Top 10 Azzaro Fragrances for Men 👨 – 2020 Best Azzaro Perfumes

Top 10 Azzaro Fragrances for Men 👨

Top Azzaro Fragrances for Men. Discover our Selection of the Best Perfumes from this Iconic Brand. The brand Azzaro has an Italian name, therefore the house of couture is actually French. Indeed, The house of Azzaro was born in Paris, created by a French/Italian designer named Loris Azzaro

Loris Azzaro was born in 1933 in Tunis. From Sicilian parents, he spent his childhood in Tunisia where he drew outfits for his mother very early. Passionate about art in general, he studied at the Faculty of Letters in Toulouse and got a license in modern letters.

Nevertheless, passionate about the old time clothes, he ended up settling, in 1962, in Paris to manufacture a collection of feminine couture as well as costume jewelry. In the process, he imagined pearl bags and all of his creations quickly had a great success. 

His notoriety really started when, in 1967, Loris Azzaro presented eight spectacular outfits at the Paris ready-to-wear show. He then said he wanted to “make dresses that women put on and that men tear off.” One of them made the cover of Elle with Cheryl Tiegs and this is how Azzaro was propelled to the front of the stage. 

However, it was not until 1975 that the brand developed its first perfume. The consecration will come in 1978, with the development of a cult essence still particularly popular today: the iconic Azzaro pour Homme.

Today, Azzaro is an iconic brand in the world of beauty. Each of its juices has an incomparable aura and the public is always looking forward to the latest creations from this house. In this article, we’re going to present you the top 10 Azzaro male fragrances in 2020.


Although many successes have today emerged within the Azzaro house, the very first male juice of the brand remains a reference in its own right.

This fragrance is both elegant and refined while being particularly virile. It displays natural sensuality and instinctive elegance.

Indeed, the man who wears Azzaro Pour Homme shows himself in his most seductive and charismatic aspect. It simply has become timeless. 

Released in 1978, Azzaro Pour Homme is the first fragrance from the famous fashion house Azzaro. Created by perfumer Gérard Anthony

Azzaro Pour Homme is a legendary perfume, a great classic among the classics which seduces as much for its spicy and warm aromas as for its scorching seductive image.

The originality of Azzaro Pour Homme is obviously also in its composition between aromatic freshness, spices and almost chypre woody power.

In top notes, we find indeed original and relatively rare notes for the time : basil, star anise and fennel mixed with lemon and innovative use of lavender.

Then, launched by tonic buds, the heart notes flourish in powers of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver embellished by the delicacies of cardamom.

Finally, the distinguished trail of this beautiful woody aromatic fern will mark the memory in an amber mixture and very virile leather enhanced with slightly flowery white musks, added to replace the oakmoss in 2000 in this intoxicating cyprus blend.

In 2014, the amazingly good looking actor Ian Somerhalder becomes the new face of Azzaro pour Homme and the least we can say is that ladies couldn’t be happier. 😊

Azzaro Pour Homme Perfume Video


If the very first Azzaro pour Homme created in 1978 by Gérard Anthony mainly played with contrasts between citrus-aromatic and woody-oriental accords, the pretty Azzaro pour Homme Elixir made this time by Michel Girard in 2009, goes even further in sophistication and contrasts.

Azzaro pour Homme Elixir opens like its legendary elder on citrus notes built around bergamot, lemon and tangerine. However, the perfumer added some unprecedented fruity notes of pear and blackcurrant which bring an inviting and modern touch to this Azzaro Elixir.

At the heart, geranium and lavender combine to offer their tone and nervousness although they are coated with spices that will tint it with exotic warmth.

Finally, the labdanum propels us towards the intense depths of coumarin and foam. Yet the delicacy of benzoin, tonka bean and vanilla will echo the fruits of the head to compose a manly but sophisticated perfume for the man. 

Another interpretation, another vibe. This time, Azzaro chose another sex symbol who is very caliente ! Indeed, singer Enrique Iglesias starred in the 2009 commercial. 😍

Perfume Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir


To increase even more the attraction for its most iconic fragrance, Azzaro decided to create an intense version in 2015. This new fragrance aims to be even more syrupy than before, charged with multiple contrasts, it reveals the portrait of a sort of “tough guy with a tender heart”.

