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Top 10 Jean-Paul Gaultier Fragrances for Men

The house of Jean-Paul Gaultier was founded in 1976 by a young fashion designer whose vision will bring a breath of fresh air into the classic high fashion industry. Indeed, even if Jean-Paul Gaultier started with Pierre Cardin, his vision of fashion is resolutely more modern and unconventional

Even if everybody knows Jean-Paul Gaultier today, his originality was not immediately appreciated and the success arrived during the 80s when fashion became bolder and more colorful. Very creative and a bit provocative, Jean-Paul Gaultier is not afraid to break the codes and we owe him some unforgettable fashion statements.

Do you remember the iconic conic corset worn by Madonna during her huge Blond Ambition Tour in 1990 ? Jean Paul Gaultier created this corset especially for her ! Indeed, Madonna became his muse and he created lots of crazy outfits for the Queen of Pop.

Jean-Paul Gaultier is certainly eccentric but he is mainly a talented designer with amazing technical skills. 

Today, “the terrible kid of fashion” like people like to call him, is one of the most appreciated and talented designers. But the artistic designer announced that he will retired in 2020. As a tribute to this colorful French fashion designer, we’re going to present his 10 best fragrances for men. Be prepared to take your testosterone dose ! 😉


Like all the successful luxury brands, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to create his own perfume line during the 90s. So, in 1995, he releases his very first male fragrance that will become one of the most iconic fragrances from the 90s.

Le Mâle is a true revolution in the classical perfume industry. Indeed, this first fragrance is as original and sophisticated as his high fashion creations. 

Le Mâle starts with a refreshing fern accord, continues with the aromatic lavender mixed to the warmwood, bergamot and mint. This combination gives a classic freshness to the fragrance who smells very reassuring. Then, the fragrance concludes with deeper and sensual notes like the cardamom, coumarin and vanilla. The overall fragrance is very modern and different from the other fragrances creating during the 90s. 

Le Mâle wants to reproduce the scent of the old barber shops but with lots of modernity and sophistication. The success will be immediate and le Mâle quickly become a best-seller. Indeed, the fragrance is so special that it’s still very popular today. Le Mâle breaks the codes to offer a new vision of masculinity. It’s a signature scent for men who love to be different

Fun fact :  Le Mâle is the first big hit from perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The talented nose of Jean Paul Gaultier will become one of the most successful perfume designers with creations like Elie Saab le Parfum,  Cool Water Wave (Davidoff), For Her (Narciso Rodriguez) or Gentleman Only. 

Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male Review Video


In 2007, Jean-Paul Gaultier resumes his collaboration with perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to create a new male fragrance called Fleur du Mâle

With Fleur du Mâle, Jean-Paul Gaultier breaks again the codes of classic male fragrances offering us a masculine and floral scent

Jean Paul Gaultier “Fleur Du Male” <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Fleur du Mâle starts with a fresh and citrusy accord with bergamot, basil, small grain and lavender. Its heart on the other hand, is more floral with neroli and geranium. Finally, the trail gets burning and sensual thanks to the coumarin, benzoin, vetiver and vanilla. 

Have you noticed that a bit of vanilla always makes a fragrance sexier ? 

According to Jean-Paul Gaultier, Fleur du Mâle is a fragrance where everything is about chaos, luxury and generosity.  Overall, Fleur du Mâle is a yummy floral fragrance which screams sensuality and new virility

Jean Paul Gaultier “Fleur Du Male” Fragrance Review


Created by Annick Menardo and Olivier Cresp, Kokorico aims to deliver the multiple faces of a man. Sixteen years afters his iconic fragrance le Mâle, Jeans Paul Gaultier gives us a new fragrance full of vitality and sensuality – the scent of a hot man !

Kokorico begins with the fresh scent of fig leaves but we can already smell a warmer note with the cocoa. Then its heart gets woodier with patchouli and cedar. Finally, the trail leaves a contrasting smell of  cocoa mixed to the powerful vetiver. The overall fragrance is very fun and uninhibited

With this fragrance, Jeans-Paul Gaultier signs a new signature scent for sexy and playful men. The idea here, is that men can have multiple faces : they can be older or younger, they can be masculine or feminine, they can be rascal or refined. Kokorico is made for every man who’s not taking himself too seriously – a man who likes to laugh and enjoys life

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance / Cologne Review


In 2013, Francis Kurkdjian comes back to deliver a new interpretation of the iconic fragrance Le Mâle. The one thing we can be sure is that Le Beau Mâle is more fatal than ever !

With Le Beau Mâle, Jean-Paul Gaultier offers a fresher version of his best-seller fragrance – the perfect summer companion !

“A scent of freshness that makes men hot.” Jean-Paul Gaultier 

Le Beau Mâle starts with a frosty freshness thanks to the peppermint mixed to the orange blossom. The heart is very aromatic with the strong presence of lavender, sage and wormwood. The trail, on the other hand, is full of white musk which makes it very sensual. The overall fragrance is made to stimulate your senses and it’s suppose to increase your erotic potential. In few words, this fragrance is like a love potion to make you irresistible. 😉

With this new fragrance, comes back the iconic bottle representing a male bust wearing a sailor shirt. Of course, this bottle is a tribute to the famous outfit that Jean-Paul Gaultier loves to wear. But overall, this perfume shows off a virility even stronger than the original version. Spread the word people, this fragrance is going to make your summer torrid ! 

Le Beau Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance Review


Another collaboration between Jean-Paul Gaultier and Francis Kurkdjian, Ultra Mâle is launched in 2015. Another interpretation of the iconic fragrance le Mâle, Ultra Mâle is even more masculine and virile. Is that even possible ?! 

