Best Dior Makeup πŸ’„ Top Christian Dior Make-Up Line

Best Dior Makeup πŸ’„

Did you know that Dior beauty lines are so cutting edge that they are created along with the support of Stanford University and the Institut Pierre et Marie Curie? For over forty years, te French luxury brand has offered luxury perfumes and beauty products with a keen spot for elegance and perfection to build a true couture makeup and beauty collection over the years.Β 

Very dedicated to the task of making women feel beautiful and strong, Christian Dior and all the designers that came after him put a great emphasis on the beauty department at Dior, starting with the perfumes we all know and love, starting with Miss Dior, born in the fifties.Β 

Amongst many things, Christian Dior was a maker of beauty. And I do not mean just makeup: beauty in all its senses and representation is key to the designer’s mind and so is it to all his successors in particular Maria Grazia Chiuri who really got to use in a wide and cool proportions the Dior makeup innovations. 

From the lipstick issued in 1953 that Marlene Dietrich love so much that she never wore another brand of makeup for her lips to the now ultra-innovative, hydrating and colouring great formulas, Dior beauty allows you to feel like yourself but better and more beautiful.

And women (including the amazing Marlene) were so found of this lipstick that the maison Dior decided to created a compact powder just a few years after…. opening the way for an entire collection.Β 

With just a brush or a tube of lipstick… Ready to discover the essentials from the Dior Beauty collection? Let’s go and grab your seats: you are going to want to run to the closest Dior boutique before you even finish reading this article! 

Dior’s Dior Lip Glow: the perfect almost watery shining lipstick

Dior Lip Glow is not your regular lipstick. Its precise and unique formula was created to enhance the natural colour of your lips as well as to hydrate and protect them.

This half lip balm half lipstick was designed for Dior fashion show’s backstages. The models on the runway often have a very nude makeup and this balm is the one that the Dior beauty experts created in order to have the lips of all the models – whatever their skin colour – glowing.Β 

The Dior Lip Glow is a half lip balm half lipstick: its formula reacts to your lips’ pH and colours itself instantly according to how much more pink your lips should be to look marvellous and amazingly natural. Enriched with mango butter, the Dior Lip Glow offers a comfort and a 24 hours long hydration. Peter Philips, this marvel’s creator, invented all thirteen shades so that they would match your skin whatever it colour and so fit all women around the globe

Dior’s Dior Lip Glow is a lipstick that every woman needs in her bathroom and her purse: discreet yet uber efficient, natural yet glowing, it will change your daily routine since it offers you care and beauty at once! Since it evolves according to your lip skin pH, this lipstick will always be more of a best friend that adapts your mood and will always be there for you

Dior’s Forever Summer Skin: the summertime foundation with a light texture

How amazing would it be if foundation wasn’t a sticky piece of skin-coloured mess that you spread on everyone you kiss, every tissue, every scarf? Well, stop dreaming about it and go get the only formula that will help you get to that level of perfection: the Dior Forever Summer Skin.

Lasting over 24 hours and being an amazing cover for all imperfections you might want to hide, this Dior foundation with the feel of a watery formula will make you so pretty you will love it.Β 

The Dior Forever Summer Skin has a long lasting effect that will make you feel like you have just been on holidays or spending the whole week out on your balcony sunbathing: you will look amazingly tanned – but slightly – and glowing. Whatever the weather – wet or very hot and dry – your skin looks just well hydrated and its touch is natural and not sticky: what more did we need? 

Thanks to the new formula that Dior has created, your foundation feels like another skin. Light, smooth, covering and yet it feels like you are not wearing anything: the Dior Forever Summer Skin hydrates your skin, offers a sense of freshness and it has a glowing effect that you simply will yearn for. The light texture is infused with clever ingredients that acts on your skin like healthy-sun-tanned-workers that will make you skin all the better. 

Dior’s Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze: your everyday go-to terracotta for a great glow

Terracotta is one of beauty’s items that we all need the most. It is like a sun kissed powder that blesses your cheeks with a great amount of good scents and wonderful pigments. Take your biggest brush and get ready to bathe your cheeks with the better foundation you have ever felt on your skin.

Infused with golden coloured mineral pigments that warm up your complexion and gives you a tanned-like skin, this Diorskin Nude terracotta is a natural light reflector that makes your skin glow. Unique, this compact powder offers a very natural effect with a very light feel so that even yourself can be fooled by the healthy sun-kissed effect it offers your cheeks! The formula protects the skin from pollution, lets it breathe naturally and is enriched with vitamins and oligo-elements

Made for the women who radiate but need a bit more radiation in the first days of winter or spring, this Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze is simply the key for a healthy glowing skin. As much a skincare product as a makeup powder, you will fall in love with this terracotta’s look as much as with the colours it will bring to your cheeks.

Dior’s Dior Backstage Eye Palette: the eye-shadow that gives a couture runway look

Conceived for the makeup artists working frenetically in the Dior shows’ backstage, the Dior Backstage Eye Palette has everything a woman needs for an amazing gaze.

Whether very natural or absolutely dramatic, these powders offer you the possibility to change your look everyday but have only one single amazing, Dior signed eye shadows palette. Plus they were created to match with every woman’s carnation perfectly.Β 

Matte or sparkled, this palette combines the most nude to the most dramatic colours and effects. Adapting to all skins, this Dior Backtage Eye Palette is also very easy to use since it was designed for the makeup artists to be able to work fast and precisely before the shows.

The long-lasting and intense colours only fade as you put your makeup remover on it! You can also work with layers so that a nude colour intensifies or a strong colour fades a little.Β 

The Dior Backstage Eye Palette is the ideal eye makeup item since, in a single box, it encapsulates absolutely every shade of eye shadow you need as well as matches with your carnation perfectly.

The intensity of the pigments is to die for and very long-lasting for a perfect makeup the whole day long. You can apply these eye shadow with brushes or your finger since it is so easy to use, and you will since be able to modulate the effect you want.

Dior’s Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid: the lip gloss that will make your forget all your prejudices

Red lips are the ultimate touch you can offer your look. Wether Lolita-like or very serious, Hollywood vamp… or classic fifties, a great bright red or rosy mouth will make you feel so powerful and glamorous. Inspired from the colouring and caring power of flowers, this flower petal shaped lip gloss/lipstick is really an amazingly innovative and luxury rouge for your lips. Matte or satin you will love it.

Infused with floral oils – camellia, sweet almond and Shea butter for hydration and care –, the Dior Ultra Care Liquid lipstick offers you a 12h long colour with no feeling of dryness nor any failure. Radiant and bright, the colours are inspired from Christian Dior’s favourite flowers. Slightly creamy, the lipstick offers a smooth feel as you put it on. With its special sort-of pencil head, you will be able to precisely apply the Dior Ultra Care Liquid.

Small and pretty, the Dior Ultra Care Liquid can be easily put in your bag so that you can carry on with your day with perfect lips from dusk to dawn. Easy to wear and amazingly good-looking, it is Nathalie Portman’s favourite, just that! With its floral inspirations, this lipstick is definitely your spring days must-have.

Dior makeup is a wide and rich collection that you can only thrive while wearing: from powders to lipsticks, everything is created in order to make you prettier and healthier, and we can thank the French luxury touch for that! 

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