Top Gérard Darel Dresses 👗 – 2020 Best Gérard Darel Dresses

Top Gérard Darel Dresses 👗

Gérard Darel was founded in 1971 by the couple Gérard Gerbi and Danielle Gerbi-Darel. Gérard Darel’s story begins in the trail district in Paris. Its classic, chic and timeless style quickly established itself in the world of luxury ready-to-wear

In 1996, Ms. Darel bought Jackie Kennedy’s black pearl necklace from Sotheby’s in New York. CNN made an article about it, offering the brand international notoriety. “We hadn’t planned anything, but when Paris Match asked me if we were going to market it, I said yes, without thinking. The re-edition of the necklace seduces, among others, Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron and Hillary Clinton.

In 2003 the 24 Hours bag was born. “flexible and draped, it stood out from the other bags, which were then very rigid. And it cost only 200 €, not 800 like elsewhere. It was a huge success even before the campaign with Charlotte Gainsbourg. ” The it-bag appeals to both high school girls and their mothers. The keen interest spreads to Russia and  the United States. The brand is developing its offer with Pablo, aimed at young girls. Gerard Darel becomes a truly transgenerational brand.

In 2008, Gérard Darel became a star brand among Hollywood celebrities, notably thanks to Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie who wear their Gérard Darel bag all the time. The brand has won its place into the luxury ready-to-wear market. 


Gérard Darel’s most striking face is French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, who helped making the H 24 bag unmissable. Charlotte Gainsbourg was Gérard Darel muse from 2003 to 2008. She succeeded to Nastassia Kinski, Brooke Shields, Christy Turlington and Stephanie Seymour

In the fall of 2008, Mamie Gummer, the daughter of Meryl Streep, became the face of Gérard Darel. 

In spring-summer 2010, actress Robin Wright becomes the face of Gérard Darel. 

In 2017, Charlotte Gainsbourg comes back to embody the new Gérard Darel collection. 


For over three decades, the women’s ready-to-wear brand has imposed its chic and simple style, in all modesty and with some ideas of genius.

Classic cuts, fluidity and casual chic are Gerard Darel DNA. Indeed, the French ready-to-wear brand designs beautiful, timeless and elegant pieces for every women who love elegance and comfort. 

Besides, Gérard Darel excels making feminine and elegant summer dress with floral or animal prints. We love the bohemian and romantic vibes emanating from theirs designs. 

Today, we’re going to focus on the best dresses from Gérard Darel recent collection. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride thought the best summer dresses available in Gérard Darel stores! 😉

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This spring is going to be casual and trendy with this Gérard Darel animal printed dress. The animal print is a must have in a fashion icon wardrobe. Gérard Darel offers a romantic version of this wild print with this long flowy dress that can be very versatile. 

Indeed, this dress is a statement piece but it still very easy to wear and versatile. You can wear it with black boots and sunglasses for a glam rock effect or you could also pair it with a pair of sneakers for a more casual look

Paired with some tan sandals, this dress can also be your perfect summer dress for an edgy boho look. Anyway, this dress is a signature piece from Gérard Darel and if you want an animal printed clothing that’s still elegant and classy, go for this long flowy dress with ruffle details and puffy sleeves. 


Another signature piece from Gérard Darel spring and summer collection. This flowy long floral dress is the perfect summer outfit! Again, very easy to wear and feminine, this dress is the perfect boho dress for your summer holidays. 

Pair it with a leather belt to highlight the waist and feminize the silhouette, this dress is very versatile and can be worn for any occasion. Worn with some white sneakers and a denim jacket, it will be the perfect casual boho look. But you can also wear it with high heeled sandals for a 70s hippies vibe. I already picture the beautiful wavy long hair with a flower crown paired with this beautiful floral print dress.

We love the deep blue and purple colors that reminds us of the midsummer night dreams. If you want to rock the folk look from head to toe, go for this long summer dress with a very light and flowy fabric.  


Casual and romantic, this red floral dress is the perfect spring dress! Comfy and yet elegant and feminine, it will become your favorite outfit for the next season. 

Gérard Darel is known for its timeless and elegant floral dresses. This ankle length dress is no exception with its flattering cut and deep V neckline. The elasticated waist beautifully highlights your figure while the ¾ sleeves give a modern twist to this classic summer dress.

We love the ankle length that delicately highlights the ankles. You can pair it with some nude booties for a folk look or with some flat brown sandals for a casual and summery outfit. You can also give it a more sporty vibe by pairing it with a pair of white sneakers and a denim jackets. That’s precisely how parisians young women wear this kind of dresses these days!

