Top 10 Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances for Men 👨 – Best YSL Perfumes

Top 10 Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances for Men 👨

Nowadays, Yves Saint Laurent is a synonym of luxury, elegance and originality. However, whether it is for its fashion creations, make-up or perfumes, Yves Saint Laurent turns out to be one the most subversive luxury brands.

Today we’re going to focus on the top 10 Yves Saint Laurent fragrances for men. You’ll know why YSL male fragrances are among the most iconic perfumes, but first here is a short presentation of the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent started his career as Christian Dior’s assistant in 1955. After Christian Dior’s death in 1957, Yves Saint Laurent becomes the new artistic director of the house of Dior. The success is immediate for Yves Saint Laurent but the young designer wants to create his own brand. So, he leaves Dior in 1960 and creates his own house of couture in 1961

His first collection encounters a tremendous success and Yves Saint Laurent quickly becomes a very popular luxury brand. In 1971, Yves Saint Laurent launches his first fragrances which are called Rive Gauche and Pour Homme. 


With Y, Yves Saint Laurent explores a new idea of masculinity that suits the y generation (millennials). Indeed, men from this generation can express their multiple faces thanks to this unique fragrance which combines strength and delicacy.  

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"Soái ca lạnh lùng" của nước Pháp 🤵🏻 . Sau thành công của phiên bản tiền nhiệm thì Thánh 11/2018 Yves Saint Laurent đã cho ra đời phiên bản tinh dầu cao EDP của dòng Y với phong cách mạnh mẽ cùng hương thơm sắc nét hơn để thoã mãn đam mê của các tín đồ . "Y" vẫn lấy ý tưởng từ tinh thần hăng say của tuổi trẻ với mục tiêu đem lại những điều khác biệt bằng sức lôi cuốn của hương thơm mãnh liệt. Mở ra với dư vị nồng nàn của cam, gừng, phối cùng táo xanh rồi lại dịu dàng và mềm mại hơn với chút hương cỏ cây, cuối cùng nó để lại cho người dùng một cảm nhận sâu lắng và dai dẳng bởi sự ấm áp của trầm hương🌳 Có thể nói “Y” là hiện thân của một người đàn ông thành đạt với vẻ ngoài thanh lịch và nam tính, người đàn ông ấy tuy có vẻ lạnh lùng nhưng khi tiếp xúc bạn sẽ cảm nhận được sự ấm áp và hấp dẫn toát ra từ anh ấy 💋 . ➖100ml fullbox chỉ #2tr45O HÀNG CÓ SẴN SHIP NHANH 🛵 #ysly #yvessaintlaurent #yvessaintlaurenty #yslperfume #yslparfum ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ LUTO AUTHENTIC – TẠP HOÁ CỦA LU. IG: taphoa_luto 📱: 0939.63.2909 – Sỉ, Lẻ & CTV. ⏰: 7:00 – 22:00. 💳: Vietcombank – CN Cai Lậy. 0671004132289 Lưu Quốc Thiên Trang ➖ 🛫SHIP HÀNG TOÀN QUỐC – THU TIỀN TẬN NƠI.

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Launched in 2018, Y Eau de Parfum plays with the contrast between lightness and darkness. This unique composition made by Dominique Ropion, strikes by its virility and modernity. 

“Y revisits the audacity of a great classic, the scent of fern.” Dominique Ropion

The fragrance starts with a fern accord which highlights the freshness and sophistication of the sage and geranium. The overall scent is magnified by the intensity of sensual woods and tonka bean. 

Y Eau de Parfum is made for accomplished men who are not afraid to follow their dreams. This is why Yves Saint Laurent chose Maroon 5’s singer Adam Levine to portray the Y man. Indeed, his sexiness and charisma embody perfectly the idea behind Y Eau de Parfum. He’s the symbol of a creative generation that is bold and feisty.

Besides, choosing Adam Levine to be the face of this strong masculine fragrance was a good move for YSL. Indeed, the pop-rock singer helps modernize the image of the house Yves Saint Laurent. Furthermore, we can’t forget that Adam Levine was named the sexiest man alive in 2013!  😉 


In 2019, Yves Saint Laurent presents a new interpretation of its best-seller Y. Y Live eau de toilette intense is a contemporary fragrance which combines emotions and intense masculinity. Like its predecessor, Y Live is made for the millennials – a generation of men who are not afraid to be ambitious and creative. 

Its top notes are very refreshing thanks to the bergamot and lemon combination. Its heart on the other hand, is more floral and spicy with orange blossom absolute and geranium. Finally, the trail leaves a sweet and warm scent thanks to the cocoa absolute and tonka bean. 

