Top 10 Celine Dresses 👗 – 2020 Best of Celine Dresses

Top 10 Celine dresses

Céline was founded in 1945, when Céline Vipiana opened a store of children’s shoes. It quickly attracts affluent customers while other Parisian shops open a few years later.

It was not until the 1960s that the brand began to diversify by selling leather goods, bags, gloves and even moccasins. In 1964, the first Céline fragrance was released, named Vent fou. Before that, the brand also launched a luxury ready-to-wear collection and Couture Sportswear.

Its success continued to grow in the 1970s and the following decade was marked by the brand’s international expansion with the opening of stores in Europe and Asia.

Nine years after its acquisition by Bernard Arnault in 1987, Céline joined the LVMH group. The 1990s saw a succession of talented artistic directors. In 1997, Michael Kors developed a more luxurious and chic style. He notably dwells on the handbag collection and launches the Boogie and Poulbot it bags. 

Phoebe Philo took the reins of creation in 2008 and allowed the brand to reconnect with its original inspirations. By establishing a contemporary wardrobe mixing elegant and casual pieces, the English designer has won over with her minimalist chic.

She gives to Céline a real identity, much appreciated by the community. Hedi Slimane, who left Saint-Laurent in 2016, replaced Phoebe Philo in 2018 and set out to create a couture, men and perfumes line. With him, Céline becomes “Celine”, and the silhouettes become more nervous, younger, more festive.


Today, we’re going to present you the top 10 CELINE dresses in 2020. Be prepared to see a lot of beautiful and dazzling gowns that will make you dream of being a movie star. 😉


One word ; stunning ! Actress Brie Larson dazzled us with this sparkling rose gold gown by CELINE couture. It was not surprising that the alluring actress was on the best dressed list at the Oscars.

This dress is everything we love about high fashion, chic, elegant, bold and furiously sexy. The actress looked like a true bombshell in this dress. 

I personally, love everything about this dress ! The rose gold color that complimented her skin tone while the sparkles on the dress made her shine like a star.

The deep V neckline is so sexy that we couldn’t watch anywhere else. Furthermore, the split on the skirt lets us see her tone legs. Brie Larson channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe with this dress which beautifully mixed old Hollywood charm with sculptural and modern lines

We especially love the backless and cape-accessorized garment designed by Hedi Slimane. The actress was so gorgeous in her sequin dress that the Internet went mad. People even went to Twitter to express how much they love the CELINE dress :

“Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge her fkn gorgeous Oscars dress? Did she not look like the absolute queen she is?”

“Brie Larson looked so beautiful last night ! Her dress was GORGEOUS.” 

“I’m still not over how amazing Brie Larson looked last night. I swear I had dreams about that dress.”

“Brie Larson in that dress gave me cardiac arrest.”

Oscars 2020 Arrivals: Brie Larson & Celine


Reese Witherspoon went classic and chic with this beautiful dark blue evening gown by CELINE. The figure hugging dress was all sparkly with beautiful sequins all over it. The beautiful actress looked like a mesmerizing mermaid in this flattering dress.

If you had to remember one thing about CELINE signature style, it’s that, the French house of couture knows how to compliment woman’s body. Indeed, their creations are like a true settings for jewels like Reese Witherspoon.

We love the deep split that revealed her beautiful legs while the one stripe shoulder and asymmetric neckline gave a touch of modernity to this classic bombshell dress. If diamonds are a girl’s best-friends, CELINE dresses are also their best ally ! Indeed, CELINE masters the figure-hugging cut that compliments women’s silhouettes while being really modern and sexy

What I like the most about this dress is that it’s revealing but still very classy. With CELINE you can be sure to be alluring without being too much. But isn’t it the pure French style DNA, to be sexy and classy without looking like you’re trying too hard


Another head’s turner by the house of CELINE ! My jaw dropped open when I saw this dress and I have to admit that I didn’t know it was a CELINE couture design at first. And you, did you know it ? Anyway, let’s say that Irish actress Saoirse Ronan was dazzling in this sparkling dress. 

The silver gown was completely covered with sequins and crystals which made the dress sparkling like a starry night. The thin stripes looked absolutely divine on her delicate shoulders and the silver color complimented very well her fair skin.

One could argue that the waist could have been more fitted but if you’ve seen the back of the dress, you know that it revealed a plunging backless that was furiously sexy. The split on the front of the dress finished to give this look the perfect red carpet vibe

Her hair and makeup on the other hand, were kept pretty minimal in order to let the dress shine by itself. But, in reality this dress like every CELINE dress makes the young actress look like a true Hollywood star. By the way, this dress was among the favorite dresses from the Golden Globes red carpet. 😉

Saoirse Ronan attended for Golden Globe 2020


Like always, Charlize Theron dazzled everyone at the 2020 Critics Choice Awards in Santa Monica. The blonde bombshell wore a Hedi Slimane custom creation for CELINE

We are used to see Charlize Theron in Dior but this year the South African actress decided to try new designers like CELINE. The least we can say is that, Hedi Slimane was really inspired by her lean body. Indeed, the straight cut with vertical lines made the blonde bombshell even taller and slimmer.

We love the deep V neckline which was beautifully accessorized with a long necklace. We also love the split on the front which is a Hedi Slimane signature style.

