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Hermès is the story of a saddler who became the founder of one of the most iconic luxury brands

Hermès is one of the oldest French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer. Founded in 1837, the family company is well-known for leather accessories, home furnishings, fragrances, jewelry, watches and clothing. Its sober and elegant style has made of Hermès one of the most appreciated luxury brands in the world. 

Firstly known for its leathers goods, Hermès expanded its activities during the 20th century and created its own perfume brand in 1947. The very first fragrance released by the house of Hermès was simply named Eau d’Hermès – a fragrance made of citrus, spicy and floral notes that were complementary to the house signature scent of leather. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top 10 Hermès fragrances for men. After reading this article you’ll know everything about the best male perfumes ever released by the house of Hermès. If you’re curious about Hermès style and iconic signature scents, keep reading ! 😉


Created by the famous Hermès nose Jean-Claude Ellena, Terre d’Hermès was firstly launched in 2006. This powerful and innovative fragrance has become the most popular fragrance made by Hermès. In this fragrance, Ellena wanted to incorporate powerful woody notes that would blend perfectly together to make a natural and elegant fragrance.

Its top notes are fresh and mineral thanks to the lemon and the pink berries combined to the silex. Then, its heart unleashes some floral and spicy notes with geranium, hedione and black pepper. Finally, its trail leaves a very exotic and woody vibe with the vetiver, benzoin and cedar.

Overall, Terre d’Hermès is a simple yet elegant fragrance made for accomplished and confident men who feel close to Nature.

Its natural and fresh wood accords make it a perfect signature scent for all times. You can’t either wear it to work or for a casual day with your family and friends. Its classic scent is easy to pull off and you can be sure that everyone will like this fragrance. 

Hermès is known for putting Nature first when promoting their male fragrances. However, for Terre d’Hermès, they made an exception and chose Clément Sibony to be the face of this fragrance. At the time, Clément Sibony was one of the most popular French actors of his generation. His raw charisma and very masculine features (aka six pack 😉 ) embodied perfectly the identity of Terre d’Hermès.


In 2018, the house of Hermès releases a new version of its biggest success Terre d’Hermès. Terre d’Hermès eau intense vétiver has been created by the new Hermès nose, Christine Nagel. She added an invigorating and surprising touch of vetiver in the heart of the fragrance.

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Non, merci. It’s no surprise to launch another flanker in the well-deserved successful #TerredHermès range. I had the pleasure emptying once a bottle of the regular Eau de Toilette after its launch, but now I went further. As a Vetiver lover I was nevertheless very curious for another Vetiver centered fragrance after the bold Bel Ami Vétiver. But sadly #EauIntenseVetiver is not my style. They have almost skipped completely the classical Terre d‘Hermès vibe for an intense citrusy opening and while #Vetiver with its geenish brown coloured facets tries to come up, some unfriendly pungent synthetic woody aromachemicals made its way to knock down the whole formula and to take over the full control for the rest of the day. After Eau de Citron Noir Hermès now offers again a fragrance, that is concentrated (especially in the base) on the current trend of scratchy pungent woody aromachemicals for the mainstream shelf of your local perfumery. I’m sorry, they just smell cheap to me. Sadly the Vetiver note is far away from being really prominently worked out too, like in the Guerlain, Dior, Malle, Lubin or Etro ones. In this case the fragrance is even mislabelled too. It will seduce people, but not me. If you need a friendly daytime Vetiver, look out for Guerlain‘s Homme L‘Eau Boisée, Tom Ford‘s Grey Vetiver, the relaunched comme des garçons Vettiveru, Sel de Vetiver of The Differenz Company, Diptyque’s Vetyverio Eau de Toilette or the marvelous Givenchy Vetyver. #Parfum #Hermès #Paris #TerredHermes #Fragrance #HermesParis #ParfumsHermes #Profumo #HermesPerfume #HermèsParis #Scent #TerredHermesEauIntenseVetiver

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Indeed, the top notes are similar yet unique. She used grapefruit, bergamot and pink berries. For the heart, she used vetiver and geranium, a rare combination that will bring out the olfactive strength of the vetiver. Finally, the trail is vigorous and even sensual thanks to the ambery woods and vetiver. Creating a worthy successor for the ultimate Hermès best-seller wasn’t an easy task, but Christine Nagel brought some novelty using the power of intense vetiver to create an explosion of vegetal strength that will please all the vetiver lovers out there !

