Top 10 Longchamp Dresses 👗 – 2020 Best Longchamp Dresses

Top 10 Longchamp Dresses 👗

Founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, the company Longchamp originally specialized in the leather sheathing of pipes. This visionary tobacconist turned ambitious leather worker will extend his activity to the small leather goods in 1955. 

You will tell me, but why Longchamp? To this answer, the current CEO gives the following answer: “We are called Cassegrain. Logically, the first symbol to think of is the mills. However, my father had cousins ​​in Orleans who sold bikes and who had already put a mill on them. At the time, we made hand-sewn saddlery, which brought us a little closer to the horse, and fortunately at the end of the Longchamp racetrack, there is a mill. My father made the connection and baptized the Longchamp company. “

Let’s go back to the beginning of the brand. In the 60s and 70s, Longchamp became involved in the creation and launch of travel items made of lambskin and invented the Xtra-bag – a foldable canvas travel bag that would become famous and be much copied. In 1979, the brand’s expansion was confirmed by the opening of a store in the Far East and in Europe.

In 1980, Philippe Cassegrain succeeded his parents and opened a first Boutique in Paris, rue Saint-Honoré. In 1990, the supply of leather products widened to gloves and belts, then to scarves and silk ties in 1992. In 2006, the French brand launched its first ready-to-wear collection that will soon become very popular. 

Today, we’re going to focus on the top 10 Longchamp dresses in 2020



Supermodel Kendall Jenner wore a cute and modern yellow short dress ar the 2020 spring and summer fashion show in New York. We love the pretty pastel yellow color and the graphic vibe of this dress!

Made of polyester and leather this dress gives you a modern and young look while being very comfortable to wear. We love the details of this dress which is one of the must have from the Longchamp ready-to-wear collection

The long sleeves and the round collar make it perfect for the chilly spring weather. Paired with some cute black booties or some white sneakers, the dress seems pretty easy to wear and versatile. We love the front pockets that add a fun vibe to the bottom of the dress. The black stripe on the top and on the sleeves finish to give this dress a trendy vibe that will please all the urban girls out there!

Kendall Jenner has been one of Longchamp’s muses since 2018. With her, the French brand wanted to modernize its image to look a bit younger and more mass appealing. 


Stunning actress Julianne Moore wore an elegant and flattering Longchamp black dress at the spring and summer fashion in New-York. Paired with the new “La voyageuse” bag, the dress looked simply divine on her pale skin.

One can never go wrong with a black dress! This time Julianne Moore wore a beautiful deep V, ankle length dress. We especially loved the studs detail on the waist and neckline. The bottom was very flowy with this pleated long skirt that gives a romantic vibe to this dress. 

For a less formal look, Julianne Moore chose to pair her dress with a pair of black boots to give a more edgy vibe to the overall look. Her makeup was really fresh and her hair color stood out with this black dress. 

Overall, this look was simple and yet very elegant and trendy. The dress is a perfect mix between a feminine cleavage and a boho cut that doesn’t reveal too much of the curves. An easy to wear staple dress to wear for any occasion, weather it’s a formal event or a family dinner. 


The new ready-to-wear collection, created as the ideal wardrobe for a “Color detox” season, condenses energy, freshness and vitality. This leather dress plays on the contrasts of colors and textures, drawing a flattering silhouette inspired by the 60s. 

Its removable belt is enhanced with a Roseau jewel clasp. A graphic model to combine with a pair of mules from the shoe collection or to twister with a pair of sneakers for a sporty look. We love the mix of burgundy and beige that is a perfect color palette for spring and even for fall. 

Besides, this dress is available in a pretty pastel green color for a stronger summer vibe. Both models are very elegant and flattering on the body thanks to a thin belt that accentuates the waist and a deep V neckline that highlight your bust. The perfect spring dress for women who love to look well put together and elegant for any occasion.  


A graphic dress with a fake skirt effect to give a touch of vitality and a graphic edge to this new spring and summer collection. We love the varying shades and the stripes which give a really modern and punchy vibe the this muted colored dress. 

The deep red top looks like a blouse worn on an asymmetrical navy skirt.The different shades of blue and the stripes give a nautical vibe to this dress that looks perfect for spring and summer

The short skirt highlights the legs while the waist is accentuated by a thin leather belt. The long puff sleeves give more volume to the top part of the dress while the top stripes finish to highlight the shoulders to give a beautiful structure to the overall look.

Paired with a pair of sneakers, it could look very trendy and cool. You can also pair with booties and high heels since the dress is pretty versatile and easy to wear


It’s not a secret that Longchamp loves to design leather goods. This graphic leather dress is a beautiful tribute to the infamous bags that made the Longchamp brand worldwildly famous. 

