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Did you know that Celine dates back to 1945? The founder of the brand, Cรฉline Vipiana, was a kids shoe maker in Paris in the end of WWII. It is only in the sixties that the brand became a women’s wear brand, with a focus on elegant sportswear and accessories, mostly leather goods. 

Cรฉline Vipiana stayed at the head of creation from 1945 to her passing in 1997. Michael Kors โ€“ aka Mr best-seller bags โ€“ was given the direction right after.

But Celine, the Celine we mostly know and love is that of Phoebe Philo, starting in 2008, especially as far as handbags are concerned… even if recently, Hedi Slimane, current artistic director, struck minds as well with his recent additions to the handbags line at Celine.

Every bag is a it-bag : the Philo era

Phoebe Philo took upon hersalf to diversify and modernise the bags collection at Celine when she came up as artistic director of the brand.

What we still didn’t know in 2008 is how the British designer would impact the bag and fashion industry forever, with her incredible models. Three of them remain all time best-sellers for the brand and, actually, in the world : the Luggage, the Classic and the Cabas.

All three of them are to be found vintage or at Celine’s stores since the maison had the good taste to keep them in the collections. 

By the way, some of the bags I am about to list you โ€“ I think I could have gone as far as a top twenty bags from Celine, but had to restrain โ€“ are only available as vintage items now… but they were tellement perfect they had to be here! Ready? C’est parti!

Luggage bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: Cรฉline’s iconic handbag

Born in 2009, the luggage is one of the last survivor of the it-bags era that stills works as a sale and a piece of fashion. Iconic, the Luggage has a shape never seen before at the time and was the perfect counterweight to the very minimalistic clothes lines that Phoebe Philo was known for. 

The Luggage is a masterpiece, be it its design practicality, comfort or uniqueness. With its two hand handles, this zipped pocket in the middle, it is easy to carry and useful.

Two gussets allow the bag to widen and be supple, while they also shape the bag and give it it originality : trapezes weren’t the usual handbag’s shape in 2009! 

The real craftsmanship magic lays in the leather sewings and decorations. Two ribbons of leather wave on the surface of the Luggage, half-embossed half-sewed and a hundred percent magically made. The same thing happens on each end of the handles, luxury attaches bounding them to the core of the bag.

Go for the Luggage if you are looking for style, clever investment, history and… oh, just go for it, actually ! 

Celine Mini Luggage Bag Review

Celine Trapeze bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: graphic and unique 

Launched in 2010 by Phoebe Philo โ€“ slayer! โ€“ the trapeze bag soon became as popular as the Luggage. It comes with no surprise that this handbag has that signature trapeze shape know to Philo… and that it is in the front row of all fashion addicts’ closets

Three specific signature features made the Trapeze’s success : its graphic fold, hold by a metallic clasp to the body of the bag, its handles with golden rectangular attaches and beautiful padding and sewing, the unique gussets with snaps on each side you can open and close according to your will. 

The Trapeze, to me, has something more than the Luggage โ€“ if both bags are amazingly designed, the Trapeze has more elegance and charism.

It screams luxury yet has a complex simplicity that makes all the difference with other luxury bags. Just like the Celine woman, it is unique, inimitable with a rare attitude and a sharp look.  

Cรฉline Trapeze Bag Reveal & First Impression

Celine Trotteur bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the dreamers’ perfect flap bag

Very recent, the Trotteur bag slowly crawled up to be one of the most refined and functional bags in Celine’s fans wardrobes. Its unique clasp and very dreamy Parisian look has something sensational and cleverly sexy

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The Trotteur is a flap crossbody bag exuding simplicity. Curved with pure lines, its whole originality comes from the buckle clasp, a mix of leather and metal designed to look nothing like a clasp but rather a piece of luxury enginery.

The Trotteur, as its name indicates (โ€œtrotterโ€, in English, to be understood with a โ€œstrollerโ€ connotation in the French version of the word) is an invitation to wander around.

As a crossbody bag, it is easy to carry around and its medium size will prevent you from taking stuff you wouldn’t need along with you. Ideal companion and style asset, the Trotteur is everything ! 

Celine Trotteur Bag Review

Celine Belt bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: the urban romantic

The Belt bag is the Trapeze and Lugagge’s cousin โ€“ with a twist and more subtle trapezoidal shape that makes this design the ideal minimalistic’s handbag. You care for quinoa and beige flats? Linen and oversize cashmere sweaters? My dear, you found your match! 

Minimalism is this model’s key word, but not only. As its name indicates, the Belt bag as a specificity : as you can see, a leather belt closes the fold of the bag. This โ€œbeltโ€, a long piece of leather like a ribbon, has knots holding it to the bag and the remaining piece of the ribbon floats around, at the same time graphically and diligently. A perfect mix of boho meets bauhaus

The Belt bag is for fall’s lovers, minimalistic girls, those who enjoy things with a discreet charm and an elegant smile… and all the others, let’s not fool ourselves : it is a Celine!!

Unboxing Celine Micro Belt Bag

Celine Cabas ๐Ÿ‘œ with logo : losing the accent and our minds over it

Inspired from the Cabas original shape, the Cabas that Slimane issued very recently after climbing up Celine’s throne has already disappeared from the eshop. Indeed, you will have to look carefully for a โ€œvintageโ€ โ€“ it’s from 2018 โ€“ model if you want it! First of a kind, he has a little twist that makes it part of history.