Like its predecessor, Ultra Mâle places the lavender in the center of its composition. However, it’s even stronger than before. Indeed, the lavender is combined to pepper and lemon to make it punchier. Its hearts evolves in a aromatic and spicy combination with cinnamon and sage. Finally, its trail has an ambery vibe with cedar, patchouli and vanilla. The overall fragrance scent is addictive, almost aphrodisiac

With this new release, Francis Kurkdjian signs another iconic male fragrance and the least we can say is that this man knows how to make men smell good. Indeed, the unique smell of this fragrance is very bold and yet very mass appealing. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Review Video


In 2016, Jean-Paul Gaultier starts a new collaboration with perfumers Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Quentin Bish. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic fragrance Le Mâle, the two young perfume designers worked on another interpretation of this unforgettable fragrance. Le Mâle Essence de Parfum aims to be powerful, soft and resolutely modern, wearing proudly the colors of the French house of couture. 

Revisiting an iconic perfume can be a bit tricky. Indeed, one has to keep the original notes of the fragrance while giving it a new twist that will make it unique and original. This fragrance is faithful to the original DNA, however it’s woodier and more refined.

The opening is quite similar with the bergamot mixed to spices. Then, comes the powerful lavender which is combined to cinnamon and clary sage. Finally the trail remains floral and exotic thanks to the white musk, coumarin and ambery woods. 

The original bottle is modified and the iconic sailor shirt disappears to leave a naked and muscular bust that looks like a Greek statue. Le Mâle Essence de parfum gives us another vision of the modern man – full of simplicity and very authentic. Indeed this man doesn’t need anything to prove his virility because his masculinity exudes from his own skin. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Essence Fragrance Review


“Here Super Gaultier from Parfumpolis, can you hear me?” Jean-Paul Gaultier is probably the funniest fashion designer out there ! With this new interpretation of the iconic fragrance Le Mâle, launched in 2017, Jean Paul Gaultier brings us the perfect summer fragrance !

Le Mâle Superman results in a fragrance which is both strong, virile and sensual. The opening is very fresh made of mint and neroli while the heart is more aromatic thanks to the sage and tonka bean. Finally the trail gets sensual with the sandalwood and vanilla. If the goal of Superman’s mission here was to be seductive we can affirm that his mission has been completed with tremendous success ! 😉

If Jean-Paul Gaultier has chosen to highlight the hero Superman on his bottle, it’s simply because he is world widely known as the absolute embodiment of power. In addition, he has an exemplary longevity like this fragrance. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau Fraiche Fragrance Review


In 2018, Jean-Paul Gaultier released a collector version of its iconic fragrance Le Mâle Eau Fraîche. This fragrance is exclusively sold in Duty Free stores on airports. An amazing collector for the travels lovers out there !

On the scent side, we can say that Le Mâle Eau Fraîche Airlines smells clean. Indeed, it’s similar to a flawless and freshly ironed shirt. This perfume brings together the freshness of the mint and the luminosity of the neroli flower. Its trail, on the other hand, is darker ; combining tonka bean, sandalwood and vanilla. These sensual scents are linked together by a more aromatic heart of sage. Overall, Le Mâle Eau Fraîche Airlines is an invigorating juice from Nathalie Gracia Cetto


In 2019, Jean-Paul Gaultier releases his new essence : Le Beau. Created by Quentin Bish and Sonia Constant, Le Beau is a new fragrance which plays with contrasts while being very simple and authentic.  

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With this fragrance Jean-Paul Gaultier is going back to basics. But basics for Gaultier is always furiously virile, sensual and charismatic

The top notes of this fragrance rely on the freshness of the bergamot. Its heart, on the other hand, is warmer and spicier thanks to the tonka bean. Finally, the trail is woodier and more masculine with coconut wood. The overall fragrance is going straight to the point inviting you to be intimate. 

With this new fragrance Jean-Paul Gaultier gives us a new vision of the masculinity where the man is completely exposed. Le Beau is handsome, seductive and yet he’s not afraid to show and express his feelings. This is probably the most romantic fragrance offered by Jean-Paul Gaultier so far. Even its bottle is different with a naked torso, broad and muscular, very sensual.  

First Impression Jean Paul Gaultier Le BEAU Male New Fragrance


In 2019, Jean-Paul Gaultier releases another interpretation of the iconic fragrance Le Mâle. This time, he collaborates with two genius perfumers ; Quentin Bish and Nathalie Gracia Cetto. Le Mâle in the Navy looks darker than before, perfectly matched to its more virile scent. More virile ! OMG I’m having a hot flush ! 🙂

This time Le Mâle become more aquatic. Indeed Le Mâle in the Navy starts with an aquatic scent which is combined to the peppermint. Then, its heart becomes more salty but warm with the vanilla. The trail is made of gray amber. The overall fragrance smells literally like a sailor coming back from the ocean – a true signature scent for the ocean lovers out there !  

Jean Paul Gaultier NEW Le Male in the NAVY REVIEW

Now, you know a bit more about the Jean-Paul Gaultier universe. A world full of fun, humor and lots of virility ! However, Jean-Paul Gaultier delivers a new version of masculinity where he plays with opposites and contradictions. Indeed, his idea of masculinity is plural and has no boundary. Jean-Paul Gaultier is known to promote the right to be different and that’s precisely what’s his perfumes stand for. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this top 10 Jean-Paul Gaultier fragrances for men. If you like to know a bit more about Jean-Paul Gaultier fragrances, feel free to check out our other article about his women fragrances

And don’t forget to tell us in the comments which Jean-Paul Gaultier fragrance is your favorite. 😉

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