Top 10 Jérome Dreyfuss Womens Handbags 👜 Best of Bag 2020

Jerome Dreyfuss best of bag

Dreyfuss is a young Parisian maison – understand it has everything you need to be the perfect modern woman. I am not even kidding. 

Jérome Dreyfuss is a French designer. Living in Paris since his late teenage years, he grew up knowing amazing women with a strong style and even stronger personalities.

When none of his girl friends were finding a handbag that suited them, the young fashion designer turned from fashioning clothes to leatherwork, as we say in French.

He designed handbags that were to be the perfect companions to their lifestyle – big, little, practical, just nice looking… Jérôme Dreyfuss managed what few did : understanding us !! 

Creating according to his only will and never really finding inspiration in trends, Jérôme Dreyfuss wants to be off of the regular schemes, and creates for women from women he saw and found inspiring.

And the recipe seems to be working as we scroll the list of celebrities and top-fashion icons who wore a Dreyfuss bag at their arm: from Keira Knightley to Beyonce, Lily Aldridge to Cindy Crawford. 

Since 2002, Dreyfuss as made our dreams come true, mixing with a unique taste practicality and style. Very boho, very elegant, the maison has been producing innovative and sexy handbags for over a decade now. Shall we go and see which are the ten Dreyfuss bags I picked as my top ten? let’s go !

JD Felix Bag👜, the day-t-day perfect companion 

Supple, versatile, round and cute yet finely cut and elegant – Felix is on of Dreyfuss’s handbags I love most for he represents one of the best practical and cool looking choice you can make as you are in quest for the perfect handbag. Well, it is a Dreyfuss, after all ! 

This leather flap bag has a half-oval fold, attached to a simple metallic buckle bound to the core of the bag. With an adjustable strap and a clever layering of leather and pockets, the design of the bag is practicality made sexy : the look comes straight from the various pockets. Round but with a cutting edge style, it can never go out of fashion.

You can chose to wear it with basically any outfit from your wardrobe : whether bohemian, working woman, party girl… You can only slay with Felix at your shoulder for it is just like us women : it is looks and brains united and sewed in fine leather. Should I say more or did you rush already to the brand’s website? 

Jérome Dreyfuss Bob Bag👜: it will take you anywhere

Who ever dreamt of a friend so perfect it could be there with you, for you, 24/7 always? This friend would be clever, has a perfect taste that matches just yours and you could spend your life together as two warriors against those with no brains nor style? Stop looking for it, and let me introduce Bob to you guys

Bob is a clever small flap bag. Ideal to carry around the essential, its size will help you get rid of anything you carry around all the time but actually don’t need at all (a real friend, I am telling you!). 

At each corner of the fold, the signature three golden rivet in a triangle shape are here to infuse an elegant and rock and roll je ne sais quoi. Then, the metallic chain affirms the just-to-die-for style of the bag : far from tacky, it just adds spice to the overall look… and so to your outfit as well !! 

Bob has no better time of the day : it’s a dawn to dusk handbag you can wear with any outfit, even the dullest, since it has a charm and look that will always make up for the simplest of silhouettes to turn it into gold. And by the way, for the most daring of you, Bob is available in full gold look ! 

Jérome Dreyfuss Lulu Bag👜: basically is Bob upgraded (omg)

Lulu is amazing. It embodies all the roles we want to embody as women and helps us be our better self. I know I have been talking of these bags as people – but, well, they have real names and definitely real personalities, so that is just how I have to speak of them.

Back to Lulu : a bit more classic and luxury than Bob, it is a handbag for maybe more grown-up woman. The leather and golden metal adjustable strap is a piece of jewellery, the layering of pockets is as graphic as elegant and overall Lulu has a tamed sexiness to it that carries such an amazing vibe

The signature rivets on the fold are here to make a quick wink at Dreyfuss’s line, but Lulu has something more : conquer a boardroom meeting, dance until the end of the night or go grab a coffee with your bestie, Lulu will be there to take care of protecting what you carry around and love, and above all to give you the best and most elegant of silhouettes.

Jérome Dreyfuss Billy Bag 👜: an all-time classic

Billy’s look is something never seen. Sophisticated and uber cool, it has several pockets, leather straps buckled together and so many other details like rivets… and I haven’t spoken yet of the outstanding leather crafting that makes it the perfect big-bag-for-big-days like we all dreamed of. 

Known for creating for the needs of modern women, Jérôme Dreyfuss hit a top level thinking for Billy : from your computer to a baby bottle, glasses, umbrella… you can be sure this bag fits to anything you would be needing to carry around.

Made for women with a busy lifestyle and a classy-rock personality, Billy is a dream come true in terms of look and practicality. Huge but not heavy on the silhouette, this handbag is an undeniable fashion asset and should be taken anywhere with you ! 

Jérôme Dreyfuss Bobi Bag Review Vidéo

JD Georges Bag 👜: not Clooney, but that sexy indeed

A clic button, the perfect trapezoidal shape – how geeky geometrician of me to say that, but well, that’s the term ! – adjustable gussets and a leather so fine and finely crafted it breathes quality and sensuality. There you go : meet Georges

Georges has something very classic : its shape is rather mundane, two handles – one for the hands, another for a shoulder –, a cabas vibe (it’s french for luxury shopping bag, let’s say) that smells like Saint Germain des Prés et Saint Tropez united (how French again Jérôme !). 