Indeed as he took the artistic direction at Cรฉline, Slimane decided to change the logotype and ripped off the accent. The Cabas logotype is amongst the first handbags with a print of the name of the brand printed on it with the new, accent-less version of the brand’s name. 

Classy and classic yet tricky โ€“ white-all over can be risky for a handbag to last ! โ€“ its place in the maison‘s history makes it a perfect choice for fans and clever investors who are looking for a unique piece to shop. 

Celine Edge bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: Edge stands for โ€œj’adoreโ€

Discontinued in 2015, the Edge bag was in Celine stores for no more than two years. And yes, you can mourn its disappearance with a lot of tears since it makes it one of the most desirable and rare Celine bags on the vintage market

Triangular, trapezoidal, rectagular… well you can’t actually name the shape of the edgy Edge since it changes every time you pull the zipper. The multicolour models are even more astonishing with the new graphic depths it bring into the design thanks to an optical illusion. 

The Edge was a hit โ€“ more discreet than the Luggage or the Trapeze, it was a graphic minimalistic beauty with a finesse so concrete you couldn’t resist long to it. A hidden pocket on the back, its rarity… I can say if you ever are in front of an Edge, just be sure you will love it if you get it.

Celine Edge Handbag Review

Celine 16 bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: We are โ€œgagaโ€

Sweet sixteen, isn’t it? Here nothing is about teenage years though, rather Lady’s elegance and sophistication embodied in the first ever bag designed for Celine by Slimane.

Launched in 2018, this handbag first appeared anonymously at Lady Gaga’s and Angelina Jolie’s arms before the brand confirmed it was the it bag to be at under the realm of Hedi.

Reference to the headquarters โ€“ 16 rue Vivienne in Paris โ€“ and sixties’s mood at Celine, the 16 is a piece of refined luxury with a quaint yet uber-modern vibe that makes it just what we needed, wanted and now yearn for in a handbag. 

A smart curved fold in a V shape, a clasp like a jewel, and overall comfy look โ€“ graphic yet round thanks to the gussets… โ€“ the 16 has everything to make it quick and make it big. Hedi Slimane imagined a Lady’s bag for modern ladies โ€“ unapologetic and fierce ! 

Celine Seau sangle ๐Ÿ‘œ: yes to curves ! 

Celine’s bucket bag is rather like a real bucket than a bucket bag. And managing to make a simple cylinder be as desirable is merely magic in Phoebe Philo’s hands

Structured, sophisticated, its very charm resides in its obvious simplicity and cutting-edge crafting. Not necessarily the bag you have seen the most around Instagram, but probably one that will last amongst the Celine connoisseurs that lust now over this very versatile and easy design that screams luxury made minimalistic

Strolling, dancing, shopping… there are no situation in which the Seau Sangle would not have its place at you shoulder or at your hand. Its hook-and-eye clasp has something unique and overall, its rarity makes it a piece to shop before all others do !

Still available in various sizes and colours, the Seau Sangle has another touch for it to stand out : you can remove the strap to make a strap out of you favourite silk scarf and add another hint of beauty to it. 

CELINE Big bag bucket Unboxing

Celine Tri-fold Bag : ingenuity at the service of your style

Plain black, green, red. Handles cut from the piece of leather of the body of the bag. Not a metallic touch, just leather, magnificent leather cut and sewed with alchemist’s hands. This handbag has something unreal, familiar yet unseen and you can’t be insensitive to the rarity of its design. 

Tri-Fold is a masterpiece of design: the inside separates in three compartments done or undone by leather pieces. There has something amazing when you think of the hours that this handbag necessitates to be constructed.

At the base of the structure, a very tiny, discreet, smart logo inserted in golden letters. The awe is total. 

The Tri-fold bag has an attitude of itw own. It leads your steps if you are lost in the midst of style crisis or accentuates yours once you’ve found it. It is a silhouette bag made to make you better and stronger… as well as charmingly organised.

Celine Tri Fold Bag Presentation

Celine Classic bag ๐Ÿ‘œ: clever and versatile

The Classic used to be the Box bag โ€“ born in 2011 โ€“ and above all a real best-seller at Celine. Not a single Celine show has happened without it for over 8 years, and this discreet yet definite cult bag has made its way up a lot of fashionista’s wish lists. 

Far from the very unusual and innovative Phoebe Philo’s designs for Celine, the Classic is a… classic flap bag with a jewel central clasp closure. Graphic, structures, minimalist, it is a versatile bag that suits a lot of styles, wardrobes and eras โ€“ maybe that is why, indeed, it has been so long lasting in Celine’s collections.

As is any Celine handbag, the simplicity makes the luxury, as much as the refined craftsmanship in its confection.

Know the the Classic will be your day and night companion, being as elegant on a low-key look as on a very complicated evening gown. It is Philo’s philosophy in the simplest of apparel : more is less

Celine Classic Box Bag Review

Celine, the house of it-bags

I’d live to make a long and cute conclusion to this article. But, ladies, do you really think it’s necessary? Rush, go pick your favourite vintage or modern Celine bag and run purchase it!! 

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