Top Celine Womens Sunglasses ๐Ÿ•ถ – Best Celine Shades 2020

Top Celine Womens Sunglasses ๐Ÿ•ถ

Celine is one of the most admirable French fashion brand you can think of. Created by a woman for women and girls with a keen spot for sportswear, the brand has evolved into a real cool girls’ church in terms of apparel and accessories making.

Clever easy going and very neat and elegant, the Celine woman has something out of time and out of trends that makes her the perfect modern and trendy woman! 

For years, Phoebe Philo injected her DNA in the brand’s creation. At her departure to go on a new path, edgy designer Hedi Slimane took back the reins and since then blew a wind more Californian to the overall creation… and it reflects very much in the eyewear section of the new Celine collections! Ready to discover the very cool shades of the French iconic brand? Let’s go! 

Celine’s Frame 01 sunglasses ๐Ÿ•ถ: your inner Top Gun will go wild 

As sunglasses go, some went from mere sun protection to absolute must-have cult objects completely disconnected from their first and foremost purpose.

The Aviator sunglasses โ€“ designed by Ray Ban and made popular by the Top Gun movie starring young Tom Cruise as a pilot โ€“ are definitely one of these Hollywood cults turned into a big fashion trend.

Trespassing the boundaries of menswear, the Aviator style is now perfectly unisex and suits most faces. Ready to discover the Frame 01? 

With lightweight metallic frames and light brown gradient lenses, these Celine Frame 01 are to be your easiest piece of eyewear.

The particularity of any aviator style sunglasses are the shape of the glasses and double bar in between the two lenses.

Here, they are perfectly couture with the gold metal and very sleek, thin bars of metal that build the frame

The gradient lenses are slightly brown in this version, but other colours exist, especially the black frame โ€“ black lenses version which is really, really cool.

Whether you want a pair of sunglasses with a retro touch โ€“ the golden and light brown, very 70s โ€“ or a more androgynous one โ€“ the second all black version โ€“ you will find your treasure for sure

Made for the urban adventurer, seventies lovers and rock and roll addicts, these Frame 01 are the perfect shades for a sharp style.

Definitely striking and yet easy to wear, these Frame 01 are the ideal summer and spring best friends.

Your only significant effort will be to make your mind as to which colour you are going to fall for… 

Celine’s Ovale sunglasses ๐Ÿ•ถ: the nerdy sunglasses for confident and unapologetic women

There is a definite vintage vibe about these sunglasses by Celine. With their cute round edges and seventies je ne sais quoi, they are very nerdy and yet cool and hippie-style approved.

Recently launched, they have something extraterrestrial and very grounded that will please any kind of women… and especially the confident and unapologetic fashionistas with a love for the extraordinary pieces

The Ovale sunglasses by Celine have a very simple look. Oval shaped lenses made of grey glass will protect your eyes from UVAs and UVBs. Inserted into a black acetate frame, these lenses are of the absolute simplicity.

The frame have seventies-meets-aliens like round edges that look as unique as comfy, thanks to the overall oval roundness.

The temples are equally simple with just the signature โ€œCELINEโ€ and two metal dots inserted at the front end. 

Made to be extraordinary and very easy to wear at the same time, these Ovale sunglasses by Celine are not so much oversize but rather perfectly sized for any type and shape of face.

With a Matrix kind of style or a boho romantic look, these Ovale by Celine will have you shine and be unforgettable.

With their classic yet radical style, they will especially please confident and unapologetic women who know where they stand and how brilliant they are.

Celine here offers you the chance to rise and be radiant while also be protected from the sun’s very own radiance… in a word, you will be the sun on the street! 

Celine’s Oeil de Chat sunglasses ๐Ÿ•ถ: the Femme Fatale option for summer days

The Oeil de Chat โ€“ cat’s eyes โ€“ sunglasses are an ultimate must-have: all fashionista’s with a romantic Femme Fatale side should own a pair of such sunglasses.

