10 Chanel Women Handbag 👜 2020 best of Coco bags

Chanel handbag

Can you agree that owning a Chanel handbag is the ultimate pleasure in the whole wide world?

Well, if I had to choose and get a single designer piece until the end of time, it would definitely be a Coco handbag.

How do you decide which Chanel bag to buy?

Chanel is one of the most iconic French Fashion Houses in the world founded by Gabrielle Coco Chanel way back in 1909.

Since stepping in as the creative director in 1983, Karl Lagerfeld made sure to keep all the signature Coco details, including tweed fabric, metallic chains, and classy vibes.

The legendary French Coco is a big character in fashion! Starting with her open-minded approach and “power woman attitude”, Gabrielle knew exactly what females want.

Have you ever purchased a Chanel high-end bag? Or actually have you ever bought any piece of this French luxury brand?

The famous Coco didn’t release a handbag design until 1929, although she debuted the brand in 1909. That is the time when the game-changer presented possibly the most popular bags of all times- the 2.55. Thanks to Gabrielle the whole world got familiar with the concept of shoulder bags.

Could you imagine your fashion closet without a Chanel clutch Bag?

Coco didn’t launch the sale of the 2.55 until 1955. February of that year marks a month that would change the whole history of handbags.

It’s without a doubt one of the French Luxury houses that has stayed true to their legacy and quality. So next time you decide to get anything branded, make sure to visit a Chanel store.

The best thing about these amazing designer items is that they only get more valuable with time. Don’t consider them as wasted money, instead look at them as a long-term investment. Fashion lovers won’t need any more convincing.

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Coco used so many amazing masculine vibes in her clothes and bags, which was completely uncommon for the time. The dark colors, strict lines, quilted fabric, leather details were all strange but soon became extremely popular. The all-time feminist brought a wave of strong-looking silhouettes on the European fashion scene.

Karl has been the head of the label for almost 36 years now. In that time, he managed to keep Chanel as one of the most sought-after brands, not only in Europe but also all around the world.

Among the large variety of male and female attire and accessories, ladies tend to have a weakness for one single thing. Handbags are always the item they spend a fortune on. Designer items can be the perfect upgrade for every single fashionable outfit.

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Let’s get back to those epic Coco bags. These top 10 picks are among the most popular styles ladies are going crazy over.

Some of them date back to 1925 and have a special place in history.

Chanel 2.55 Bag 👜 Where It All Began

Meet the OG of all the Chanel handbags ladies. The iconic 2.55 is without a doubt the most talked-about and possibly the most expensive one of them all.

Although it is still sold by the fashion house, the older the bag is, the more it’s worth every single year that passes.

Coco first released the 2.55 in 1925 but debuted a second updated version in February 1955. The name comes from the exact day when this legendary piece was introduced.

Today, this Chanel handbag comes in a rectangular form with a rectangular metallic lock as well. It uses the turn-lock mechanism for closure.

In 2005 Karl Lagerfeld released the Reissue of this style that has the same Mademoiselle lock as the original one. It actually honors the fact that Gabrielle was never married.

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of the 2.55 @evainthecity did a great review in this video.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag 👜 All-Time Favorite

In spite of the general opinion, this is not the first bag that Chanel designed. Delivered by the epic Karl Lagerfeld in 1983, the Classic Flap bag is still the brand’s best-seller.

Meet the classiest design of them all that is still available for sale in so many varieties. This bag comes in four sizes to match all of your needs. The double chain makes the silhouette a bit edgier.

This gorgeous flap design is a dream of many women who live and breathe fashion. Just like with any other silhouette, Chanel likes to keep it fresh and interesting. Each year they introduce new colors and patterns for the Classic style.

Are you consumed with the CC locks just as much as I am? Well, then you have a winner.

Elaine is a Chanel-obsessive who wrote about this handbag on her blog. The fashionista compares her 1999 Classic Flap with the new version from 2013, followed by an in-depth review.

