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Top Celine Women Sneakers
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Did you know that Celine’s creation dates back to 1945? The founder of the brand, Céline Vipiana, was a kids shoes maker in Paris in the end of WWII. It is only in the sixties that the brand became a women’s wear brand, with a focus on elegant sportswear and accessories, mostly leather goods. Yes, you heard: sportswear, hence Celine was one of the first luxury French brands to actually match their clothes with sneakers!

Céline Vipiana stayed at the head of creation from 1945 to her passing in 1997. Michael Kors – aka Mr. best-seller-bags – was given her very important position right after. But Celine, the Celine we mostly know and love is that of Phoebe Philo, starting in 2008.

Following her leaving the brand for new adventures and time at home with her kids, Hedi Slimane – aka Mr. Fashion-loves-me-hates-me – was named head of creative direction and managed to have the media make quite a fuss about his arrival and his very, very, expected first show at the Invalides in Paris.

With his Los Angeles set of mind and very cool low-key yet rock’n’roll vibe, Slimane marks a new era in Céline’s History and especially by… erasing the accent from the brand’s name, turned into “CELINE” rather than “Céline”.

When Phoebe Philo was at Celine’s (with an accent), she issued some of the most desirable sneakers that a French brand ever issued. Alike the handbags, they are collector items that still have an immense value on the luxury second-hand market today. And as many items that Philo launched, they are the nostalgics favourite for the bear the stamp of “old Céline” – meaning the good times for many. 

Hedi Slimane is way more Californian in the way he designs things than Philo. But his sneakers are just as good in the sense that California is one of the birth place of the coolest sneakers there are. If Phoebe’s legacy is still standing in vintage stores, her inheritance is nowhere to be seen on the Celine website.

The current Celine sneakers collection is made of one design available in many variations and… that is it. I am then going to tell you more about earlier designs that are available in vintage stores so that you get a wider (and nicer) look around all of the Celine sneakers ever designed. 

Celine’s Pull-On Off-White: the immaculate edgy slip-ons

What would be Celine – Céline, actually, these sneakers are from the Phoebe Philo era – without bumpy immaculate and radically cool sneakers that resemble none? What would it be? Well, it would not be Céline and that is why I present to you these surreal all-white and uber desirable sneakers.

Round and graphic, strict and edgy, elegant and childish… these slip-on sneakers will have your heart crumble and beg you to get them as soon as you can at the closest vintage store! Indeed, like all precious items, these sneakers by Celine are rare and worth getting up early for.

With their slip-on look, these Celine sneakers have something of children’s shoes upgraded to match our modern and fashionable women’s needs. Indeed, the graphic and padded stitched leather on the top of the shoes is really showing Celine’s luxury leather crafting as much as they give roundness and something youthful and low-key to the design. The thick round soles that are printed like leather are sewed for a more elegant touch.

Immaculate white and out of the ordinary, these Celine sneakers are a daring take on the classic slip-on sneakers that is very clever and will not let you down. The only risk you take with these? Being so stylish your friends and coworkers will be jealous… and having your daughter stealing them from you if you leave them around the house!

If you are looking for a pair of sneakers that will take you through your day with comfort and style, seek no more, you have found your new best friends: whatever your outfit, mood, morpho, whims… these Celine sneakers are made for you, definitely.

Whether you are a very classic and basics addicted woman or a romantic skirts lover fashionista, these can match any of your wills and will bring something different, cool and high-fashion to your everyday looks. No wonder why these sneakers are still a must-have: they are the perfect sneakers. 

Celine’s low Triumph sneakers leopard: the wild Californian reinterpretation

The Triomphe sneakers by Celine are he design that you can still find in Celine stores today. Very well known, very easy to wear… and very easy to fall in love with, these Celine sneakers are still in stores for a reason: they are a major forever hit.

You can find them in every fashionista’s Instagram account and at all working girls or busy moms’ feet for they are as desirable as they are comfy and very ok to wear in any situation. But for more cool and originality, it is the leopard version I want to talk to you about – Celine also knows how to be feline, don’t forget it

A round end, a centimetre high white rubber sole, a very tennis shoes finish make the design something casual and elegant at once. These Celine sneakers are made of veal leather and rubber with a very flat sole – the inside sole is veal leather as well, for comfort and an anti-perspiration protection, that is also good to know. At the back of the shoe, a leather tab with the “CELINE” logo on it and the shoes’s reference embossed underneath the tongue stitch “TRO1L”. The leopard all over top shoe and the graphic Cs on the sides of the shoe are a Celine signature and the touch of fun these Triomphe sneakers need. 

The Triomphe sneakers carry well their name: definitely triumphant, your silhouette will benefit a lot from these comfy and discreetly unique sneakers. All over Instagram but not too much, they are the trendy and still in store Celine sneakers you need if you have a low-key look with a sense of originality.

Feminine yet not outrageously femme-fatale, you will enjoy these shoes on a day to day basis… even at work if your work place as an elegant-casual dress code! What are you waiting for? These are made for you and will do you good! 

Celine’s skate sneakers: the ones you want to ride about all day long

As far as sneakers go, we often forget that the skate shoes were amongst the first sneakers to go wildly on trend and the only ones that actually never went out of style as years went by from the sixties to our modern times.

As Celine is one of the coolest and most easy-going brand that ever were founded on the French fashion ground, there had to be the coolest and most easy-going kind of sneakers to join the collections ranks: the skate shoes by Phoebe Philo, here they are, and just get ready to fall in love with their edgy and so classy look

Neat cuts, round angles and soft fabrics with a colourful touch. These 2018 sneakers – one of the lasts ever made by Phoebe Philo herself before her departure from the brand – are a must-have that you can only find at vintage stores and “Philophile” (fans of Philo’s work nickname) websites.

Their bumpy edges around the ankle and colourful rubber soles with graphic details that remind the sporty DNA of these Celine skate shoes and convey some sort of Californian cool vibe. Plain white with the turquoise soles, they really have something unusual and elegant that sure will catch your eyes. 

If you really want this Celine pair of sneakers, you will have to wake up early and be ready to dig: these were sold out and still are very seaked by Céline (with an “é”) fans and fashionistas. But if you ever find yours, what I can assure you is total love: comfortable, stylish, safe for work and your best dance-floor allies, these will never leave your feet.

Their immaculate white top allows you to wear them with any outfit just as much as in any situation. The only original touch is these colourful soles that will give the fantasy you need to an all-white or all-back silhouette. 

Celine – or Céline! –, the modern women’s brand

Celine’s sneakers are like treats. Indeed, whether you pick the easy way with the current models or go on a hunt for the priceless and uber desirable Phoebe Philo’s models, you can but make a very good choice – if not a very good deal – when you purchase Celine’s sneakers. 

If it is known that Celine is a very good fashion investment, especially the Philo’s era creations (Philophile, “Old Celine”… all these adjectives and names were coined just for the former Celine designer’s fans), it is also a good investment for your style and comfort when it is a matter of sneakers.

Trust me, you will never regret getting a pair of Celine sneakers, whether you pick a Hedi Slimane or Phoebe Philo design… just go for it! 

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