Y Live is a fragrance made to convey a strong feeling of audacity and creativity. It’s a perfect signature scent for men who are ready to accomplish themselves fully – men that stand out from the crowd. Besides, its aromatic and fresh scent make it easy to wear, especially during spring and summer. 



Released in 2006, L’Homme YSL manages to please a large panel of women who find this fragrance very seductive and audacious. The funny thing is that L’Homme YSL is the result of the collaboration between four perfumers ! Indeed, Anne Flipo, Béatrice Piquet, Dominique Ropion and Pierre Wargnye put their talent in common to give birth to this iconic fragrance. 

L’Homme YSL begins with a dynamic and spicy accord with cedrat, bergamot and ginger. The heart becomes more vegetal and aromatic with the violet leaves combined to the basil flower, the overall being spiced up by the white pepper. Finally, the trail brings out warmer notes like sandalwood, cedar and vetiver. The overall fragrance is very masculine and elegant

The least we can say is that l’Homme YSL shows off a strong masculinity ! Indeed, this juice is made of charisma, audacity and sensuality. It depicts a man with a strong and complex personality – a man who affirms his strong masculinity with a refined elegance.

This perfume embodies perfectly the essence of the Yves Saint Laurent Man – a true contemporary fragrance for the women’s pleasers out there ! If you want to get noticed by women, stop looking, l’Homme is your go to fragrance ! The perfect signature scent for a first date. 😉

L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent Review


In 2014, Yves Saint Laurent releases a new version of its iconic fragrance l’Homme. Imagined by two women ; Anne Flipo and Juliette Karagueuzoglou, l’Homme Sport is a perfume for men who like extreme sensations. Strong and virile like its big brother, l’Homme Sport is also a concentrate of energy

L’Homme Sport starts with fresh notes like bergamot and lemon leaves. Then, its heart becomes more energetic and elegant thanks to the cardamom and elemi. Finally, the trail leaves a woody vibe with the presence of cedarwood and amberwood.

This sports version of the iconic YSL fragrance is as elegant and sensual as the first l’Homme but it adds a punchy vibe that makes it even more energetic and extreme. This perfume is made for those who assume their desires fully – a fragrance for adventurous and charismatic men. 

The French actor Olivier Martinez was firstly chosen to be the face of this fragrance. In the commercial, he embodies a man who is always on the move – a man who likes extreme sports but also a man who is always elegant and seductive.

Yves Saint Laurent, L’HOMME SPORT


Last creation from l’Homme collection, l’Homme Cologne bleue has been launched in 2019. This male fragrance imagined by perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou, is a fresh interpretation of the iconic perfume l’Homme. 

With this new fragrance, YSL takes its inspiration in the past while giving the portrait of a modern and elegant man. Indeed, the eau de Cologne was one of the first fragrances used by men during the last century and l’Homme Cologne Bleue is a tribute to these men. However, this scent is resolutely unique and contemporary

Its top notes are made of blood orange, grapefruit and mandarin. Its heart is quite classic with the presence of bergamot, cardamom combined to a marine accord. Finally, black pepper brings out a lot of character to the trail. Overall, this fragrance is a mix of classicism and modernity. Like most of the eau de Cologne, this fresh fragrance is perfect for spring and summer especially if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea. 😉

YSL L’homme Cologne Bleue Perfume Review


In 2009, Yves Saint Laurent releases another interpretation of its ultimate best-seller l’Homme. La Nuit de l’Homme has been imagined by Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Pierre Wargnye. The three perfumers have created a powerful juice which is even more sensual and bewitching than its predecessor. 

La Nuit de l’Homme starts with spicy and delicate notes like cardamom and bergamot. Its lavender heart is more floral though while its trails brings out the bewitching and sensual vibes with ingredients like vetiver, cedar, coumarin and cumin. Overall, this perfume surprises us with its striking contrasts which make the scent unique and elegant

La Nuit de l’Homme is for seductive men who love to be dark and mysterious. Indeed, this fragrance gives us a modern vision of masculinity – a vision where the man has a complex personality : a strong virility mixed with sensitivity and a taste for secrets. You probably got it by now, La Nuit de l’Homme is for you naughty boys ! 

Its freshness combined to the sensuality of the woody notes make it the perfect evening scent for a cheeky man who still love tenderness – the perfect gift to give to your lover ladies. 😉

French actor Vincent Cassel was chosen to portray this very sensual and mysterious fragrance. His non classic beauty and bad boy looks embody perfectly this strong and masculine fragrance. 