But there you go : the shape is changing according to your mood with the two zipped gussets, the colours and leather available go from “mother-in-law will be proud” to a British punk’s delirium without forgetting leopard and Instagram pink.

What you see is never what you get with Georges, there’s more to its classic and classy look and sexiness. Just like there’s more to you and your outfit, and Georges is here to help you deliver that message!

Jérome Dreyfuss Clic Clac Bag 👜: the perfect pouch !

Clic Clac is a Dreyfuss pouch made of leather and ingenuity! Designed from our “grand fathers’ wallets”, as Jérôme Dreyfuss says, it has a clever “clic” fastening – easiness, practicality and minimalistic style all mixed up in one perfect little handbag

The three signature rivets come in the middle of the front side of the pouch. Very simple, Clic Clac opens at the top, like a vintage wallet, it is a minimal handbag in every way.

Little, versatile, with no handle or strap, it is meant to be carried at your hand or, if you are having a long day, hidden in your usual bigger day handbag and shown only when grabbing a quick coffee or escaping to a club or fancy restaurant at night ! 

Clic Clac offers something sophisticated, lady-like and yet has this aura of coolness and easiness that makes it very versatile and easy-going. All situations fit the Clic Clac, given you’re not somebody who likes having all of your house in your purse. 

Jérome Dreyfuss Igor Bag 👜: graphic style and practical boho vibe

Once more, Jérôme Dreyfuss shows he knows how to build and design perfect daily companions for women with this Igor guy, a flap bag with many clever details that you can be sure to fall in love with. 

Practicality in Igor comes from two major features. First, the two gussets on the sides, which are zipped so that you can adapt the width of your handbag to what you need to carry with you each day. Second, the adjustable strap with buckles so that once you’ve found the perfect length, it will not ever move again. 

And the best part of these two clever perks is that they also make the style of the bag : zippers on each sides and buckles on the strap are all metal details that resonate with the three signature rivets on the corners of the fold. They give a look, an attitude and sure won’t leave you indifferent to Igor’s charm

JD Marc Bag 👜: Bridget’s favourite camera bag

Marc is cute, tiny, with a pompom and girly design. In a word, it is the perfect gift for your young niece whom you’re introducing to the world of it-bags. 

Made in fine leather, this ovoid bag is what you call a camera bag (teach your niece all that words too, they are useful to distinguish yourself from regular fashionistas). That is to say is has the size for a vintage camera and can be taken anywhere thanks to its pretty – in the case of Marc – leather and golden metal intertwined chain-strap

Cute-looking with its pompom, Marc is a versatile bag made for day-time and party-time alike. And if you don’t have a niece and you fall in love with Marc – B. Jones would get you, you know – just go along with it because it is the pimping touch in any outfit : bring the sun to your silhouette

Jérome Dreyfuss Hector Bag 👜: stand out with an outstanding handbag

Hector is a piece that will not go unseen as you walk down your street to your office, yoga class or lover’s apartment. Hector is a tambour bag : that means it’s a big round and pretty piece of leather made for you never to leave anything at home since it is so big.

Hector is a statement bag. Two set of handles – hands or shoulder, your pick – attached to the bag by the signature rivets hold together two big round pieces of leather with apparent leather sewing. Lipstick, umbrella, iPad – anything you want and need will fit Hector, it is here to serve your look and yourself. 

Hector is such a handful that you won’t even need an outstanding look to be stunning : more than an accessory, it is a piece of style so strong you can go for a black-all-over outfit and Hector will be here to give the je ne sais quoi to your silhouette

Jérome Dreyfuss Willy Bag 👜: bohemian bag for the city

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The inspiration for Willy is said to be a kite. I have to state I barely see the kite but – oh yes – I see its huge potential as a perfect companion in life and in style. 

Willy is a half-moon, full leather and full of details : fringes on the outside pockets’ zippers – so boho ! – and metallic touches like the rivets, signature or merely decorative in the case of Willy.

The finest piece of work on the Willy handbag might well be the handles : the two shoulder or elbow straps are made of woven leather, they are a jewel and the most stylish asset of the bag. 

Whether you pick it in black veal leather or Jérôme Dreyfuss’s psychedelic magenta and white print, Willy will suit you for daily errands and its fringes can as well be your back dancers while hitting the dance-floor ! Willy has a New-York vibe to it that radically changes from the Paris spirit of the rest of Dreyfuss’s collection and that is not to upset me, on the contrary. 

Free spirited and witty : Jérôme Dreyfuss is clever luxury

With its decade old brand, Jérôme Dreyfuss has made a lot for modern women. With this creator, the handbag is now a style asset and life hack for everyday to go smooth and fashionable.

And because Jérôme never wants you to get lost in life, you should know that all bags have a little pocket lamp and a key holder hidden inside – I told you, this man got everything women needed ! 

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