Indeed, this kind of floral dresses are a must have in parisians wardrobe but they prefer to wear it in a more casual and comfy way with some sneakers in order to walk around the Paris streets without hurting their feet. If you come to Paris this summer, you’ll see this look everywhere! 😉


Long floral dresses are Gérard Darel signature style. They’re comfy, casual and yet really feminine and elegant. This blue floral dress is no exception with its shirt type top and its long ruffle skirt.

We love the pink flowers printed on a dark blue fabric. This print is perfect for spring! We also love the sheer ¾ sleeves which give even more femininity to the dress. The elasticated waist finishes to compliment the silhouette.

Pair with some low booties this look can become more folk or add a perfecto for a glam rock effect. We’re in love with the versatility of this dress! Indeed, the colors are easy to match with other clothes and the casual silhouette can either be dress up or dress down by a large choice of shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots, heels – make your choice as this dress can be personalized according to your mood. 


Who said flower prints were only for the romantic gals? Express your grungy style with this ankle length floral dress with a beautiful classic V neck. 

Another versatile dress by Gérard Darel! This black and white floral print dress can be worn as you please. Give it a boho vibe with some sandals and cute jewelry or wear it with black tights and black grungy boots for a glam rock effect. 

The ¾ sleeves and V neckline enhance your femininity while the classic colors make it easy to wear for any occasion. This dress can be your staple floral dress for spring, summer and fall. A classic and timeless piece that you will wear for years.

Also, if you’re quite small, you may like this dress as its ankle length makes it easily wearable for petite frames. The perfect classic floral dress that you can personalized as you wish. 


Looking for the perfect shirt dress for the chillier days of spring? We’ve got you covered with this beautiful reptile print khaki dress. Adopt the perfect casual chic look with this comfy and elegant shirt dress.

The animal print is one of the staples in the it-girls wardrobe! Adopt a folk and casual look with this shirt dress ormented with a beautiful dark green reptile print. We love all the details from this dress!

The pockets on the front reinforce the shirt effect of the dress while the long sleeves cinched on the wrist is giving a feminine vibe. Pair it with a black leather belt to feminize the silhouette and with some black booties to reinforce the casual vibe of the dress. 

The below the knee lenght is perfect for the beginning of spring, you can even wear it with black tights to increase the glam rock effect. Again, this dress is very versatile and can easily be worn throughout spring and summer. 


Red and purple colors are totally in this season! If you love darker colors and want a classic piece that you can wear all year round, this ankle length floral dress is your go to dress. 

This dress is giving us a furious vintage vibe with its ankle length and lavaliere collar. The slightly sheer sleeves bring out a touch of modernity while the large floral print reminds us of the 70s. The darker colors are perfect for this end of winter. Paired with tights and boots and a big cosy vest, you’ll have the perfect comfy and warm outfit while being still very feminine.

The dress can also be worn more casually with some sneakers as parisian girls like to do. Fashion is made to experiment and Gérard Darel dresses are versatile enough to try new look. The dress could also look cute with some high heels and a belt to enhance your curves and compliment the waist. Either you want to play the casual chic modern look or the retro vibe, this dress can easily become one of your wardrobe staples.


Another classic by Gérard Darel. We love this green animal print dress with its flattering wrap neckline and its fresh and fun print. The perfect spring and summer dress!

This dress has everything we love! A beautiful wrap effect that highlights your curves, complimenting your breast in the process. A bright and vibrant green color that gives it freshness and modernity. The animal print on the other hand, brings out a touch of wilderness. 

This dress is also very versatile and can be worn for pretty any occasion. Either, it’s for a summer wedding, a day event or a beach party, with this dress you’ll be feminine and elegant. Besides, the ankle length and short puffy sleeves make it very flattering for many body shapes. Dare to work the new version of the animal print with this vibrant green that makes us think of a mojito. Indeed, this dress could easily be your best companion for your next summer holiday. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best Gérard Darel dresses. If you want to invest in beautiful summer dresses without breaking the bank, this french brand is definitely for you!

Indeed, the French designer has made its reputation by creating affordable clothing and accessories without neglecting the quality.

Their designs are also very easy to wear and versatile, that’s probably why Gérard Darel is popular among all generations. Gérard Darel dresses are timeless and feminine pieces that you’ll wear for years before going bored of them. Of course, with their affordable price range, you can afford to buy several of them and built a collection of casual chic dresses that perfectly embody the French simple elegance

Don’t forget to tell us which dress is your favorite from this list. 😉

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