Top 10 Dior Fragrances for Men 👨 2020 best of CD perfumes

Top 10 Dior Fragrances for Men

Christian Dior founded his “maison de couture” in 1947. His raw talent and boldness insufflated a breath of freshness on the French luxury market. Quickly, Dior became one of the most respectful brands in the fashion industry. Today, Dior still symbolises a certain idea of the “élégance à la française”.

In 1966, Dior launches its first male perfume with the now iconic Eau Sauvage. Dior perfumes quickly became popular for their modernity and creativity. Indeed, Dior has created some of the most popular male fragrances on the planet. Everybody knows perfumes like Dior Homme, Sauvage or Fahrenheit ! Furthermore, Dior has been widely acclaimed for its bold choices in terms of ingredients that make their perfumes unique and unforgettable.

Today, we’re going to talk about the 10 most popular Dior Fragrances for men. After reading this article, you’ll know a bit more about their story and signature scents. We will also talk about the most iconic celebrities that were chosen to be the faces of legendary perfumes like Eau Sauvage, Sauvage or Dior Homme.

The main purpose of this article is to present the best perfumes ever made by Dior to help you choose the one that will fit your taste and needs.


Since its first released in 2015, Sauvage has become the most popular fragrance created by Dior. If you watch any top male fragrances on Youtube, you’ll see that Sauvage is hands down one of the most popular perfumes on the planet right now !

The particularity of Sauvage is that this very fresh and masculine scent is as appealing to men that it is to women. Men say they receives lots of compliments when wearing Sauvage whereas women can’t resist what they describe as a sexy and raw smell.

If you’re looking for a signature smell you can wear all year round and that will attract women like honey, Sauvage is your to go perfume !

Dior Sauvage : the birth of an iconic fragrance

Sauvage has been created by the French perfumer François Demachy. He said he was inspired by wide open spaces and wanted raw and natural ingredients. His goal was to create a signature fragrance that would be raw and refined in the same time. The top notes of this perfume are made of Bergamot and pepper whereas Ambroxan, derived from precious ambergris, unleashes a powerfully woody trail.

We can’t deny that François Demachy won his bet since Sauvage is often qualify as strong, raw and straight to the face. Sauvage is definitely a scent that no one can forget ! That’s probably why lots of men are wearing it today.

“To create Sauvage, I used man as my starting point. A strong and unmistakable masculinity. Like the image of a man who transcends time and fashion.” François Demachy

A worldwide icon for a worldwide phenomenon fragrance !

Who doesn’t want to smell like the ravishing and charismatic Johnny Depp?

Choosing this intemporal actor and musician to be the face of the Sauvage fragrance was one of the best decisions made by the Dior house. Indeed, like Charlize Theron for J’adore, Depp embodies so well the essence of this perfume that people around the world are rushing to their local perfume shops asking for the “Johnny Depp” Perfume.

Do you want to know why Johnny Depp is the perfect face for this perfume ?

Simply because he is appealing to both men and women ! In fact, women want to date him and men want to be him ! 😉


Eau Sauvage was created by Edmond Roudnitska in 1966. It’s the first male perfume created by Dior. This now iconic perfume was described as revolutionary modern with woods scent combined with citrus, vetiver and basil.

A legendary actor for an iconic fragrance

When Eau Sauvage was firstly released in the 60’s, the French actor Alain Delon was one of the most beautiful man on Earth. If you don’t believe me, look at the video below and you’ll understand immediately why Alain Delon was chosen to be the face of Eau Sauvage. 😉

Eau Sauvage reformulation

The classic Dior fragrance was revisited by François Demachy in 2017. Though the French perfumer kept the scent as powerful and sensual as the original, he added a unique freshness that makes the fragrance a bit more warm and radiant.


Dior Homme is the first perfume from the now famous line Dior Homme. The fragrance was first released in 2005 and it has been reformulated several times since. Dior Homme is described as a powerful sexy scent with virile woody notes.

A fragrance that screams confidence and freedom !

This fragrance is made for audacious yet elegant and distinguished men. This signature scent is one of Dior best sellers and also one of the most popular fragrances around the world. The originality of Dior Homme consists of using iris which is more commonly used in women’s perfumes. Combined with cardamom and vetiver, it gives a very unique scent to the perfume. If you want the perfect signature scent with a touch of elegance and modern masculinity, Dior Homme will surely suits you.

A new face for the most iconic Dior perfume line

In 2014, the Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson, became the new face of the line Dior Homme. His classic British elegance and his good look embody perfectly the Dior Homme essence. But don’t you worry, you don’t need to look like Robert Pattinson to pull off this amazing and audacious fragrance. 😉


If you think Dior Homme was strong and sensual, you’ll love to try Homme Intense which promises you to be the most sophisticated man around. Its Iris top notes and woody amber scent trail make it a very unique fragrance for confident and charismatic men.

And please, can we talk about this amazing bottle that screams modernity and elegance ?

Created in 2008 by Olivier Polger, Dior Homme Intense takes all the original characteristics of Dior Homme but it makes it stronger, making it the perfect companion for a night out. With its unique and audacious scent Dior Homme Intense pushes the boundaries to create a new idea of masculinity. Although, we can say that Dior Homme Intense is not made for everyone, it’s definitely made for men with a strong personality that are not afraid to step out of the box.


