Top Givenchy Women Backpacks πŸŽ’ Best Of Givenchy Backpack

Top Givenchy Women Backpacks

Givenchy is a house of fierceness. If the delicate Audrey Hepburn was the one who made the brand famous in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s by electing her longtime friend Hubert de Givenchy as her costume maker, it is the overall Amazon-like allure of all Givenchy’s muses which made the French brand’s reputation to be the dresser of goddesses and strong women (not that Audrey Hepburn is not a goddess nor a strong woman, of course). With his empowering creations, Hubert de Givenchy built a reputation to turn women into fashionable and perfectly haute-couture warriors.Β 

The famous French brand was first haute-couture, then prΓͺt Γ  porter too but very lately turned to accessories and especially handbags and even later backpacks, quite obviously since the piece is really new amidst the luxury world. Riccardo Tisci was one of the French brand’s designers who made the most for Givenchy’s bags collections and he really did so in an uncanny and brilliant way. We owe him most of the most desirable bags that Givenchy still produces now.Β 

Tisci pushed further the fierceness and bold, edgy femininity at Givenchy. He really engraved his name as one of the historical designer of the brand from 2005 to 2017.

Since his leaving the brand, Claire Waight Keller – formerly head of creation at the oh-so desirable fashion brand ChloΓ© – has taken up the task to make as desirable and unique collections as Hubert de Givenchy and Tisci did, for strong, unapologetic and fierce women who own the room and their lives.Β 

With its long history of making women fashionable, trendy, outstanding… and of making their life easier with more style and more practicality, the backpacks at Givenchy are really well thought and designed to please and be useful. Let’s take a look on the four best backpacks at Givenchy at the moment, from the most romantic to the most adventurous!Β 

Givenchy’s Nylon Holographic 4G backpack: your adventurer’s mind will be blown

This first Givenchy backpack is a piece that was thought of as a unisex practical and out of space backpack that was thought for style… and actually your safety too, you will see!

With a modern black and rainbow look, this Claire Waight Keller’s creation has its spot amidst the clever backpacks of the luxury industry along with the cute androgynous ones. Its particularity? His front exterior pocket made of an unexpected holographic fabric that is made of dream-paper!Β 

This lightweight and very technical backpack is the very cool version of the adventurer hiker’s backpack as we could think of it. Made of nylon and a holographic coated canvas, this backpack closes with a buckled flap and a black GIVENCHY signed jacquard band. A side zipper allows you to access the main compartment of the bag too, if you are in a hurry or can not remove your backpack from your shoulders. The holographic small zippered front pocket is really the eye catching part of the bag and most probably will save your life if you are walking at night and a car passes your way.Β 

Made for the city life with busy work days as well as going on crazy adventures in the (urban, often) jungle, you will enjoy this Holographic 4G backpack for its versatility and masculine look, very edgy and rascal. With its cool vibe and sporty features balanced by the rainbow girly touch that is this light blue and pink holographic front pocket (with the Givenchy logo embossed on it, please), you will sure catch eyes and raise a bit of jealousy amidst your friends and co-workers… but, hey, that is the ransom for success!Β Β 

Givenchy’s classic mini Downtown backpack: a girl’s best friend more practical that a diamond

The Givenchy Downtown backpack is the most recent addition to the bags and backpacks line by designer Claire Waight Keller. The Downtown collection is thought to answer women and men modern needs of being free in every way: movement is key in our busy lives and Givenchy’s designer decided to make it easier for us to run up and about… with style.

Made for the fashionista who were getting bored of their classic leather handbags, this backpack will shatter your idea of the perfect it-bag. Sporty and elegant, the Downtown is a must-have.Β 

The Givenchy Downtown is made of a cool white nylon. Its cute zippered flap, V-shaped cut-out with leather patches gives structure and coolness to this luxury piece. On the front, a big leather patch with the Givenchy label is on the front in black and red letters, giving the only touch of colour to this immaculate white backpack.

The flap closes thanks to two adjustable straps with clip buckles on the side – this allows you to adjust the main compartment to the size of what you are carrying. Details are made of various zippers and pull bands for a more edgy look.Β 

This Downtown backpack is a really edgy and adventure-inspired backpack with a streetwear vibe that is undeniable but it remains a high-end fashion piece with structure and a highly desirable item with an elegance of it own.

Made to suit your modern busy days and adapt to your movements, the romantic aspect of the swaying trimmed bands that hold the bag together is really cool and sophisticated. You can easily match it with you entire wardrobe and wear it at work or on weekends and even at the club with its small size and high practicality.Β 

Givenchy’s classic mini backpack: the cure way to be nostalgic about your teens’ backpack 

A mini size is all we like: whether it is about skirts, tops… everything is about mini. Even the car. So Givenchy got that and offers us a very cool and tiny version of our high school backpack to give us a new sympathetic take on this standard backpack.

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Feminine and cute, this pretty leather or nylon backpack was made for enjoyment and fun… and letting our hands and elbows free from carrying some classical Lady bag that is not so much trendy amongst teenagers today.Β 

This black nylon or leather backpack with the GIVENCHY logo embossed in metallic sivler letters on the exterior front pocket is simplicity made cool and very luxury. With the metallic buckles holding the two adjustable straps, this backpack is comfortable to wear and good-looking.

No need for much more space in this tiny version of our teenage years high school bag – as long as there is room enough for your style and liberty of movement to thrive alongside this very well though design.Β 

Whether you are the dark grungy kind of (nicely) retard high school kid or the absolute elegant and sophisticated kind of girl, this tiny backpack will suit you perfectly. Rendered perfectly ok for formal work space thanks to its amazingly stylish tiny size, you will not find an occasion, an outfit or a place where it wouldn’t be properly amazing on your back.

Not a singular style asset but much of a style helper and practical bag, this mini backpack will follow you everywhere and definitely make you the Givenchy kind of woman you always wanted to be.Β 

Givenchy’s Bow mini Downtown backpack: you will love its regressive giant princess bow

So, I have already talked to you about the Downtown backpack… but this version that actually was the first shown on the runway by Claire Waight Keller.

So the actual one backpack that opened the way for all the rest of the Downtown line – and you might not have expected, then, that the Downtown line would be made of easy to wear comfy pieces thought for you to move easily and run from one meeting to the other in all discretion and low-key luxury style… because this version of the Downtown has WINGS like GIANT BOW and it is purely, simply, just the perfect dream of a backpack that you had when you were four years old. And that you are going to splurge on today, merci Claire Waight Keller.Β 

So, the main compartment and overall design of the bag is clearly identical to the Downtown mini that we have talked about a bit earlier on. White, immaculate white design appart from the leather tab that acts as a Givenchy signature in black and red, straps and trimmed band everywhere for the look and the practicality of the backpack…. but what you have to notice here are the two decorative wings shaped like a bow that part at the back of the bag.Β 

These decorative wings are attached thanks to white leather straps and are removable if you can’t actually wear a winged backpack at work or at your mother-in-law monthly family gathering. Do not fear falling in love with this piece of chic, that is just for your pure enjoyment that the wings are here. Have fun with this bag, that’s my only thought about it.Β 

And actually have fun with ANY Givenchy backpacks, that is what they are made for.

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