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top 10 givenchy fragrances for men

Some brands happen to be timeless because they manage to carry out traditions while being very modern. Givenchy is one of them. 

The story of Givenchy started in 1952, when a young aristocrat named Hubert de Givenchy decided to create its own “maison de couture”. The success was immediate. It’s first woman collection was acclaimed by the press and the professionals from the couture world. Quickly, Givenchy creates his first ready to wear line which was considered to be very innovative since he was one of the very first luxury designer to do it.  

Then in 1957, Givenchy was inspired by Christian Dior to create its own brand of perfumes

Givenchy very first fragrance L’Interdit, was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. Two years later Givenchy released its first male fragrance who was inspired by Hubert de Givenchy himself. Monsieur de Givenchy upsets the codes and becomes a symbol of modernity

In 1987, Givenchy is bought by the luxury giant, LVMH which is a fusion between Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy. This new partnership will bring a breeze of modernity that will make Givenchy even brighter in the international market. 

Today, Givenchy is considered to be a key player among the French luxury brands. Indeed, everybody knows some of its iconic fragrances like Very Irresistible, Ange ou Démon, Dahlia Noir, Gentleman Only or Play Intense


Monsieur de Givenchy is the first male perfume created by Francis Fabron for Givenchy. For this first creation, Francis Fabron collaborated with Hubert de Givenchy himself. The fragrance was firstly released in 1959.

With Monsieur de Givenchy, Hubert de Givenchy wanted to create a fragrance for men like him : well educated, chic, cultivated and courteous. But Monsieur de Givenchy strikes with its modernity and originality, contrasting with the eau de cologne that were commonly worn at the time. With Monsieur de Givenchy, we can see the elegance and the luxury of the “maison de couture” Givenchy. 

Its top notes are quite similar to the eau de cologne with a fresh scent brought by lemon, lime and neroli. But then appears the spicy scent with cinnamon, pepper and clove. Its heart is very aromatic with lavender, sage and vervain. Finally, its trail is sensual and very woody thanks to the oak moss, sandalwood and musc. 

Overall, Monsieur de Givenchy is a unique fragrance made for sophisticated and elegant men. Although, the timeless fragrance has been reformulated in 2007, Givenchy remained faithful to its original DNA. Its new bottle though is more modern and mass appealing for the younger generation. 

Monsieur Givenchy Cologne Review Perfume


Created by Paul Léger in 1974, Gentleman Original aimed to embody a new idea of masculinity which is more modern and bold. Indeed, Gentleman Original is far from the usual fresh scents that were very popular at the time. This fragrance is stronger and more seductive. It’s the perfect fragrance for audacious and confident men.

Its top notes are fresh and sweet with lemon and bergamot mixed with honey and rose. It’s the heart that is strikingly original with the presence of iris which is usually used for women fragrances. Its floral heart (iris, jasmin) is combined with a more spicy/woody vibe thanks to the cinnamon, the cedar wood and the patchouli. Finally, its trail is really masculine and sensual with Russian leather. 

In a time where men fragrances weren’t a thing yet, Givenchy made a risky bet with a bold fragrance which has been made for elegant and confident men who are not afraid to think outside the box. 

Throughout the generations, Gentleman Original has become a timeless and classic fragrance which is still very people among men. But in the 70’s, wearing this perfume was a pretty bold statement ! Overall, this fragrance has become one of the most popular fragrances created by Givenchy. 

Givenchy Gentleman Fragrance Review (1974)


In 2013, Givenchy makes a new tribute to the gentlemen with Gentleman Only. Indeed, the fragrance created by Jean Jacques and Francis Kurkdjian, is an ode to romanticism and gallantry. 

Its top notes are a contrast between freshness and sophistication with the use of mandarin and pink berries mixed with nutmeg and birch leaf. Its heart on the other hand is deeper with cedarwood, patchouli and vetiver. Eventually, its trail leaves a breeze of heat and sexyness with the encense. 

Its bottle reminds us of the flask worn by British gentlemen ; sober and chic.

This classic yet contemporary fragrance is the perfect choice for men who like to affirm their masculinity and their impertinence. 

