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Thierry Mugler Fragrances

Eccentric, indecent, always in fashion and just scandalous enough to fit the nineties fashion industry’s mood – there you have the basic essence of M. Thierry Mugler, born in 1948, major hit designer in the early and mid 90s and a fashionista’s favourite for over a decade. 

Thierry Mugler waited quite a while before launching his own brand… a line of clothes that turned soon into a perfume line and now both cohabit under the Mugler name.

Thierry Mugler is actually widely known for the perfumes, and rather less nowadays for the fashion. No offense meant here, but it is sure that the pause that the clothes line had to endure for a few years did sure slow down this business and its notoriety. 

Though the designer Thierry Mugler is now out of his brand, he was head of fragrances for over a decade and most of the must have we know today are those he created for the brand from 1992 to 2005 – Angel, Alien, names that recall his vertiginous literally out of space aesthetics.

Weird woman with sparkles, corsets like alien-skeletons,… that very imagery is also at the source of all the perfumes of the house: these are creations for daring women who are not afraid of leaving a divine and strong trail at each step. 

What you must know is Mugler is a fragrance genius – be ready to become of the the galaxy’s amazons with a recognisable and signature scent that will leave no soul indifferent to your charm. But let’s not dwell anymore on introductions and let me tell you more about each gem that popped up at Mugler – and some literal gems considering the bottle –, c’est parti

Angel: the gourmet perfume 

Guess what Diana Ross, Eva Mendes and Hillary Clinton have in common? Not the hair-cut, definitely, but a detail that makes it all for a woman’s attitude: their perfume, Angel by Mugler!And how come such different women are wearing this fragrance? Nothing easier to answer: the inspiration behind Mugler’s  perfume is a carnival, marshmallow, cotton candy and grilled almonds – no wonder how that is speaking to anyone in the world! 

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𝒲𝑒𝓇𝒷𝓊𝓃𝑔 (𝒫𝓇𝒮𝒶𝓂𝓅𝓁𝑒) Vorab: ich bin überhaupt kein Angel-Fan. Dachte ich. Die verschiedenen Versionen habe ich immer wieder mal probiert und für mich entschieden: das ist nichts für mich. Zu süß, zu … ach nee. Aber dann erreichte mich das neue Angel Eau de Toilette aus dem Hause Mugler – freundlicherweise von @clarinsofficial als PrSample an mich versendet und ich dachte ich gebe ihm eine Chance! Also trage ich ihn seit 3 Tagen und muss sagen… ja! Er hat mich. Er ist in der Tat der erste Angel der mich überzeugt. Abgesehen vom Flakon, den man (wie ich finde) einfach lieben muss – das ikonische asymmetrische Design wurde nun in vertikaler Position erstellt und sieht elegant und futuristisch aus im Bad! Zum Duft: die Kopfnote: Mandarine & Pfingstrose das Herz: gebrannte Mandel & Apfel die Basis: Patchouli, helle Hölzer & Zeder Insgesamt für mich ein köstlicher Duft, der viel sanfter ist, als das bisherige EdP „Angel“ – süß ja! Aber nicht aufdringlich – es verfliegt schnell und die angenehme Frucht kommt und umhüllt einen mit luftiger Frische, es bleibt eine samtige Süße, die ganz rund duftet und mir sehr gut gefällt und mich rundum überzeugt! ANGEL NEW EAU DE TOILETTE – 30 und 50 ml seit Ende August 2019 im Handel erhältlich. (UBP 49€ bzw 68€) #abrightnewangel #freshnewangel #muglerlovers #clarinsofficial #mamacobeauty #angelmugler #newparfum #angeleaudetoilette #angelstar #angelflakon #unbezahltewerbung #prsample

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Coming in a star-shaped bottle with a distinctive and elegant look, the fragrance by Mugler is something very different and was quite innovative with its gourmet accord and very profound, round, deep scents. First, vanilla and patchouli get entangled and open up to reveal notes of tropical fruits, caramel and bergamot. Fresh and sweet, not to heady but definitely strong, Angel’s recipe has something of a wearable refined French pastry. 

