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Top Chloe Backpacks 🎒
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Showing a daring and unapologetically feminine and romantic yet rock and roll and bohemian style, Chloe is a long lasting French brand that even saw Karl Lagerfeld as its head creative designer in the sixties! Eery and cool, dreamy and esoteric, the Chloe universe is something to dive into.

Nowadays, you find two branches at the brand: Chloe, the original, and See by Chloe, which brings a younger and more teen-like spirit to the characteristics of the Chloe woman. I will not prevent myself from using both brands, so this top is about See by Chloe and Chloe! 

Excellent and prosperous it-accessories provider, Chloe is a brand that knows how to make any bag a big hit and must-have. Every runway is an occasion to show their new creation, sharp sense of style and practicality yet style is more important that practicality and especially since the Chloe woman is a very free-spirited and elegantly careless girl.

Gleefully praised for being so joyful, Chloe is one of the best know French fashion brand at the moment. Created in 1953 by Gaby Aghion, the brand’s take on fashion is that you must spark joy and perspire positivity and optimism to be charismatic and trendy. A woman who wear Chloe is someone who radiates like the sun.

With women at the creative head of Chloe ever since the creation of the brand, Choe is amongst the more progressive and feminine – in all ways – brands that France has birthed over these last centuries. The Chloe fever never ceased and it is because this brand gets women.

Phoebe Philo – the genius behind Céline’s designs these last ten years, from 2008 until 2018 – has been one of the best designers at Chloe along with the current fashion designer at the head of creation, Natasha Ramsay-Levi. 

Ramsay-Levi is a very cool and clever designer who brought her touch to the already wide definition of the Chloe woman, a romantic Amazon who dreams big even if not earth-grounded sometimes. But enough bla bla, let’s get onto the real reason we are here: backpacks!

With a lot of it-bags at the counter, Chloe had to tackle this newly appeared item of fashion at some point, and even if the collection is very restraint, there are three noticeably cool pieces that I would like to bring to your attention. Are you ready? Let’s go for Chloe’s and See by Chloe’s top three backpacks!

See by Chloe’s Joy Rider backpack: the unexpectedly cool weird romantic adventurer’s bag 

Chloe has a history with horse riding. Not as much as Longchamp or Hermès but there is something here that must be noticed. Hence the name of this Joy RIDER backpack.

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\JOY RIDER/ ⑅ 誕生日らしくない誕生日。 シーバイクロエのリュックをプレゼントに選びました💘 軽くて柔らかくてたくさん入ります。 ⑅ 2020年、33歳。 何か新しいことを始めたくてユーキャンを見たり、資格を調べたりしてました。 ⑅ 32歳最後の日、予想外の料理教室に入会☺ 家で凝ったものを作れるようになりたいと言うより、教室で美味しいものをみんなで作って食べて帰ってこよ~ってくらいの気持ちで。 料理とパンも作れるらしいので楽しみです🥖🍞🥐 担当の先生が面白いのでたくさん喋りたい(笑) ⑅ #seebychloe #シーバイクロエ #リュック #バックパック #backpack #joyrider #ジョイライダー #置き画 #置き画くら部 #fashion #ファッション #お洒落さんと繋がりたい

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This bag is made for the enjoyment of outdoor leisure and classic city days alike: you can not be bored of its classy yet sporty features and truly, it is a backpack though for enjoying yourself and definitely have a good time with a sporty yet chic bag that will help you thanks to its practicality as much as it is a great – very much a lot great – style asset

The See by Chloe’s Joy Rider backpack is made of a coated and texturised nylon with coated details to protect parts of the bag. Joyful, feminine, its round shape is really what make it the cutest backpack.

With numerous pockets – two exterior front pocket (practical and stylish!) and the main compartment made of a flap you can open and other interior pockets – it is really your go-to bag for busy days. What really gives a girly and cute touch to the overall design too is that little trinket made in golden metal attached to the flap.

