Top Chloe and See by Chloe Women Sneakers 👟 2020

Top Chloe Women Sneakers

Did you know that young Karl Lagerfeld was Chloe’s artistic director in the late sixties? This house – just like Lagerfeld in his later work – always showed a daring style, unapologetic femininity and airy atmosphere for dreamers to thrive and prosper. Every item is made in the name of the Chloe woman – a woman sophisticated, free, with a strong sense of style and sharp personality. 

Founded in 1953 by Gaby Aghion, Chloe is one of France most praised and joyful brand. Chloe was built with the idea that positivity and glee are key to life and style.

Made by a women for women, the original Chloe has something of the actual way things are going on now : with many women designers named at directors, Chloe is one of the most feminine brand of the French fashion ever, and in every way. Natacha Ramsay-Levi is now head designer and has a real take on the way the Chloe woman is to be styled.

The Chloe woman has that blooming irreverent vibe to her that sticks to her skin like a mischievious and innocent charm. And it was only logical that the Chloe woman and the See by Chloe young woman.

See by Chloe is the little sister brand to Chloe – were to be given proper footwear for their romantic yet modern and urban life. There we are: the Chloe and See by Chloe sneakers were born… and were a sudden and very, very predictable hit. 

So, you wonder, what are the Chloe women’s sneakers like? That is what I want to tell you about so I convince you that they are the only ones you have ever needed.

Whatever your age and style, there has to be one pair that will fit you… and which you will never be able to ditch for years for they are perfectly timeless and beautiful.

From the most sporty ones to the most urban-like of a working girl proof, let me show you my favourite sneakers from Chloe and See by Chloe… Ready? C’est parti

Chloe’s Lauren sneakers: the most girly urban tennis shoes

The Lauren sneakers by Chloe are really the easiest ones to wear. Whatever your outfit, I can assure you that you will always find a way to make them look good and to have you looking good.

Their design is clever and well-thought to be discreet and yet unique in their own way – at least as unique as a pair of sneakers can be – and will not ever be out of date in any way

The Lauren by Chloe are suede leather sneakers with a white rubber sole that are the soul to the design. Indeed, the Lauren sneakers have a polyamide lining that is serrated.

This is really a masterpiece: so feminine that really you will crush on those right away. The colour is a natural brown or an old pink with a black band at the heel. This pink version is so old pink it is almost beige and this design is really at their best in this colour

These Lauren sneakers are designed to be your every day best friends. You will never get bored of their amazing look and precious finish – so much so that they might stay in your ward robe forever and ever.

And the good thing with those is that you will be able to match them with your entire wardrobe with no problem. You are working? It is perfect. You are with your friends? It is amazing. You are with your kids? Your lover? At the grocery store? Just go. For. it. You will never ever regret it

Chloe’s Sonnie low-top sneakers: the immaculate hiking shoe you will crave

You might have never thought you would fall in love with such sneaker. Their immaculate colour and unique look makes up for their peculiar shape and fastening that is… well like a Chloe handbag: rare!

These Sonnie low-top sneakers look like high-end hiking shoes that you want to have absolutely even though you didn’t know you wanted them. Soft and utilitarian, sophisticated and ruthless they will always be with you

These sneakers are made of an upper shoe that is calfskin made with a rubber sole and a calfskin lining. All white, their immaculate look is really an ode to the purity of the design.

They are slip on sneakers with straps and buckles that make a sporty finish on a luxury crafting of the leather. Their very cool soles are moulded into three parts like big teeth telling you to be the amazon you always wanted to be or already are. 

The Sonnie low-top sneakers are the sneakers you probably will not be allowed to wear at work but sure will enjoy in any other situation. Their unique fastening with the nylon straps are really cool and will not let you down.

Their glossy finish and urban attitude will give you as much comfort and sport-like design that it will give you something worth going for if you need femininity. My go-to look with these sneakers would be to wear them with a short dress and wavy hair and a light aviator jacket – just the perfect recipe to feel and be fearless. 

Chloe’s Blake low-top sneakers: the one you did not expect to like

The Blake low-top sneakers are a revisitation of the Sonnie low-top sneakers – but younger and better. Very colourful, very youthful, they are as modern as they are timeless and sure will lead your steps with a lot of confidence and style.

Technical, they will not let you down and you sure will not let them ever. Their authentic hiking shoes look is desirable and rare, and their sole will flatter you leg as you wear them like a pair of high heels. But more comfortable.

The Chloe Blake low-top are made of suede calfskin and soft nappa sheepskin. These very high quality materials are the proof of the shoes’ technicality as much as their luxury origins.

The colours, bold and bright, are like candy to the eye. The tongue is comfortable and padded and the polyester elastic laces are the most fitting fastening you can find.

A light yet thick sole with two distinct colours are as much a testimony of the Blake’s sporty allure as their luxury elegance and femininity

Ultra-light, perfectly edgy and clearly meant for urban amazons, their silhouette will flatter yours in a very amazing way. These or not only sneakers you want to wear during weekends but everywhere else for they are so comfy and good-looking.

Having curvy lines just like yours, the Blake low-top are just an ode to a modern and active womanhood that needs be lived today for we finally have a right to. You have to fall for these sneakers. 

See by Chloe’s Casey sneakers: winter boots and sneakers merged and had a beautiful baby

You would not have imagined more amazing, pretty, feminine and incredibly comfortable sneakers ever. Plus, note that these sneakers by genius French brand Chloe are meant for the winter times so they are really warm and meant for you to wear them whatever the weather is like.

With their high-top and and wild look, they will catch your eye and will not let it go. You like sherpas and amazingly Tibetan looks? You will so fall for these sneakers that are just as perfect as the Chloe woman is

These wintery sneakers have a comfortable and round sole that will lead your steps anywhere you want with self-confidence and style. Their shearling, soft calfskin and textile upper shoe is as graphic as it is retro and cool.

The Casy winter sneakers have multicoloured laces like your parent’s seventies hiking shoes that confer a sporty mood and very distinctive look. Contrasting materials enhancing their softness and warmth are the key to these teddy bear looking sneakers

The See by Chloe Casey are the ultimate modern women footwear. You will love the shearling finish and their camel colour. They are perfect at any moment – well, not during a heat wave obviously – from your office during snow or heavy rain days as well as hiking up aroud the city or just having drinks at your favourite bar with your lover. Whatever your style and outfit, you will enjoy having these beauties in a corner of your wardrobe. 

Chloe, the house of clever and glamorous footwear

At Chloe, there is but one rule: be yourself and enjoy what you do. Having a pair of Chloe or See by Chloe sneakers is the proof you are a modern woman with a lot of style and an active lifestyle.

Made to fit all your desires and outfits, this brand makes fashion for women that love themselves and their lives. Please do embrace your inner Amazon self and rush to the closest Chloe boutique to get your own pair and enjoy a lifestyle of amazingness! 

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