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You can wear the same suit from morning to dinner, but to be really perfectly dressed, you cannot keep the same bag. For morning, it must be very simple, and for the evening, it must be smaller and, if you wish, a little fancier.

These are the words of fashion designer Christian Dior as he wrote them. Passionate of style, opulence and luxury craftsmanship, Dior built an empire on joie de vivre and the idea of a Dior silhouette rather than Dior clothes and accessories. 

A house of opulence and elegance 

Let me explain myself : M. Dior – as everyone called him at his studio – was a man of elegance and elegance, to him,  is a silhouette, not a single item of clothing. In 1946, right after WWII, M. Dior launches his brand and sets new rules for fashion.

Opulence is to be back, let’s stop recession and rations, let’s make dresses with over 20 metres of fabric each. That was groundbreaking and shocking… and that was the success of the New Look. 

Soon, in addition to clothes and accessories, Dior launched fragrances : indeed, what was a silhouette so perfect without its own signature scent?

That vision allowed the Dior house to be the first ever to survive its creator : Yves Saint Laurent was the one who carried M. Dior’s excellency after his passing, and make the brand a part of history. 

Dior’s handbags are mythical : and some definitely are myths for their rarity makes them impossible to find, see or – of course – purchase. But let’s go and have a tour around the master’s and his disciples creation : here is your top 10 Dior women handbags. 

Dior Saddle bag 👜: an icon brought back to life

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The Dior Saddle bag is a legend amongst legends : created in 1999 by John Galliano, then at the hear of Dior’s artistic direction, it was a huge hit and best seller of the early 2000s. Carrie Bradshaw – forever idol !

From the Sex and the City TV show couldn’t live without hers and so couldn’t many celebrities and jet set personalities (let’s just quote Beyonce and Paris Hilton) at the time. 

The Saddle bag has, yeah that comes as no surprise, a very unique saddle shape : made of leather of canvas, it is an original and statement handbag for women with sharp style and a great personality

Brought back in 2018 by Kim Jones (Dior men) and Maria Grazia Chiuri (Dior women and haute-couture), the Saddle bag was slightly readapted and now sits again in every fashionista’s closet.

It works just as well with a Lady’s silhouette than a streetwear look and that versatility makes it the perfect 2019’s women handbag. 

Vidéo Dior Saddle Bag Unboxing

Lady Dior 👜: a tribute to a great lady

Born in 1994, the Lady Dior handbag used to be named “Chouchu” – “favourite”, in English. This very classic and vintage inspired handbag grew very fast to be a best-seller.

The Princess Diana had been given the bag by French First Lady Bernadette Chirac as a gift and had since made it her chouchou. Her deadly accident the year after lead the designer at Dior to change the bag’s name as a tribute to her : that’s how Lady Dior took its name in 1995. 

Made of quilted precious leather, the Lady Dior bag has metallic rivets for its precious handle as well as a signature bag-jewel with the letters D-I-O-R hanging at one of the rivets. Classic yet funny, elegant yet never boring, the Lady Dior bag stands out for its style and history

The Lady Dior is a precious and rare handbag : if you can purchase it at Dior stores, it is almost impossible to find it in second hand boutiques for it is a handbag you rather give out to your daughters than sell when bored of it. And actually, please, do tell me how can one can be bored of a Lady Dior

Lady Dior Bag Unboxing and Review

Dior Book Tote 👜: a country bag that works in any city

37 seven hours of work and 1,500,000 stitches. That is what the Dior Book Tote represents : luxury and simplicity at their acme. The Dior Book Tote is Maria Grazia Chiuri’s creation, born very recently in 2018.

Conceived thanks to old drawings from the fifties bag designers at Dior, this handbag screams elegance and country walks as a statement. 

As its name presents it, the Book Tote is… a tote ! Made of embroidered canvas, you get no inside pockets and the only (oh so fine) details are the embroideries and the “Christian Dior” in the middle.

For the luckiest, Dior also produces custom versions with your name or different embroideries on the bag.

Ideal for a walk along Normandy’s beaches, countryside stays but also to make you feel on holidays while running your daily errands, the elegance and rawness of the Book Tote make it a wardrobe essential for every women

Dior Book Tote Unboxing Vidéo Review

Diorama 👜: for your inner modern Lady

Graphic, elegant, modern… This 2015 creation by Raf Simons is a must-have. Its lines are so contemporary and classic at the same time that it is just perfect for any silhouette with a modern touch.

Whether you’re black-all-over aficionada or a colour-block kinda gal you won’t ever make a mistake carrying the Diorama bag at your shoulder. 

A chunky chain strap makes for the modernity and out-of-the-box look of the bag, while the handcrafted and sewed veal leather and jewel central clasp make for tradition and graphics.

Almost aerodynamic, the Diorama lines are an invitation to go outside your boundaries and go big

Young and playful yet undeniably elegant and classic, the Diorama was designed for the younger Dior’s customer base but definitely made its way into any closet with its unique look.

Whether going to a meeting or a party, you can actually build your outfit from the Diorama’s line : it is a key style asset and will give you the mood for your silhouette, with no doubt ! 

Dior Diorama Bag Review and Unboxing

Dior (R)evolution 👜: the statement bag 

I don’t think any Dior bag is as contemporary, modern, millennial-minded yet sophisticated as the Dior (R)evolution handbag.

