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Did you know that Coco Chanel did not start her business making fabulous dresses, tweed, jersey twin-sets nor fragrances? At the very beginning, she was an orphan who grew up to be a cabaret singer… to then create a hat business! In 1910, when the Chanel company was born, Coco was a milliner!

With her lover as a patron and fervent admirer of her worked, she managed to make her name and creations well known and soon turned to clothes.

So much so that in 1920, she had paid back all of her lover’s first investment and owned her boutique Rue Cambon and a very faithful clientele made of the most refined European and American demoiselles

In 1920, she has a genius idea: launching a fragrance line, to fit her never-seen, boyish, avant-guard personality and collections. The perfume industry was having a great revolution with the ability to synthesise new scents and so make more sophisticated – and cheaper – fragrances.

Enerst Beaux was named her nose and he, under Coco Chanel’s directions and intuitions, was in charge of creating what was going to be an ever-lasting number one: N°5. 

Gabrielle Chanel was visionary in the sense that it was one of the first “complex” fragrances, with many scents and flowers mixed up to bring up a mood rather than a smell – it was not “vanilla”, “lilac”, “rose”… it was Chanel’s spirit that she always wanted to encapsulate in the precious bottles carved for her fragrances.  

I guess this little history lesson is making you even more eager to discover all of the amazing fragrances that Chanel launched… well let me introduce you to the best of them! 

Chanel N°5 Perfume: Marilyn (and the word’s) favourite

Chanel’s N°5 is the most sold ever fragrance in the world. Its name – it was the fifth test band that Gabrielle Chanel selected… and so she called her fragrance “number 5” for luck, she said – resonates all across the globe as a symbol of elegance, luxury and good taste

N°5’s success was built on its complexity. If you are now used to having a lot of different scents in a singe perfume bottle, it was rare at the time : women and men would go for single-scent perfumes named as originally as ‘lilac’, ‘rose’, ‘musk’… And the modernity of the N°5 soon drew it on the top sales shelves of all retailers. 

A strong combination of jasmine, rose and neroli bring to N°5 its youth and quaint elegance, a powdery smell that brings up either your mom’s perfume or the scent of the woman you want to grow up to be.

Faithful to Chanel’s spirit, N°5 is all at once a piece of high luxury and a kick in the fragrance world for it still stands out as one of the most multi-generational and highly-desirable fragrance on the market. 

Marilyn Monroe used to say she would wear nothing but drops of N°5 – if we can’t really go out in such simple an apparel, N°5 is for sure a fragrance that wraps you up in a cloud of elegance, freshness and modernity.

Your trail will be recognisable amongst any crowd for it is as unique as it is cult: Chanel N°5 is for women, and women with an attitude and personality as amazing as Gabrielle.  

Unboxing Chanel no 5 Perfume Video

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume: the youthful elexir

Do you know Coco Mademoiselle? Well, you might know her but this girl will never know you: intense, with an aura, rushing out and thriving – the Mademoiselle for which Coco Mademoiselle was designed is an authentic daring and irreverent women with a sense for making dreams happen

Coco was what Gabrielle Chanel’s friends called her. Mademoiselle is how her staff, the journalists and other who knew her only as a fierce designer called her.

Coco Mademoiselle is a fragrance intending to join up both, to explain how undecipherable and oxymoronic Gabrielle’s personality was. This, for you to have a piece of it at the crook of your neck

There is something about Coco Mademoiselle – an air of absolute modernity, an unapologetic femininity, a force and an attitude. Patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla are entangled to a citrus fruits base, creating a very sensual and youthful mix

Chanel picked Kiera Knightley to embody Coco Mademoiselle in their advertising campaign – honestly, few women would have embodied better this fragrance than her. With a witty smile, a classic yet garçonne bob and her clever eyes, this is all encompassed: elegant, smart, genius, and overall a tribute to great women. 

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Unboxing Video

Chanel Coco Perfume: Lagerfeld’s tribute to Mademoiselle

Coco, the fragrance by Chanel, is signed by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and nose Jacques Polges as a tribute to Coco Chanel’s lifestyle and personality. When the German fashion genius joined the brand as artistic director in 1983, it was amongst his first moves to relaunch properly the fading Chanel spirit. 

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Coco is a vibrant tribute to Gabrielle Chanel, her baroque interior design and unique, daring personality. In order to create this fragrance, Jacques Polges immersed himself at the heart of Coco’s flat, surrounded by all her belongings and style influences – whether it was paintings, furnitures,…

Coco is the first fragrance issued after Mademoiselle’s death – and it is resolutely an absolute Chanel piece of history, refinery, elegance,… well, this perfume is just marvellously Chanel.

More oriental, rather deep with a mix of tonka bean, patchouli, and ylang-ylang, the Coco, with its amber robe and strong olfactive signature was imagined for unforgettable women. 

Coco Chanel made extremely simple and lean designs. But she was in love with baroque and fantastically heavy decors. This Coco fragrance is breathing out this delicious paradox and extremely refined aesthetics that were Gabrielle’s very own character.  