Let’s imagine a confident man, elegant and brilliant man with a ravishing smile. A man like Simon Baker for example ? You guessed it ! The Australian actor was chosen to be the face of Gentleman Only and the least we can say is that women are not indifferent to his charms. 😉 

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Fragrance for Men


In 2017, Givenchy releases a new version of its iconic fragrance Gentleman Original. Although the new version made by perfumers Olivier Cresp and Nathalie Lorson, is true to the original DNA, they added a touch of modernity that makes it more appealing to the newer generations. Their idea was to make this fragrance unique and immediately identifiable

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‼️SCENT OF THE DAY‼️ . ▪️Name: GENTLEMAN GIVENCHY ▪️Brand: Givenchy ▪️Country: France 🇫🇷 ▪️Type: Designer ▪️Year: 2017 ▪️Perfumer(s): Olivier Cresp, Nathalie Lorson ▪️Group: Woody Floral Fougere ▪️Category: Eau de Toilette ▪️Size(s): 50 mL / 100 mL ▪️Season(s): Spring / Fall . 🔹Notes: [TOP] Pear, Cardamom. [HEART] Orris, Lavender. [BASE] Leather, Patchouli, Black Vanilla. . GENTLEMAN GIVENCHY is a powdery, floral, aromatic fragrance for men; which is described as a timeless incarnation of masculinity…a balance between unquestioned strength and confident delicacy. 😊 I think it’s absolutely amazing! GENTLEMAN GIVENCHY smells fresh, fruity, and very sensual. I really enjoy this one, and I think the notes of Pear and Orris play perfectly together. I also think it’s light and playful enough for the Summer, and that it makes a terrific office scent; especially in a climate-controlled environment. The performance is average — it projects about an arm’s-length for the first couple of hours, and it provides a solid 6-7 hours of longevity. Which is fine with me because I like to spray a touch-up spray or two around mid-wearing and get a fresh blast of that delicious pear note; which also extends the overall performance. 😉 Although this fragrance has a bit of a youthful vibe, I think this it could easily be worn by any age. It can also be worn casually or dressed up, but I like to wear this one casually and dress-casual to the office. This is a fantastic fragrance…it’s not too loud, it’s extremely pleasant, and I love it’s fruity-fresh appeal! 🍐 . What are your thoughts about this versatile fragrance from @givenchybeauty? Have you tried this one? How about the Eau de Parfum or the recent addition to the line — Gentleman Cologne? Which is your favorite and why? 🤔

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Its top notes are fresh and intense thanks to the pear. It continues with an erotic and aromatic heart with the presence of iris and lavender. Finally, its trail makes you hot with the leather and the patchouli which give to this perfume a strong and masculine vibe. 

Overall, Gentleman Givenchy can be described as a woody floral fragrance, the perfect signature scent for daring and optimistic men.

Gentleman Givenchy is also very sensitive and delicate with its notes of iris but it has a lot of character ! It’s a seductive and audacious fragrance which will not let women indifferent for sure !

Fun fact : The commercial for Gentleman Givenchy has been directed by Sam Taylor Johnson who was the director of Fifty Shades of Grey. In this commercial, we can see a new image of the gentleman which is more fun, optimistic, daring and charismatic. 

Gentleman Givenchy – Aaron Taylor-Johnson Interview


Today, every big perfume brand has its own Eau de Cologne ! With Gentleman Cologne, Givenchy brings a breath of fresh air on this classic and timeless scent. 

Gentleman Cologne is the last creation from Givenchy. It has been released in 2019.

Gentleman Cologne is made for contemporary men who like to be trendy and elegant. Its aromatic freshness makes it the perfect everyday fragrance for spring and summer

Like expected for an eau de Cologne, its top notes are very fresh and stimulating with the bergamot, lemon and small grain. Then, its heart becomes more noble and refined thanks to the iris, vetiver and rosemary. Finally, its trail is sensual with a combination of musk and ambroxan. Gentleman Cologne can described as refined and casual at the same time. 

Its bottle is very similar to Gentleman Givenchy ; sleek, modern and classy.

Overall, this newest scent by Givenchy embodies perfectly the new idea of what is a gentleman. This fragrance is more accessible and more mass appealing which makes it perfect to wear for any occasion. 

Givenchy Gentleman Cologne / Fragrance Review


Released in 1995, Xeryus Rouge is the worthy heir of its big brother. In fact, this fragrance is so good that it quickly became more popular than Xeryus which has been discontinued since. 

Xeryus Rouge is one of the most iconic scents from the 90’s ! Its uniqueness and boldness embody perfectly the image of a Greek hero. Don’t ask me why but Greek mythology was very popular during the 80’s-90’s. So popular that every perfume designer wanted to create its own mythological fragrance. Givenchy didn’t miss on this trend and after releasing Xeryus in 1986, they released its little brother in 1995.

Xeryus Rouge tells you the story of the Greek hero Xeryus who is half-man, half-centaur. Xeryus is known to have a magnetic charm he will use to seduce the Greek goddess Ysatis. Still following me ? Anyway, Xeryus and Ysatis will form a mythical couple and the perfume is the embodiment of this love.

