Top Givenchy Fragrances for Women 👩 Best Givenchy Perfumes

Top Givenchy Fragrances for Women

As the maison de Haute-Couture Givenchy was growing bigger and bigger, Hubert de Givenchy decided in 1957, five years after his first show, to join in on the gang of haute-couture perfumers of the time, the famous Chanel and Dior.

He first perfume ever launched by Hubert de Givenchy was an ode to a bold and irreverent marvellous femininity: that of Audrey Hepburn, his very muse and icon of the time.

Called L’Interdit, this fragrance was to set the tone for all the perfumes that would get out of Givenchy’s perfumery: sweet, spicy, unapologetically powerful, sophisticated and audacious, the fragrances were made to embrace all that Hubert de Givenchy saw to be the true essence of women, the unforgettable ones.

And today, under the real of Claire Waight Keller, the fragrance L’Interdit is reborn: the loop is complete and Givenchy’s legacy is safe. 

The very idea behind any Givenchy fragrance is to be distinctive, unique and to stick to your skin like the ultimate signature of your elegance and personality.

They are definitely amongst the best-sellers of perfumery and you can be sure to find a scent that will wrap you up in the scent you needed to perfect your everyday or night silhouette. Oriental, floral, fresh… the wide range of fragrances and their resolute delicacy will have you fallen in love at first… sniff!

Givenchy’s fragrances are today just as Hubert de Givenchy wanted them at the time he started the Parfums Givenchy company: haute-couture nectars with a sense of sophistication and elegance that only equal their audacity and irreverence. To help you navigate through all of Givenchy’s amazing creation, follow my guide and… let yourself fall in love! 

Live Irrésistible by Givenchy: supreme freshness and audacity

The motto of Live Irrésistible is in its name: LIVE! Made for the elegant and happy go-getters, this Givenchy fragrance is an invitation not to waste an instant and live your life to the fullest, wrapped up and uplifted by a floral, spicy and fruity scent you cannot get bored of… just as much as you can’t get bored of life! 

This very unique, feminine and seductive nectar is a bright and explosive mix of the most refined and sweet scents. Very Irrésistible opens up with notes of juicy pineapple entangled with Jamaican pepper.

At its heart, a true pink an white flowers bouquet bursts out to reveal an utterly feminine and joyful nature. In the background, amber and musks are the cherry on the cake: their sensuality and power will make your Givenchy fragrance linger on your skin the whole day long

Whether you are keen on making your path for yourself, a great seducer and heartbreaker, a women with a go-getter mind, Live Irrésistible is your fragrance.

There is no age that better fits the mind set of this spicy and floral perfume – any woman with a pure heart and a determination as big as their charm will fall in love with this irrésistible fragrance by Givenchy.    


Givenchy Very Irrésistible: French glamour with a twist

Givenchy Very Irrésistible is a fragrance that owes its charm to an audacious combination of the charm, elegance and femininity of two very different kind of woman: the bold and romantic French girl and the glamorous American amazon.

Very Irrésistible was designed as a tribute to these two women and certainly does the job. Its floral and aromatic notes confer the Givenchy fragrance a uniqueness and stunning scent that you sure will be spellbound to.

At first, Very Irrésistible can appear like a mere other pink juice with rose and vanilla entangled to confer both the fruity, sweet, charming – yet boring – sense of femininity that all floral fragrances offer you. But do not let yourself be fooled by the simplicity of Very Irrésistible’s composition

A unique bouquet of various roses creates a floral outburst rarely seen, mixed up with a signature scent of star anise. Spice and sweetness combined, only to be lifted up by a powerful accod of vanilla and patchouli, giving the spice and the sweetness a profound and daring background. 

Very Irrésistible is a fragrance for the women who don’t want to chose in between ways of being elegant and feminine – and anyway, who has the time to figure out how to be other that your are as your wonderful self?