@mel_inmelbourne can help you choose the right size of the Chanel Classic flap by showing you what exactly each one fits inside – so helpful!

Chanel Boy Bag 👜 Coco’s First Love

Created by Karl Lagerfeld in 2010, the Boy Bag was inspired by Gabrielle’s first love, Arthur Capel, nicknamed “Boy.” So he is the main reason why us ladies are blessed with this iconic design.

After all these years the Boy is still one of the most desirable Coco bags of all times. The good news is that you can still cop one of these beauties in 2019.

Get ready for the hardest part ladies. This excellent investment comes in a full array of colors, prints and statement details. The Chanel Boy Bag has that boyish vibe that never gets old.

Thanks to the signature rectangular form, you will recognize it anywhere. What really stands out is the signature logoed CC turn lock and oversized chain straps.

Are you ready to spend a small fortune on the Boy Coco bag gals? @insidemysole will help you out with a detailed review and find out more about this gorgeous Chanel piece.

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag 👜 Modern Meets The Past

Chanel’s Gabrielle Hobo bag perfectly describes the style of the french legendary founder, so hence the name. This is another designer piece that every fashionable lady has to own.

Let’s start with the chic exterior made of two contrasting parts. The top quilted part was actually inspired by jockeys’ ensembles. The bottom is made of a harder leather, to create the form of the handbag.

It can be really hard to choose a single one since it is available in three sizes and a whole range of colors.

All you gals who look for functionality in a bag, welcome to the ideal choice. First of all, Gabrielle features two straps with adjustable length. If you can’t decide on a single one, let me remind you that the classy black style will always be trendy.

@fashionablyamy is obsessed with how you can style the chain straps in so many ways. Discover more pros and cons in her detailed review.

Chanel Wallet On Chain 👜 All In One – WOC

Have you heard about the infamous WOC?

The versatile Wallet On Chain will become your absolute favorite Chanel women’s handbag ever! Thanks to its all-in-one character, this one is an amazing investment.

Wear it as an elegant shoulder bag, cross-body, wallet, and even as a fanny pack! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Another great thing is that the variety of colors gets upgraded every season. New releases in 2019 will feature an even more exciting range to choose from. Black, red, burgundy and tweed are just a part of the choices with the famous CC in the front.

What most women like about WOC is the cute size! This quilted style is a classic flap with the signature Chanel CC closure. The multi-purpose strap features a chain and leather part.

If you are still not convinced whether this is the best bag for you, blogger Kristy from Fashion For Lunch gives you five reasons why you should get it.

The first Chanel purchase of @jennyjzhou is exactly a WOC, so the fashion maven gives a sneak peak of the unboxing. She doubted the size of the bag at first, but now Jenny’s completely in love with it.

Chanel Gabrielle Backpack 👜 Chic On The Go

Even if you are on the sportier side of styles, Chanel has a bag for you!

It’s actually a backpack, but the most fashionable (and probably the most expensive) backpack out there! You can now spend some cash on a style that will forever stay your favorite.

The Gabrielle backpack, just like all the other styles, comes in such a wide choice of hues, finishes, and details. It was first introduced in 2016, but 2019 promises a whole new exciting drop.

It’s a modern design with the CC sign in the front. The backpack comes with chain straps, decorated with either leather or other materials in between, depending on the style.

IT fashionistas find ways to rock it all day long, so now can you!

@nancyghobary is impressed at how many things this backpack can store. She got the classic black leather version and gives an inside scoop on why she’s so obsessed with a great review.

Chanel Camera Bag 👜 So Cool

Inspired by retro camera cases, this Chanel handbag will have you completely hypnotized!

The now-legendary silhouette appeared in the 1980’s and has kept its chic appearance until today.

This is a perfect Coco bag to invest in, because it’s small, but fits all of your goodies. The quilted exterior can deliver many colors, shade combinations, and different materials. There is always a zipper on top for closure.