It is impressive how maria Grazia Chiuri as a prolific and revolutionising mind and knows how to inject her vision inside the DNA of Dior’s decades old traditions. 

The Dior (R)evolution has something extraordinary to it : the perfect mix of luxury, elegance and 2010’s raging need for more grounded designs.

This flap bag has two handles, one on the side of the pocket to hold it from above – and this handle is the most precious one, with DIOR written in golden letters as if it was some statement of identity. 

And this (R)evolution has something of a new identity for Dior : with Chiuri’s impulse, the French house grew not only to be one of the great couture brand but also a brand designed by a women for women, fierce women, sharp minded with their feet on the ground.(R)evolution was one of the best steps to make the protest happen – with style. 

Dior Revolution Unboxing & Review Vidéo

Dior 30 Montaigne 👜: Boho-chic and how instagram-proof ! 

A graphic flap bag with the logo CD in golden letters thought of as a “jewel” by the brand – fine leather and fabulous craftsmanship makes the perfect recipe for this soon to be it-bag. 

The 30 Montaigne is another of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s creation for Dior : prolific and ingenious, the Italian designer is purely rebranding the bags and collections making. Subversive, she knows how to push forward Dior’s excellency and modernity : the 30 Montaigne is a perfect example

Recto, the handbag presents itself as a classic modern women’s bag, with leather details, the golden CD and very graphic and elegant lines. Verso, that’s where is hidden Chiuri’s touch : on the back of the bag letters are embossed – you can read the bag’s name “30 Montaigne”, half-covered by a discreet and useful pocket. 

30 Montaigne shows off a little less than the (R)evolution but carries just as much as its brother the Dior by Chiuri modern DNA… and basically, you cannot remain cold to that preciously crafted handbag.

Unboxing Dior 30 Montaigne Handbags

Dior pouch 👜: for women on the go

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You are a busy woman, running from cab to meeting to cab with a 10 minute break for lunch and barely time to breathe? Your iPad is your social life basically, given it is only at night you can eventually go back to you friends and partner? Well, Dior has thought of a daily companion that will follow you everywhere and never let you down

The dior pouch is very simple : just a pouch, no handles or strap, the size of a sheet of paper. With the signature canvas and its leather strap with “Christian Dior” embroidered on it, its style will match any of your outfit. 

Worried it might be too simple? Of the lack of handles? These are perks, ladies. The fact there is no handles just brings in more style, and makes you never forget it : you’ll hold it close to your heart, always, right where a Dior handbags need be

Dior, J’adore 👜: oui, j’adore ! 

I could go on for hours speaking of how Chiuri is an extraordinary designer – but I might have been doing so too much already so I am simply gonna state how amazing the creation itself is… and now it is the Jadior bag’s turn. 

The bag Jadior has the JADIOR letters written in gold and bold right on it. This design can be taken first obvious degree with no doubt.

Just like its brother (R)evolution, the Jadior reinvents luxury with something new and incisive : both mocking and celebrating, winking at the fragrance “J’adore” and the jokes that had could been made around the name. 

Clever and beautiful, edgy and elegant, there is no better self-mockery than one that actually makes you shine brighter : so, as a Dior addict or casual owner, the Jadior bag is more than a investment or a style crush. It is a statement about who you are : smart, in every sense of the word. 

Dior J’adior Unboxing and Review

Dioraddict 👜: millennials meets Lady 

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Just like the white Dior tee-shirts with black statements (the famous “We are all feminists” has now conquered the world even better than a Beyonce song), Chiuri uses the handbags to carry the brand’s spirit, name and message and she is so not afraid of writing Dior’s name everywhere, in bold golden letters. 

Made of leather and canvas, Dioraddict is proof of an amazing savoir-faire. Handcrafted, its secret lies in the clasp, as precious as can be and as modern as can be : that’s where the letters for dior are found : they are the clasp, the jewell, the masterpiece that holds the bag together

With its wide shoulder strap made of leather and embroidered canvas, precious details and signature look, Dioraddict has everything you need to stand out in a crowd as the ultimate Dior connaisseur and lover. Your attitude will change instantly, and you’ll own that bag like no one before ! 

Dior Addict Handbag Reveal And Unboxing

Dior Camp Messenger 👜: that working bag you’ll never quit

Messengers bags are tricky : you know perfectly that it is practical but, well, you also know they are not always the most flattering shape of handbag, especially if you’re smaller than average.

Their often heavy structure can soon make you look like you’re some postal office worker who got lost – but with great clothes on. 

Dior got that, and that newbie will shatter down all your prejudices.

Made with their signature embroidered canvas – or in a red tartan to die for! – the Messenger by Dior has something of a school bag for grown-ups with a real sense of elegance.

Designed so as not to weigh on your silhouette, its is vintage enough to fall for it and modern and practical enough to really-absolutely-with-no-hesitation fall for it ! So, as September goes on, if you’re feeling nostalgic and in need of a new bag… go for it ! 

Dior, WE adore

Dior remains today one of France’s best fashion maisons : indeniably modern and elegant, it suits everywomen and even empower them, with the realm of Maria Grazia !

Investing in a Dior handbag is treating yourself and your daughter for a Dior item is going to last… just like your love for it ! 

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