Top Chloé Womens Sunglasses 🕶 – The Best 2020 Chloé Shades

Top Chloé Womens Sunglasses 🕶

Chloé embodies the spirit of a free woman, a romantic girl with a bohemian look and a strong attraction to all the mystical and dreamy aspects of life and style.

Made for women by women, the French brand Chloe is one of the most amazing creator of fashion the world counts today. 

With a wide collection of accessories – I am thinking bags, jewellery, shoes… –, Chloe made a declaration: the Chloé girl deserves to be dressed from head to toe with pieces of her very own DNA, that is to say that she deserves esoteric and chic fashion to accompany her and make her own character brighter. 

Sunglasses are not just a protection: they are a statement. As far as the French brand Chloe is concerned, they are a very cool ode to the love for vintage and outrageous coolness the Chloe woman worships. Ready to discover them? Let’s go for a tour around Chloé’s best sunglasses models.

Chloé’s Carolina Pearl Sunglasses: the Esoteric Couture Hippie Sunglasses

Have you ever dreamt of a hippie looking style but without all the shabby weird looking ornaments that hippies tend to accumulate with poor taste and too much kitsch?

Well, the nature loving Chloé girl dreamt of this too and so the French brand’s designers set their mind on offering you the best of couture and yet hippie-ish sunglasses: let me introduce you to Chloé’s Carolina Pearl sunglasses! 

Chloé’s Carolina Pear sunglasses are actually a variation the the classic Carolina sunglasses model (up above in the picture) though deliciously updated and made very much more couture.

Resolutely vintage, the Carolina sunglasses are designed with a gold metal frame shaped in oversize flowing circles juxtaposing themselves in a sort of almost dance

A delicate pearl is incrusted onto one of the circles and gives the very couture and jewellery feel. With Art Nouveau like temples, thin and crafty, these shades are amongst the best sunglasses ever designed and known to womankind, really. 

Light, utterly feminine and dramatically elegant, these Carolina Pearl sunglasses by Chloé are the epitome of charm, luxury and sophistication.

See them as a piece of dream jewellery that you will ever want to take off – why put away the one accessory that takes you straight to Wonderland through their shaded golden pink lenses

Very springlike and with a slight protection, these shades wil be your go-to in the early days of March as well as your best anti-depressant as the first cold suns of Winter strike in: in a word, your year long best friends. 

Chloé’s Poppy Diamond Sunglasses: the mystical graphic stance on luxury frames

The Chloé woman is definitely undecipherable and loves the mystical and magic aspects of life and her style reflects that spirit in each and very of her items. Why should her sunglasses not convey her love for the luxury bohemian look?

The Poppy Diamond sunglasses by Chloé really show out how the French brand’s designers know how to encapsulate very modern designs with a retro-boho touch so that their customers can reach their absolute goal: becoming this romantic Chloé girl. 

With a very seventies spirit injected in the colours and design, the Poppy Diamond sunglasses reach a point of perfection that has no equal. With the thinness and elegance of the frame and temples made of gold metal, the femininity and sophistication of this model is striking.

The lenses, gradient and cut in a diamond shape as well, seem to be floating into the gold metal frame, like something magic.

The little perk of these Poppy sunglasses are the two drop-shaped opening on the back of the temples for you to put your vintage glasses chain attaches.

Made for the witches and bohemian girls with a sense of couture-like jewellery and eyewear, these Poppy Diamond sunglasses by Chloe make the most of Chloé’s spirit and style.

Gold, Havana foil, gradient brown lenses: the vintage and yet very modern look of these sunglasses These shades will be your perfect sunglasses for the end of the summer, when autumn gets in surreptitiously with a warm embrace of orange, brown and yellow tints.

In the spring-time, they will be your comfy protecting sunglasses for the transition between two seasons to operate gently. 

Chloé’s Willow sunglasses: the retro sunglasses you longed for

Picture your mom’s sunglasses from the eighties and your grand-mother’s sunglasses from the fifties. Mix them together and try and figure out how that mixture would look.

