Top 10 Chloé Dresses 👗 – Spring Summer 2020 Chloé Dress

Top 10 Chloé Dresses 👗

Chloé is a French couture brand founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. Quickly, the brand became famous for its simple and easy to wear feminine clothing. Indeed, Gaby Aghion decided to create luxury ready-to-wear clothing using top-notch quality fabrics combined with beautiful designs.

By doing so, the talented French designer offered luxury pieces to every woman who likes fashion but want to invest in quality timeless and elegant pieces.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Chloé has decided to expand its activities and Chloé’s little sister, See By Chloé, is created: it wants to be more accessible and younger.

Then, Chloé has successfully launched a line of bags in 2002, small leather goods and shoes. The Camera Bag becomes a huge success, but above all, it’s the Paddington which becomes the first it-bag. 

Nowadays, Chloé is synonym of French elegance and simplicity. Their designs are made to be worn in your everyday life. The quality of the materials and the well-made pieces have made Chloé one of the most popular luxury brands in the female ready-to-wear market.

Indeed, the best designers have collaborated with Chloé like Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Ralph Toledano and Clare Waight Keller

Since 2017, Chloé artistic director is French designer Natacha Ramsay-Levi whose known for her collaboration with Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton.

She perpetuates the brand heritage by creating flowing and feminine models worn by many superstars like Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst or Natalie Portman

Today, we’re going to present a selection of the best dresses currently available in Chloé stores around the world. If you want to make your wishlist for spring and summer, take a look at our top 10 Chloé dresses! 



A new romance emerges in the fluid, elongated silhouettes of this season. This long flowy floral dress is no exception with its ruffled fabric and cream color that make it the perfect summer dress for the boho and yet trendy girls out there!

We love the subtle details that show the refinement and quality of Chloé’s designs. A high-neckline that elongates the neck making you look taller. The back is scalloped to reveal the shoulders, delicately uncovering the sides for a modern and young look. We also love the side pockets which are practical and yet very trendy and casual

This dress embodies perfectly Chloé’s DNA with its boho vibe and feminine silhouette. The cut is quite large but the side cuts and the sleeveless top, beautifully highlight the shoulders. The print is intentionally soft and romantic. It can be worn with high heels and statement jewelry for an indie evening look or it can be worn more casually with some sandals and a straw hat. Overall, this dress seems very easy to wear and versatile


Fun and casual this tie-detail shirt dress is the perfect summer outfit for the it-girls out there! We love its masculine vibe twisted by some cool details to create a statement piece that will become a must-have for the trendier girls

The XL cut reminds us of a man’s shirt that would be to big for us. But Natacha Ramsay-Levi added some cute details to make the whole piece more feminine and modern. This dress plays with contrast between masculinity and femininity. A resolutely modern design to express the independant and fierce woman living within you. 

We love that the dress is closed with some ties on the side which accentuates the asymmetricality of the dress while subtly highlighting the waist. The bottom of the shirt is designed in a corolla skirt to give a girly vibe to the dress whereas the blue and white vertical thin stripes remind us of a formal men shirt. Overall, this dress is very casual but also very modern and trendy. A dress for the strong and modern women of our time.  


Throughout the Chloé 2020 spring collection, traditional Chinese references meet urban influences. This dress mixes different influences to create a trendy and modern look for the city girls who fancy comfy and yet feminine looks

Like always, Chloé is meticulous with the details with this Asian inspired dress. The straight cut and below the knee lenght give a more conservative effect while the fresh and soft colors and floral print create a more romantic vibe. We love the asymmetrical buttons line which give more modernity to the overall look.

Paired with sneakers it creates a casual and contrasting look. Or pair it with sandals for a beautiful and romantic summer outfit. Anyway, this dress is versatile and flattering for lots of body shapes. If you like mixing different cultures and designs, this dress is your go to dress for the incoming spring! 


Fluid silhouettes assume an urban attitude throughout the Chloé 2020 spring collection. Here again, Chloé plays with contrasts to create a modern and statement piece which is comfortable and yet very trendy.  

The oversize cut is modernized by the sheer fabric which lets us see the silhouette like in a shadow puppet show. The lavaliere collar gives a retro and feminine vibe to the dress which is very casual and yet very light and trendy

Paired with a pair of sneakers, the simple white oversized dress becomes more urban to embody perfectly the modern Chloé girl. This dress is made for the free spirits and the Bohemian souls that are not afraid to shove the codes to create a contrasting look mixing casualty, freshness and modernity

This dress can also be worn during your summer holidays with a swimsuit underneath. Indeed, it can be the perfect outfit to go in an informal dinner or have a drink with your friends. Add some flat sandals and a denim jacket for the chillier nights and you’ll have the perfect trendy outfit for your summer vacations! 