You probably got that already, Xeryus Rouge is a fragrance which talks about love, passion and seduction. If you want my opinion, its sensuality makes it a perfect choice for a first date. 😉

Indeed, its top notes are full of life and very surprising thanks to the cactus, tarragon and kumquat. Its heart is more spicy with red pepper, geranium and cedar leaves. Its trail on the other hand, is more sensual and passionate with the cedar wood, gray amber, sandalwood and white musk. 

Overall, Xeryus Rouge is a very masculine scent which screams sensuality and passion. This fragrance is for a conqueror man who has a strong personality and a magnetic charisma. 

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy Fragrance Cologne Review


Released in 1998 and created by Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier, Pi is one of the most popular fragrances from Givenchy. So, what makes Pi so special ?

Well, Pi is an ambitious fragrance that conveys the idea of an eternal masculinity, something we can’t explain, a bit irrational. 

Pi talks about progress and modernity, it gives the idea that everything is possible. Pi is definitely a fragrance for visionary men who want to conquer the world. It could have been the signature scent of Albert Einstein or Christopher Columbus. 

Its top notes are extremely fresh with mandarin, basil, rosemary and tarragon. Its heart is resolutely floral with lily of the valley, geranium and neroli flower. Finally, its trail is more intense and woody with vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean and guaiac wood combined with a sweeter note thanks to brown sugar and bitter almond.

Pi is a fragrance about infinity and progress. Indeed, at the dawn of a new millenium, Givenchy signed an iconic fragrance that gives hope in human greatness. 

Pi can be used all year round and in any occasion for men who want to exude modernity and charisma. 

Pi by Givenchy Perfume Review


The iconic fragrance Pi is revisited in 2017. Almost a decade after the worldwide success of Pi, Givenchy decides to create a fresher version of one of its best sellers. 

Pi Air is for curious men who want to discover new things. The ones who like to push boundaries to create their own vision of masculinity. 

With this new fragrance, Givenchy bets everything on freshness !

Indeed, its top notes are a contrast between the frozen neroli and the spicy ginger. Then, its heart turns our very aromatic with lavender and rosemary while its trail brings a masculine and sensual vibes with benzoin, cedar and musk. 

Pi Air is an perfect everyday fragrance for hotter weather. Indeed, its vivacity and freshness make it a very easy to wear perfume while being a unique and modern fragrance

If you want to stay natural but you still like looking very put together, Pi Air should be your go to fragrance !

Givenchy Pi Air Fragrance Review


It’s not a secret that Givenchy always like to make fragrances to pay a tribute to a certain idea of masculinity. Indeed, the Givenchy man is a mix of elegance, character and modernity.

This woody fragrance by Givenchy was released in 2002. With Givenchy pour Homme, we have a strong and masculine fragrance which is suitable for everyday life . This fragrance is a tribute to modern and sophisticated men !

Its top notes are commonly fresh with tangerine, grapefruit and hedoine. Then its heart appears more virile and suave with davana and vetiver. Finally, its trail becomes more interesting with frankincense wood and cedar which give it a mysterious and carnal vibe

Overall, Givenchy pour Homme is an elegant and sophisticated fragrance for men who have a strong personality. 

Its bottle is also interesting because it shows its modernity and sophistication with a look that remind us of a beautiful race car. 

Givenchy Pour Homme Cologne/Fragrance Review


In 2008, Givenchy released one of its biggest success, Play Intense. The eau de toilette, created by Lucas Sieuzac and Emilie Coppermann, has been one the Givenchy best sellers for more than a decade ! Play intense invites you to discover new sensations. Are you ready to play ?

Its top notes are invigorating and powerful with bergamot, mandarin, orange and grapefruit. Then, its heart becomes deeper with spicy and woody scents like black pepper, coffee flower and amyris wood. Finally, its trails brings out the heat with the patchouli, vetiver and labdanum mixed to the tonka bean. Play Intense is charismatic, intense and spicy.

Play Intense is a fragrance for a man who likes to be connected to his life and time. This perfume promises you to escape from your everyday life and for that, you just need to press “Play”. Play Intense is a perfect choice for everyday and it can be worn all year round.

Play Intense by Givenchy Fragrance Review

Well, know you know a bit more about the top 10 Givenchy fragrances for men. 😉

We hope this article will be useful to you and maybe it will help you choose your perfect signature scent. We all know that finding your signature scent can be a bit tricky so you should not be afraid to test several fragrances to see which one is the most pleasant to your nose or which one brings you the most compliments. 

Some of these famous fragrances are made to be worn on your everyday life whereas some are more suitable for a date or a night out

But overall there is one thing all Givenchy perfumes have in common : elegance and modernity.  

Feel free to tell us in the comments which one have you tried and which one is your favourite. 😉

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