Chanel Coco Noir Perfume: dark femininity

Black was still forbidden in a daily wardrobe when Coco Chanel presented her little black dress. Proposing a full black outfit outside of mourning times was revolutionary and made many cringe… then fall in love. Coco Noir is an ode to Coco’s mastering of black – a dark yet luminous colour

It comes with absolutely no surprise: Coco Noir is quite intense and has a strict oriental base. This fragrance has something radical to it and unapologetic – take it or leave it, as they would say.

The heart of the Coco Noir fragrance probably is its strong notes of rose, tonka bean and bergamot, which vary along with your day hour after hour

From this very dense and sensual fragrance, it is a bright and shining femininity that Chanel wanted to see wrapped in the Coco Noir. Dressed in black and ready to conquer the world, press your bottle and get a drop of your better motivational coach: your fragrance. 

Unboxing Chanel Coco Noir Perfume

Chanel Chance Perfume: the dreamy one

The well known round bottle has something of an anti-Pandora’s box: you know only good can come out of it. Chance is a 2002 creation – its launch was so successful that the brand decliened in in three different intensity and versions later on, and today the Chance collection is made up of four main fragrances.

But let’s focus on the original one – declined from Coco Mademoiselle, Chance is a lighter, younger, more urban fragrance. Both daring and discreet, Chance was created with, on the nose’s mind, the idea that chance is fleeting and you can either take it or miss it… but once you’ve got it, you can climb mountains. 

In a word, Chance is a bit alike Gabrielle Chanel’s journey in the fashion world: chance had her meeting the right persons and she then put all that she had in her brand to make it an everlasting giant. Chance mixes vanilla, Jasmine Absolute and iris notes, entangled with the intensity of white musk

The alchemy is real: light yet strong, easy to wear yet unforgettable… Chance is a fragrance for determined and dreamy women with a purpose and a thing for all things romantic.

Floral and sensual, like an oriental fragrance at the same time, Chance is an attitude – that of someone that knows how to play with contrasts and how to make her way anywhere, with elegance and audacity.

Chanel Chance Perfume Review

Chanel N°19 Perfume: the legacy fragrance 

N°19 is Gabrielle Chanel’s last fragrance – launched in August 19th 1970 (her birthday date!), the famous and revolutionary woman died just a few months later in January 1971.

This soft green juice that recalls, in depth, the N°5. N°19 is a little brother to that cult Chanel fragrance, the legacy of a woman that had changed and decided to craft a new scent, one that had more resonance with herself in her late years. 

Do not misunderstand me – N°19 has nothing of an old lady’s fragrance! Fresh notes, soft green colour and notes of galbanum, may rose, iris entangled with the aldehydes – understand the molecular chain of scents – that make the depth of the N°5… it is a perfect 70s revisitation of a classic, with more youthfulness, glee and cool.

Daring and distinctive, it has something of a profound femininity with an air of garçonne-like audacity that resembles very well Gabrielle Chanel. Named after her birthday and crafted for her, N°19 has the irreverence and elegance of the Chanel woman.

Wearing N°19 has something intimate: if you always dreamt to have the chance to one day have a chat, a coffee and a cigarette with Mademoiselle Chanel, there is, at the cre of N°19, something f an encounter between you, your skin, and her world when you press the bottle and let the fragrance on your neck. Do dare, like her: N°19 will make you unique. 

Chanel No. 19: Perfume Review

Chanel Gabrielle Perfume: summer encapsulated

Gabrielle Chanel stands out as a very clever, balanced and original scent for women. Gabrielle was forged by Olivier Polge – he took his father’s seat as Chanel head nose in 2015 – and shows how brilliant the Parfums Chanel are. Launched in 2019, it is already a hit. 

Gabrielle Chanel, name of the perfume, was first and foremost an incredible women who made her way, let no one disrupt her and drove her life just the way she intended decades on, revolutionising fashion, breaking rules and all of that with a never fading intensity.

This fragrance is intended to encompass her mindset so as to accompany women of today in their quest, with that same fierce and audacious spirit Coco had

Gabrielle Chanel is a round and opulent confection. Rather floral, its essence is built up upon notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange flower and Grasse tuberose. Intense, fruity, fresh, feminine – the tuberose, one of the most voluptuous flowers there are, is at the center of the confection to embrace Chanel’s philosophy and style. 

The overall bouquet makes Gabrielle a floral yet not boring fragrance – whether at the top already or still dreaming of success on your bed, Gabrielle is the help you needed to change your mindset in just a pressure on the precious bottle.

Gabrielle is free, passionate and never stops. Gabrielle Chanel, the fragrance, is a solar, voluptuous, clever scent that you can generously spread on your bare skin or on the inside of your clothes. There are no rules: Gabrielle was here to break them!

Chanel Gabrielle Perfume Review

Chanel, a house of luxury perfumes

The Chanel brand was amongst the first ever brands to have its own fragrance line, and to develop it as an internal branch as important as the fashion lines.

At the heart of Grasse, in the South of France, noses and perfume makers worked along with regretted Coco and Karl and now the newly appointed artistic director, Virginie Viard. 

From Marilyn Monroe to the girl-next-door, Chanel’s fragrances are more than a perfume: they dress women, set a mood and adopts their character to carry and wrap their steps is the most precious notes of flowers and woods. And that, precisely that, is why you need a Chanel bottle always in your handbag

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