This dress will give you a slender sophisticated look with its beige leather and light blue graphic print. Here again, Longchamp plays with contrasts with a pencil skirt mixed with dungarees style large straps. The high waisted large belt beautifully accentuates the waist and makes the legs looks longer. 

Paired with a black turtleneck and some high-knee black boots, it will make the perfect outfit for the end of winter or the chillier days of spring. Overall, this look is really modern and yet sophisticated. The perfect dress for those of you who want to be stylish but stay warm. 


Another signature style for this leather dress from the 2020 spring and summer collection. This white polo shirt dress is a model of elegance and simplicity. The perfect dress to be stylish in your everyday life!

Entirely made of leather, this dress is a tribute to the first activities of Longchamp which was specialized in the making of leather goods. The polo shirt style dress ornamented with the Longchamp logo gives a sporty vibe to this short dress. 

Wear it with a matching thin leather belt to make the cut more feminine and pair it with a pair of sneakers for the perfect casual chic look. This simple white dress is also the perfect companion for one of the new Longchamp handbags

Very versatile, the dress can also been worn with sexy red boots to give a 60s vibe to the overall look. Anyway, if you’re a leather lover and want to invest in good quality and timeless pieces, this dress is made for you!


Modern and ultra feminine, this model is wearing a crepe dress with geometrical pattern, structured with python belt. A flowy and modern dress that is perfect for the in between seasons. 

We love the puffy sleeves cinched by an elastic on the wrist and the geometrical pattern that gives a graphic vibes to this dress. Longchamp loves graphic and sophisticated lines, and this dress is no exception.

Here again, we have a beautiful contrast between a casual cut and a graphic pattern which gives more modernity to this really simple and yet elegant dress. We love the color palette with the light blue combined with a bright mustard yellow. 

The brown boots match the brown square on the front, reinforcing the graphic and modern vibe of the dress. The large cut is feminized by a large python belt giving an edgy vibe to the overall look. 

The flowy fabric and ankle length mixed with the soft blue color give a romantic vibe to this really easy to wear dress. A casual but very refined and sophisticated design for the trendy it girls out there. 


Simplicity and elegance for the perfect summer dress! We fell in love with this ankle length shirt dress that gives you a casual and elegant style. The perfect timeless and versatile piece to build a capsule wardrobe.

This long tunic-style dress is the result of an imaginary journey to the heart of the desert. It has a summer stripe pattern, worked with touches of contrasting color. Elegant closed, with a belt tied at the waist, it can also be worn open over a swimsuit and shorts at the beach or by the pool. 

Wear it with a pair of white sneakers and a denim jacket for a casual look or make it more feminine and trendy with a pair of brown sandals and a leather belt. Overall, this dress can easily become the summer staple that every one would take on holidays. Besides, the light fabric made of viscose and linen makes it perfect for the warm weather


A beautiful purple night dress that can also be worn during daytime. We love this romantic and feminine design which is flattering on the silhouette. In need of a cute party dress for your spring or summer holidays ? We have you covered with this purple ruffle dress!

This glam rock dress is made from a silk woven with lurex threads. It plays with movement and sensual transparency to give a very feminine vibe. The elasticated waist compliments the figure while the short length flowy skirt is perfect to rock your body on the dancefloor. 

Be the queen of your summer holidays with this classic and elegant piece that can be worn all year round and for any occasion.


If the glam rock style is your jam, this dress is made for you! We love its flowy large cut cinched at the waist by a studded leather belt. The animal print gives an edgy vibe to this really easy to wear dress

We love the small opening on the top which reveals just enough of skin to give a sexier vibe to this glam rock style. Paired with a bright red bag to give it more contrast and with some platform shoes, you’ll be the queen of the it girls with this ankle length dress! 

We love the small ruffle details on the sleeves and on the bottom of the skirt giving a more romantic effect to the overall look. Dare to rock the glam rock style with this beautiful black printed dress!

Since its first clothing collection in 2006, Longchamp has become one of the most appreciated brands in the luxury ready-to-wear market. Its elegant and well cut pieces are very easy to wear and timeless. 

Longchamp is the perfect brand if you want to invest in good quality pieces to a reasonable price. Their designs are simple and yet very sophisticated as Longchamp likes to play with contrasts and graphic designs.  

The spring and summer collection offers you some beautiful and refined dresses made in a neutral color palette.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the top 10 Longchamp dresses. Don’t forget to tell us which dress is your favorite and which one is going on your wishlist? 😉

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