Any idea? Well, to help you get a sense of what these two together would make, have a look at the amazing Willow sunglasses, the utmost retro sunglasses with a fun and easy, very modern touch.

With their rounded octagonal edges, these shades are the vintage pair of glasses you have always dreamt about. 

The Willow sunglasses exist in two colours, both very retro and modern at once: either pale sheer pink with gradient anthracite lenses or retro Havana frame with honey temples and gradient brown.

Very retro and urban-graphic at once, the octagonal rounded edges of the frame are what gives its cool look to the Willow by Chloe as well as the golden metallic core of the temples that catches light and appear beneath the pale pink or honey acetate for a vintage couture look.

Made for the vintage lovers and nostalgic or über trendy girls that live in European capitals or want to convey something of Paris and Milan at home, the Willow sunglasses by Chloe are the ultimate go-to.

Not as fragile as their metallic sisters thanks to their acetate frame and temples, these Willow are the cool, playful, retro sunglasses that you would get for your everyday errands and be able to wear with basically your entire wardrobe easily.

Wether you pick the pale pink or Havana shades for you shades, they will adapt to any style… even if a retro-chic outfit is highly recommended to emphasise their brilliant DNA! 

Chloé’s Bonnie Infinity sunglasses: the vintage futuristic shades by Chloé

Vintage is almost a religion at Chloe and it seems to be a tradition especially in the eyewear design sector!

The Bonnie Infinity sunglasses by Chloé do not differ from the rest of the collection though convey a sense of what the seventies thinkers and designers thought of the way people would design objects in the future.

With this vintage yet futuristic design, the Bonnie Infinity will make your gaze memorable and you style one of the finest retro look out there. Ready to know more about them? 

Showed for the first time on the Fall-Winter 19 runway, the Bonnie shades were key pieces of eyewear on the show. With their frame evoking a loop-like infinity sign, their shape is feminine, generous, fun and elegant with a strong sense of elegance anyhow.

The Havana frame sets the Bonnie Infinity sunglasses’ DNA in the seventies and the gradient light brown lenses give something more modern and gentle to the spectacular frame. The temples are quite simple, to let the ample frame to be the masterpiece. 

Made for the daring vintage lovers as well as the urban fans of oversize glasses, the Bonnie infinity sunglasses by Chloé look like a pair of glasses worth investing on.

They will never be cast out of fashion for they are simple outdated and trendy at once and shall match your entire wardrobe, whether you are a colourful or black addict kind of woman.

Made for you to enjoy life and gaze infinitely at the passers-by, these brilliantly designed shades will never let you down

Chloé’s Rosie Flower sunglasses: the dreamer’s dream shades for spring days

“Rosie”, the very name of this model seems like a call upon nature and femininity to bless these sunglasses with grace.

Curvy and cute, light and oversize, these sunglasses by the French brand Chloé look like a paradoxical perfection that encapsulates all the very aspects of womanhood: complex and simple, their design is one of the utmost perfection.

What is the Rosie Flower by Chloé very particular characteristic? Their flower-power shape! 

Unique and girly, luxury and elegant, these Chloe sunglasses really make the most of the definition of the Chloé woman. First, light and thin gold metal temples, that gives an elegant retro touch.

Then, the frame: the gold metal is shaped into a sunflower and the gradient light brown lenses are chiseled alike – a very ode to nature and femininity.

The soft curves and thick lenses contrast into a super desirable mix that gives its very style to the Rosie Flower sunglasses. 

With their uber feminine and girly look, the Rosie Flower sunglasses by Chloé might better suit the younger fans of the brand – indeed, I would recommend you do not get flower shaped sunglasses after your twenties… and maybe after your mid-twenties.

But nothing prevents you from it and they remain one heck of a good looking pair of sunglasses! 

Just like many other sunglasses maker, Chloé protects your eyes. But you must know noe thing: all of Chloé sunglasses will protect your eyes with style!

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