Top Chanel Womens Sunglasses 🕶 – Best Chanel Shades 2020

Very modern and surprising, Chanel is a resolutely avant-garde fashion house and always has been from the very beginning of the brand in the early 1900th century, set in motion by Gabrielle Chanel.

In the 1980s, Karl Lagerfeld made its goal to modernise the brand even more and successfully achieved so in just a few seasons… leaving Chanel at the top of the fashion food chain for decades!

The paroxysmal elegance and femininity of the Chanel woman’s style is the very core of the Chanel designs and so perdures through time. 

Accessories were actually the very first thing that Madame Chanel did: at first, she was a milliner. Fashion then became central but accessories still keep on being a huge part of the trade and creation at Chanel.

Sunglasses evidently came along and are amongst the most successful items of fashion. Cool, sleek, couture… just like any Chanel item, they are worth the look… and the investment!

Let’s go, let me show your their best sunglasses. 

Chanel’s Round sunglasses 🕶: the ultimate sixties classic

Who never dreamt to carry around sunglasses that would make everything look cool and especially your silhouette?

With the Chanel round sunglasses there it is: walk through life as your gaze sends good vibes and your look screams out “hippie girl on the way… with style!”.

Thin and elegant, these Chanel sunglasses are oversize just enough for all types of faces to fit them and so enjoy la vie en rose through classic or polarised lenses. 

Black, pinkish red or tortoise shell, the wide range of colours available allows you to be playful with these Chanel sunglasses.

A very light frame encapsulate big round lenses that give all their charm to that pair of glasses.

Sophisticated and elegant, the Chanel signature lays in a very luxury and couture detail on the temples: just before the place where they rest on your ears, two white pearls the width of the temples are incrusted. Utterly feminine and cool, like a Chanel jewel.

These vie en rose sunglasses are for every girl and woman whatever your age and style. Playful and versatile, they will adapt to your face and outfits easily as well as give something more, a French je ne sais quoi to die for as well as something of a cool sixties vibe.

Whether in the summer or winter, there are no season that would not be perfect for wearing these Chanel shades that are like a very sophisticated and low-key piece of jewellery protecting your eyes. 

Chanel’s Square sunglasses 🕶 with chain: the uber-cool glamorous normcore sunglasses

Remember the old Rita from the TV show “The Nanny”? Well, here we are, we have found her sunglasses in a more modern and couture version but just as fun and enjoyable as hers!

With big square lenses and a light frame, these Chanel sunglasses were made to be noticed and be seen as you walk through crowds with these.

Glamorous and fun at the same time, the versatility and imposing coolness of these Chanel frames are really to be mentioned and worth having in this selection! 

First, the lenses: shaded and available in colours from golden to black, blue to pinkish red, you have quite a wide range of shades (pun intended) to chose from.

The temples are a mix of acetate and metal shaped into chain links. These chain links also build up the frame and are covered by the lenses for a very couture and jewel feel.

The “Rita touch” to these Chanel sunglasses is the chain attached to the temples – yes, exactly like the old ladies’ glasses chain but way cooler and starring a Chanel double C logo on each part of the chain

Made for daring women and girls with a strong sense of style and what fits or does not fit them, these oversize square sunglasses with a chain really are a masterpiece.

Both a piece f jewellery and a very fun and playful accessory, these Chanel frames will never get you bored… not let you walk anonymously among the streets of your city: if you are to get them, get ready to shine and be noticed!

Their very slight UV protection makes them the ideal all-year-long sunglasses so you can wear them at any time whatever the weather is like, just for the sake of wearing them! 

Unboxing Chanel Square Sunglasses Classics black Standard

Chanel’s Cat Eyes sunglasses 🕶: a touch of Italian charm and sophistication

These Chanel sunglasses might seem classical but they are quite the opposite as far as style is concerned. Made recently by the French fashion brand, these Chanel frames are the embodiment of a European delicate style that survives all decades: the Italian glamour.

With their cat’s eyes shape – or butterfly-shape, for those of you who rather know better this appellation – these shades are really a perfect charming and versatile pair of glasses that elegant and coquette women will love

Many details build up the charm and Italian-like vibe of these sunglasses. First, the shape of the frame and lenses, as I have said, this characteristic butterfly or cat’s eyes shape that makes your eyelids shutter and wink at the pretty people around you.

Quite wide acetate temple ornamented with a Chanel double C logo make the temper of this pair of glasses: they underline your face line and gives it something more.

Then, on the frame, parted each at the extremities, two imprinted white bars like a metallic chain finish the couture feel.

Delicate and yet wide, very glamorous but discreet if you take it in their black or tortoise shell colours (the pinkish red one is far more dolce vita like but sure will not suit all women nor style!), these Chanel shades will definitely be your go-to sunglasses in the summer and maybe also in the ski season, when a touch of the Italian sun in your look will much be appreciated.

You can not go wrong if you pick these trendy and classic sunglasses shape that suit all faces. To be marked: these have a mild 100% UVA/UVB protection, ideal for a regular sun. 

Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses Black Gold

Chanel’s Losange sunglasses 🕶: the sunglasses reviving the 2000s

From what you know of the 2000s, you probably either love or hate the sunglasses that you can recall from that time of your life… because a lot of ugliness was infused in most of the pieces that were designed at the time.

But as nowadays this weird fashion period is now back in trend, the designers take up the task of making it great again, and Chanel was up to the task! These ovoid sunglasses are a cool revisitation that needs figure in this selection

Both ovoid and cat’s eyes shaped, the lenses have something very feminine and elegant yet futuristic and very modern. With round cuts, the frame conveys a softness that is very couture and graphic at once.

The temples are quite thin and ornamented with a Chanel double C logo on the sides so that the pair is clearly signed. But are they signed enough?

Chanel decided not and a big “CHANEL” made of 24 carats gold is inserted on the upper part of the frame, invisible yet very much present – the definition of luxury. 

Made for the nostalgic and modern women, these Chanel shades are the perfect embodiment of an old trend made new and playfully cool again.

If you are looking for discreet and yet very luxury couture shades, do go for these Chanel sunglasses: with their delicate framing yet high-fashion gold inserts, you will enjoy them like a piece of jewellery

Chanel’s Round and Pearls sunglasses 🕶: the perfect dreamy girl’s sunglasses

I will be very quick with this model since the overall design was described earlier when I talked to you about the round sunglasses. But these are way more girly and dreamier and… well, just way cooler. Made of the same acetate and charming round shape these have a twist: pearls! 

The overall frame is made of metal instead of acetate and the temples are softened at the place where it rests on the ears.

The upper frame is where it gets interesting: made of a range of over a dozen pearls (imitation pearls), it is like a brilliant jewel that you can wear all day in any weather to enjoy. 

Made for the boho dreamy women with a delicate and feminine style, these sunglasses by Chanel will seduce you straight away with their inner delicacy and grace. A real must-have. 

Chanel, innovation and delicacy made luxury

Acetate, gold, pearls… the Chanel sunglasses are really something that a women can long for and enjoy for years.

Versatile and playful, all the models I talked to you about are available and ready for you to come and pick them up as soon as you will have set your mind on the pair of your choice!

With their gentle price and easy-going looks, you can even splurge for several models… who has enough Chanel at home any way? Enjoy! 

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