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Chloe Fragrances for Women

Made by a women for women, the original Chloe has something of the actual way things are going on now : with many women designers named at directors, Chloe is one of the most feminine brand of the French fashion ever, and in every way. It is then quite logical that Chloe is also one of the fragrance brand that lauches the best and utmost feminine fragrances of all times. 

The Chloe house started fragrances in the nineties, which is quite late considering their first show was performed in 1956 in Paris… but sometimes the best things take time to perfect themselves and come out as the best things there are: and that is Chloe’s fragrances story, really!

Like most of fashion houses, finding the perfume was a long process… but there are definitely no comparison out there as to which house has issued the fragrance the most adapted to the mood of its brand.

The vey idea of Chloe has always been to make clothes for women with a sense of nature, beauty, something ephemeral as much as urban, deliciously quaint as much as resolutely modern. The Chloe woman has no convention whatever her age and style.

The French brand is one of the most amazingly respectful and embracing of a dreamy and fantastic kind of femininity. And it is that very kind of way to be a girl and a woman that Chloe encapsulates in each and every of their fragrance bottles. 

The latest Chloe fragrance are the ones you can now still buy – it is quite obvious you can’t purchase a vintage perfume except for the bottle – are mostly 2000s creation… but they made quite a really good job: the whole of the collection is just so very Chloe you can’t be wrong picking one of their fragrances… so let’s go and here are my reviews! 

Chloe Perfume: the Chloe girl sensual elixir

Launched in 2008, you would never guess that that Chloe perfume is actually inspired by the original Chloe fragrance from the early 1990s.

The signature bottle that Chloe will use and reuse nowadays again is the one that was crafted for Chloe in 2008: and the juice that was inside this very bottle is one that you must hear about… and might fall in love with

When you press the Chloe buttton, it first offers you peony, freesia and lychee. Then, fresh scents like rose, lily of the valley and magnolia. In the background, juniper and amber melt down to a wonderfully warm and embracing accord that will bring up together the first sweet, floral, spicy notes. The overall mix is a complex fragrance that is as much oriental as it is floral, to spice up your womenhood.

Contemporary and irreverent yet dreamy and romantic, this oriental-floral Chloe fragrance has something to say about the woman you are: you don’t take no for an answer and yet your are the most delicate woman there is.

Chloe by Chloe is a fragrance made for the perfect Chloe girl, the one you might have dreamt to be in high school… and now you get to wear your very essence at the crook of your neck. 


Love Story Eau Sensuelle: the voluptuous floral Chloe fragrance 

A pink blush and a a sweet and floral scent – Love Story Eau Sensuelle, the fragrance by Chloe has everything that you might dream of if you are the kind of romantic bohemian woman who dwells in romance.

The sensuality of this perfume is in its very own name: “Sensuelle”, in French, s’il vous plaît! And you might as well be spellbound if you ever come across Love Story Eau Sensuelle.

This refined version of the original Love Story fragrance is something of an other world of senses. The sunny heliotrope gets mingled with orange blossom and passionflower at its very heart, lifted up by notes of yuzu, orange and pear blossom.

A deep and almost oriental background of sandalwood, musk and amber is here to let the sent of Love Story Eau Sensuelle last a bit longer on your skin, like a signature perfume

Love Story Eau Sensuelle is a light yet profound perfume that you will carry around at any time of the day. Its sillage and signature complex floral scent is not something either people you come around or your lovers won’t ever forget.

Distinction, sophistication and a bit of craziness from the sparkly citrus notes – all that a true woman in love with life and love needs.


L’Eau de Chloe: freshness of the gypsy girl 

An entire greenery is embottled in L’Eau de Chloe: refreshing and sweet, light and voluptuous, you will not help but fall in love with that green bow and amazing juice.

This fragrance of the cyprus-floral family has something of a rejuvenating water that is the ultimate touch you needed for your daily attitude. “L’Eau” means “the water” and so get prepared for some really amazing freshness.

Its complex composition contains a first outburst of citrus notes like grapefruit and bergamot followed by the peach and cider sparkles. Then the flowers: rose, violet, jasmine, freesian, lily f the valley, peony and magnolia.

That wonderful bouquet is intertwined with a background of profound and powerful patchouli, cedarwood and white musk. 

Whatever the season,  L’Eau de Chloe is a fragrance that you will love wrapping you with: fresh, floral, light and no too long-lasting on the skin, it will accompany you the whole day long.

There are no controversy here: L’Eau de Chloe is one of the scents that most aptures the Chloe girls spirit. Go for it if you have a sense of spice and yet know your style is some kind of low-key mesmerising attitude. 

