Top Cartier Fragrances for Men 👨 – 2020 Best Cartier Perfumes

Top Cartier Fragrances for Men 👨

Cartier Fragrances for Men, Discover our top of the Best Perfumes 2020 of the French Brand. Cartier was born in 1847 at the hands of Louis François Cartier.

His work was quickly noticed by Princess Mathilde, cousin of Emperor Napoleon III. Thus, Cartier immediately benefited from the protection of the imperial family and received numerous prestigious orders as such.

Later, he entrusted the management of his house to his son Alfred, who made the brand prosper until he installed it in the prestigious rue de la Paix in Paris, in 1899.

Having become a benchmark for French elegance, Cartier decided to embark on the adventure of perfumes in 1981. All Cartier creations, both in terms of fragrances and packaging, were produced in-house.

Likewise, Cartier has always had an exclusive perfumer. Currently, it is the talented Mathilde Laurent. Cartier’s very first juice was called Must. Nevertheless, Cartier has always taken care to ensure a link between its two business sectors.

Many house fragrances pay homage to emblematic Cartier jewelry. For example, the Panthère perfume of 1987 is directly inspired by one of the most famous creations of the jeweler.

Among the great classics of Cartier, some appear to be true bestsellers. This is notably the case with Declaration, a fresh and assertive spicy oak, Eau de Cartier, a first mixed juice signed Cartier or the most recent Baiser Volé. Today, we’re going to focus on the best Cartier fragrances for men in 2020


In 1998, Cartier releases its first male fragrance. By talking to Jean-Claude Ellena to create a masculine fragrance, Cartier already knew he would write his most beautiful … Déclaration!

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Declaration («Заявление») от Cartier – это насыщенный, очаровательный мужской аромат, вышедший в свет в 2001 году. Его ненавязчивый, но при этом богатый аромат отлично подойдет для деловых встреч и переговоров с сотрудниками по бизнесу. Также он станет отличным украшением для дневных прогулок или похода в парк. Также как Declaration Bois Bleu, он наполнен безупречным, утонченным характером, со временем раскрывающимся все новыми и новыми гранями. Древесный, освежающий аромат наполнен сдержанным шиком и стильной роскошью. Аристократичный и умеренный, он наполнит сердце и разум чувством гармонии и света. Парфюмерная композиция состоит из нот апельсина, лимона, ветивера, тикового дерева, березовых листьев, кардамона, бергамота и мускатного ореха. Declaration будет всегда желанным, в любое время и в любом месте, даря свежесть, чувство чистоты и радости. #духиадлер#духисочи#арабскиедухи#парфюмсочи#парфюмадлер#французскиедухи#разливныедухи#парфюмкраснаяполяна#decabr09#rereweere#cartierdeclaration

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The story of Déclaration is therefore that of a liberation, that of Jean-Claude Ellena and his first steps in what will become his own style, but also that of a beautiful artistic encounter and a great intuition of from Cartier.

It should be noted, however, that the perfumes of the time were much more structured around new freshness and aquatic waves than woody or even spicy.

Déclaration is therefore very innovative on this point and offers unique and discovery in each of its accords.

Thus the citrus and aromatic top notes are fresh, bathed in a delicate and suave neroli flower, but also rather unexpected. As for the heart of Déclaration, it beats as much under the burning effects of pepper and spices as under the powdery and delicate impulse of iris and jasmine.

From this powerful and so contrasting mixture will be born an extraordinary woody depth coming from the notes of vetiver, cedar, amber and leather in order to mark a very virile but delicate trail with its flowery heart.

Declaration by Cartier Fragrance Review


In 1998, Cartier presented Déclaration, a woody floral and sparkling masculine fragrance. Cartier refers to this fragrance to create Déclaration d’un soir in 2012.

If Déclaration has been revisited, Déclaration d’un soir also creates a flood of complex feelings. Here, the day has given way to the night and the moment seems to be favorable for the most beautiful of declarations.

It will be a romantic and mysterious moment. In the air a fragrance of lightness and passionate love floats. Déclaration d’un soir is, of course, a fragrance of love.

It portrays a fantasized man, the one we meet and that we idealize for a crazy look, an unforgettable moment. Déclaration d’un soir is an intense, even explosive, scent.