This new composition makes us think of another land. We dream of big landscapes, and we feel the power of Nature holded in a beautiful and elegant bottle. Three words could easily describe this fragrance : powerful, refined and elegant

Hermes Terre D’Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver Review


Created by Jean-Claude Ellena and released in 2010, Voyage d’Hermès is an ode to travel. Indeed, this fragrance is for those who like adventures and mysteries, it’s a journey in the unknown. 

“An invitation to discovery, meeting, sharing.” Jean-Claude Ellena

The top notes smell like fresh greenery with the mix of lemon and green tea. Then we’re bewitched by the cardamom and the floraly hedione. Finally, the trail leaves you with a feeling of freshness thanks to the white woods which contrast with the warmth of the musky scent.

Voyage d’Hermès is a fragrance of contrast where the power of the Earth is combined to the pure softness of femininity. It’s a perfume for those who love freedom and adventures. Its freshness makes it more suitable for Spring and Summer, at least for the eau de toilette version. 

The bottle is also very interesting as it has been designed to be easily transportable – the best signature scent for the adventurers out there !

Voyage d’Hermès Fragrance Review


In 1970, Hermès launches its first male fragrance which is named Equipage. Imagined by perfumer Guy Robert, this signature scent embodies the essence of refinement and the taste for sharing. Indeed, Equipage is strongly masculine but also very generous.

Its top notes are made of sage, orange, rosewood and mace which is very aromatic and lively. Then cinnamon, pine needles and fern are picking through the heart giving a more spicy and green vibe. Also, carnation and thrush bring out a feminine touch. Finally, the trail gives a persisting woody scent thanks to the oakmoss and vetiver combined to the patchouli and tonka bean. However, the overall composition is pretty sober and masculine

Equipage has become one the most popular classic fragrances for men. Indeed, it gives charisma and a mysterious aura to those who dare to wear it. Furthermore, its very aromatic scent performs really well on the skin which makes it a perfect signature scent for Fall and Winter. If I had to choose three words to describe this fragrance, I would pick : aromatic, woody and spicy

Hermés Equipage (1970) fragrance review


Created by Jean-Louis Sieuzac in 1986, Bel Ami is a new kind of fragrance built around the interpretation of leather. After all, what’s more natural for a leathery goods designer than to make a fragrance around leather ? However, this choice was quite original in the 80s since using leather in a perfume was relatively new. 

Bel Ami gets its boldness from the 80s spirit. In fact, during the 80s, male fragrances became more masculine and powerful with the introduction of musky scents, woody scents and leather. 

The top notes are citrusy and aromatic with the presence of lemon and mandarin combined to the sage and small grain. The heart, on the other hand, is really explosive thanks to the leather combined with spicy notes like cinnamon and cardamom.

We also can smell the presence of patchouli, vetiver, labdanum, styrax and castoreum which make this fragrance very complex and virile. The trail brings out a bit of sensuality and softness thanks to the sandalwood and cedar. Its strong leathery scent and good performance make it more appropriate for Fall and Winter.

Overall, Bel Ami is a very complex and masculine fragrance made for a man who lives in harmony with his time. Elegant yet eager to please, the Bel Ami man affirms his virility in its stronger aspect. This man is seductive and charismatic – a true womanizer but with good manners. 😉

Fun fact : if you love French literature, the name Bel Ami will sound pretty familiar. Indeed, this fragrance holds its name from the famous Guy de Maupassant’s novel. This is a tribute to this classic French novel from the 19th century. The novel talks about subjects which are still very relevant today : capitalism, press, women and politics. 

Hermès Bel Ami Fragrance Review


Rocabar is one of the most iconic fragrances made by Hermès ! Created by Gilles Romey and released in 1998, the fragrance is a tribute to the horse world which is part of the brand DNA. Indeed, this fragrance refers to the prestigious brand saddlery workshops. Its name comes from a nickname given to the wool blankets used to cover the horses. 

The top notes start with a very energetic and fresh scent – lemon and bergamot combined with spices wormwood and coriander. Its heart on the other hand is more masculine with noble woods like cypress and cedar mixed with violet flower and iris. Finally, Rocabar leaves a sensual and sweet trail with the presence of vanilla, benzoin, patchouli and oakmoss. 

The bottle is inspired by the old times lanterns from drawn carriages. It has become one of the most iconic bottles from the French perfumer. Sober and elegant, it’s the perfect accessory for a true gentleman.

Overall, Rocabar is a very powerful fragrance made for fiery and confident men. Its masculine and noble scent make it more suitable for fall and winter. It’s definitely a top-notch signature scent for refined and elegant men who like to get noticed. Also, Rocabar is powerful yet classic – a perfect combination of warmth and majesty that make it a timeless fragrance for those who like the house of Hermès. 