Rive Gauche pour Homme is a new interpretation of the classic women fragrance released in 1971. Like its female counterpart, Rive Gauche pour homme is an ode to freedom and independence. Launched in 2003 and created by Jacques Cavallier, Rive Gauche pour homme embodies the image of a reassuring man who fully assumes his strengths and weaknesses. 

Its top notes are vivifying and aromatic thanks to the bergamot, star anise and rosemary. Its heart is also very aromatic with lavender and bergamot mixed to the clove that gives character to it.

Finally, the trail is more complex with strong and virile notes like vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss and guaiac wood combined to a fern accord that gives its signature scent to the fragrance. 

The original Rive Gauche was a fragrance that promoted freedom and independence, its masculine version aims to the same values as it’s the perfect signature scent for confident and charismatic men. 



In 1995, the house Yves Saint Laurent revisits one of its most iconic female fragrances : the one and only Opium. 

To create Opium pour homme, YSL hires the famous perfumer Jacques Cavallier. The genius perfume designer will give us a fragrance which is described as an oriental and spicy scent. Indeed, this oriental, fresh and sensual harmony is just perfect !

The top notes here are fresh and aromatic thanks to the mandarin, cassis, star anise and lavender. The heart on the other hand, is more contrasting with geranium and spicy notes like sichuan pepper, ginger and galangal which is supposedly aphrodisiac. Finally, the trail leaves a sensual and virile scent thanks to the vanilla mixed to precious woods accord. 

Opium pour homme brings us in a bewitching world, in the middle east. Besides, the Opium man exhales a new form of sensuality which was never seen before. This fragrance is mysterious and addictive. Indeed, the scent has been thought to feel like a languid caress that gently touches the skin of a man. 

Yves Saint Laurent OPIUM Pour Homme Review


Like all the other luxury brands, Yves Saint Laurent releases its own mythological fragrance in 1981. Kouros is inspired by a Greek statue representing a naked man – a strong man made in gods’ image. Like the antique sculpture, this fragrance is strong and bold

Created by the perfumer Pierre Bourdon, Kouros is a very masculine scent. Indeed, its top notes are powerful and fresh thanks to the bergamot, cedrat and lavender.

Its heart is floral and spicy with jasmine, eyelet, coriander and cinnamon. Finally, its trail is warm, charismatic and magnetic with the vetiver, sandalwood, cedar and patchouli mixed with leather, a scent that became popular throughout the 80s. 

Overall, Kouros embodies a strong masculinity where spicy notes are mixed to woody and leathery notes. Kouros is the embodiment of a Greek God – a manly man’s fragrance for sure !

This strong perfume is more suitable for fall and winter. Besides, it’s the perfect signature scent for those who like to be the center of attention – a fragrance for confident and charismatic men. 

Review Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent


We couldn’t talk about the best YSL fragrances without talking about the very first fragrance launched by Yves Saint Laurent in 1971. The least we can say about Pour Homme is that the genius designer Yves Saint Laurent loved the scent of scandal ! So, what was so scandalous with the fragrance Pour Homme by YSL ?

Actually, it’s not the perfume itself that made the headlines but its commercial campaign which showed a naked Yves Saint Laurent. The goal here was to show the simplicity and authenticity of this fragrance. Indeed, this signature scent is made for men with a strong character but with sincerity and sensitivity

Yves Saint Laurent chose the perfumer Raymond Chailland to create this signature scent. Its top notes are made of lemon, bergamot, lavender, small grain and verbena : a fresh and aromatic combination. Its heart is stronger with the rosemary, thyme, clary sage and marjoram mixed with a spicy note like the pink berry. Finally, the trail is very masculine with the vetiver, sandalwood, oakmoss and patchouli. 

With its delicate and yet strong masculinity, Pour Homme creates a new idea of masculinity. Indeed, Pour Homme is a fragrance for those who are not afraid to break the codes. It’s the ultimate fragrance for the modern men – intimate and authentic, Pour Homme has become one of the most iconic male fragrances. 

Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Fragrance Cologne Review

Well now, you know a bit more about the top 10 Yves Saint Laurent fragrances for men ! YSL male fragrances are deeply appreciated for their strong masculinity and their avant-garde spirit. Indeed, wearing a YSL fragrances is the guarantee of always being elegant and audacious. Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that you’ve learnt some useful information. 

So know we’re curious to know, which fragrance from this list is your favorite ? Do you recognize yourself in the strong masculinity embodied by YSL perfumes ? 

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