It was the talented Mathilde Laurent, who is also the regular nose of the Cartier house, who had the daunting task of imagining the notes of Déclaration d’un soir.

She runs black pepper over the fragrance like a real accelerator of emotions. Déclaration d’un soir begins with the very spicy notes of pepper, explosive and intense especially with the combination of cumin!

The heart is more feminine with the presence of the rose, which gives romanticism to the composition. The rose is then associated with nutmeg and aromatic notes.

The bottom is more woody thanks to the sandalwood and envelops the whole with a soft tenderness.

Declaration D’un Soir Cartier Fragrance Review


In 2016, Cartier decides to give a new interpretation of its most iconic male fragrance. Déclaration eau de toilette fraîche seems to have seized the brilliance of a fraction of a second in love to make it a most striking citrus juice.

Déclaration eau de toilette fraîche has multiple facets, being both passionate, synonymous of joy and intensity. This essence is a Declaration next to the skin and is linked to an unequaled feeling of freshness.

This juice is at once whimsical, generous, fiery wise, enthusiastic and seductive.

It’s ideally designed for a man ready to reveal the feelings buried deep within him and who just need a dash of freshness to free himself.

Déclaration Eau de Toilette Fraîche is designed like a breath of vitality. Thus, it begins with an association of energizing scented notes.

Bergamot, a fruit made from the cross between lemon and bitter orange, releases its tangy and sparkling flavor, both sweet and floral. It’s accompanied by cardamom, the fruit of a plant from Guatemala, known for its woody, aniseed, camphoric and spicy scents.

Its trail, on the other hand, affirms its virility. It’s drier, green and resinous and draws its masculinity from a burst of cedar wood.


In 2018, the talented Mathilde Laurent, official perfumer of Cartier, gives us an more intense version of the most famous Cartier Fragrance Déclaration

Statement fragrance from Cartier, it celebrates as always the strength of feelings. It’s an invitation to rapprochement and is aimed at all men who are passionate about their partner and who know how to prove it.

This juice is showing more ardent than ever, as if love had never been so strong. It offers itself as a symbol of attachment and is similar to a rare and precious gift, simply unforgettable. It then leaves an intimate mark on the skin inviting you to come closer.

On the scent side, two main ingredients dominate the recipe of Déclaration Parfum. First of all, this juice builds on strength and virility. Thus, this is reflected in a woody breath of cedar. It must be said that this wood is one of the most used in perfumery for men.

It’s presented here in a new concentration. To materialize sensuality and fiery feelings, it’s accompanied by a more animal and sensual smell: leather. Everything is then a question of balance. Déclaration Parfum is a powerful and seductive juice that does not lack refinement.

Cartier Declaration Parfum Review


After great olfactory successes, the brand imagines its first unisex perfume in 2001 Eau de Cartier.

L’Eau de Cartier was imagined like rock crystal, with exceptional clarity. Eau de Cartier is like a second unisex skin, timeless and universal. ‘Eau de Cartier is water as much for her as for him. It’s a precious and original water, which really stands out from other perfumes.

So unexpected, Eau de Cartier surprises. Generous, the Eau de Cartier provides a shower of sensations. L’Eau de Cartier is intended for those who are looking for truth and authenticity, because L’Eau de Cartier does not cheat and this is probably what makes it strong.

L’Eau de Cartier is an aromatic citrus eau de toilette created by Christine Nagel. L’Eau de Cartier starts with an unexpected and sassy chord, because the top notes are mainly made of yuzu, a small Japanese citrus fruit, close to lemon.

It’s very sparkling and then combines with bergamot which brings its share of freshness and vitality. The heart is loaded with violet, which gives off powdery nuances.

Lavender highlights the heart with a dash of elegance. The bottom is deeper with the presence of cedar and patchouli wood. Amber releases its balsamic scent while musk offers its sensual tones.

Eau De Cartier Unisex Fragrance Review


In 2013, L’Eau de Cartier varies and offers its more exotic version with Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil. A refreshing appointment with a new exotic note that enhances the collection. 

Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil is like a sunny and luminous passion fruit immersed in deliciously fresh water. This sunny version is both delicate and sparkling.