French style meeting the spontaneity of the American amazon, Very Irrésistible will sure be attractive to all iconoclast driven by a unique charm and mind


Dahlia Divin by Givenchy: a goddess’s perfume 

Launched in 2014, this very solar and luminous creation is really Aphrodite embottled… joined by the utmost feminine and daring deities of the Olympus! And what better powerful and strong woman than Alicia Keys, chosen by Givenchy, to embody the very essence of this oriental and floral fragrance for the modern amazons

Dahlia Divin is a very deep, as oriental as it floral and chypre fragrance. At first, the very sweet and fruity notes of mirabelle plum give a sirupy, sensual and feminine opening soon leading to the blooming of a bouquet of Sambac jasmine, rose and powdery mimosa.

These very precious and subtle scents lay on a very deep and woody background made of sandal wood, vetiver and patchouli. These three scents come as a bodyguard to protect and enhance the fluttering first notes of Dahlia Divin.

Dahlia Divin s a zenith of femininity, charm and elegance. Dahlia Divin is a fragrance for the radiant, daring, voluptuous and amazing women… so necessarily, Dahlia Divin is for you!

No age, style or personality better suit Givenchy’s Dahlia Divin: made for the utterly bold and shining, you can enjoy that fragrance whether you already feel like an amazon or need a push to feel your inner amazon

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Perfume Review

Ange ou Démon by Givenchy: sensual and mysterious like seduction

Ange ou Démon – Angel or Demon, quite logically, in English – is one of Givenchy’s best known and best-selling fragrance of all times… and there are very strong reasons to that.

First, Ange ou Démon is a very subtle and well balanced floral-oriental that cannot leave anyone indifferent. Second, the precious bottle in smoky black and white that simply is a jewel itself. Thirdly… the scent, mesmerising and bewitching, that will turn you in the most innocent looking temptress.

At the very beginning, the bottle itself sets a mood for Ange ou Démon: from its dark to to the crystal bottom, you know this Givenchy fragrance is made to surprise and spellbind you through some magic chemistry

Notes of white thyme, mandarin and saffron first offer a mysterious and spicy start that opens up to a bouquet of lily and ylang-ylang, flowers as sensual as they are pure and white. A powerful base of oakwood and tonka bean perfect the mix, adding more sensuality and warmth

Wearing Ange ou Démon is affirming your in-between self, your child-at-heart and temptress personalities all in one sassy attitude. Hypnotic, the scent of this very refined Givenchy fragrance will be your best-friend and the secret ingredient of your seductive apparel

Givenchy “Ange Ou Demon” Fragrance Review

L’Interdit by Givenchy: the scent of audacity and braveness

Did you know that this fragrance is actually a reissue of the first perfume Hubert de Givenchy ever launched as a tribute to his muse Audrey Hepburn? Born in 1957 and then left out for a while, the Givenchy maison issued a new version of L’Interdit last year.

If Hepburn is no longer the face of L’Interdit, her ultimate elegance and irreverence is at the core of that oriental-floral conception made for the most audacious women

L’Interdit has something very feminine and deep: rose and jasmine are lifted up by spicy notes of clove and pepper as well as a bouquet of sophisticated flowers, iris and violet.

The sensuality of L’Interdit takes its roots in the very profound backrgound of the fragrance: sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean are the warm embrace that enhance all the floral scents of L’Interdit. 

Made for a daring and uber-feminine woman, L’Interdit – The Forbidden in English – is for all the Eve out there waiting for nothing but to cease the occasion to make their daily life an adventure.

L’Interdit is a warm embrace that will wrap you up in a voluptuous and elegant scent and take you through an unforgettable day whatever the season. 

Givenchy L’Interdit Perfume Review Video

Hot Couture by Givenchy: the fragrance of elegant and bold women

Hot Couture is just like a haute-couture creation: its suits you like no other fragrance ever did and as you wear it you realise you are wrapped up in a radiant second skin.