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Celine very well understood this and so decided to have their very own Oeil de Chat frames designed. The result is cool, sleek and very easy to wear as much as unique.

With these, be ready to slay hearts and be the most stylish and glamorous woman around

Made in black acetate (and other available colours, but black is the very best for this shape of sunglasses!), the frame is thick black cat’s eyes shaped.

With the mirror lenses, some drama really is injected in these Oeil de Chat sunglasses โ€“ which already were so cool and dramatic thanks to their very own shape.

The CELINE signature is inserted on the side of the graphic triangle-shaped temples. Cool and edgy, this revisitation of the classic cat’s eyes shape is very well thought. 

You can feel the influence of the ultra-femininity that reigns at Celine in this pair of sunglasses. Drama and glamour are key in their design and they are a real piece of utter slaying elegance.

The golden metallic โ€œCELINEโ€ signature on the side of the temples are the absolute chicness and the triangular cat’s eyes shape of the frame feel รผber glamorous.

Go for these sunglasses if you do not intend to go unnoticed behind your Oeil de Chat mirror lenses

Celine’s Oversized sunglasses ๐Ÿ•ถ: be ready to go big with these beauties

Video may have killed the radio stars but sure did inspire Celine’s head of eyewear creation: with these gigantic over-oversize sunglasses, the French luxury brand offers us real television-like lenses.

Be assured you will feel well-hidden and covered up to gaze at people passing by as you sit at your favourite terrace with a glass of Chardonnay wine. Afraid the size is too much? But nothing is ever too much, when you dream big

These over oversized sunglasses are really simple and will suit, in spite of their maxi size, even the most convinced minimalist fashionistas.

The frame is very simple: big squares made of radical black acetate with very sharp and graphic edges. Inserted in it, polarised dark grey lenses to offer you protection from UVAs and UVBs and discretion as you spy on the passers-by.

The temples, wide and graphic, are comfortable and signed with the iconic CELINE logo as well as three metallic dots. 

With the Oversized Celine sunglasses, size matters: the very sophistication of these shades lie in their very cool shape that is unapologetically BIG.

But what Celine managed to achieve is even better: they made graphic huge frames the very essence of chicness and femininity.

Protecting you against the sun and the gazes of undesirable people, they allow you to feel safe and pretty, cool and discreet. Yes, discreet in spite of their over oversize shape!

Celine’s Papillon sunglasses ๐Ÿ•ถ: the Italian sweet Dolce Vita at the tip of your nose

Dramatic, here is how I would describe these Celine Papillon sunglasses. Made for the wannabe Hollywood stars or nostalgic of the very glamorous Italian years (with a more rock and roll vibe than the classic image of Italian glamour), these Celine sunglasses strike strong and very much on point.

They are your perfect summer and spring days folly, the one item that will make your whole silhouette unforgettable and very, very fashionable. 

Their overall shape of these sunglasses can carry just one single name: drama! A thick white acetate frame in a very graphic and neo-retro butterfly-like shaping makes the heart and soul of these sunglasses.

Available in Havana, dar grey or optic white, my preference goes to the optic white’s gradient brown-pinkish lenses that give some more glamour to the overall look of the Papillon sunglasses by Celine.

The butterfly-shape is definitely key, and is quite enhanced by these very feminine tints of white and warm light brown. 

These Papillon by Celine are the utmost femininity turned into the very epitome of glamour and charm.

The white and light brown gradient lenses version really is the most charming and dramatic for women with a strong love for the better years of the Italian glamour supremacy.

You can also fancy yourself a Hollywood starlette with these sunglasses at the tip of your nose… and who never dreamt to be so trendy and neo-retro?…

Celine, the maker of glamour and neo-vintage

Unforgettable and sleek, Celine’s creations by Slimane are really the epitome of cool and well revisited classics.

You can not be wrong with a pair of Celine sunglasses: whether you are low key or absolutely dramatic, you will find what you have always hoped for in a pair of sunglasses in the very diverse choice offered to you by Celine! 

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