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Top Givenchy Women Sneakers

Breakfast at Tiffany’s made Givenchy famous all over the world thanks to Audrey Hepburn’s so very famous silhouette in her black Givenchy dress and pearls.

Then, Hubert de Givenchy, designer and founder of Givenchy, made a reputation with his very empowering creations, making women fierce and leaving others speechless.

Years went on, designers too and the style at Givenchy’s has evolved but never changed its paradoxical classic-avant-garde look. 

Galliano’s touch was weird fabric and material, exotic skins and nameless colours brilliant and trashy at once. Tisci brought a bit more quietness and simplicity in the accessories line, without ever forgetting Givenchy’s women outstanding personality and out of the box style.

The very not low-key vibe of Galliano was gone and so Givenchy entered its streetwear years: something that spoke to luxury addicts as much as new high fashion wanderers. 

Regarding sneakers, Givenchy has definitely shown itself a really serious game changer and major activist of the luxury sneakers market. With a really wide and often updated collection of tennis shoes, Givenchy is one of the most attractive luxury streetwear brands todays. Having your sneakers made from this French fashion house is a sign of trends knowledge as much as having a sharp and keen sense of style. 

You need more to fall in love with Givenchy’s sneakers collection? Really? Well, let’s go and review their best models for you to make your mind more easily. C’est parti, follow the guide to know which pair to crush on on your next shopping spree! 

Givenchy’s elastic band leather sneakers: the trendy and Instagram approved sneakers

The trendiest and most easy to wear sneakers definitely are the white sorta looking like tennis shoes sneakers. And Givenchy understood it very well and capitalised on this shape for most of its designs… just like for the very trendy and Instagram approved elastic band leather sneakers.

You must have seen them around your feed’s corner and your sure will want to wee them around a corner of your (well furnished already, I am sure) wardrobe. 

The elastic band leather sneakers by Givenchy are urban lambskin white shoes with a signature large red or black elastic band carrying the embroidered or embossed “GIVENCHY” logo on it – in case you did not know or really wanted people to know that your shoes are actual Givenchy sneakers. Knots and golden details shaped in a tab at the back of the shoes give the luxury and cool vibe to the design. The Inside sole matches with the elastic band colour. With their unique fastening and very “logomaniac” look, these Givenchy sneakers offer something as new as it is classic already. 

If you are an urban woman with a sharp sense of style and love having your brands figuring on any of your tees, dresses, jeans and co, you definitely will enjoy these very nice Givenchy sneakers. Your fashionista’s heart might also tremble at the sght of these so very known and captured tennis shoes that lift up any mood and outfit. Actually – just go for them

Givenchy Elastic Strap ‘Camo/black/red’ UNBOXING

Givenchy’s JAW sneakers: your power-sneakers for urban days

Givenchy’s JAW sneakers are the really powerful remake of these very thick and weird dad shoes that came back into fashion recently. If you are a Givenchy lover and daring fashioniste, the JAW sneakers are really made for you: edgy and “rad”, their clean sharp cut soles and graphic design will win you over at the first sight, I have no doubt about that! 

The Givenchy JAW sneakers are made of white neoprene, mesh and leather. Very graphic and patched up with a definitely urban vibe in mind, the upper shoe is an ode to a kind of neo-dad shoes that would shatter all you prejudices about these very peculiar sneakers.

But what really gives its uniqueness to the JAW by Givenchy is their sole: clean cut like shark jaws, they are thick and high like a plastic edgy wedge heel and give some luxury ferocity to any of your outfits

The Givenchy JAW sneakers are not made for every one. Sure, you can like them on paper…. but wearing them requires some commitment to a urban streetwear neo-futuristic kind of style that is not something anyone can own.

But if you are some radical fashionista with a love for dramatic pieces and fashion UFOs, you have to rush at a Givenchy store and get them – you will have your entire Instagram audiences awing at your feet and look


Givenchy’s Wing sneakers: the nineties revival you needed

The Givenchy Wing sneakers carry a very vintage and youthful character that will make any nineties nostalgic woman crush. Inspired at once by Dad shoes, nineties’s basketball and skate sneakers as well as carry some retro tennis shoes vibe, the Wing by Givenchy are an invitation to dwell in comfort and nice, easy outfits with a vintage and sporty vibe. But not just that: you sure will be able to enjoy these even at work! 

The low Givenchy Wing are made of grain leather cut up into many patched all put back together and hence conveying a very graphic and retro vibe.

The not so wide fit is underlined in the play on leather pieces and perforations and so the upper shoes as a luxury touch as much as they carry very sportswear tropes as a tribute to the sneakers from the nineties.

The canvas tone-on-tone tongue for the lacing carries a “Givenchy” logo on it that is repeated on the side of the shoes: the white leather is engraved with the French brand’s logo in thin black letters. 

The Wing sneakers brilliantly manage to look like vintage tennis shoes as much as they are a luxury leather crafting manifesto: it can be cool and made with a luxury-only care.

The calfskin leather has a beautiful and elegant grain that allows you to wear and enjoy your wings not only for a Sunday walk to the bakery, but also at work with a formal outfit.

Put some black darted trousers and a white skirt on, let your hair wave freely or make your most classic hair bun and your Givenchy Wing will add the cool yet sophisticated touch to your formal office outfit!

If you dare, my ultimate advise is to have one of this Chloe-like (or actual Chloe) vaporous dress and match it with your Wing: this, is the real elegance

Givenchy’s knit sock-sneakers: the urban diving shoes 

What would be a 2020 sneakers selection if I was not presenting you a sock-sneakers design? Well, I will not be led astray by the variety of classic white sneakers that Givenchy offers its customers and sure will dwell a bit on that very specific pair of diving shoes that the French brand – like many others – decided to turn into modern urban footwear. Ready for the trip into luxury-gone-mad land? Let’s go! 

The Givenchy sock-sneakers are very basically called “knit high-top” and this very pure simplicity is the definition of their design. Made of a black Jacquard weave climbing up the ankle, like a well fitting sock, the vulcanised white soles’ structure the overall shoes with their thick black band and wavy look.

At the back of the shoes, a band embroidered with a capital “GIVENCHY” and the French brand’s logo give a nice finish as well as the engraved “Givenchy” on the soles at the heel

The knit Givenchy sneakers are not as flattering as other French designers’ revisitation of the diving shoe. I am not saying it is a wreckage, but they might could have done better.

But there is one brilliant thing that must be said about these edgy sneakers: they are so comfortable and easy to slip on. Plus, since they are really low-key, you can basically wear them with anything from your party dress to your yoga pants. And just for that, even if they lack a spark, I had to put them in my selection! 

Givenchy’ sock sneakers unboxing and review

Givenchy: the urban sophistication and edgiest designs

Givenchy made a tradition, ever since Riccardo Tisci came up at the head of creative direction, to take all things urban and even a bit redneck (remember the Rottweiler dog tee shirt?) and turn them into ultra desirable fashion items that get sold out in an instant after the show.

The arrival of Claire Waight Keller a year ago will certainly ease that very aggressively urban touch that Tisci brought to Givenchy, but she sure will not let down her streetwear fans. 

With lighter and easier sneakers, Waight Keller managed to keep up with the tradition and did not let her predecessor’s designs die as she came in, giving them a new shot at staying up fashionista’s wish lists and Instagram accounts.

No denying it will be a challenge to keep up with edgy designs for her, but I am pretty sure that this sneakers selection will widen as seasons go by at Givenchy under the realm of the British savvy designer! 

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