L’Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil is an unexpected dip in tropical and exotic nature. L’Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil is undoubtedly fresh, luminous and invigorating. This composition is an ode to freshness, to simplicity.

L’Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil is built around passion fruit. The composition begins with mint and citrus notes, which gives it endless freshness. The passion fruit then takes all the heart of the perfume and offers a total exoticism. The trail is aromatic, but also floral.

Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil Fragrance Review


In 2001, the brand introduced Eau de Cartier, a light and pure eau de toilette. In 2015, Cartier offered a new version with Eau de Cartier Vétiver Bleu.

Vétiver Bleu is a multifaceted water. As its name suggests, the original Eau de Cartier is infused with vetiver, one of the most powerful and emblematic raw materials in men’s perfumery.

You should know that it’s the root of vetiver, which has the smell of smoked wood, which is used in fine perfumery. It provides a very thick resinous essence and delivers fine and complex scents.

The house of Cartier has chosen to make vetiver, a typically masculine material, the major ingredient in this new version of L’Eau de Cartier. L’Eau de Cartier Vétiver Bleu is both fresh and raw.

It combines the almost frosty vivacity of L’Eau de Cartier with the intensity of the vetiver root from Haiti. L’Eau de Cartier Vétiver Bleu begins with the ultra-invigorating notes of mint. The vetiver then takes up all the space, like a star arriving. It will nevertheless be associated with the woody aromas of licorice.

Eau De Cartier Vetiver Bleu Cologne Fragrance Review


In 2016, the brand has released a new fragrance called L’Envol, a true tribute to the pioneers of aviation contained in a sheer and contrasting essence.

L’Envol is a juice with a strong temperament and intended for determined men who are ready to do anything to achieve their dreams. It’s both very energizing while displaying a deep audacity.

The least we can say, is that it does not leave indifferent. It’s full of strength and complexity. It’s a kind of magic potion capable of galvanizing the spirit and stimulating the wearer day after day.

It encourages people to move around and draw ever greater strength from within. Cartier likes to portray the image of a quick-witted man, who’s free to assume his choices. In other words, L’Envol is intended for a sort of modern day hero.

L ‘Envol is an essence unlike any other. This begins its evolution with aromatic and light notes. Lavender is associated here with sagebrush, giving a fairly abstract and clear result.

Then, the whole is loaded with green violet, a slightly watery flower still enriched with a powdery iris. The whole gives L’Envol a very fresh and energizing virility.

Consequently, little by little, dry and smoked woods enrich this essence. The woody and chypre elegance of this juice is then coated with cottony and vaporous musks.

Patchouli, on the other hand, frames the whole while being accompanied by a few more sweet and sweet dried fruits.

The Flight then ends with a honeyed feeling that creates all the olfactory addiction of this madly tempting perfume.

Cartier L’Envol Fragrance Cologne Review


In 2017, Cartier releases a new lighter version of L’Envol. L’Envol Eau de Toilette is a fragrance synonymous of high flying, allowing you to rise ever higher.

This elixir encourages enthusiasm and gives the desire for travel and freedom. To make this essence, the house of Cartier has, as always, called on its exclusive perfumer: the talented Mathilde Laurent.

Of course, L’Envol Eau de Toilette recalls in many points its previous Eau de Parfum version. We find in particular, its heart based on guaiac wood.

This ingredient diffuses here resinous flavors, associating vitality and virility. It’s nonetheless softened by the sweet and carnal presence of honey. Similarly, musk floats in its trail a more animal and seductive vibe.

For more freshness and lightness, L’Envol Eau de Toilette, on the other hand, greatly accentuated its citrus facet. Many citrus fruits give it an extraordinary dynamism.

As a result, L’Envol Eau de Toilette appears to be a clear juice, very pleasant to wear on hot summer days.

Cartier L’Envol Fragrance Review Video

We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best Cartier male fragrances and that you discovered some new juices that you want to add to your collection. Tell us in the comment which perfume is going on your wishlist

Cartier is quite appreciated in the perfume lovers community as its refined and powerful fragrances are perfect for the romantic and bold lovers out there.Furthermore, Cartier embodies perfectly the knowledge and innovation of French perfumery

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