It breaks the sporty look and gives a sense of luxury and femininity with its jewel-like look. This little trinket changes shape depending on the colour of your Joy Rider: the red one has a key and the black and grey one have a star and a circle. 

The Joy Rider backpack would tend to suit more young ladies, if you look at it briefly. But truly, in spite of this, I think it can be worn by any woman at any time, in any situation, truly. With its cute vintage and yet sporty and modern look, it fits your entire wardrobe – plus you can pick between three beautiful and classic colours, black, grey or red – and will fit just as well any of your moods.

The golden trinket is the utter feminine touch that was needed to convey even more joy out of this pretty Rider and its was done with taste and elegance. A great, great backpack by See by Chloe. 

Chloe’s Faye backpack: the ultimate grown woman backpack for elegant ladies

The Faye backpack by Chloe is really a piece of high luxury and high fashion, made ultra desirable and practical. Actually, this backpack is even one of the best odes to femininity that Chloe has made so far: cool hippie vibes with an irresistible luxury touch, this backpack is made for women with a great sense of style and a fantastic and dreamy elegance.

Many details and clean cut edges make the very glamour touch of this bag by Chloé that definitely has nothing to envy from its previous variation, the Faye handbag – that actually looks rather boring now that you will meet his very sophisticated and utterly practical little sister.

The Chloé Faye backpack has something more rock and roll and hippie than the first handbag version of the Faye line. With more metallic details and clever leather cuts, the overall look has more fantasy… and more style, let’s be honest.

First, just like the ancient Faye, the flap top of the bag is adorned with a golden metallic circle linked to a golden metallic chain attached on the side of the bag. Ornamental and useful, this clasp is really a jewellery piece that gives its ultimate luxury and rock and roll vibe to the Faye backpack.

The leather pleated sides of the backpack – made to adapt to the size of what you carry bring, on their part, a real feminine elegance that is simply exquisite. 

With its pastel colours and high quality luxury leather, this Chloe Faye backpack will most certainly catch your eye if not have you splurge on it straight as you set your eyes upon this piece of sophisticated elegance.

Made for active women with a keen sense of style and inner boho radiance, this Faye backpack will accompany you everywhere from work days to dancing nights with friends and you will never get bored of this jewel clasp that will allow you to wear the simpler of outfits with it and look marvellously stylish anyway.

I really have no more keys about this backpack to give you – I guess you are in love already! 

CHLOE Faye Mini Backpack Review

See by Chloe Olga backpack: the luxury See by Chloe’s take on a backpack 

I have said a few words as I introduced you the Joy Rider See by Chloé backpack about Chloe’s history with horse riding and the visual atmosphere that belongs to this sport.

Well, the Olga backpack sure is another take on the horse riding world with its overall saddle look and grained leather and metallic stirrup details.

Very cool and good looking in addition to being super practical with many pockets, the Olga backpack is a vintage must-have by See by Chloe that you sure will still find if you happen to fall in love with it reading my presentation. Careful, here it goes for the details! 

The Olga backpack is shaped like a bucket bag with leather strings to close it and a saddle-shaped flap on the top. Two side pockets replicate the saddle shape and give an overall round and cute look to the design of the Olga. Details in golden metal confer a very luxury and high end vibe to the backpack and sure will make your day if you are keen on these sorts of cool and classy bag hardware

There is many other things to say about the Olga overall design but very little more to say to convince you to go and get it already. With its very practical and cool look, this bag will, for sure, help you make the best out of your days. This Olga backpack might rather suit the classic or preppy style addicts for it is not so much hippie but rather a piece of classic French elegance

Chloe and See by Chloe, clever fashion for cool girls

The backack by Chloe and See by Chloe are the very translation of their desire to make fashion items as cool and boho as need be and yet infuse some practicality and longtime references in any of their creations.

With these three rare and cool backpacks, you can be sure to strike strong and have the best of silhouettes at any time, in any situation! 

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