Chloe Narcisse Perfume: a spicy oriental bouquet for daring girls

Narcisse is a “take it or leave it” fragrance – there are no common ground regarding this very powerful and mesmerising creation launched by Chloe in 1992. Narcisse is the second fragrance created by the French brand… and so the second ode a a certain kind of Choe woman: as romantic and in love with flowers than her big sister, but more mischievous and mysteriously bewitching

Narcisse is an oriental-floral perfume with deep and sweet notes. The golden nectar opens up first with scents of pineapple, apricot and orange blossom to then lead the way to the floral and daring notes of carnation, gardenia, rose and the central piece of the original and pungent bouquet, narcissus. The lasting of the fragrance on your skin is assured by the warm embrace of white musk, vanilla, sandalwood and cedar in the background. 

The bold mix of all these powerful and complex scents results in a very long-lasting elixir that you sure will be chemically spellbound to. Sensual, profound… Narcisse is a fragrance for the audacious women in love with life, love and themselves. Not really amazon-like but rather witchy and mystic, Narcisse will take your femininity to the level up, wrapping you in the very essence of a daring womanhood. 

See by Chloe: the perfect fragrance for beginners… and connoisseurs 

You might know See by Chloe, the Chloe’s line of clothing that was born in the early 2000s. Made for a youthful and playful woman, See by Chloe was due to have a fragrance embodying the very girl it was making fashion for… and there you have it. Launched in 2012, See by Chloe is a very original juice in a bottle as elegant and original for the child-at-heart women

Fresh, fruity, sensual but in an innocent and charming way – See by Chloe offers every scent a fan of light oriental with very sweet notes would love. First, bergamot and apple blossom take the lead for a garden-like, fresh and fruity note. Jasmine and ylang-ylang then join in to offer a sweet and floral accord that burst out a few seconds after the spice of bergamot fades out a little. 

The whole mix is lifted up by a base of musk, sandalwood and vanilla – that last ingredient sure confers all the sweetness and innocence that was due to the See by Chloe woman. Rather simple and yet never boring, this fragrance suits all ages and moods, giving you some sense of playfulness and youth

See by Chloe is a radiant fragrance that will make your silhouette glow with freshness and sweetness and yet won’t let you down through the day thanks to its more mature and profound backgrounds scents. Don’t forget to be fabulous when you wear See by Chloe, that would be my only advice! 

See by Chloe perfume review

Nomade Perfume by Chloe: the summer scent you need

Woody and sweet, floral and spicy, Nomade by Chloe is a fragrance for the women who dream big, live fast and enjoy each and every second.

Here, femininity is a voyage, it is an horizon that has no beginning or end and an every day adventure to be lived with both a powerful and candid, trusting set of mind. Nomade is for the urban modern dreamer with a purpose

Freshness, sweetness and the earthy notes of woods and nature’s plants make the very originality and perfection of this Chloe nectar. First, bergamot, lemon, plum and orange give the spice and fresh fruity start, followed by a very sweep and deep accord of freesia, jasmine, rose and peach.

The base for all these very uplifting notes are a mix of oak moss, amber wood, patchouli, sandalwood and white musk that really confer depth and an androgynous delicacy to counterbalance the flowers and fruits

Very modern, resolutely feminine, Nomade is a passionate invitation to make every day an adventure and a new story to tell. Wrapped up in Nomade by Chloe contemporary and delicious fragrance, you will never feel alone: this perfume is your companion wherever you go and will always be the reminder of your audacity and elegance


Atelier des Fleurs Neroli: a garden at the crook of your neck

Touches of honey, sweet Neroli… the Atelier des Fleurs Neroli is one of Chloe’s takes on the now very famous trend to offer a whole fragrance with one flower at its heart, only backed up by scents to embellish it. L’Atelier des Fleurs collection is composed of various fragrances (Hibiscus, Rose, Magnolia…) but I would definitely recommend you the fabulous Atelier des Fleurs Neroli before all other

To each L’Atelier des Fleurs fragrance its own perfumer, and as far as Neroli is concerned, it is Sidonie Lancesseur that let the magic happen around the famous and fabulous flower.

She let a memory of days in Seville lead the fragrance’s identity: first, orange blossoms warmed up by the sun and accents of honey following up for more warmth, a sweeter and more generous background.

Then of course the neroli, opulent and mesmerising, the star of the day and of this very precious and summer-like fragrance

Atelier des Fleurs Neroli is not so much of a signature fragrance rather than a treat to yourself on summer and spring days, when the heat goes up and romance is at the core of everything you do.

It is a charming, delicate, decisive olfactory accessory that you can sure wear even in the heart of winter, for you to warm up your mood… and maybe your lover(s)! 

Chloe, the fragrances of femininity

The French brand Chloe is one for the women and by the women and so every fragrance of the brand is really an ode to your womanhood and the perfect embodiment of your personality if you happen to match all the Chloe woman’s criteria. 

What is clever from Chloe’s perfumery is its ability to embrace all women: the purely floral suits the most dreamy and younger women, the oriental heady fragrances will ravish the bold at heart and the overall collection is so romantic, nature-oriented and embracing of femininity that no girl can’t help but fall in love. So, what is your Chloe fragrance going to be? 

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