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Dior is a brand of opulent femininity and brilliant womanhood – Christian Dior loved women and always aimed at making them gorgeous. His fashion line was never just what he intended to do in order to dress women in the most amazing way… and what better way than perfumes could be imagined to perfect his already great contribution to women’s closets? 

Christian Dior created his maison de couture in 1945 and decided to brand his own perfumes as early as 1947. Chanel had done it before, and the perfume industry had way time to perfect itself – the first fragrance Christian Dior created was Miss Dior… and was an immediate success due to its freshness and unique complexity. 

Christian Dior’s gardens – which you can still visit in the North of France in Normandy – are known for the variety of flowers and the way they inspired the French designer. As far as Dior’s perfumes are concerned, the same very flora inspiration was present at each step of their making! Helped by his nose, Christian Dior made fragrances that “smelled like love” as he would say then.

Nowadays, Dior perfumes are well known and widely acquired by women of the finest taste – far from being cheesy or too flower-power, the Dior fragrances are amongst the most refined you can find on the market today. 

But let’s not dwell on details, and let me talk to you about my ten favourite fragrances by Dior – careful, you are very likely to be lovestruck by the end of this article… 

Miss Dior: the everlasting cult perfume

Born in 1947 in the mind of Christian Dior as “love in a bottle”, Miss Dior has been around for such a long time that it is just stunning how its fragrance is still so fresh and young. As the first Dior perfume it has obviously all that M. Dior imagined his muses would have: glee, softness, uniqueness and a huge bouquet in her living room.

Indeed, Miss Dior is a very powerful floral – on the opposite of boring. Grasse Rose, Damascus Rose, Calabrian Bergamot, entangled with Rosewood from French Guiana and Pink Pepper – everything screams preciousness, elegance, femininity and… a woman in love.

Miss Dior recalls that spirit that Christian Dior injected in every creation: careless elegance, spontaneous smiles, assurance in every step and the opulence of good taste

Miss Dior will please either young or… well, young in their head women for it is like a like and happiness elixir: you can’t be insensitive to its soft complexity and caring boldness. Whether you are a garden addict, a pink addict, a teen with a sense of womanhood or a charming woman-child, you won’t help but fall in love with Miss Dior. 

Miss Dior Perfume Review and Unboxing

J’adore Perfume: the one you all know the ad for

Created by nose François Demachy, J’adore is described was thought of not as a perfume or a bouquet, but a measure-made flower. J’adore is a new flower with a new smell made of the balance of all other flowers. 

This tribute to Christian Dior’s love for flowers is a powerful and complex floral that manages to carry the sensuality of a floral, the boldness of an citric fragrance and the elegance of the Dior woman as the designer pictured her. 

Ylang-ylang, Damascus rose, Grasse jasmine and Indian tuberose give it something very voluptuous and fruity at the same time, just like the Dior woman is femininity and character all at once. Complex and surprising, J’adore is the scent of a mesmerising woman everyone is intrigued about but no one knows anything of

Its very well known bottle was inspired from Dior’s drawing of an amphora and its precious gold collar is an ode to a powerful and elegant femininity, that of the African Masai women. J’adore is there for you everyday to lead your steps and attract those in your trail. 

Review Fragrance for Women J’Adore Eau De Parfum

Hypnotic Poison Perfume: the classy witchy elixir

You don’t wear Hypnotic Poison, it wears you”, as they say. And I guess here, the saying is true. You can’t figure out how intense and striking Hypnotic Poison is until you have had it in your hands, at the crook of your neck: this hymn to intensity is a memorable oriental fragrance. Yet don’t be scared: the only danger with this poison is for those, poor souls, who will fall in love with you wearing it. 

The Hypnotic Poison’s notes are simple and oh so efficient and heady: almonds, Sambac jasmine and vanilla are the amazing and indispensable three notes that make all of this perfume’s sensuality and depth. Mix it with the profound tuberose, musk and the spicy apricot and plum notes you find in Hypnotic Poison and there you have what will be the death of all other fragrances: you won’t ever forget this one is a masterpiece. 

Hypnotic Poison is a fragrance for daring Amazons of the modern life, dreamy intense women with a sense for drama and style, for any girl who needs a push to become her true complete self. Just beware: once you have fallen for Hypnotic Poison, you can’t come back from it!

Dior Hypnotic Poison Perfume Review

Dior addict Perfume: the intensity of pink

This woody floral with citric notes has something so modern and unforgettable to it that its freshness and delicacy almost are disguise for its charism. With the Sicilian tangerine, sambac jasmine and Tunisian neroli, a background of woody scents like sandalwood and deep vanilla, Dior Addict offers a fragrance mixing sensuality and sparkling mindless femininity.

Generous but not too opulent or heady, seductive but not a show-off at all thanks to the preciousness of its formula and mastering of its makers, Dior Addict brings you an attitude that is free, radiant and easy-going, clever, carelessly elegant and happy. In a way, it is just ideal for the modern urban woman. 

This perfume is made so that you can wear it in any situation: it is a second-skin fragrance so that you are wrapped in its scent and personality all day long, all the time. You can’t make any mistake with Dior Addict, especially if you are not a fan of heady overwhelming fragrances – its fruitiness and lightness will seduce you for sure. 

