Best Chanel Make-Up 💄 Top Coco Chanel Makeup Line 2020

Best Chanel Make-Up

Chanel is one of the fashion industry biggest actors… and the French luxury brand sure has a well set foot inside the beauty industry too.

The beauty line at Chanel goes back to 1924, a few years after Gabrielle Chanel launched her so very famous fragrance, Chanel N°5.

The French fashion icon and fierce business woman even extended, before anyone did, the beauty line to a skincare line with innovative and luxury inspired creams, oils and bath products. 

The Chanel fragrances – both feminine and masculine – are the most well known beauty product that the emblematic maison has issued. Though it goes without saying that Mademoiselle’s rouges and powders were also the hit of the time. At the end of the Second World War, when the Chanel boutiques rue Cambon in Paris were allowed to re-open, American soldiers were queuing in front of the stores to get a lipstick or a fragrance for their wives before flying back to the United-States! 

The makeup line – depending on the Chanel beauty dedicated units – is one of the richest and most alluring makeup line you can find today: truly devoted to women’s and men’s beauty, the creators at Chanel really know what makeup should and must be. And you sure can notice as you put on your face cream or blush! 

From skincare to mascara, there are so many amazing items that it is hard to pick one from the multitude of them.

I decided to help you with picking your next go-to makeup products: mascara, eye-liner, lipstick… here are my favourite makeup product from the amazing beauty line of French fashion’s giant, Chanel! 

Chanel Stylo Ombre et Contour: your all-in-one eye pencil for irresistible eyes

Haven’t you ever dreamt of owning one single pencil that would work well for your eyes as much as a liner, an eye shadow and an kohl pencil?

How light your makeup pouch would be and how easy colouring your eyes would be…. oh, but wait: Chanel invented it just for you! And I can tell from simply looking at it that this eye pencil must be one of the easiest to handle that we have seen for years.

The half-thick nib is designed to offer you a 3-in-1 utilisation. First, the very top of the nib allows you to mimic a liner or kohl pen effect and the thick side of the cone offers you the possibility to use this pencil as an eye shadow.

The creamy and silky texture of the Le Stylo Ombre et Contour will be so smooth and nice to spread on your eyelid that I can bet you will not help but ask for more! 

Long lasting colours – ranking from nude to dark blue – and an amazing feel as you are using it makes the Stylo Ombre et Contours one of the best item for your eyes at the moment. Whether you want to be subtle or go wild with thick lines, this eye pencil is made for all of us, whatever your style of makeup! 

Chanel Le Rouge Coco: the most fashionable and bright coloured hydrating lipstick 

Le Rouge Coco is an iconic, emblematic, historic, unmissable lipstick by Chanel: it is the first and original one, very recognisable in its shape and bright, elegant colours.

The modern twist is that Chanel added a moisturising agent so that you look radically cool while taking care of your delicate lip skin… how cool is that? Well, certainly as cool as Chanel and Mademoiselle Coco, that is for sure! 

Did you know that the different colours available are named after the people who picked them for Coco Chanel, her close friends who participated in creating that very special Chanel palette?

Gabrielle and Arthur are personally my two favourites. Bright and very Chanel like, they radiate Coco’s spirit. The modern twist of adding a deeply hydrating and smooth texture only adds preciousness and comfort to this iconic rouge

Le Rouge Coco is a Chanel beauty must-have: smooth and elegant, hydrating and precious-looking, you can not be wrong if you pick this lipstick. Any Chanel lipstick is amazing, to be honest, but this Le Rouge has something more given it is the first ever created and a almost hundred years old best-seller. What are you waiting for? Le Rouge and the whole Parisian chic that goes with it awaits you

Chanel Le Vernis: prepare to meet the cutest nail-polish you’ve ever seen 

Having your nails done is really the most glamorous touch you can bring to your outfit – careful not to chose a shade that is identical to your clothes or accessories but rather pick a colour that matches with all your wardrobe without being identical to some of the colours you wear (except for black, black is black as you know), that is more modern.

Lucia Pica, head of Chanel’s beauty and makeup department, has done really great things to put some innovation inside every Chanel product. Very resistant, Le Vernis is now edited in very new colours that are so modern and offers great innovation to stay as long as possible on your nails.

Le Vernis offers protection to your nails thanks to beautifying ingredients and will give you a shiny and amazing long-lasting colour as a result

For a more radical and classic effect, you can trun to Lucia Pica’s new limited editions of Le Vernis: a black and a white nail polish that has a very graphic and elegant look. Luxury made and luxury looking, these two Le Vernis will ravish the more hardcore fashionistas as well as the women in search for a sharper look. 

Chanel Le Volume Révolution: your go-to sixties-like eyes mascara

I’ve said it up above: eyes are the very core of a master makeup. And mascara is really essential for a sharp look and big eyes. Many women who don’t wear makeup actually yield for this precious item that allows you to look fiercer and more awake. Chanel created a very innovative brush and combination of ingredient for a long-lasting and ravishing effect

The brush of the Chanel Le Volume Révolution is unique: under patent, it is composed of many tiny alveoli that hold just the right amount of mascara so that you can, in a single gesture, ornament your lashes with a great, intense colour.

You can pick from various shades from the classic black to deep green, blue or a reddish brown. The formula encapsulates the power of many waxes (including bee-wax) and a caring pro-vitamins that will fortify your lashes day after day. 

Your gaze will simply ravage your whole entourage – the Chanel Le Volume Révolution is a stunning mascara that ensures your eyes to de be the most charming in the room.

With the many colours you can pick from, you can be assured that you will remain your true unique self as well as be accompanied by the very qualitative, covering and long-lasting Chanel formula. What else can you ask?

Chanel Les 4 Ombres: you will never need any other shades than these three beauties

Eye shadow is what gives depth and opening to your eyes. Dramatic or joyful, your eye shadow can define your whole silhouette and so help you be your better self day after day. Chanel is one of the best eye-shadow provider there are: with their clever Les 4 Ombres, the eye-shadow palette is modernised and made cooler with a lean luxury look and great innovative textures that last long and offers great shades to use every day

Les 4 Ombres by Chanel offer a small and yet useful palette: with the needed brushes, if offering us the best of eye-shadows was not enough! Slightly sparkled but rather elegant than shiny, the Chanel eye-shadows are made of mineral pigments for a longer-lasting and more intense colour.

Two palettes are available all year long and many limited editions are regularly issued for your collection to grow bigger and better every time

Made for the women who like to have light and useful makeup boxes, Les 4 Ombres (the four shades/shadows, in English) will satisfy your everyday needs as well as your great evenings desires too.

You can be assured that from the application to the moment you remove these great eye-shadows the colours will not fade nor the texture let you down: easy-going and looking great, these Les 4 Ombres are simply perfect! 

Chanel, the best of beauty for the best of women

With a love for perfection in every matter, Gabrielle Chanel wanted to offer her woman an even more luxury touch: a perfect outfit, a perfect skin, a perfect makeup and a perfect scent: the Chanel woman, from 1927 until today, has everything she needs to match with Gabrielle’s expectations of perfection!

Nowadays, Chanel beauty has sort of become a brand of its own and definitely is one of the most innovative beauty products makers still today thanks to their new beauty and makeup director, the very well known and gifted Lucia Pica.

Nominated only a few years ago, she has already started a great revolution that respects the traditional Chanel products but optimises them in a very smart way.

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