You will have guessed through the “hot” that sensuality is at the core of the daring elegance of this Givenchy scent: as much a tribute to the maison’s origins and Hubert de Givenchy bold haute-couture designs as much as a tribute to modern femininity, Hot Couture has it all. 

Floral, fruity, spicy, woody… just like today’s women, Hot Couture is mysterious, complex and mesmerisingly charming. The Eau de Parfum is a profound, embracing and hypnotising fragrance opening on notes of raspberry nectar and magnolia.

Then, the deeper scent of majestic tuberose unveils a spicy and refined black pepper, entangling all flowers with spice and uniqueness. A woody background sets the final touch for Hot Couture: vetiver, sandalwood and grey amber help create the oriental trail, giving power and a round, warm touch to all the other notes. Surprising and unforgettable

There is no denying that Hot Couture might be a fragrance for the woman who already knows herself a little – this bold oriental-floral fragrance has something so sensual and voluptuous as well as audacious and restless that it has to be worn by a woman of character.

But then, it would also help your inner darker self to pop out and show you brighter and less common ways to make your day… you will have to try to know! 

Perfume Review Hot Couture by Givenchy

L’Ange Noir by Givenchy: a Femme Fatale’s fragrance 

L’Ange Noir is a variation on the Ange ou Démon best-seller launched in 2006. This 2016 version has evolved along with femininity for a decade: darker, the Givenchy Black Angel absorbed the demon and made its very irreverence her own very unique signature.

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🖤💕L'Ange Noir💕🖤 – Черный ангел… интригующее и пробуждающее чувства название, которое пропитано очарованием и невероятной тайной✨ Аромат L'Ange Noir яркий, загадочный и притягательный😍 Решительная и сильная, одновременно хрупкая и элегантная роковая женщина в самом центре истории, двойственность которой подчеркивает ее великолепие👼🏻😈 После появления ароматов Ange ou Démon💕 и Ange ou Démon Le Secret💕, Givenchy создает композицию, которая возводит двойственность к новым высотам. Столь же сияющая, как ангел, столь же неуловимая, как тень… Она использует свой аромат L'Ange Noir, как обольстительный любовный эликсир: изящный, смелый, уникальный и бесконечно желанный🤤😋😍😍😍 Примерь на себя новый 🖤💕L'Ange Noir💕🖤женственный и невероятно таинственный аромат✨✨✨ ТД Парк Сити #дигидигипарфюм#givenchylangenoir#givenchy#новыйпарфюм#новыйаромат

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L’Ange Noir is a rare and well balanced combination of the utmost femininity and elegance entangled with irreverence and darkness. A worthy modern oriental in a way. 

Light and dark notes dance in L’Ange Noir composition and helps create the mysterious and seductive scent of this Givenchy fragrance. First, a blend of bergamot, pink pepper and fresh almond give a fresh and powdery vibe.

Then, the scent of iris, mixed up with salty black sesame: black and white entangled in scents at the heart of the fragrance. The warmth of tonka bean and amber comes at last to settle all the scents down in a beautiful embrace. 

This fragrance is not a Caravaggio but sure masters the chiaroscuro. L’Ange Noir is a seductive, hypnotising fragrance that will not leave either you or anyone you pass by indifferent. And that may be the key to your amazing self: having a fragrance as complex and unforgettable as you are

Givenchy, fragrances for modern amazons

Whether you take a look at Hubert de Givenchy’s L’Interdit or the most recent creations like L’Ange Noir, the bold and daring women from the 50s up until today will always find what they need at the heart of Givenchy’s fragrances. 

At first a tribute to Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy’s perfumery soon turned out to be rather a tribute to a special kind of elegant and unapologetic femininity.

If no one compares to Audrey Hepburn, there is no woman out there that will not find a scent amongst the powerful and charming perfumes that Givenchy still offers and create today.

That is why, to me, falling for a Givenchy fragrance is precious: you know it has been thought to make you stronger, better and will not ever let you down! 

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