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Top Dior Women Sneakers

Dior is a house of revolution in fashion. Not a Jean-Paul Gaultier kind of seism but definitely one that shaped and brought a real new thing to the after war fashion world: after years of restrictions and especially concerning fabrics, Christian Dior made a collection in 1946 that embodied opulence, luxury and unapologetic femininity. 

Along the early days of women’s enfranchisement and (relative) freedom in France, Christian Dior offered collections that yelled for joie de vivre and fun for women. From head to toe, his silhouettes were playful, cheerful, made with dozens of metres of fabric and called for a renaissance of elegance.

That was the essence of his New Look, that soon reached all continents until it became an absolute trendsetter and definite go-to for women all over the world. 

If you want your steps to resonate with the steps of the new Dior woman, created by the Maria Grazia Chiuri latest collections, you might really enjoy this selection I drew just for you. Quite varied and definitely never boring, the Dior sneakers are shoes to enjoy at all times of the day in any situation. You ready? C’est parti!

Dior’s Walk’N’Dior low sneakers: the ultimate urban Dior sneaker

The Walk’N’Dior sneakers are already the best-seller item in the Dior sneakers crew. You must have already seen them all over Instagram and around your neighbourhood – these are the it-shoes of the moment.

Easy to wear and accommodating to any kind of style or lifestyle, the Walk’N’Dior are sneakers made for the urban and countryside ladies who like a teenage twist with a lot of luxury details to it

The low-cut Walk’N’Dior sneakers are inspired by your all time favourite teenage years sneakers. A thick rubber sole that bites up the front of the shoes and a canvassed upper shoe are the two main elements to their success as well as their signature “Christian Dior J’Adior” laces. 

Leather tabs and metallic touches in Dior’s Antique Gold colour finish these very cool and luxury sneakers. On the sole, the “Dior” embossed signature can be replace with your name, for a more luxury and personalised pair of sneakers that you only will be owning. What better way to enjoy your sneakers than when they are fully and only yours? Uniqueness is the key at Dior. 

The Walk’N’Dior low-cut sneakers will fit your entire wardrobe. This model fits a bit large, make sure to go for a half size under your regular size. Apart from this detail, there are no boundaries to the Walk’N’Dior sneakers use: go for it with a wide long skirt, tight jeans, formal cigarette pants… actually: just go for it!

Dior’s Walk’N’Dior low sneakers Review

Dior D-Connect low-top: the fat running shoes made elegant 

The nineties created the fat ugly dad running shoes and the designers of today made it uber cool and luxury-proof. That was quite some work but it did work very well in most cases… and Maria Grazia Chiuri definitely managed to design one of the most desirable of them revisitations.

Fat but light, sporty but elegant and haute-couture ready, the Dior D-Connect sneakers carry their very spirit in their name: de-connect yourself from everything you have been told about running shoes: these ones are cool, trendy and so very feminine. 

Inspired from the sneakers you might have seen in the Spring Summer 2019 runway shows, the Dior D-Connect sneakers are made of a mix of canvas and leather that really give the luxury touch the sneakers need to star in your fashionista’s closet.

The thick rubber sole is completed by grain leather on the front, back and sides of the shoe as well as transparent rubber tabs that let the canvas appear. The laces are signed with a “Dior” print and the rivets resemble hiking shoes rivets. 

Built up to walk up any street or countryside landscape with style and uniqueness, the D-Connect might not be a work environment friendly pair of sneakers but will definitely be the ones you will love to wear on weekends and in the evening, running errands or dancing all night long at your favourite spot.

Very cool either with a dress or jeans, you can go as far as twisting your dinner gown by wearing them along… and you will for sure be the most stylish person in the room

Dior D-Connect Sneakers Unboxing

Dior Fusion sneakers: the futuristic sock-sneakers you will ad(i)or

There is a new kind of sneakers that appeared recently and that really, you would have never figured would one day star in your ward robe as one of your favourite piece of footwear. Why? Simply because it was just unthinkable to one day figure out such a design.

