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Givenchy best of bag

Breakfast at Tiffany’s made Givenchy famous all over the world thanks to Audrey Hepburn’s so very famous silhouette in her black Givenchy dress and pearls.

Then, Hubert de Givenchy, designer and founder of the eponymous maison de couture, was one of the fashion designers en vogue and made a reputation with his very empowering creations, making women fierce and leaving others speechless. 

But it is only recently the famous French brand came to accessories and handbags: under the impulse of John Galliano at first, in the late 2000s, but mostly under the direction of Riccardo Tisci, who designed the majority of it-bags there is to know (and own!) from Givenchy. 

Galliano’s touch was weird fabric and material, exotic skins and nameless colours brilliant and trashy at once. Tisci brought a bit more quietness and simplicity in the accessories line, without ever forgetting Givenchy’s women outstanding personality and out of the box style. Let’s take a look on Givenchy’s top ten it-bags ! C’est parti.

Givenchy Horizon Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the graphic statement

Clean-cut, graphic, discreet yet eye-catching โ€“ Givenchy’s Horizon is a treat. Perfect style asset and undeniable ally to any silhouette, this Ricardo Tisci creation was soon one of the stars of the Givenchy handbags crew

A rectangular structure and many details of thick leather make the Horizon bag a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance. Definitely having a Lady’s bag vibe, it reminds me of the Hepburn era โ€“ though the shape is very urban and graphic, there is a certain air of old-fashioned classiness and beauty

The Horizon handbag would suit any style : whether you are a very classic items lover or you have a decadent colourblock streetwear look, the Horizon is the match you were looking for.

For your inner party girl, the nano version of the Horizon is your perfect sizing. If you are more of a working and busy women who likes also to go out, the medium size will allow you to carry everything you need along with you from 8am to… the next 8 am

Unboxing Givenchy Horizon Bag Vidรฉo

Givenchy Pandora Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the hidden treasure

Tempting like the evils inside of the Pandora’s box, fashionable like few bags are, mixing urban style and luxury leather, the Givenchy Pandora is an alien in the Givenchy handbags family but, yes, it is worth casting a look

Launched in 2009, it was then a very innovative and unexpected handbag for a fashion brand with a couture spirit โ€“ very few designers dared going frankly on the streetwear side of things and this Pandora handbag did really go there with its square zipped look and overall lousy yet graphic structure

Made for the Givenchy woman โ€“ daring, sure of her style and not hesitating a second as far as fashion is concerned โ€“ it is a luxury yet street item that sure will not leave you indifferent. Diamond shaped, square, slouchy of really graphic… there is just as many ways to wear the Pandora as there are women susceptible to fall in love for its design

Givenchy Pandora Review Video

Givenchy Antigona Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: unforgettable and irreverent

The Antigona, like her namesake Greek heroin, has something unforgettable and irreverent. But, just as Antigone again, it could just pass for some royalty with an hint of eccentricity. Just look deep into the leather grains and refined details to notice this handbag has something of โ€œdoomed princessโ€ material. 

Givenchy makes women elegant and careless, so very sophisticated yet unapologetic of a trashy detail like bad hair or hideous flats. Actually, nothing is hideous on a Givenchy woman โ€“ she owns what she wears like she is the queen of the world. And that is just what Antigona can bring to your look. 

Antigona is very versatile โ€“ like many Givenchy handbags it is designed to suit you whatever your style is. It has been seen on Lady’s style kinda gal’ as well as the most distinguished streetwear ambassador.

An Antigona is here to last: its two embossed handles, its embossed triangle signature piece of leather with the Givenchy logo on it… Antigona is a bag you long longed for, I’m sure.

Givenchy Antigona Size Comparison Mini Vs Small Vs Medium

Givenchy Sway Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the feminine baroudeur look

Launched in 2018, this handbag is one of the most recent I am introducing to you here. Though it is a signature handbag that has won many hearts, it differs from the classical Givenchy type of bag with its busier look โ€“ lots of details, leather ribbons and metallic nails on the handle

Rather bohemian rock, it resembles what Kate Moss, when she was the face of Givenchy, would have been wearing and loving. A thick shoulder strap is punctuated by elegant silver nails while the front of the bag is structured by an envelope shaped pocket and leather knots at the zip. Very distinguished and distinguishable, the Sway is not to be missed in your closet. 

A bit hippie, a bit classy, a bit out of time and so very desirable, the Givenchy Sway has something more, a je ne sais quoi that will drive your fashionista’s heart crazy. So rush already and be one of the first boho Amazons to have it starring in their closet. 

