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Chloé best of bag

Did you know that young Karl Lagerfeld was Chloe’s artistic director in the late sixties? This house – just like Lagerfeld in his later work – always showed a daring style, unapologetic femininity and airy atmosphere for dreamers to thrive and prosper.

Chloe is a maison of it-accessories. Each runway is full of wonderful bags, above all, that are made in the name of the Chloe woman – a woman sophisticated, free, with a strong sense of style and sharp personality.

Founded in 1953 by Gaby Aghion, Chloe is one of France most praised and joyful brand. Chloe was built with the idea that positivity and glee are key to life and style… and the brand does show it every time a woman wearing a Chloe item seems to be spreading around her.

Made by a women for women, the original Chloe has something of the actual way things are going on now : with many women designers named at directors, Chloe is one of the most feminine brand of the French fashion ever, and in every way. Natacha Ramsay-Levi is now head designer and has a real take on the way the Chloe woman is to be styled.

But Ramsay-Levi is not the only notable woman to be stated here : Phoebe Philo, genius at the origin of 80% of the handbags on this planet, has been Chloe’s artistic director too before she was hired at Celine in 2008.

And, yes, her passage at Chloe really did have a mark on the maison‘s handbags… Let me show you the ten best handbags ever created and launched by Chloe, for you to make your mind if you are still wondering which to invest into! 

Chloé C bag 👜: influencer’s dream come true

The new logo bag your most stylish friend is already saving up for”, title Who What Wear when the Chloe C bag came out – well I can’t but agree on that! That Instagram-approved handbag has made its way in any fashionista’s wardrobe now, and for a good reason.

Launched in 2019 by Natacha Ramsay-Levi, this Chloe C has something definitely modern and unique with that C clasp like a giant statement – yes, when you carry the Chole C bag, you own you Chloe’s woman vibe : rare, classic yet bold, easy-going yet unapologetic

The Chloe C bag is an influencer’s dream come true with its precious C golden letter and fine leather crafting. This handbag made its way up Parisian streets for that reason: elegance and style mixed to make the perfect nowadays Lady’s vibe. 

Chloe ‘C’ Handbag Unboxing & Review

Chloé The Aby bag 👜: the “sac de jour” you didn’t know you needed

Schoolgirl meets bad girl : this is the Aby combination. With its classic school bag look, it could appear as a nice behaved girl’s handbag. But the London teenager vibe just flows out of this Clair Waight Keller’s creation. This sassy look – due to the amazing locker clasp – is just what the Chloe girl needs : something different and badass.

The locker clasp is key to the Aby bag’s style – the amazing leather craft is just to die for but borderline incidental in this handbag’s case – because it is what gives that careless yet obvious rock and roll attitude to the Aby.

If you are independent, amazingly stylish (I know you are) and just incredible, please go for the Aby bag. This one is your daily (and nightly) companion if you are that find of free spirited yet classy kind of woman.

CHLOE Aby Bag Presentation

The Drew Bag 👜 : Chloe’s ultimate handbag

The Drew handbag is Chloe’s best-seller (and best-looking) model. The curved, round, so very cute shape of the Drew has made it one of Chloe’s it-bag, carried in every street of the world by the most stylish influencers, models and actresses

This saddle bag with gold lock closure has something more than a classic saddle bag. It has become one of Chloe’s signature bag. 

A thin gold chain, a little metallic second chain as a decorative yet character-defining chain make the real personality of the Drew and basically are the reason to be of this charming and original saddle bag. Curved line, sensual leather… I can’t list all of the characteristics that make Drew the perfect handbag

If you are free, self-determined, passionate of masculine-feminine looks… run for the Drew bag, it will make your silhouette the ultimate silhouette. 

Chloe Drew Handbag Presentation

Chloé The Tess Saddle bag 👜 : the fency Sunday look

With its equestrian yet so urban and graphic look, the Tess Saddle bag has something of the Drew bag from Chloe’s collection yet stands out thanks to its golden details and even more precious style

The Chloe Tess Saddle bag made its debuts in the 2018 autumn collection: the signature golden circle in the front of the bag is like the thing that singles out that handsome handbag. Thought of as the ultimate girly yet minimalist handbag, The Tess Saddle bag can’t help but wink at your awesome sense of style

Go for a walk around Paris, have a drink in Ibiza or visit the Met museum and there you go, the Tess Saddle bag is the one to make your silhouette sharply styled and amazingly looking. If people drop jaw around you, it will just be normal. 

Chloé Tess (Small) Bag Review

Chloé The Marcie 👜: perfect mix of bohemian and urban 

You have probably seen already the distinguished yet free-spirited Chloe Marcie handbag around your block or Instagram account. Bohemian, folksy yet very urban and made of the finest leather, its equestrian-inspired shape gives it something so classy yet fun and easy that makes it a strong statement item

The flap of the Marcie, shaped in a horseshoe of some sort, is a leather crafting masterpiece : decorative sewings, embossed details and the Chloe logo engraved show of Chloe’s ability to make luxury handbags with a look out of the ordinary

The Marcie handbag gets along with any style and brings something fresh and careless to your outfits: ideal day-time companion, it sure won’t let you down and allows you to carry all the essentials you need with you. You don’t need to have the full Chloe look – vaporous and romantic dresses with long messy hair – to get a touch of the brand’s spirit thanks to the aesthetics of charming Marcie.