Created in 2008 by François Demachy, Dior Homme Sport has been thought for men who love to live an active life with sport as a philosophy. This eau de toilette is described as fresh and spicy mixing lemon, pink pepper extracts and vetiver.

“Dior Homme Sport is a story that starts off strong and fast, and never lets up. Like a speeding race car that procures an intense, lasting pleasure.” François Demachy

If you’re looking for an easy to wear scent that will make you smell nice during your push up sessions, you definitely should try the Dior Homme Sport fragrance !

Originally released in 2012, Dior Homme Sport has been reformulated in 2017 to make it more modern and more masculine. Indeed, they decided to remove Iris from its composition to make it more mass appealing. This new version is also supposed to be lasting longer on the skin.


Imagine if you could put simplicity and freshness in a bottle ? You’ll end up with Dior Homme Cologne. This fruity and fresh fragrance screams spring and summer. Its casual charm and timeless elegance make it very easy to wear for any man who just want to smell good without trying too much.

Released in 2013, Dior Homme Cologne is a combination of bergamot, grapefruit blossom and white musk. Its clean and elegant smell made it one of the staples from the Dior Homme line. Dior Homme Cologne is classic but modern in the meantime, it represents a certain idea of masculinity that embraces freedom and happiness.

The British actor Jude Law was chosen to be the face of Dior Homme Cologne as he represented perfectly the idea of timeless elegance mixed with an ounce of modernity.



One of the most loved Dior perfumes among ladies is definitely Fahrenheit ! This perfume is for classic men with fine tastes. Its mandarin notes combine to wood and leather make it very sexy and that’s probably why women are crazy about. But the originality of Fahrenheit is the bold use of violet leaf that makes its scent unique and intriguing.

Fahrenheit was originally introduced in 1988, at the time people talked about an olfactive revolution as this fragrance is very unique and bold. The fragrance was reformulated in 2016 but it remains an overall strong leathery perfume that probably should be reserved for your nights out.

Besides, Fahrenheit is also the embodiment of the visionary spirit of Dior that always pushes boundaries to create a new idea of masculinity. Fahrenheit is like a wild and sexy dream that became one of the most legendary signature scents of Dior.


Dune pour Homme is a fresh and soothing fragrance made for thinkers and travelers. Its intemporal charm make is very appealing for men from any age. This easy to wear scent is perfect for all year round and for any occasion. It’s simple and yet sophisticated at the same time.

Dune pour Homme was created by perfumer Olivier Cresp and released in 1997. With this perfume, Dior wanted to propose something different from the bold scents that were popular during the 80’s. Indeed, Dune pour Homme is an invitation to enjoy the powerful serenity of nature. It’s mandarin and basil top notes combined to a fig leaf accord make it a dynamic, greenish and fruity scent.

The composition of Dune pour Homme is a blend of fresh, woody and oceanic notes for a serene fragrance in harmony with nature. Dune pour Homme is an oceanic green woody fragrance that inspires dreams of escape. It is the wide-open sea, soft sand underfoot, the power of the elements and the energy of life.” Olivier Cresp



Higher was released in 2001 and was created by Olivier Pescheux and Olivier Guillotin. With this perfume, Dior wanted to celebrate the new millennium with a futuristic looking bottle that symbolizes the spirit of a new man.

It’s urban looking style combined to its spicy and citrus scent made it a very popular fragrance among the younger generation we call “millennials”. Besides, Higher conveys a strong and positive energy combined to simplicity and modernity. With higher you’re going straight to the point !

This fresh and spicy scent is easy to wear all year round and it embodies the image of an urban man from the new millenium.

As usual, Dior was very innovative in terms of scent. In fact, Higher is a surprising mixed of basil, citrus, bergamot and romarin soften by the pear that gives a sweet vibe and makes its scent unique and easily recognizable.

Higher by Christian Dior cologne/fragrance review


We couldn’t make a top 10 without talking about one of the most subversive fragrances made by Dior !

Released in 1980, Jules marks a big change in Dior style. Indeed, Jules is full of boldness and impertinence which were particularly popular during the 80’s.

Two words could describe Jules : Fresh and powerful. With this perfume, Dior wanted to create a new idea of virility with mix of spices and galbanum combined to black pepper, cedar and sandalwood. Be aware that Jules is a fragrance for manly men who like a strong masculine smell. Today, Jules has been a bit forgotten but it remains very popular among mature men. You can wear it for professional or personal occasions all year round, it will make you stand out from the crowd since its scent is like a time capsule to go back to the 80’s.

Also, if you want to grab one of this bad boys, you should know that Jules has been reformulated and newly released in 2016. 😉

So, now you know almost everything about the top 10 Dior Male fragrances ! One thing can be sure though, it’s that Dior will never stop surprising people with new unique releases that will probably be added to this list.

By clicking the links, you’ll be able to see more detailed reviews on the perfumes and maybe it will help you choose your favorite one.

If you enjoyed this article don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us which one is your favorite perfume among this list ?

Also, who do you think is the best muse for the brand Dior ? Personally, I would vote for Johnny Depp since the sales have exploded since he became the face of Sauvage.

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