Givenchy Nightingale Handbag ๐Ÿ‘œ

Florence Nightingale โ€“ from whom this handbag takes its name from โ€“ is the founder of modern nursing. If you don’t know her, she is the woman we owe many actual techniques to, and who formed all the nurses crew in the Crimean war. Let’s no dwell on History, but you can guess that this woman had something Givenchy in her personality and fierceness even before Givenchy existed

The nightingale is a satchel handbag with a daring look and distinctive handles โ€“ embossed attaches and precious sewings making it all for that heavy yet classy model. Now only available in vintage stores and retailers, the Nightingale โ€“ also named after the bird โ€“ is a bag for women up early, busy and practical yet in love with style and elegance

The Nightingale is a bag for busy women with a purpose and a discerning style. Just rush for it in any vintage store you find it because it is a it-bag many girls out there are fighting for. That styke and that practicality are rare, and the Nightingale is as rare as these qualities

Givenchy Nightingale Bag Review

Givenchy Infinity Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the stylish pouch 

The Infinity line is declined in four models โ€“ the one I am oing to introduce you is one that really stands out, the pouch that is simply to die for with its refined leather crafting and silver amazing details โ€“ with a plus for the shape, that goes just as well with a party girl’s apparel than a working woman’s outfit

The Infinity has a rectangle structure and straight lines that recall something retro and very smart. The flap is layered so has to create something graphic and precious at the same time. The very fine and luxury looking detail โ€“ the signature of the Infinity line โ€“ is the giant silver chain dรฉcor, that is like a jewel. Centre piece of the Infinity handbag, that big chain makes it all

Launched in 2017, the Infinity is part of the same collection as the Duetto. Its different sizes and โ€“ if you are not a flap pouch addict โ€“ shapes make it one of the most desirable and wearable handbag lines at Givenchy. 

Givenchy Duetto Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the envelope shaped sending love vibrations

The Duetto’s only similarity to any other Givenchy bag is its triangular flap, that looks a bit like a bigger size-version of the Antigona’s. Apart from that, you can go and look thoroughly โ€“ the Duetto is a unique creation

The Duetto’s envelope shape and signature dual colours โ€“ hence its name and the numerous versions in a whole lot of range of shades โ€“ has something precious and unique. Whether for the daytime or to nourish your party looks, it has no equivalent and will be your companion

The Duetto is an ideal friend to women with much less to carry โ€“ you wont’t fit a computer or baby bottles in it, for sure, yet it is just the perfect sizing for you to have the essential. Always ready for going along with you at the park, the beach, shopping โ€“ yes, wallets fit even with all these credit cards โ€“ the Duetto will never let a fashionable girl down

Givenchy Obsedia Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the long lasting it-bag

Obsedia was well named โ€“ it is an obsession and has been ever since 2014 when it was launched by Tisci. The Obsedia handbag is a mix of refined design and pure utilitarianism that has a je ne sais quoi trendy and so very desirable.

This flap bag will take from the busiest of days to the best of your holidays spot and will always have something stylish and practical to offer you

The centre piece of the Obsedia is his flap : in a shape rarely seen and how so precious, it is a demonstration of Givenchy’s fine leather crafting and caring for making absolutely charming products. The clasp closure โ€“ a mix in between a duffle coat’s button and a very precious piece of finger bone โ€“ has something of a piece of jewellery and gives something more to the overall look

The Obsedia is made for women with busy lives, from dawn to dusk. It can be your special friend the whole day long and your bigger style asset at any party, whatever the dresscode and mood. Just go for Obsedia when you know you need a reliable and to-die-for looking handbag.

Givenchy Shark Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the one that became an instant hit

Givenchy’s Shark handbag debuted in 2015 in a cruise collection โ€“ this kind of collection only fashion insiders actually really look into because they are often limited and quite intimate, and were even more back in 2015. But the Shark stood out of the crowd of the items designed by Riccardo Tisci… and went out to be a fashionista’s first choice! 

And there is a reason why the Shark grew out to be an instant it: versatile and structured, unique yet discreet, this flap bag is to be carried either with the handles or strap, for a cross-body look

The clip clasp closure made of metal is the finishing touch to perfect the overall look of the Shark: elegant and fun, it builds up the whole bag’s originality. This handbag will ideally suit you if you are a women who likes pretty things and dresses accordingly… or a total gangsta inspired fashionista with heavy sneakers โ€“ but you have to be absolutely one or the other!

Givenchy Shark Bag Review

Givenchy Lucrezia Bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the never-out-of-style

A bowling bag shape, padded corners, embossed and finely sewed handles… the Lucrezia has everything of a 2010s classic… and yet this 2013 creation is still perfectly trendy. 

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The Lucrezia has something of that time when schoolgirl went out in gangs with their handbags at the crook of their elbow, Gossip Girls’ style โ€“ with less expensive outfits for the usual mortals like most of us.

But with no doubt Lucrezia is still an investment to make today for it has the spirit of a generation and a style in the very grains of its leather

This Givenchy handbag is never to be put out of fashion -it is for your inner teenager and nowadays modern busy self, who needs a practical, stylish and big yet not too big handbag to get you through the day. 

Givenchy Lucrezia Bag Review Video

A note on the Tisci era

Tisci really pushed forward the fierceness and sharp femininity that was diffused in the apparel collections โ€“ as a major designer who definitely engraved his name is the history of the brand, it was necessary that the Italian prodigy was to make history with his handbags.

Chose in 2005 he rocked Givenchy’s world for over a decade, with statement pieces and moves : he whose Mariacarla Bonosco, a very outstanding model, to star as a muse for years and was the first designer to have a transgender model walking the runway just before his successor, Claire Waight Keller (formerly Chloe’s designer) was appointed in 2017. 

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