Ideal for the autumn and winter season, Angel lingers on your skin all day long to wrap you up in a cloud of comfort and brightness. Angel might not be the first ever perfume you would get a teen, but is with no doubt essential for a woman with character and who knows what she likes.


Alien Perfume: charismatic femininity

Oriental, woody, floral… Alien is an alien and has really no category fitting it to describe how complex, rich and hypnotising its scent is. Just like Angel, this Mugler’s 2005 creation has something very deep and lasting, it is a scent for those who are faithful to one single fragrance for it will be all over your hair, clothes and… heart!

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Charisma, seduction and self-confidence – if there would be somehow a need to sum up Alien’s essence, these would be the words. Cashmeran wood, white amber build up a strong, musky, enigmatic and cosy background brightened and lightened up by notes of Sambas Jasmine, a very delicate flower. Oddness is at the core of this precious mix – and Alien is an oddly mavellous perfume that really is one of the best of this last decade. 

Alien is a fragrance for ultra-women – the kind of women that really do embody audacity, femininity and a sort of out-of-everything elegance and silhouette. Spectacular and singular, the Alien woman has something more, something that lingers on your mind long after you have lost sight of her – her scent is here to make you remember her greatness. 

Alien by Thierry Mugler Fragrance Perfume Review

Innocent Perfume: the charm of sweet womanhood

Innocent has something sparkling, fresh, young – very fruity, sweet but well balanced, this creation was born in 1998 supervised by Thierry Mugler himself. Described as a whimsical fragrance, it is a guilty pleasure that can be with you just as well during winter or summer, fall or spring, and will never let you down. 

Tangerine and bergamot create the spicy and refreshing background for the sweet explosion of blackcurrants, red berries and almonds. In the end, a sudden apparition of white musk and praline come and make the whole complex mix stay on the skin and hair for a longtime. Comfortable and youthful, Innocent has something great to offer for your mood and your character

Very non-intrusive yet having a great longevity, Innocent has this amazing scent that will last the whole day. Be it for teens or more mature women, there are absolutely no contradiction to wearing this delightful piece of mastery. Innocent has something of a wise innocence rather than a child-at-heart innocence – its scent definitely will keep on saying “beware, I know where I am going, I am wearing Mugler”! 

Innocent by Thierry Mugler Perfume Review

Alien essence absolue Perfume: bewitching fragrance 

This perfume is a divinity encapsulated, the scent of a golden deity who was down on Earth just a moment but long enough for Mugler’s noses to have a sense of what was her aura and fragrance. Alien, maybe, absolutely mesmerising, for sure. Alien Essence Absolue is a perfect and necessary addition to the wide range of Alien perfumes, born in 2012.

Modernised, Alien Essence Absolue is a way more decadent version of the 2005 original Alien fragrance. Odd and dwelling Cashmeran wood mixed up with the delicate Sambac jasmine are back in the precious notes of this neo-Alien fragrance, but smokier, woodier and the very personal note of Alien Essence Absolue are the myrrh incense and bold renewed white amber. Radiant, extraordinary, exclusive… the adjective add up and never go as far as they should to describe the very perfection of this mesmerising fragrance. 

It is an easy guess, but Alien Essence Absolue is so bold, audacious, savage and raw yet sophisticated a scent that only women seeking for that kind of distinctive and charismatic fragrances will go for it. But that would ba a mistake to leave it to them – even determined teens with a great sense of style and personality can wear Alien Essence Absolue for it radiates a kind of femininity that we all long for: strong, go-getter, amazingly elegant and self-assured

Mugler Alien Essence Absolue Perfume Review

Womanity Perfume: the dichotomy of womanhood

Sweet and savoury is a cuisine basic and a recipe for the finest gourmets – and just like the fragrance Angel is the pastry of the perfume industry, Womanity is its finest dish! Born in the early 2000s, the aim of the perfume is to encapsulate what modern womanhood wood be, a mix of tender and spicy, sweet and… savoury! 