Chloe Mini Marcie Review

Chloé Drew Bijou Bag👜: fine and girly elegance

Refined details and a definite girly vibe set the mood for the Drew Bijou handbag. The little brother to the Drew bag was launched in 2018 by Natacha Ramsay-Levi – proof that the new head of designs at Chloe has really got the vibe of the Chloe woman!

Its thick chain and way more bijou vibe– bijou means “jewel”, in French – will put you in awe you. Modern yet oh-so retro, round and cute, the Drew Bijou is a precious handbag. Its leather, very fine compared to classic lambskin, is quilted for some models and just to die for.

Be it hand or shoulder carried, the Drew Bijou is an eye-catching fashion item and unmissable style asset. There is nothing to had to that bag: you can go out in the simplest of outfits, and the Drew Bijou will be your luxury jewellery piece that makes it all. 

Drew Bijou Bag Presentation Vidéo

The Chloe Nile 👜: saddle bag made sexy

Chloe has a history of making amongst the sexiest saddle bags there is. And the Nile Chloe bag is definitely one to remember in the crowd of saddle bags in the market. 

Launched in 2017, this amazingly refined handbag is made for your inner coquette. Indeed, the Nile bag has a precious golden bracelet as a hand handle that is a masterpiece of jewellery bound to the structure of the bag thanks to equally precious golden attaches. A shoulder strap is the finish touch for practicality and adds a potential crossbody carrying to the possibilities of the Nile. 

The Nile Chloe bag is for you if you are a one of a kind woman who is not afraid of looking precious and stylish. Your way of seeing fashion is made of flashy yet refined jewels and you are not afraid to make your outfit the talk of the day. In a word, it is for you if you are amazing

Chloe Nile handbag Unboxing

The Chloé Faye 👜: 70s made classy

The Faye Chloe handbag has something of another age and yet is resolutely modern and charming. This classic crossbody flap bag has been in Chloe’s collections since 2013… and it is here to stay in Chloe’s lines and your fashionista’s heart.

The Faye’s signature is its metal loop – the clasp, looking like a jewel-monocle – makes the Faye widely recognisable as well as incredibly fashionable and desirable. It is up to you to fall in love with this distinguished yet very unapologetic look… but you really should consider it! 

The Faye is a working, dancing, partying, mothering woman’s handbag. There are no occasions in which it would be too much – in spite of the hardware look of this so peculiar clasp, the Faye acts, like the Drew Bilou, like a jewel on your silhouette and will make you look outstanding. 

Chloé Faye: Review & Presentation

Chloé The Roy 👜: your best day-time partner

Roy. What a weird name for a handbag. But what the heck, the Chloe Roy bag is too cute to even stop to that detail : let me tell you about that 2018’s wonder. And I promise you, Roy is worth casting a look… and investing in it ! 

Born under the pencil of Natacha Ramsay-Levi, Roy is like a Lady’s pouch with a fierce look. Definitely made for powerful and unapologetic women (Chloe’s girl type let’s say), this handbag is a daily (and night) errands partner for women who don’t like to get bored with the superfluous. Who never dreamt of such an amazing and good-looking companion? 

Signature gold rings, embossed details, the Roy handbag is charming to girls with and eye for original and high-fashion handbags. And I know you are one of them so… go for it ! His sharps lines, graphic look and refined details make it the perfect handbag for women on the go. 

CHLOE Roy Unboxing Video

The Hudson Chloé 👜: the utmost folksy and elegant handbag

Something equestrian, something very luxury, fine details and practicality – these are keywords to most of the handbags born under Chloe’s name and the Hudson saddle bag is not to derive from that spirit. 

Its suede leather, soft and matte, brings something raw, country-like and very soft to the design of the Hudson. With threaded leather details like drawings on the flap and the suede tassel that will be swinging at the rhythm of your steps, the Hudson has something very romantic and folksy

To counterweigh, Chloe’s incredible craftsmanship gives the luxury aspect of the handbags in the details – gold nails on the structure of the bag, details like the attaches of the shoulder strap shaped in golden metal like to big and refined bracelets… The Hudson is a bag for women with a strong style, rich in colours and very urban-bohemian. 

Swinging along with your steps, the Hudson is like alive and sure gives something more to your silhouette – in the day-time, at a park, at work or in any situation, you can be sure this handbag is the ultimate comfort and eye-catching item that will make you unforgettable.

Chloe Mini Hudson Bag Review

Chloe, a supportive fashion brand worth the investment

Along with being a woman’s brand made by women for women, Chloe is engaged in the future of young and gifted fashion designers. 

The Chloe brand is known for its supporting of young designers through their prize at the very well known Hyères Festival. Real patrons for the gifted newbies in the industry, Chloe knows how to surround itself with youthful and very talented people.

Here comes their freshness and lovely vibes – how not to fall for a maison so great? I hope my selection helped you clear your mind as to which handbag you will fall in love with!

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