoolbag, half sporty, the overall look is a geometric and clean cut – yet round just enough thanks to side gussets – with a sense of masculinity that gives the Flash backpack a charming androgynousness.

The play on folding and cuts is the utter luxury touch and make this backpack a piece of genius as much as a work of art, finished with a rectangular gem-shaped clasp on the flap top of the bag. An atypical and over desirable design, in a few words.

The handle on the top is vintage. The gem-shaped clasp is vintage. The cuts and foldings play is rather geometric and modern. The overall bag is a pure masterpiece of leather making.

It is not only you but all your friends alike – and even your enemies – whom deserve such a backpack by your side (and on your shoulders, mostly): you can not dream of a better friend for your everyday life along with your special days when you need a super elegant bag.

Whether with a men’s tuxedo or your most girly mini-skirt, you can not find a cool outfit that would not suit your Flash backpack. And that is why Hermès is a master brand for bags: they make lasting amazing pieces you will wear and desire all your life long

HERMES Flash Backpack Review (後背包開箱片)

Hermès, the cool and sophisticated French leather brand 

Discreet and sublime, the Hermès bags are as much an achievement in a fashion lover’s life as it is a perfect investment for your future and maybe even your future kids, nieces and nephews if you intend passing your bags along to them later.

The French saddler become a fashion icon really has everything you need and mastered backpacks making like all other domains: with elegance, luxury making and a sharp sense of style.

All the backpack I presented you today are pieces of the current collections, but many other shapes and models exist if you ever find yourself in need for a better fit than these three already amazing creation by the French leather maker.

Be careful with scams though and always have your bag reviewed by an expert when you get it… and then enjoy!

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that that very bag you got is one that will follow you for your whole life and enchant your days on a daily basis. 

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