Top Chanel Fragrances For Men 👨 2020 Best of Chanel Perfumes

Top Chanel Fragrances For Men

CHANEL is one of the most famous designer brands of the world. Its refined elegance and timeless sophistication has made it a unique ambassador of the French culture around world.

But CHANEL is also the incredible success story of an independent French woman who was constantly ahead of her time. Whereas Gabrielle Chanel was born in a time women didn’t even have the right to vote, she managed to built an empire that still thrive today. 

Indeed, Coco Chanel was the first designer to free women from their dress code. Audacious and innovative, Coco Chanel quickly created unique fragrances to go with her famous “haute couture” creations. In 1955, Coco Chanel worked with Henri Robert to create her first male fragrance which she will name Pour Monsieur. The success will be immediate and Chanel male fragrances will soon become a symbol of modernity and strong masculinity

As an independent woman who liked to blur the line between men and women, Coco Chanel also designed mixed scents which can be wear either by men or women. Some of the most popular ones are : Eau de Cologne, Boy Chanel, Jersey, Bois des îles, Coromandel and 1932.

Today, her famous fragrances are among the most popular perfumes across the world. In this article, we will talk about the top CHANEL fragrances for men in 2020


Be unexpected ” Chanel

This slogan chosen by Chanel for the first presentation of Bleu de Chanel is resolutely a good teaser ! So what’s unexpected with this fragrance ?

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Bleu de Chanel is the last creation from the house of Chanel. It was firstly released in 2010 and has been reformulated several times since. This is also the last creation from the genius Chanel perfumer Jacques Polge who has since retired. What a great way to finish his career !

Bleu de Chanel is an ode to originality, sensuality and elegant masculinity. Indeed, this perfume plays with contrasts making it the go to scent for men who love freedom and independence. The top notes are made of lemon, pink berries and fresh mint. The heart is woodier with vetiver, cedar, ginger and jasmine. Finally, the trail is more classic with patchouli mixed with sandalwood, labdanum and white musc. Bleu de Chanel is a unique scent for passionate and sensual men.  

To embody the idea of freedom and independence, Chanel chose the French actor Gaspard Ulliel to be the face of the fragrance Bleu de Chanel and we have to admit that his piercing blue eyes and sexy dimple don’t let anybody indifferent. 🙂

Fun fact : The commercial for Bleu de Chanel has been directed by the one and only Martin Scorsese himself !

With Bleu de Chanel, the French designer/perfumer creates a new signature scent which has already become the most popular fragrance from Chanel. Today, men all around the world are wearing this elegant and bold scent which was the most sold male fragrance in 2019.


Allure Homme was released by Chanel in 1999. This fragrance is one the most popular perfumes from the brand because it symbolises the elegance and the charisma of Chanel men. 

Allure was firstly created for women in 1996, it was so successful that Chanel decided to create a male version of it. This perfume quickly became one of the most iconic perfumes from the french perfumer Jacques Polge. 

Jacques Polge has joined the Chanel house in 1978, he brought with him a touch of modernity and was in charge of renewing the image of the brand. He created some of the most famous and popular Chanel fragrances like Coco, Allure, Bleu de Chanel and the amazing Coco Mademoiselle.

With Allure Homme, Chanel wanted to show that elegance is not something you create, it’s something you have inside you. The Chanel man can be elegant wearing a suit or a simple white t-shirt with a pair of jeans. The only thing he needs to be irresistible and charismatic is a unique and elegant scent that will make heads turn when he walks around. This is the promise of Allure Homme, a fragrance for men who like to be elegant and charismatic. 

Allume Homme starts with an invigorating freshness and continues with spicy/fruity notes that give him impertinence. Indeed, Allure Homme is made of mandarin, bergamot and coriander mixed with pink pepper, cedarwood and vetiver. The tonka bean finishes to give it a bit of tenderness making it a very comforting fragrance. 

Allure Homme can be wear all year round and for any occasion. If you’re looking for a safe bet, Allume Homme could become your favorite signature scent



After the huge success of Allure Homme, Chanel decided to innovate with something new at the time : a sport fragrance. 

So Jacques Polge created a new declination of his masterpiece Allure Homme which was named Allure Homme Sport. The new perfume was released in 2004 and again the success was immediate. Nowadays, almost all perfumers offer a sports declination of their fragrances but Chanel was the very first to do it. 

Allure Homme Sport is a slender version of the best seller Allure Homme. The fragrance exhales freshness and refined elegance. The message behind this fragrance is that the ideal man is seductive, natural and athletic

“Nothing is more sensual than natural.” Chanel 

Allure Homme Sport is a virile fragrance with a lot of freshness that makes you think of the sea. In fact, its top notes are made of mandarin and orange mixed with aldehydes and a new molecule called Dihydromyrcenol. Its heart is made of sweet neroli mixed to tonka beans to finish with the usual cedar, vetiver and white musc.  

To embody this idea of a natural and athletic virility, Chanel chose the Spanish model Andres Venlencoso Segura. In the commercial, he is alone on his sailing boat wearing only white shorts and his abs. 😉 

The black and white commercial is simple yet efficient to convey the message of the perfume Allure Homme Sport


Released in 2008, Allure Homme Edition Blanche is another iconic creation by Jacques Polge. 

This perfume proposes a new definition of masculinity with the image of a sensual and flamboyant man. With this fragrance, Chanel once again affirms its avant-garde spirit. 