What most people didn’t know about Gabrielle Coco Chanel is that she was a highly-superstitious person. That’s why the Camera Case also comes in a style decorated with lucky charms.

If you are wondering about the strap, it all depends on the design that you’ll choose. Metal chains or combinations with fabric are the two options.

@kat_lsm purchased the Camera Case bag in a black chevron print, an upgraded and a standout version of the basic quilt. Find out more about the exact size and how to wear it in her video.

Chanel Waist Bag 👜 Trendy 90’s

I am sure glad that 90’s fashion made a comeback. The popular Chanel fanny packs were created by no other than Karl Lagerfeld.

All the women who want to stay on trend in 2019, should consider getting a Coco Waist Bag.

You have to know that it won’t be an easy decision though! The chances are that you’ll find it very hard to pick only one.

This silhouette is popular for its wide variety of colors and materials. All include a zipper together with a Chanel logo. The ones made of tweed are absolutely amazing if you ask me!

To tie it around the waist, use the adjustable strap, sometimes made of only fabric, other times accessorized with chains.

@hellosylviaa was looking for the waist bag for quite a while, but she finally managed to get her hands on it. Now that she did, the blogger gives an example of how you can wear it in several different fashionable ways.

Chanel Bowling Bag 👜 Fabulous & Big

Can you believe that this style first made a debut in SS18?

Ever since its first release, the Bowling Bag became one of the most popular Chanel drops. Described like an ultimately chic silhouette, this one is on the larger side of Coco handbags.

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Often colored in black, it usually includes double straps. This detail makes it perfect for busy women on the go. Plus, thanks to the size, females can store all their goodies inside.

It can be quilted or not, made of leather or nylon. The leather ones are always more expensive, but a much better investment. Considering that the prices of Chanel handbags only go up as the years pass, you might end up selling it for more.

No matter which one you’ll choose, your Bowling handbag will have a zipper on top for easy use.

Are you up for a bowling silhouette to upgrade your accessory collection? If so, better start searching for one.

@stylevialauren purchased a two-toned black and white Bowling Bag, which according to her is super-light and easy to wear. It is lined in black and stores everything you need.

Chanel Minaudière Bag 👜 Vibrant & Playful

You can thank Karl Lagerfeld’s legendary mind for these amazing finds.

The small Minaudière bags are considered a collectible item and a dream of every trendy gal.

It’s really hard to describe them, because Minaudière come in so many shapes, colors and forms. There are those tiny black embellished bombs in a round shape, rockets, cameras, robots, perfume bottles and many more.

You can shop them from the latest collection, but the older ones will cost you a whole fortune.

Every season Karl drops some insane clutches, topping the ones that he previously debuted. They are vibrant, embellished, embroidered and so much fun to look at.

As the years pass, these cute, small pieces become harder to find and go very high up on the price scale. For example, a Minaudière from 2004 today costs quite a lot. So if you get one now, you can make quite a lot one decade later. Such an eye-catching, bold accessory.

@alicepinkcat unboxing the rare Rocket Bag will give you a strong urge to find one for yourself. The YouTubber shows every single detail, including the embellished Chanel logo in the front you’ll love.

chanel GIF

So many Chanel handbags to choose from but so little time.

The Chanel 2.55 is without a doubt the most valuable one, so if I have to pick I’d definitely go with that silhouette.

Friendly piece of advice ladies! Be very careful where you shop from.

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What To Think Of When Buying A Second-Hand Chanel Bag?

Make sure that you are 100% sure you know which style, color you want to get! The Purse Blog will provide you with all the extra information about the 2.55, including size, colors, fabrics and so much more.

If the price is unbelievably low, then the chances are it is a fake! So please use our links to be safe.

Each bag bought from an official Chanel store comes with a proper box, bag, dust-cloth, booklet and an authenticity card. The card features a serial number which proves it’s a high-end design.

By purchasing a Chanel design, you are not only the proud owner of a quality high-end bag. You also become a part of history! French luxury legacy!

  • Do you have a favorite Coco handbag?
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