Hermès Rocabar Fragrance Review


In 2004, Jean Guichard revisits the classic Hermès fragrance Eau d’Orange Verte. This new interpretation of the 1978 best-seller is more sensual and woodier than the original fragrance.

Top notes are fresh and tonic with citrus leaves, orange leaves and mint. However, the heart becomes more fruity and acidulous thanks to the green orange, mandarin, lemon and cassis.

The trail on the other hand is made of the green orange concentrate and a new addition : patchouli, coumarin, wood and vetiver. This new ingredients give some deepness and sensuality to the fragrance.

Overall, Concentré d’Orange Verte is like a perfect eau de Cologne but stronger and with better performance. Its freshness and citrusy scent make it perfect for Spring and Summer

This new version of the classic Hermès fragrance preserves the beauty and simplicity of the original fragrance – it’s just a bit more powerful and mischievous with its tonic accords and sensual vibe. Concentré d’Orange Verte is the perfect signature scent for those who want a shot of energy and vitality. It’s fresh, young and timeless – a go to fragrance for your summer vacations ! 



Part of the collection named “Les jardins”, Un jardin sur le Nil has been launched in 2005. Imagined by the iconic Hermès perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, this fragrance is an ode to Egypt

Top notes are made of grapefruit and green mango – a green freshness never seen before. Then the heart is composed of lotus flower, calamus and reed of the Egyptian banks. This mix gives a very exotic touch to the fragrance. Finally, the trail unveils some woody and warm notes with the incense and the sycamore mixed to the vetiver. 

This fragrance reminds us of an impressionist painting, living us with a feeling of freedom and delicacy. This perfume is made for the dreamers, the old souls – those who like travels and arts. When we smell this fragrance for the first time, we see the images of an exotic place where sun shines through the banks of the Nile. Besides, this very easy to wear fragrance can be worn through Spring to Fall. Its versatility makes it appropriate for any type of occasions. 

Overall, this fragrance offers a new declination of freshness where green and vegetal scents are mixed with the smell of water and sand – the ultimate signature scent for artist’s souls out there ! 

Hermés Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Review


Another creation from the collection “Les jardins” launched in 2011. With Un jardin sur le toit, Jean-Claude Ellena offers us a simple ticket to Paris

Have you ever heard about these small gardens created on the roof of Parisian buildings ? 

There is one, on top of the Hermès building and that’s precisely this one that has inspired Ellena to create this fragrance.

Top notes are fruity and vegetal with fresh grass, apple and pear spiced up with some black pepper. The heart is a true floral sensation thanks to the rose and magnolia. Finally, the trail is powerful and sensual with the oakmoss. This fragrance is a breath of fresh air and joy. It makes us want to party with our friends during summer in one of these beautiful garden. This is the perfect go to fragrance for a summer holiday.

“Un jardin sur le toit is a bright and spicy story. This fragrance talks about a secret garden, nestled in the heart of Paris. A hanging garden, perched on the roof of the Hermès building.” Hermès 

Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Toit fragrance cologne review


In 2015, Jean-Claude Ellena releases a new fragrance in his collection “Les jardins”. This time, Le jardin de Monsieur Li brings us to China, promising us a true exotic adventure !

Le jardin de Monsieur Li starts with a vegetal and floral scent thanks to the bamboo leaves, plum blossoms and kumquats. Then, its heart unleashes a more refined and elegant touch with the jasmine, rose and pepper. Finally, its trail leaves a sensual aura thanks to the classic musk. 

With this fragrance, Ellena manages to capture the magic and spirituality of the oriental Nature. Indeed, Le jardin de Monsieur Li is thought as a meditation place where a peaceful and serene atmosphere floats in the air. This poetic fragrance is made for those who want to develop their imagination or in need of a spiritual rest. Three words could describe this fresh fragrance : calm, serenity and meditation

This fragrance is far from the strong masculinity of Rocabar or Équipage. Here we have a very fresh and delicate scent which can be worn all year round

Un Jardin De Monsieur Li by Hermes

So now you know a bit more about the top 10 Hermès fragrances for men. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article.

If you read this article carefully you’ve probably noticed that most of the Hermès men perfumes can mainly be categorized in two different types : the bold, leathery, woody and musky type like Rocabar, Bel Ami or Equipage and the fresh ones like Voyage d’Hermès and all the perfumes from the collection “Les jardins”.

However, Terre d’Hermès is probably the most accomplished fragrance from Hermès because it can’t be put in one of these categories and yet it embodies perfectly the Hermès DNA. 

Feel free to tell us which fragrance from this list is your favorite. 😉

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