I am obviously talking of this weird yet very, very fashionable trend of sock sneakers. Sneakers that basically look like socks with a sole. Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri tried it and… well, it is so Dior that you will have to find it nice and worth the try!

The Dior Fusion sneakers are made of a perforated technical fabric that – of course – prevents rain to get into the shoe as much as give a sock-like experiment for your feet: you slip the sneakers on and… it is like the most comfortable and finely moulding shoes you have ever put on.

A “Dior” embroidered ribbon is sewed at the back of the Fusion sneakers as well as a couture signature knot to bring some femininity in the mix. The white rubber sole is embossed with a “Dior” sign that ends making this footwear UFO – unknown footwear object – the very object of your desires

The Dior Fusion sneakers are unexpected… and so call for an unexpected look. You can counterbalance their futuristic weird vibe with very plain and well cut outfits like cigarette jeans and a formal jacket or a really pretty mini skirt with an oversize wool sweater. Don’t be afraid to mix and match genres and style with these sneakers: they are designed for you to have fun and enjoy


Dior Walk’N’Dior high-top sneakers: the pop-rock version of the low cut

Similar and yet very different from its low cut sister, the Walk’N’Dior high-top sneakers are a variation on the low-cut version that was unveiled in the 2018 Cruise Dior collection.

Very teenage girl meets urban 2020 woman, the Walk’N’Dior high-top sneakers are a bit more city-proof and pop rock than their twins. And that is for the best: who wants to fit in when you could have some of the best-selling and most cool Dior sneakers at your feet? 

In the high-top Walk’N’Dior sneakers you will find the same thick rubber soles as in the low-cut, going up a bit on the upper shoe at the front. Made of the signature Dior canvas (the one that the Dior tote is made of) or more technical fabrics, the luxury Dior touch are the leather pieces that are finely cut and sewed, structuring the overall shoes.

The “Christian Dior J’Adior” laces are the pop reference to the very well known Maria Grazia Chiuri’s message tees, belts and bags, as well as the embossed “Christian Dior” signature and star (a symbol Christian Dior cherished) on the sole. Metallic details reveal the luxury making of these Walk’N’Dior sneakers and are like jewels on the shoes. 

If you are a romantic teenager who was coerced into letting down her favourite sneakers because they were not serious or elegant enough, the high-top Walk’N’Dior sneakers are the ultimate answer to your detractors: reunite them all in a room with your Dior sneakers at your feet and show them how wrong they were about sneakers. Yes, you are a Dior queen, madame

Dior SS19/Summer 2019 High Top Sneakers in Oblique Unboxing

Dior D-Smash sneakers: the D-Connect and Walk’N’Dior hybrid 

I will be brief about the D-Smash Dior sneakers since I must say they are no doubt very good looking and easy to wear but really just are a mix of the Walk’N’Dior and D-Connect sneakers that I have already talked to you about.

Let’s say that the upper shoe is a revisitation of the Walk’N’Dior and the sole carries this very nineties sneakers vibe, to sum it up

The very nice touch to the D-Smash – you find it in the name – is their tennis-court spirit that changes a bit from the actual trendy running shoes. Fine strips of leather are braided together for a really couture look and the thick rubber sole structures the sneakers in an elegant and sporty way. 

With their “Dior” signed soles, the D-Smash are the sneakers that will pass with any of your outfits. Thick yet elegant, their very tennis-court vibe allows you to have them at your feet with the most formal of outfits and yet be just charming… alike that model wearing them on the runway above!

Dior’s DNA: cool and luxury femininity

Nowadays, Dior’s DNA is carried out by the work of Maria Grazia Chiuri, head of women’s Dior collections. From Haute Couture to prêt à porter, she blows a new revolutionary wind on the Dior woman.

Wearing sneakers, message tee-shirts and being moody or over-the-roof happy, the Maria Grazia Dior woman is modern, a city and countryside lover and goes for what she loves above all: style and life.

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