Allure Homme Edition Blanche is the perfect chemistry between hot and cold ! Indeed, the fragrance starts with fresh and sparkly notes that melt in a more woody and spicy heart, to finish in apotheosis with a more sensual and hot scent

Allure Homme Edition Blanche starts with notes of lemon and bergamot, followed by pink and white pepper, ginger and sandalwood. Finally, the scent dries down to a more masculine and sensual note with tonka beans, vanilla and vetiver. 

With Allure Homme Edition Blanche, Chanel revisits his most iconic fragrance. Indeed, this perfume is perfect for modern and sensual men that are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. If I had to resume this fragrance in three words, I would say : sensual, modern and elegant. 

Fun fact : Edition Blanche refers to the emblematic white color used by Chanel. Besides, the white bottle is sleek and elegant to embody the modernity of this fragrance. 



Created by the legendary Jacques Polge, Egoïste was released in 1990. Egoïste strikes with its originality and sensuality

Egoïste depicts a strong man with a strong personality. This bold fragrance is for sassy and impetuous men who love to be the center of attention.

Its top notes are made of mandarin and peaches mixed with coriander. Its heart holds spicy scents like cinnamon and clove. Finally, its trail is very sensual with sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, vanilla and tonka bean. Egoïste is a fragrance that makes you dream of an exotic destination. With Egoïste, we get the feeling of and adventurous and mysterious man like Indiana Jones. 

The square bottle is simple yet, strong and bold. It embodies perfectly a man who is strong and confident

Fun fact : Egoïste is also known for its sensational commercial directed by Jean Paul Goude. It can appears a bit dated to us today but at the time, this commercial was one of the most well done commercials. But be cautious ! If you watch the video below you might stay with its music stuck in your head for the rest of the day. 😉 


Three years after the success of the bold fragrance Egoïste, Chanel decided to propose a softer version which is more mass appealing

Jacques Polge (yes again), creates a unique scent that balances strong and powerful notes with exotic heat. But be aware, Platinum Egoïste remains a bold fragrance for audacious and charismatic men.

Indeed, the originality of Platinum Egoïste relies on a perfect green-fern accord with lavender and rosemary. Its top notes are fresh thanks to the lavender and the rosemary while its heart is more green with sage, galbanum and geranium. Finally, its trail is very masculine with cedar, vetiver and labdanum. 

Platinum Egoïste has a very similar bottle than its big brother Egoïste. The only noticeable difference though is the cap which gives it a more modern and sleeker look. 

Platinum Egoïste is a unique fragrance full of freshness and sensuality. It’s the go to perfume for a brilliant man who wants to conquer the world !



Created by Jacques Polge in 1981, Antaeus is a tribute the the Greek mythology. Indeed, Antaeus is the story of a Greek hero, son of Gaia and Poseidon. 

Antaeus is a fragrance that speaks about the power of a myth and the sensibility of a man. Antaeus is strong like a god but sensitive like a man. The man who wears Antaeus is a man who manages to combines power and sensibility. 

Antaeus plays on duality. That’s why its top notes are made of leather mixed to sage, lavender and myrtle. Its heart smells more floral with jasmine and rose while its trail let the sensuality appeared with patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood. 

The story of this Greek hero is well depicted by Chanel which wanted to create a unique fragrance that combines masculinity and fragility. Antaeus is one of the strongest men but he remains vulnerable and that’s what Chanel wanted to say with this mythical scent. 

The bottle is black, strong and sleek. Antaeus is the perfect signature scent for elegant and strong men who are not afraid to show their vulnerability. If this description speaks to you, then you definitely should try this unique Chanel fragrance !



We couldn’t talk about the best Chanel male fragrances without talking about the very first Chanel male perfume : Pour Monsieur.

Pour Monsieur has been released in 1955, it was created by Henri Robert under the supervision of Gabrielle Chanel. 

Pour Monsieur is an elegant and discrete fragrance which will suit everyone, for every occasion. This fragrance embodies the elegance and sophistication of Chanel

For its first male perfume, Chanel has imaginated a unique and masculine fragrance with a classic and timeless elegance

Fun fact : Pour Monsieur is inspired by some of the greatest men of the time ; Picasso, Churchill or the Duke Westminster. 

Its top notes are very fresh with lemon, orange and neroli. Then, its heart is made of cardamom, coriander and ginger. Finally, its trail smells of vetiver, oakmoss and cedar combined to the amazing vanilla from Madagascar.

The bottle is elegant and simple but with a touch of modernity. Pour Monsieur has crossed the time and is still a classic fragrance that every man can pull off. Indeed, it’s the go to fragrance for a man who likes elegance and sobriety



The Eau de Cologne is a classic signature scent you will find in every perfumer collection. Chanel is not an exception and created its own version of the Eau de Cologne in 1929.

In 2007, Jacques Polge revisits some of the most iconic fragrances from Chanel in a collection called “Les exclusifs de CHANEL”. In this collection, you will find some of the most iconic fragrances made by the house of Chanel all reformulated by its legendary perfumer.

Eau de Cologne is a fresh and classic scent that can be wear weather by men or women. In this new version of the famous Eau de Cologne imaginated by Gabrielle Chanel herself, Jacques Polge offers a citrus scent with a floral heart

Its top notes are made of bergamot and mandarin whereas its heart is composed of jasmine and neroli flowers. Its freshness makes it a perfect fragrance for spring and summer. 

Thank you for reading this article, we hope you enjoyed this top Chanel male fragrances with the most popular and iconic male perfumes made by Chanel. Hopefully, with this article, you’ll now know a bit more about the most famous Chanel male fragrances.

Some of these fragrances are very old but the good news is that they are still so popular that you can still buy them in stores (especially in Europe).

Now it’s your turn to tell us in the comments which Chanel perfume is your favorite and why. 😉 

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