In order to produce this new interpretation, the house of Azzaro called on the perfumer Olivier Pescheux. He says that for him authenticity is a very important value.

However, this is precisely one of the fundamentals of the Azzaro perfume for Homme Intense. The latter, then produced a very luxurious juice, taking on the scent of sweet and amber Armagnac tinged with spicy flavors. 

In this case, it contains cinnamon from Laos, an ingredient which seems to give it its pretty orange color. His very assertive masculinity, meanwhile, draws its source from the presence of vetiver from Haiti.

What’s more, this wood is here worked in a very smoky and contrasting way, it’s both wet and dry, warm and fresh. It only increases the mysterious and attractive power of this essence.

Then, Azzaro pour Homme Intense is softened by the enveloping presence of tonka bean from Venezuela. The result is particularly creamy while having a high dose of virility.

Azzaro Pour Homme Intense Review


With Chrome released in 1996, Loris Azzaro signs his second great male fragrance after the famous Azzaro pour Homme. With this fragrance illuminated with an azure blue and a new, captivating and original freshness, Azzaro wanted to dedicate Chrome to the beauty of transmission and paternal love.

Chrome offers elegant modernity thanks to a new citrus-flavored woody juice, like a pure and powerful wave of the Mediterranean so dear to Azzaro.

In top notes, bergamot and lemon stand out with their acidic freshness with lavender aromas mixed with Dihydromyrcenol, the famous new freshness note imbued with aquatic and citrus facets.

Then, the heart of green and violet notes prolongs the invigorating wave of citrus fruits united in depth by the note of mate tea, with fiery vitality.

Finally, the sensuality and sweetness of white musk known envelops the woody notes of cedar and evernyl to create a deep and distinguished trail.

True emblem of the Citrus Aquatic Wooded family, of which Cool Water by Davidoff is the absolute patriarch, Chrome offers an invigorating and masculine freshness dressed in delicacy and elegance.

Azzaro Chrome Fragrance Cologne Review


10 years after the release of the iconic Chrome, Azzaro has decided to reinterpret it in a new version called Chrome Pure. Since its launch, the Chrome fragrance has illustrated the authentic and natural relationships between generations of men.

It evokes shared and unforgettable moments, like those of Loris Azzaro with his grandson. Indeed, the creator of the brand has always been concerned with integrating a social side in his fragrances.

He put a little of his personal history into it while spreading a message. It’s therefore quite logical that the brand is aimed today at a new generation of men.

More modern than before, this innovative juice always revolves around the theme of new freshness. It’s simply aimed at a new audience as if to transmit itself once again from generation to generation.

Chrome Pure takes us to new horizons, to more modernity. With it, the contemporary life is lived with purity. It’s like a walk in the fresh air and sounds like a wind of freedom and an ultra fresh breath in everyday life.

Although, it’s very contemporary, it seems more than ever connected to the love of men for ultra-airy juices such as the Eaux de Cologne from the past. 

New Azarro Chrome Pure Review


In 2019, Azzaro releases a new interpretation of its iconic male fragrance, Chrome. Chrome Aqua by Azzaro is a fragrance inspired by two different creative axes.

First of all, like all the juices in the collection, it is drawn from the connivance uniting Loris Azzaro with his grandson.

It’s therefore dedicated to authentic moments and carries high the values ​​of sharing and transmission.

The entire Azzaro Chrome collection therefore has a very maritime freshness in it, and Chrome Aqua is no exception to the rule.

This infinitely invigorating juice is like a clean breeze mingling with the foam of the sea. Immediately, a shiver floods the body, like the one you feel when you throw yourself into the blue waves on a beautiful summer day .

The scent of Chrome Aqua begins with the bitter freshness of the grapefruit. This citrus fruit is further enriched with a fruity and crisp flavor of green apple.

Then, the heart of Chrome Aqua becomes more aromatic and aniseed on contact with the basil. Finally, this composition ends with a more masculine and woody touch of vetiver.

New Azzaro Chrome Aqua Perfume Review


Building on its success, Chrome was repeatedly reinterpreted to become in turn Chrome Aqua, Chrome Pure, Chrome Intense, Chrome United, Chrome Sport or even Chrome Legend. However, all these juices have in common that they are only Eau de Toilette.