The thing I like the most with Hedi Slimane is that, he designs dresses that compliment women and not the other way around. Indeed, his creations make women more beautiful, it’s almost like he had the gift to let their inner beauty shine through. 

The black blazer and Charlize’s pixie haircut gave a furious boyish vibe to the look which is very classy and trendy.

With this look, Charlize Theron appeared even more modern than usual, however she’s still very elegant and feminine like always. I can’t wait to see this bombshell in another CELINE dress !

Charlize Theron Dazzles in Striped Slit Celine Dress


Classy and classic could summarize this dress. Indeed, the actress Scarlett Johansson started the award season with a pretty simple look that had a sweet 60s vibe. 

You can’t wear a CELINE dress without having a bit of shimmer in it. However, this time the top part of the dress only is sparkling whereas the bottom is plain black. The overall look was pretty simple and yet the actress added a cute sexy vibe to it with a beautiful eye makeup that reminded us of a Dolce & Gabbana commercial. 

We love the figure-hugging one shoulder top and the deep split on the front that reveals a bit of skin. This look is not as dazzling as the precedent dresses but it still very elegant and feminine


This year CELINE has proposed a new spring collection which is full of gold and boho vibes. We love the details on this flowy dress that is a true example of Hedi Slimane’s beautiful techniques.

This dress plays with the contrast between different fabrics. A beautiful mix of textures and colors that give a true bohemian vibe to this dress. If you look a bit closer, you’ll notice that the dress is covered in sequins and strass. We also love the mix of gold and silver which gives a contrasting look to the classic shirt cut of the dress. 

The long sleeves and high neckline give a classic touch while the shimmering fabric and ornaments make the overall look more daring and interesting


Silver and gold are very popular within CELINE spring collection. Here, we have another example of Hedi Slimane’s techniques with this beautiful silver/gold lamé dress

Damn this dress is shining ! Also, we love this hybrid color which looks like a mix of gold and silver. The cut is pretty similar to the precedent dress, however the fabric is resolutely different. This dress is more modern and sophisticated. We love the thin black belt that creates a beautiful contrast while highlighting the waist. Overall, this dress is really chic and haute couture yet it remains really wearable. 


I can’t forget this one ! Scarlett Johansson oozing Jessica Rabbit vibes in this red sequin CELINE dress while arriving for the 76th Venice Film Festival premiere of  Marriage Story. 

Red is a color that suits the blonde actress for sure and we have to admit that she was absolutely torrid in this shiny custom gown designed by Hedi Slimane. Here, we find all the signature styles from Hedi Slimane but with a modern vibe brought by the decollete which is almost triangular. 

The figure-hugging mermaid dress was splitted on the front to reveal the leg, up to the thigh. The overall look was sexy and dazzling

I’m not really sure about the heavy makeup though. The smoky eyes gave a weird shape to her green eyes and her hair looked too flat with this wet look. I wish her stylist had kept her hair and face more natural with such a statement dress. What do you think ? 

Scarlett Johansson stuns on the Venice Film Festival


Actress Elle Fanning was stunning in this sparkly silver gown made by Hedi Slimane.

The silver color complimented beautifully her pale skin tone while the classic cut complimented her curves very nicely

We love the classic elegance of this dress. The neckline is very similar to the red dress worn by Scarlett Johansson but here, there is a stripe crossing the top to create a beautiful sleeveless shoulder.

The cut of the skirt is also a bit larger but the cinched waist highlights her slim body in the more delicate way. The overall look is classic and elegant but still sexy thanks to the shining silver that gives the dress the old Hollywood vibe.

We love that Elle Fanning kept her makeup fresh and natural and wore almost no jewelry. Indeed, this kind of sculptural dress is a jewel by itself.

This time again, Hedi Slimane managed to create a gown that makes the woman shines and we must applause his fine taste and great techniques


Lady Gaga rocked one of her best red carpet looks thanks to talented CELINE artistic designer. Indeed, Hedi Slimane created a dazzling dress for the pop star who was beautiful in this silver custom dress. 

We love the sparkly silver dress which really suited Lady Gaga carnation. We love the fact that this strapless dress was pretty simple for the pop start except for the big bow that was decorating the left side of the dress. As usual, the skirt has a deep split on the front that gives the overlook a touch of sexyness. Overall, I loved this elegant and classy look on Gaga who had never been so gorgeous! 

Indeed, her hair and makeup remained neutral except for a smokey eyes which was not over the top though. We’re more used to see the pop star in extravagant outfits but we have to admit that this classic and feminine look really suits her

Lady Gaga On The Red Carpet 2019 GRAMMYs

Well, this is the end of this top 10 CELINE dresses and we hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the most beautiful gowns made by talented artistic director Hedi Slimane.

I have to admit that I became a fan if this designer while preparing this article. These dresses are so beautiful and they make women look like bombshells.

I personally think that CELINE is the most underrated French House of Couture. Indeed, they’re less popular than Chanel or Dior but with Hedi Slimane at the head of the artistic department,

I bet CELINE is going to step up its game to become one of the most iconic luxury brands out there. So, now it’s your turn to give your opinion : Which dress is your favorite from this list ?

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