Top Christian Dior Womens Sunglasses 🕶 – Best CD 2020

Top Dior Womens Sunglasses 🕶

Dior is the New Look, it is radical femininity, it is pure elegance and the uniqueness of French couture savoir-faire blown into the core of every item that is designed and made by the French brand.

Christian Dior was an innovative women lover who created clothes and accessories meant to make them more bold and prettier. The brand never lost this DNA and keeps on today with this bright legacy in mind. 

Christian Dior made opulence and joie de vivre his two creative cornerstones. Radiance, elegant ornament, generous fabrics and cuts, his taste for gleeful designs and amazing apparel are what build Dior’s DNA and what lays behind every creation, whether Christian Dior’s or the designers’ that came after him (Saint Laurent being one of these successors, if you did not know!).

Always playful, the Dior woman and the women Christian Dior designed his first gowns for, are nature lovers with a sense of elegance that resembles that of the thick and delicate vegetation of an English garden.

With nature in mind then, the sun is one ore element to the Dior woman… and she has to protect her eyes from it, even more than other because of all the time she spends outdoor picking flowers and looking at the trees grow and thrive! 

It is then very logical that Dior should have a wide and great collection of sunglasses… and there were are, with Maria Grazia Chiuri’s designs that echo both Christian Dior’s DNA and the Dior woman’s expectations in terms of style and protection. Let yourself fall in love, Dior’s design are absolutely amazing – let’s go, and let me show you!  

Dior’s D Dior F sunglasses 🕶 : the classic big CD sunglasses

The luxury leather making industry has its it-bags; the high-end sunglasses industry has too and these Dior D Dior F ones are really amongst the most known and bought across the world!

Out of time and very trendy, these sunglasses are a clever choice far almost all types of faces and for women with an unapologetic style… and who are ready to really put out there and show to the world their love for the brand.

Logo-mania or pure love, the huge side Christian Dior signature will have you caught for ever. Dare I add, it will catch all eyes?…

The D Dior F sunglasses by Dior are actually a revisitation of the famous 2000s model. What is the twist? The overall front shape, more butterfly-ish than the previous version of the D Dior.

The D Dior F has a wide, thick black frame made in acetate. This material is the most used today, light and resistant. This black frame is adorned with a huge “CD” (for Christian Dior, of course!) on the branches made in a tainted gold metal and shading off black glasses that give a soft smoky effect as much as protect you from the UV rays. 

Feminine and unapologetically signed by Dior with a huge side logo, these shades are made for the Dior fans and logo-maniacs out there with a need for elegant and yet really signed sunglasses.

Their black frame allows you to keep them with you whatever your outfit is and you can find many ways to match them with your own style.

The D Dior F’s frames are really wide and will most face shapes except maybe very round ones or short foreheads. Apart from this (and, what the heck, do you really need to listen to me?), they are an absolute must-have. 

Dior’s Cat Style Dior Sunglasses 🕶 : the one that will bring you back to the 50s glamour

Cat style glasses are your ideal go to if you are in search for a glamorous and utterly feminine pair of shades. Their butterfly inspired shape are the utter fifties revival you need around your wardrobe to add something delicate, feminine and cool (even Lolita-like!) to all your outfits.

With their delicate yet femme fatale look, The Dior Cat Style sunglasses are very trendy and elegant sunglasses for all the days you go on a stroll… to slay!

Made for a Fall-Winter show by Maria Grazia Chiuri, these sunglasses are made not only for summer but for your all-year round style and silhouette.

Very fifties and yet updated thanks to a very graphic design that conveys a sense of modernity, the Dior Cat Style have a definite couture finish and feel thanks to subtle plays on transparency in between the frame, lenses and metallic details.

A very cool 2019 version exists, in which they are covered with over a thousand hand-applied borealis Swarovski –shine bright like a diamond!

Mad for the urban and country girls as well as you everyday life and holidays wanderings, the Dior Cat Style will surprise you and make all your outfits look brighter.

Dedicated to making you look cool and sophisticated, these couture Dior Cat Style sunglasses will be your one go-to item for sitting at a Parisian café terrace and enjoy the view of passers by while be hidden and protected by their 100% UV-proof lenses and femme fatale design. Be ready to look glamorous, mysterious and irresistible.

Dior’s Stellaire sunglasses 🕶 : the big square “vie en rose” window panes

With a charming vintage Hollywood style and their very graphic yet round and lightweight feel, the Dior Stellaire sunglasses are a very distinctive kind of frame that will have your gaze look brighter and way more luxury!

Very couture and yet easy-going, the Dior Stellaire sunglasses have shaded lenses for the glamour of it and a structure quite wide that will flatter all kinds of faces and style. Made for the city and rides across town, these sunglasses are quite recent, launched by Maria Grazia Chiuri. 

The Dior Stellaire sunglasses have a distinctive shape: with their wide and big square shape, they are imposing and yet very lightweight and easy to wear thanks to the overall structure of the frame.

Lightweight in their look as well, by the way, since they have ample lenses but very thin metallic framing. Existing in different variations – the first being Stellar 1, then a bigger version, then a butterfly-shape version – they will always fit your mood and style! 

Ultra-thin metal temples, 100% UVA-UVB protection shaded lenses, ivory frame or metallic golden details… the Dior Stellaire sunglasses are the ultimate glamour as far as sunglasses are concerned.

Distinctive in themselves, they will distinguish your silhouette too with their unapologetic look and enhance all your greater outfits with a sophisticated je ne sais quoi. You will definitely enjoy them from January to December in any situation given! 

See the Savoir-Faire behind the DiorStellaire sunglasses

Dior’s Direction sunglasses 🕶 : the ultra-graphic Lady’s sunglasses 

Unique in every way, the Dior Direction sunglasses are the ultimate sophistication for a singular and couture look. Very edgy, these Art Nouveau meets über modernity frames are made for the daring women with a strong sense of style and graphic items.

Fashion has a way to make you look incredible, Dior has a way to make fashion’s purpose ever brighter and the French brand proves it once more with these sunglasses.

For they are amazing, for they are like a piece of art, for they are made by Dior, I know you will crush on these as soon as you see these Dior Direction sunglasses! 

These Dior Direction play with graphic cut-outs and sort of Art Nouveau curves and squares. The overall look? Slim metal temples in metal and a frame that is simply out of the ordinary.

An oversize round square encapsulates the two round lenses in a very unique way and conveys the very sophistication and sculpture-like look of these extremely cool sunglasses.

The black graded lenses offer UV protection and a very distinctive look to help you stand out in any crowd: not two women will have these in the assistance! 

Made, like any couture piece, for the whole year round and even, I would say, especially for when it is just a matter of style and not just sun that you take out your most beautiful frames, the Dior Direction are memorable and feminine, elegant and fun, and you sure will never be bored of their sophistication and singularity.

For a total sorta Iris Van Apfel look, you can even add corrective white lenses to the frame so that you can wear these glasses at any time you work, too. Have I convinced you yet? I know I have! 

Dior, the sunglasses that enhance your femininity

Elegant whatever the shape they were cut in, Dior’s sunglasses are practical items turns into odes to femininity, elegance, sophistication and… well, couture, in a word.

Delicate and refined, the Dior sunglasses shapes are made to enhance your inner femme fatale or fifties Hollywood star, for you always to be well equipped and stand out in any crowd.

My special crush would be on the Cat Styles and the Direction, both very elegant and very couture and definitely unique. But of course, the choice is yours to make for you to be irresistible! 

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