This time, Azzaro chooses to change the register… In 2020, the brand presents the very first Eau de Parfum version of Chrome. Its new juice is called Chrome Extrême and is inspired by the depths of the ocean.

On the scent side, Chrome Extrême is indeed inspired by oceanic strength. This very invigorating juice is a concentrate of adrenaline. It begins with an incisive and fresh accord of green tangerine.

Then, its intensity is fully revealed thanks to juniper berries. Little by little, Chrome Extrême lets itself be won over by a warmer and amber accord. It ends with a powerful sensation of virility.

Indomitable and fiery, Chrome Extrême is for all men who love thrills and authentic moments. So, are you ready to follow us in this crazy marine epic ?

New Release Chrome Extreme by Azzaro


With Wanted launched in 2016, Azzaro is going back to the basic DNA of the brand. It depicts the image of a daring, seductive and free man. The latter then seems to have the sole ambition of “playing, blazing, succeeding”. Wanted is the scent of a provocative man guided by his instinct. 

Like Loris Azzaro, this one seems to display a charisma allowing it to face all the tests. Indeed, its name is particularly evocative. It brings together several meanings.

Wanted can mean “wanted”, “desired” or “asked”. Anyway, the wanted man is adored by women and envied by men. It embodies a fantasy as much as an ideal to be achieved. Wanted is the scent of a seducer with unwavering confidence.

Fabrice Pellegrin is the perfumer to whom we owe this creation. He made this perfume using the finest materials. Its start is particularly invigorating. It combines two lemon absolutes.Thus, the lemon is transcribed in all its splendor and one finds there its usual bitterness associated with a juicier and sunny side.

Cardamom from Guatemala then takes over. It displays an explosive liveliness very rare in perfumery. This is further accentuated by the presence of ginger from Nigeria.

This brings a particularly sexy and sassy spicier vibe. Finally, Wanted ends up letting all its virility show through via Haitian vetiver.

Nevertheless, it remains tender and the whole is still wrapped in Brazilian tonka bean, an ingredient with an amended, tobacco and vanilla flavor.

Azzaro Wanted My Trip to Monaco


In 2016, Azzaro presents a new collection called Solarissimo. Marettimo is the 2017 version. This time, it’s time for aquatic flavors. How about diving into the sea breeze of Azzaro’s new Solarissimo Marettimo?

If the Azzaro brand chose to deliver a fragrance straight out of the archipelago of the Egadi Islands, it’s simply because it’s the homeland of Loris Azzaro’s father. The designer has therefore opted for a sort of a tribute to his origins

Solarissimo Marettimo begins with one of the most emblematic ingredients of Sicily: lemon. This citrus fruit deposits a vitamin and citrus breath here.

Then, this ingredient is quickly joined by a seawater accord. Thus, Solarissimo Marettimo becomes more salty which only makes it more addictive. Finally, all its virility expressed in his heart, Solarissimo Marettimo ends with a breath of cedar.

Azzaro Solarissimo Marettimo Cologne Review


Light is omnipresent in Azzaro fashion creations and perfumes. It was therefore quite natural that the Solarissimo collection was born. In 2018, Azzaro presents the third fragrance from the Solarissimo collection. Prepare to welcome Solarissimo Favignana !

Solarissimo Favignana begins with a typically Sicilian ingredient: lemon. Then, his heart warms up on contact with an absolute rum which has the firm intention of making your head spin!

Finally, Solarissimo Favignana lets express its more intense manhood in a woody wake. It ends with a powerful smell of cedar, both enveloping and seductive. The result is a flamboyant juice that is as captivating as it is comforting.

This fragrance is a tribute to Loris Azzaro’s italian origins. Indeed, even though the talented designer spent his entire adult life in France and created his house of Couture in Paris, he was born from Italian parents and therefore, he had a special bound with the mediterranean culture.  

Azzaro Solarissimo Range Summer Fragrance

This is the end of this top 10 Azzaro male fragrances, we really hope you’ve enjoyed this list and that you’ve learnt some useful information. Did you know that Azzaro was registered as a French brand ? Which Azzaro perfume is your favorite

I have to confess that my favorite Azzaro fragrance is the classic Chrome, simply because my first boyfriend used to wear it and he smelled really good. Everytime I smell this scent ever since, I think about him.😍

If you want to know more about the best male fragrances in French perfumery, check out our last articles

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