Built up around the fig, a symbol of femininity according to Mugler’s vision, the fig is entangled with (I told you it is a precious perfume) caviar, to create that sweet and savoury melange that is the fig and caviar accord. Last ingredients, fig tree and fig leaves give somethig earthy and fresh, neither sweet nor too savoury and definitely is the acme of the preciousness and amazingness of that very unique fragrance

The bottle, closed by a warrior helmet, has something amazon-like with a wind of wilderness blowing at the heart of its major notes. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the very girly colour of the faded pink nectar: its scent will forever be on your mind… and if you are lovestruck, on your skin, hair and clothes. Very long lasting, bold, it is utterly feminine but not girly a fragrance and so has a uniqueness that you have to test.

Womanity by Thierry Mugler Perfume Review

Aura Mugler Perfume: nature’s child

Aura is the latest Mugler fragrance and has something of an even more charismatic femininity than anything Mugler had done before. Assertive and sensual, Aura tells it all in the name: not only are you wearing a fabulous fragrance but also all the aura and charism a woman needs and longs for in a perfume. 

Shaped in a deep green heart, the Aura bottle is something dreamlike and very, oh so very beautiful – it is like a jewel encapsulating another jewel, this amazing juice that Aura is. Woody and aromatic, Aura has a mix of sweet and bitter scents like rhubarb leaves, orange blossom and sweet Bourbon vanilla. Woody notes perfect the whole thing and make the sophistication and raw and bold femininity of the Aura fragrance. 

The spectacular bottle, the heart-shaped emerald green and that M-shaped atomiser are just décor: the very show happens at the core of this bottle which delivers a scent that is earthy and feminine, woody and girly… really this Aura perfume is for any woman since it really is meant to flatter all personality and women’s greatness


Mugler Show Perfume: the one floral Mugler launched

Delicate and floral, Mugler Show has all at once nothing and ecerything in common with rest of the Mugler fragrance line. Very youthful and adapted for a younger customer base in research for lighter fragrances than the ones Mugler usually releases, Mugler Show is best suited for fanciful yet already charismatic young women.

The fuchsia liquid contains a very unique bouquet of nice flowers and has a scent that singularise any woman. Spicy and aquatic, it has something more than most floral perfumes and definitely is a must. Bergamot notes combined to a magnolia heart and a background build up with white musk. The exquisite scent is something that will shatter your heart and you sure will not be indifferent to the Mugler Show fragrance. 

As I said earlier, Mugler Show is a light and versatile fragrance that will suit all teens and young woman. Neither pungent or too slight, Mugler Show is a kind of floral perfection that brings up freshness and femininity without becoming boring or too girly.

Mugler Show perfume Thierry Mugler

Alien Musc Mystérieux Perfume: let’s take the power! 

Alien Musc Mystérieux is an oriental fragrance that is derived from the origibal Alien perfume. If Alien is already a bit heady and woody, Alien Musc Mystérieux goes even further and brings up something animal, a raw femininity with a lot of things to say and nothing to prove. Spicy, empowering, Alien Musc Mystérieux has something of a male fragrance grown up to be the finest of women’s fragrances.

For its first notes, a royal melange of bergamot, pineapple and wild berries open to a heart of spicy scents like caraway and nutmeg. Very autumnal, a background of sandal wood, musk, patchouli and tonka bean finished to make Alien Musc Mystérieux the ultimate overly feminine yet androgynous incredible perfume it is. Heavy – for sure – but as always light enough to be a scent that you carry around rather than bear all day long, these complex mixes and harmonies are to be worn by the most refined ladies. 

Oriental and woody, just heavy enough, this floral, musky, powdery, warm scent is to be worn by the most feminine and self-assured women there are: of course, all perfumes are for everyone… but this very fragrance has something more, an aura and a charism that need be taken seriously and sure won’t fit any women. And, yes, this exclusivity is something precious making the very charm of the Alien Musc Mystérieux. 

MUGLER Alien Musc Mysterieux Review

Mugler, the fragrances for ultra-feminine women 

Thierry Mugler created ultra-women, be it with his clothes or his fragrances: there is no denying that he managed in a great way to do so. Angel and Alien, the two best-sellers at Mugler a concentrates of a strong and unearthly womanhood that many of us grow up hoping to become. And there is a little help to achieve becoming a true amazon: get a Mugler fragrance!! 

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