A romantic long dress for a summer evening. This silk crepon, sleeveless dress will be your perfect accessory for a summer night out! This Bohemian style dress is part of the signature pieces from the Chloé 2020 spring collection. 

We love this sunset orange color that will make our tan look more vibrant while the high neckline will give us refinement and elegance. The loose fit is feminized with a sleeveless cut that highlights the delicacy of our shoulders. The silk crepon gives it a Bohemian summer vibe and its ruffled neckline brings out a touch of modernity. 

Wear it with flat sandals for a casual summer outfit or pair it with high heels and beautiful jewelry to create a beautiful and feminine evening look. Overall, this dress is easy to wear and versatile but I would recommend it for darker and olive skin tones to make this sunset orange color pop.

If you’re looking for a timeless and elegant summer piece, this dress is a must have!


A romantic expression of the Chloé 2020 spring collection, this pastel dress embodies perfectly Chloé’s romantic DNA. This dress is made with nude silk ornamented by beautiful cream embroideries. Like always, the dress is really well-made and all the details are well thought to create a flowy and romantic outfit

We love the loose fitted cut and the long length cinched by a leather belt to accentuate the waist and highlight the feminine curves. The deep V neckline is mixed with a beautiful lavaliere collar that accentuate the vaporous effect.  The silk fabric is a bit sheer letting you play with your underwear. You can either wear nude underwear to make them invisible or you can choose to play with contrast with black underwear. 

This romantic dress will make you feel like an elf with its large long sleeves and its flowy cut that elongate the silhouette for a more feminine look. Very easy to wear, this dress could be perfect for a summer wedding with nude underwear of course. 😉 Paired with wavy hair and fresh makeup it could give you the perfect romantic look. 


This beautiful embroidered long-sleeve dress is the perfect day dress for spring! We love its Lurex fil coupé jacquard embroidered silk and its floral pattern on a deep red fabric. 

A simple and feminine piece that will become one of your spring staples for sure.👍

This short dress is very easy to wear with a pair of high heels or even with white sneakers and a denim jackets. Wear it with a belt to cinch your waist and feminize the look or wear it loose for a more casual outfit. Anyway, this dress is very feminine and versatile.

The shirt style top contrasts with the lavaliere top which is a signature style by the Chloé. We love this deep red color and the floral embroideries that make the overall look very girly and romantic. If you like to be feminine but still want to wear comfy clothes, this dress is made for you! 😉


Another signature look by Chloé with this elegant and feminine long floral dress. We like the light fabric and the dark blue color which give a more sophisticated vibe to this Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s design

This dress is made of silk with lurex jacquard detail. The ankle length flou silhouette is cinched at the waist by an elasticated belt, but you can add a leather belt for a more modern look. Indeed, with some low booties and a leather belt, this dress could become the perfect modern boho outfit

The long sleeves are delicately sheer while the mandarin collar is finished by concealed mother-of-pearl buttons. The overall look is delicate and feminine. If you want to invest in an easy to wear timeless piece, this dress would be the perfect item to add to your collection. 


State your own romantic style in new looks from the spring 2020 collection! Fresh and girly, this short dress from the range See by Chloé will be the perfect summer dress

This white long-sleeve dress is made in a cotton material with beautiful embroideries and long straight sleeves. The waist is cinched by a tie for a more feminine silhouette whereas the skirt has a scalloped hem. Pair it with some sandals and a straw hat and you’ll have the perfect summer white dress.

White dresses are a must have in your summer wardrobe and unlike other white dresses, this dress is not sheer and can be worn for any occasion. The round collar looks a bit wise but its cinched waist highlights your curves while the long sleeves and scalloped hem give it more modernity. The perfect white dress for the urban it-girls.  


Who else is having a Blair Waldorf flashback? This short dress with a ruffled neckline is too cute to be missed ! Focus on this embellished pleated georgette white dress

Ruffle white dress with a pleated hem and voluminous ruffle neckline with grey lining for a better contrast. The flowy short sleeves and loose fitting skirt enhance the feminine silhouette. The overall look is very chic and romantic but it’s still easy to wear for any occasion.

This dress is perfect for the city girls who like to be elegant and yet comfy. It’s wise appearance is yet very modern and fresh. We know that Gossip girl is over but Blair Waldorf would approve this design for sure! Don’t you agree? 

This is already the end of this top 10 Chloé dresses. We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through Chloé’s fresh and romantic universe

Indeed, Chloé never ceases to create beautiful and well-made designs for a casual chic look that highlights your femininity without being overly sexy. 

Silk and cotton are amongst Chloé favorite materials to create flowy dresses that give you a romantic and easy to wear look. 

If we had to choose 3 words to describe the brand Chloé, it would be : feminine, romantic and fresh

Don’t forget to tell us which dress is your favorite in the comment section. 😉

Do you like the romantic boho look with floral dresses or do you prefer plain colors for a more casual look?

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