Dior ADDICT Review – Original Formulation

Joy Perfume: the new addiction

François Demachy, head perfumer and nose at Dior perfumes, has tried, he said, to encapsulate light as a scent in Joy’s bottle. What a challenge and… what a success, given that sparkling glee that gets out of well-named Joy’s perfume bottle.

Love at the first sight, and love at the first olfactive note. First, it is bergamot and tangerine that blow up in harmony with the flower bouquet that Demachy invented for Joy; then absolute Grasse rose and jasmine, all wrapped up in warm sandalwood.

This perfume is both very complex and straight out clear, neat and simple. You just want to spread it all on you bare skin and let it be your outfit and personality all at once. 

Joy carries it name very, very well – it sparkles and makes you sparkle with joy as well. This daring idea not only to sublimate any Dior woman’s personality but also to encapsulate light so has to bright light and glee into women’s life is so very Dior and powerful as a gesture that you won’t help but be lovestruck by this very delicate, powerful and intimate fragrance

Joyr By Dior Eau de Parfum Review

Diorissimo Perfume: the very long lasting masterpiece

Diorissimo was one of M. Christian Dior’s creation which he elaborated with his nose Edmond Roudnitska – whom you also owe to for creating the marvellous Miss Dior.

Both men were very like-minded as far as fragrance are concerned and made with Diorissimo one of the most complex and delicate floral perfume at Dior. 

The idea behind Diorissimo? Capturing the smell of freshly cut lily of the valley in the springtime. Toughen up with ylang ylang, jasmine and May rose, the lily of the valley is sublimated.

The notes are floral and opulent without getting to heady – the overall bouquet, dominated by the precious lily of the valley, has something of a sunny springtime morning spent in a garden with a vaporous long white dress and flowers in your hair

Diorissimo is the ultimate Dior woman perfume – subtle but unapologetic, craving tenderness but very sharp minded, elegant and careless, dreamy and yet knowing where she is going.

It could have been a very boring soliflore – understand single scent perfume – that Dior would have offered, but as always he made a simple as complex as preciously sophisticated. Diorissimo is a must-have. 

Dior Diorissimo Fragrance Review Video

Poison girl Perfume: sexiness’s scent

Hypnotic Poison would be the big sister version to the Poison Girl – the one a bit stronger and more mature yet that was an inspiration for the little one. And because the little one is younger, it is rather sexy more than sensual – Hypnotic is a witch, and Poison Girl is Medusa… and while she doesn’t turn her partners into stone, she sure is cold hearted towards someone who is not as passionate as she is. 

Poison Girl is addictive – the sweet and sour mix of the three major notes is a great part of the charm and uniqueness of Poison Girl: orange entangled with Venezuelan tonka bean and Grasse rose create something at the same time citric, floral and oriental. A very mesmerising formula that leaves no heart indifferent. 

Poison Girl is almost a signature perfume – unlike some fragrances which set the mood for you, this Dior Poison Girl is a fragrance you pick for it is just like you, for you have something in common. Like you best friend, Poison Girl will accompany you everywhere and be your best seduction weapon. “Be you”, she will whisper at your ear

Dior Poison Girl Review Video

Dune Perfume: feel the wind of Normandy’s beaches

Dune is a perfume made as a tribute to M. Christian Dior’s passion: the ocean, nature, the way Normandy’s beaches feel, breathe and smell.

Dune is definitely one of the finest and most amazingly balanced Dior fragrance: in this round and jolly bottle only lay the most precious of ingredients for a memorable scent and emotion

Bergamot, peony (one of Christian Dior’s favourite flowers) vanilla and mandarin bring all together a fruity, spicy, deep and floral, serene attitude to the fragrance Dune.

It is dreamlike, a scent that is completely unseen and very, very catchy and attractive – how to resist this encapsulated fragrance recalling with a fascinating accuracy holidays, nature and femininity all together united

Dune has a great history for it is a true tribute since it was created according to what M. Christian Dior always said he loved and cherished: nature, flowers, great light and spaces.

This Dune perfume is not only a fragrance for women with taste and who wants to take a step back from the furiousness of the urban modern life, it is also and above all a piece of Dior’s history. It might well be one of the rarest Dior perfume on the market – this singularity only adds to the uniqueness of Dune: you won’t ever find another women in the room wearing Dune. 

Christian Dior DUNE Fragrance Review

The power of flowers and marvellous femininity

Choosing a perfume from Dior’s collections is as bold as romantic. Unapologetically floral and fresh, sweet and gleeful, Dior fragrances are made for women with style and attitude, daring wether they are the peony/rose combination kind of woman or a darker tonka/vanilla sort of girl. One thing is for sure, though : you are never making a mistake with Dior at the crook of your neck.

These perfumes by Dior really are hit-fragrances, with opulence, style… and also the easiest to find at any store. Just like all great perfumery house, Dior has secret, very intimate and almost unknown fragrances you can also discover in Dior exclusive boutiques, especially in Paris. Go cast a look and discover these other treasures too – rare and specific, but oh so satisfactory as well! 

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